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Jo0o (NA)
: Yeah, there's some inconsistency. Couldn't tell you why, and I doubt any Rioter would want to clarify the reason for gaps like that, because it would potentially allow people to game the system. Potentially, the IFS punishment was held back for a pending manual review, or he successfully appealed it and only received a chat restriction. Tough to say. Have faith that telling somebody to kill themselves IS aggressively punished in League. I hope you weren't too upset by this individual getting away with it. If he keeps it up, he'll be gone before long.
Jo0o (NA)
: The system isn't perfect, but he's an idiot for testing the limits of it. For one reason or another, some people get away with zero-tolerance phrases. A lot of the times, it's simply because nobody reported them. But you can clearly see many examples of folks getting banned for this and other zero-tolerance phrases throughout these forums, so it very much is something that folks are punished for.
i reported that guy but he played around 10 games since i reported him .. last one was 25 mins ago i remember getting 10 games chat restricted months ago after flaming the enemy jgler :| not even my mates .. it just sounds unfair
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: Stopwatch is broken...
someone did it already ..
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: Ever won a game you felt you didn't deserve?
i just lost a game 1 hour ago because of the Windows10 fukin update window .. it popped and made my game shrink.. i've never been tilted in my life .. we were winning and i just stood there and died like a goomba because of the FUKIN WINDOWS UPDATES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSEHOROERHJOEJOHEKPO
: It all makes sense now.... the salt, the toxicity, the hate... all of it....
: TFW you're jungle and..
if this was an emote .. i would fukin buy it with RP
: TFW you're jungle and..
omg trueeeeeeeeee XDDDDDD
: When will Lux get a new skin?
jokes aside .. demon shaco would be so great :3
: can't change the server.
4 fukin months .. it better not cost rp riot .. it better not ;_;
Number 6 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GettemClone,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rH9qEEMs,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-01-16T02:30:46.979+0000) > > u actually make no sense > > u said got around 600 essence from 12 games ( which means 50 per game ) > > then you say you want the old system back where you get 50 "ip" each game .. like wtf man ? when yer clueless, don't put your words down. pointless.
> [{quoted}](name=Number 6,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rH9qEEMs,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-01-16T05:07:36.757+0000) > > when yer clueless, don't put your words down. pointless. you actually didnt reply to my comment .. im just confused by what you said .. you wanted 50 ip per game yet you got 600 essence after 12 games ... which is kinda the same you know @@
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Number 6 (NA)
: I feel robbed.
u actually make no sense u said you got around 600 essence from 12 games ( which means 50 per game ) then you say you want the old system back where you get 50 "ip" each game .. like wtf man ?
: Just had a 47 minute game.
remember when people used to cry about games being too long ?
: > [{quoted}](name=JPLangley,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=BdpqOKXO,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-01-06T17:29:28.740+0000) > > Would it include a minimal dodge penalty? > Like everyone gets tagged with say, -2 or -3 LP for voting to team dodge? I am thinking it has to be that way due to people dodging because of team comps not looking good.
whats the point then ?? people dont dodge now cause they dont wanna lose lp .. what makes you think 4 players would vote dodge and lose 2lp anyway ?
: Vote To Dodge- Suggestion
this is a very bad idea and here is why : 1- it will encourage trolls to troll even more when their champ is banned or picked ( they will troll so people would vote dodge ) 2- it can be abused by teammates when they realize the enemy team has really strong picks ( hey guys our picks are no match can we just vote dodge, we wont lose anything ) 3- high tier players might abuse it ( challenger ) since everyone knows everyone there .. 4- premades will 100% abuse it
: Is joking about scripting Safe?
i always joke about scripting . its funny
Falque (NA)
: I Quit League
you will not be missed
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uNNo (EUW)
: Same is here my ping gets to high 300 ms. I did all things to fix still...Can'tl
Murcari (EUW)
: EU West Lag spikes + DC's from team. Did the servers melt over christmas? Only me experiencing?
i cant even log to my account anymore in EUW is going on did something happen to the submarine cable or wat :| ?
3ll33T (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GettemClone,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=ylXO75BF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-25T23:44:13.396+0000) > > i remember having this same issue like a year ago .. > > a rioter gave me a program that fixed everything .. i dont remember the name of that program > > can a rioter please give me the same program ? Hextech Tool?
do you have it ??
: I Need help Riot
i remember having this same issue like a year ago .. a rioter gave me a program that fixed everything .. i dont remember the name of that program can a rioter please give me the same program ?
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xKonaa (NA)
: Is this real?
fake + change ur password
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: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
Sirvas (NA)
: How Riot handles the problems within the community makes no sense
: Because you click your ult alot to control your clone. Every time you do this, it counts as an ult cast. And since many people spam it to control the clone, it adds up to huge numbers. Jhin for example should have higher ult counts than other champs as well, since every time he ults he actually does 5 ult casts: 1 to activate it and 4 for the 4 bullets.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thats why k ty :3
: How can i not tilt?
i feel like i tilt whenever i have shit going on with my life so i'd say stop playing when u'r going through rough times @@ it worked for me at least
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: Remember when Vayne had a weak lane phase?
remember when people didnt complain about a champ after losing a game against that champ?
: I was permanently banned after one game of toxicity. Is this possible?
WOW you actually typed too much .. like even if you said GJ that much i would consider it toxic god dam but ya u were harassing and insulting ur mates .. deserved
: Who says I didn't take advantage off that? I'll be wrecking her the entire game if she misses that much. It doesn't mean that it's a healthy gameplay pattern though.
it is a healthy gameplay IMO she cant do shit without hitting the bubble .. so if she misses the bubble she can be easily killed
: The main problem she's having right now is her playstyle of "I'm gonna miss 5 million bubbles and it doesn't matter. I'll eventually hit one and then oneshot that guy".
so she missed 5 million bubbles but you didnt take that to your advantage .. :| ? enjoy complaining right :| ?
Barkley (NA)
: League is in a critically bad state right now.
its funny cause these kind of posts comes every fukin season .. like dude you can say it all day all year .. this wont change the fact that the game is still successful.. you dont have to believe it but its true ... fukin kids complaining every fukin season about the game holy fuk
Jewgo (NA)
: Yeah said it would be up and running on 20th November and I am still waiting. Read somewhere that it may take up 4 weeks... I hope Riot give us some sort of compensation.
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: You'll eventually get M6/M7/an S on a champ if you play them long enough
im the worst lee sin anyone can probably see .. yet i got him M7 LOL
CLG ear (NA)
: Removing Net Neutrality is literally giving companies the option to screw their customers even more
: I would say yes, it is flaming, but it is not banworthy. You should not be punished for that. As long as you do not resort to insults and toxicity, you should be fine.
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Sarutobi (NA)
: You o ly get the message stating someone was punished if your report the last one to finally get that person punished. If anything someone else reported them and got the message.
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: I understand education in the US is not free like in the EU so I'm really sorry for you. I have a yankee candle on my desk so I'll light it on today 1st December for 2 hours, as my condolences for your uneducated, homophobic and disrespectful a%$.
i can't argue so im gonna insult ? oh and btw .. i went to study in the US for 3 years .. didnt pay a cent .. Saudi Gov was paying everything including my healthcare. that says something about my education.
: EXCUSE ME ?!?!?!??!!? Of course it's not OK to insult LGBT people not only because of what you said you are, but also because there are legal rights to protect LGBT people in the US. At least there are laws there compared to the rest of the world. AND WE ARE SPECIAL SWEETHEART! WE ARE! We always will be unless you start treating us like normal, like being gay is OK. Until you learn how to do that I'll be special. When you go on the street holding your girlfriend's hand, nobody will be harassing you or laughing at you for doing this. When movies are made when a man and a woman have sex or are kissing, nobody is making this a big deal. You friend never asked you since when are you straight. You didn't have to come out to your parents crying and being scared to tell them that you're straight, thinking they may throw you away from your house. Your comment is abaolute insult towards the LGBT people and I REALLY hope a moderator deletes all of your comments. Shame.
it's common and natural being straight .. its not like straight people were seen as mentally ill 20 years ago .. that's a FACT for you ty
: Soooo, how long am I punished?
"I wouldn't consider myself particularly toxic. I don't really flame people in direct ways, and I try to minimize conflict and overall be positive in chat" "so I said kys about 3 times" i feel like u'r trolling O_O"
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