: Patch 9.7 notes
I can't ever agree with buffing any hook champion without addressing the hitbox issues. It isn't limited to hooks, but those are the worst offenders.
: Can we nerf Pyke's survivability yet?
There you are, rightfully sending Pyke's team back to spawn. But where is Pyke? You catch the last pixels of that disgusting excuse for a "champion" disappear from your screen and into the fog, surely healing back up far too much damage instantly. Even winning against this thing is an unpleasant experience. That passive absolutely needs to be on a significant out-of-combat timer. That it's been this long and it hasn't happened is disgusting.
: The REAL Reason Why League (And Many Other Games) Eventually Go From Strategizing, To Cheesing.
The majority of players want to talk smack, not strats. The majority of players want to think that they can outplay, pretending not to know safe play. It's tragic.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ghaoul,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y6OryzQ6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-07T23:02:01.378+0000) > Thankfully, as long as the game is alive the chance for improvement remains, so there's that. Yeah, there's no chance for that, seeing what happened to, for example, Frostblade Irelia.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y6OryzQ6,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-03-07T23:23:47.266+0000) > > Yeah, there's no chance for that, seeing what happened to, for example, Frostblade Irelia. What did they say about that skin? The changes that I heard they'd make, they did make (fur collar, colours). I must have missed some other changes that were spoken of. Also, no amount of change can do to Frostblade Irelia what is still possible for Blackthorn Morgana. It's just too different from the previous theme of her wielding this unknown civilization's "cryotechnology". Current Frostblade could've easily been a Winter Wonder skin (they even gave it a chroma) while the original concept was preserved. Blackthorn Morgana still has a shot of regaining much of its lost soul given the similarities. If it doesn't happen, that's sad. But it is possible.
: This shouldn't exist AT FUCKING ALL PERIOD.
Blue Kayn **is** problematic, but more than that are players who WON'T STAY BACK. This whole outplay > safeplay mentality has infected the majority of League of Legends players. I just got out of a game where Kayn never pulled off a successful gank on my lane, but a Darius and Yasuo just would not stay back and fed him hard before the first time that I even fought him. Absolutely avoidable but people just won't play safe.
: Morgana visual rework underwhelming
She's been remade with current technique and technology and looks great, but that's an entirely different matter from whether each redesign has enough substance to live up to the legacy of what came before it. As can be seen with Blackthorn especially, it seems that there are many areas in which substance is lacking. Riot really needs to stick to the designs that are already there at times and simply remake them with current resources, rather than redesigning. I'm looking forward to the falling leaves returning, but I'm still going to be missing the more lively dress and more detailed thorny vegetation in the abilities. Mind you, skins like Lunar Wraith, though I do understand people liking the previous colours more, is an examples of a skin that benefited from the closer fitting dress given the royal or luxurious air of the skin. I'd say that applies to Sinful Succulence as well given what people who cook tend to wear. Still, that's not to say that the previous designs simply being redone with modern resources wouldn't have been good enough. Thankfully, as long as the game is alive the chance for improvement remains, so there's that.
: League Client Says "we're unable to log you in because you may be offline." but I have Internet
This is not guaranteed to work. I found that when I removed the gameflow-patcher-lock from the notepad, then if the client starts up and it says it needs to update and actually start doing the countdown, add the gameflow-patcher-lock bit back (with the whole null part) as it's counting down. It is not guaranteed nor consistent, but I've done it multiple time and after it updates I'm able to log in just fine. The odds aren't with you, but this "method" gives you odds better than 0 at least. Once I would log in I would play game after game without issue too. Strange thing is, it only happens on one computer but the other has had no issues at all.
: I am also really disappointed with AW, but I do have one thing to point out with the helmet bit - removing the helmet as she levels up is on of the "key" visual representations of where her passive is at (which is also why she has 6 wings now) so making that a toggle could disrupt that visual cue. Just wanted to throw that out there for thought. I agree with basically everything else you said, and pretty much everything OP said. AW Kayle seems like a complete downgrade and falls short of the vision that the skin presented when released. The most similar situation that I can bring to mind is Frostblade Irelia, which was completely changed from its launch theme as well.
Aether Wing Kayle doesn't have a helmet outside of the recall, but because it covers up her face with the visor eventually and has the theme of ["the machine takes over"](https://twitter.com/notquitefrodo/status/1098312022750420992), I would think it fits the theme better to at least make that helmet a toggle. I'm thinking either the way I wrote things made it seem like I confused Riot Kayle for Aether Wing, but the one time I mentioned Riot Kayle was not a mistake. Riot Kayle has its own odd elements and I rather love the concept of her doing the opposite of Aether Wing in that she ditches the armour because she's become this veteran who believes in their ability to do with just the fairly sturdy looking bodysuit, as well as likely wanting to stand out so fellow members of the force and criminals alike know who's on the scene. That and she clearly has a more advanced flight unit... as presented by the splashart. In-game she only ditches the helmet for the final form and has 4 wings that vary between red and blue light, instead of what the splashart shows. It's not a bad look, in fact, I like that helmeted first form the most, but it's a shame the final form doesn't reflect the splashart as the progression works really well thematically. But this thread is mostly focused on Aether Wing so I hadn't said all of that in my initial post.
: Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.
I'd like to note that Riot Kayle and Transcended Kayle both present designs in the splashart that are not replicated in their final forms. It's not about a less detailed replication, but not replicating the splashart design at all. Riot Kayle has 2 larger wings that only give off red light plus the little "stabilizer fins" instead of 4 wings and gets rid of the armour on top of the combat suit, meanwhile Transcended is supposed to have her hair let down and yet it remains tied up. Neither final form looks bad, but it's bizarre how the splashart presents a look that no form replicates.
Benahor (EUW)
: The tragedy of Aether Wing Kayle, or Reworked Skins
Her new voice over truly feels better off on Riot Kayle, which looks like a policing unit to begin with and so playing the strict authority angle just works more smoothly there. Really, I'd like Aether Wing's voiceover be redone and either scrap the whole space military one or give it to Riot Kayle since it's already done. **More than anything** it's a downright shame that Aether Wing was needlessly changed, from this idea of her rebuilding her strength with lost technique and technology of her civilization in order to achieve the power to bring about a utopia... to being some space military's drone (literally since the idea is that the 'exosuit' takes over her as it enhances). _It's a disgrace._ Then this whole ["machine takes over"](https://twitter.com/notquitefrodo/status/1098312022750420992) angle isn't even played to the extent that it could be since in her final transformation she doesn't equip that helmet from the recall. If you're going to go down the path of making her a soulless space military war machine, at least go the distance with the assets available. It isn't even on a toggle, meanwhile an Epic skin like Bullet Angel Kai'Sa has that? Bizarre.
Kanzler (NA)
: I wish they would do away with the stupid 90-day limit entirely.
> [{quoted}](name=Kanzler,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Mjrsbgtz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-04T01:13:28.799+0000) > > I wish they would do away with the stupid 90-day limit entirely. On one hand I can see why that would be wished for and why one can view digital content that way more easily than physical content, but on the other I can see why it would hurt sales in a way that Riot would want to avoid. It's _part_ of why I specified a window for refunding reworked content rather than asking that the 90-day limit be done away with. Right now it's planned that we get a refund token each year. It's not uncommon that skins impress people more than skins that are of a higher tier. If, starting right now, that 90-day limit was done away with you'd have big skins being refunded because people don't play them anymore, then that RP is used on a skin they like more and/or on loot which might grant them the skin anyway. Then for mains they'd have less incentive to buy skins as each year they could just refund the last one they bought and pick up the new one easily (course if a champ gets 2 skins in a year that's another story). It sounds really good for consumers, especially those who just want the newest shiny thing even if they need to wait for a refund token to come around. For a game that makes a lot of its money through game currency sales, it probably doesn't sound so sweet to Riot. ~~And if I sound like I haven't thought about the impact of your suggestion through enough, my bad~~
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: It's too late for Morg and Kayle mains, but future would be much brighter with this implemented.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Mjrsbgtz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-04T00:48:19.342+0000) > > It's too late for Morg and Kayle mains, but future would be much brighter with this implemented. No no no. Say it ain't so. I'd like to nip this in the bud: I am no main, at least not anymore. I'd like to be honest about that. Effectively I was for a time, sure. Really, I pick based on what is going to harmonize with my style the best as I improve. **However**, the old skin and the sense of awe and wonder that it held was just that compelling to this non-main.
: Given that this suggestion still relies on refund tokens rather than offering free refunds to everyone across the board whenever anything changes, I'd actually be fine with this suggestion.
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Mjrsbgtz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-04T00:33:29.937+0000) > > Given that this suggestion still relies on refund tokens rather than offering free refunds to everyone across the board whenever anything changes, I'd actually be fine with this suggestion. I'm glad that it comes off as reasonable to some extent. I did some reading up on how things have gone in the past thanks to some support members pointing the way and figured that this was the best I could suggest for next steps, all things considered.
Rioter Comments
: Who has .2 seconds reaction time.
Watching myself [die](https://imgur.com/a/hvx18b2) seemingly half a second after flashing was bizarre.
Rioter Comments
: How to get an S as support? (last game linked)
Jumped in the other day after days of not playing much. 2 straight up S-ranks back-to-back, an abysmal game and then finally the 3rd and still unexpected S-rank for all 3 Mastery 7 tokens. I had over 50% kill participation in those matches and my team was great, but I just believe all the more that Janna really trains you to learn how to be as efficient as possible while minimizing casualties - your own and those of teammates. I really think that experience can be valuable to earning S-ranks with other supports who train you to be a little too aggressive thanks to their kits, but I'll see about getting S-rank with other supports now, among other roles.
: I did a drawing of star guardians lulu and janna
Nicely done :3 I'm looking very much forward to these two, as much as I love Poppy's all the more now that she's been done justice!
: How to get an S as support? (last game linked)
TL;DR I recommend Janna -- Which may sound like a harder task, but because she's so squishy it means what you do that's comparable as Nami is worth more with Janna...? Just kidding. Her squishier self might lower the margin a bit, but at the same time with all your CC the bar might raise more than it lowers. So really Janna, I feel, is good for learning how to play an extremely active, often in the eye-of-the-storm, support (sometimes to the point where you're accidentally getting kills with your W) that is, in fact, a support character - as opposed to being Veigar or heaven forbid another Brand. At least, that's my experience. I went from playing Leona, Blitz and Morg for supps, starting to experiment with Nami, Soraka and finally Janna. Before I knew it I was getting the S range of rankings with Janna without even meaning to. Perhaps it was getting Forecast and then FNATIC from hextech that subconsciously motivated me, who knows. -- I'll be the first to admit that my most recent match history hasn't been stellar - the curse of the final key fragment quest! Among them, though, there are more wins with Janna than other champs. One thing that's a fine art and perhaps more possible to learn with Janna than with any other champ: the art of being all but always helpful, while earning not but a single death. Her kit just feels designed for it, even if you don't get CDR boots. I'll never forget that 3/0/29. If I die even once in a match as Janna now, I'll almost always find a way that I could've avoided it in retrospect. Again, it just feels like her kit is designed for it.
: Star Guardian Janna fanart
Nicely done, fellow fan! Nicely done.
: Star Guardian Familiar Squares
Neat! Hopefully you'll have inspired Riot to also give us in-game icons when we purchase the respective Star Guardian champion, if they weren't planning on doing so already. I'd gladly take these right here for icons!
Dominoo (NA)
: Star Guardian Soraka??
I second this, although, she may have been part of Janna's _previous_ Star Guardian team (but given that she wasn't initially she may not be dead - if any of them are) On another note: fortunately it wasn't difficult to track down the artist for the Star Guardian Soraka art: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=51580019 And on a final note: how's about "**Academy**" skins based off of this Star Guardian art - http://i.imgur.com/IPJph1o.jpg ?
: Connection error, to league... help page is down
Same here. I had problems with my first 2 games today, 3rd actually connected at a decent time. Let's see about the 4th now... I know this is a free game, but this is a sad accident to have happen during the week of such a momentous occasion. Actually, I just realized the game completely quit out after this third round. No stats screen or anything. EDIT: Seems as though all is well on my end now
: Rito pls make Star Guardian Urgot
On the topic of Urgot skins, what about a skin based on Jak and Daxter's Krew? He was a mob boss, so it might possibly be fitted to the _Mafia line_, though, it would throw the line into a somewhat futuristic setting. [](http://www.gamedynamo.com/images/galleries/photo/1922/krew-jak-2.jpg)


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