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: Why AP Nautilus is just a better Mordekaiser, Or, "Why Holy Diver's THE pinnacle of Metal"
Wait hold up, I haven't played for like years, but what's with the sudden attention to Nautilus? Just curious lol.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Calling on all booty lovers.
: Riot was asked "Is Rengar going to remain an assassin or a bruiser/skirmisher after the rework?"
I think the problem Riot is having with him is having him established on one identity. He looks like he's all over the place thematically.
: FINALLY!!!! A normal sized lady that is ripped AF!!!
Might have to learn Sejuani because of this.
: Post your best upvote/downvote gif...
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Candoodle (EUW)
: whatever you do dont take the find your match LoL valentines quiz rito... y u do dis
For some reason, I got {{champion:78}} . I don't know why. But hey, could be worse.
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: When you see your ally overextending, even though you keep pinging that LeBlanc is MIA
Meep Man (NA)
: When the fed Hecarim ganks your squishy butt
: When You Get Ulted By Nocturne.
Candoodle (EUW)
: At Last I have Surpassed my NA rival Congrats, but there is always a path to even greater heights I hope you get to #1 man.
: What's Darius' best stat?
: Riot being absolutely savage
: You give a handshake to a champion of your choice...
{{champion:103}} #safe
Rude Name (OCE)
: You have to pick TWO champions to intimidate someone with. Who, and why?
{{champion:201}} and {{champion:111}} This needs no explanation.
abdul569 (EUW)
Meep Man (NA)
: When Riot Declares Your Main as "Broken" and Leaves Them in the Trash Can for a Year+
I kinda feel sorry for what happened to Azir. He was a viable pick in the beginning, but I feel like he's lost a lot of his power overall since.
: ..., there's something wrong with you.
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: My dark secret...
I don't mean to detract from the main topic at hand, but the whole "Teemo being the devil" sort of thing, is it really that applicable, or is it just a whole meme thing now? I was just curious.
: Who cares about the assassin update? Have you seen the new mastery?!?!?!
? _Checks the new mastery Sees that it is actually amazing_
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Worldbreaker Skins Previews: Nautilus, Trundle, Hecarim, Nasus
I like the idea of ancient beings that threatened the end of the world as we know it, the theme of course. I appreciate that some of the champions getting this new skin line are champions that definitely needed some new skins. I obviously have a bias to Nautilus, but there is one thing... Nautilus needs a new model...badly. (Obviously he's not priority but still...) RITO PLS
: True... He isn't a bad pick at all, I'm just honestly more interested in one Tricking a more complicated champion, you can get more from one tricking them in my opinion Of course Naut has some key mechanics and tons he can do... I'm just unsure
I figured it was easier to pull off a One Trick Pony account with him, but if you really wanted to challenge yourself, you could go through ranked with Urgot, but thats asking a lot.
: Trying to think of A One Trick account... Easier Said than Done
One Trick {{champion:111}} , and go into ranked, and use only him all the way to Challenger...
: Everyone is sick and tired of Korea winning every major tournament. Nobody wants SSG or SKT to win outside of their fans. There hasnt been one single worlds since league dropped in Korea that hasnt been Korean dominated. There's no contest between Korea and the rest of the world, and the Korean style of play is incredibly effective, but so much more boring to watch. Instead of a hard fought victory, its all about micro advantages. A korean win can be about 4 kills up for the victor, but there's some 300+ cs difference between the two teams, and almost all objectives given to the winning team. It's not fun to watch.
To be honest, I am kinda sad it is always going to be Koreans, since they're so well-versed to the point where other regions can't even put a dent in them. I just wonder if there is some outsider waiting in the wings lol.
Aeriaaal (EUW)
: Which champion mains do you like/hate the most...
{{champion:201}} Mains, most of them are just the most positive people I have ever met. {{champion:111}} Cause I am one...sorta. (Biased af) {{champion:53}} Complete and utter #*$&*@
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
: But Tanks as teams are OP
: The relationship between tank and ADC explained. meow
: Which champion would make the best presidential candidate and what would their platform be?
{{summoner:31}} Mr. President, what are you gonna do about the escalating tensions between the U.S. and Russia? {{champion:136}} Who cares about escalating tensions when I got snow globes to collec- {{summoner:31}} O_O {{champion:136}} I mean {{champion:136}} We will destroy them, DESTROY THEM!!! {{summoner:31}} Care to explain what do you mean by destroying them, sir? {{champion:136}} I'll just send some stars their way. Hue.
: Open Border Policy... kek
More like No Border Policy
: woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.... that was uncalled for.
Sorry lol. I got into character a bit.
: Not if we build a wall around the planet, then you cant get to us.
{{champion:136}} But barriers are always meant to be broken. {{champion:136}} And besides, hasn't that nine-tailed fox had her "barrier" broken countless times?
: One for all in a nutshell
God that's a nightmare to look at.
: "Boop." _Cheers and applause._
{{champion:136}} Whether Democratic or Republican, you're all little insignificant beings to me.
: Evelynn. God only knows where she is.
: My best friend was a Malzahar main, but I believe the champion that best fits his personality is {{champion:27}}: he's smart, he's capable of a lot of evil if he really wanted, but he acts like such a troll.
Sounds like my chem teacher for some reason...i wonder why
: {{champion:121}} They like bugs. Yup. That's all I got.
: {{champion:254}} She's bold and strong. She gets in your face, and there's not a lot you can do about it. xD
I know quite a few like that...Felt them too.
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: Everyone {{champion:32}} : they are unwanted,0,214,317_AL_.jpg Savage
: {{champion:69}} Mom. Can be Toxic asf and will RIP YOU A NEW ONE for pissing her off. {{champion:432}} Dad. There to protect me but mostly just a goofy motherfucker. {{champion:40}} Stepmom. She largely stays uninvolved from me and my life, but makes sure to be there when I need her help most. {{champion:17}} Brother. He has his lovable moments, but many times he just pisses me off. Also he is getting to an age where he needs to shave but doesn't, so he is becoming a furry little shit. {{champion:99}} Stepsister. Aryan posterchild. 13 years old and as superficial as they come. {{champion:240}} Dog. But not the Kled bit. My dog is fucking Skaarl. {{champion:107}} Cat. My cat is the most brutal motherfucking housecat I have ever met. Watched her killing a snake once. I didn't even know they did that. She regularly vanishes for a full week at a time.
I know how you *shudders*
: I'm sorry, just not in the mood for dogs tonight
Knalxz (NA)
: This is mostly my family members who have greatly impacted my life. {{champion:92}} My bitch of an older sister who tries to find reasons to hate our family despite making the same problems she hates about our parents. {{champion:21}} My nearly deranged mother who spent her life doing...what miss fortune does and taking her pain out on the men in her life. {{champion:201}} My oldest brother whom quite literally shielded us from all the dangers of the world which in turn couldn't protect himself from. {{champion:236}} Despite being the middle child before I was born my 2nd oldest brother was always seen as the intelligent one. Very cold and somewhat distant from our family but still caring enough to never leave us. A general badass and a person who sees violence as the ultimate solution to any thing that can be called a problem. If you come to him with an issue he always has the solution in the form of a double tap. {{champion:39}} My oldest sister, taking much from my father's military life and how it affected her growing up. She became extremely strong in ever since of the word, rising up in life never taking good enough as standards she should live by. Alwayspushing harder to the top she's a beacon to our family. {{champion:27}} My father, a twisted war vet whom hides is instability in plain sight. {{champion:113}} My youngest aunt, she connected me with the spiritual nature of my family's origins despite it be trashed by the rest of my family. {{champion:64}} My grand father. While a bit off, his history as a "mystic" has helped me and my aunt in ways that make us believe in his past. {{champion:245}} My "little" cousin. Unlike me his brothers never protected him and he nearly fell into the life choices that we're forced upon us until he forged his own path. {{champion:222}} My on again off again girlfriend of the past 8 FUCKING YEARS! Easily a loose cannon ready to explode at any time but honestly that's too hard not to love about her. She's the sort of person to help me in away I never knew I wanted but know I don't need. {{champion:16}} The other woman who I keep ending up with despite our massive differences. She helps me calm down and ensures that I'm always safe seemingly coming out of nowhere to do so whenever I need it. Typically with Banana bread, my one true weakness that she discovered before I even did. {{champion:77}} My Brother-In-Arms to whom I mentor and try to keep out of trouble despite his best efforts to destroy everything. He's a great person but I have to keep a leash on him in fear that something terrible will happen to him. Thought he's moving on in life i am fearful that him doing so might cause him pain in a way that I can't help him with but I'm ready to help him in any way I can. {{champion:2}} Despite my normally peaceful nature from what I've been told, I took the worst parts of my mother and father with me when I was born since the we're mostly knocked out of them by the time I came around. My father calls me a The Love Berserker which is why he forced me into sports when in school to help get that kind of stuff out of my mind when I was younger. Rage and a passion for...the obvious took me into some crazy places even before I knew what to really do with those feelings. It lead me to meeting a girl in the fifth grade that I'd later remeet up with in high school and have the most crazy relationship ever. I like to think I have control over myself but everyone else dictates my mind so much and I'm creepily aware of it and so are they. I know when I'm being used and typically don't mind it because I just like helping others in ways that doesn't involve me leaving with blood knuckles but my brother has taught me that's the only way to solve anything to which I have found some truth in through my life. My aunt helps me meditate to keep a grasp but sadly it doesn't help much compared to a few other women. oh wow I actually almost forgot someone. {{champion:24}} A person to whom I've come to call Grandmaster. He helped me in ways that Thinking of it now almost brings me to tears. I love and respect him in very way (NO HOMO) and see his wife as my sister and his daughter as my own. He has very little flaws and can solve a problem with anything. His respect for all is something You'd think to be impossible and his determination to be the best is near Ash levels of bullshit yet he gets it done. While I typically rate people as if we all lived in a TV show and who'd be the main character. My Grandmaster is a close 2nd. He wouldn't be the protagonist but he'd be the character that everyone loves o much that they get their own spin off.
I'm very impressed that you're very open about yourself. O_O
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