DahltonC (NA)
: Can someone explain to me how Karthus is balanced?
have you tried going in on them? they pop like a balloon, and if they build tank their damage is meh at best.
: Then get better at timing Irelia players when they bounce before attempting to land your skill shots? BTW I hate Irelia, but that doesn't mean I ask for daddy Riot to take my stress and tears away with a nice baby wipe of a nerf across Irelia's ass cheeks. No... I deal with it like a man, and learn the timing, learn the patterns of the player by OBSERVING and I ADAPT.
brah. first of all, I never asked for a nerf. I just said that she was rude to me, similarily to how i find heimer, syndra, and lee sin rude. I know they aren't overpowered, I just find their kits irritating. Also, what is this real man talk u have going? We're playing a video game none of us have that large a peepee.
: I don’t understand the Irelia hate
I don't know about the rest of everyone, but for me personally, I hate her bounciness. Similarily to yasuo, riven, and vayne to a lesser extent, irelia can just bounce off of minions and make it really hard to hit skillshots until she has either used all your minions (yay now hers are hitting you or the turret) or is literally on your face, slapping you at an increasing rate (yay passive). Additionally, if you play champions with larger hitboxes (cho, anivia, maokia, stuff like that), her hitbox on the stun will hit, unless she is special. Then there's her ult, which, while I appreciate its uniqueness to her, is really fukin irritating (like a windwall. unique, but also fuck it). She can just fire that off into a teamfight, hit anyone (read, even if you dodge it, your jng who's been running at people all game will eat it and spread it to the rest of you) and mess up the entire teamfight, since she can then bounce off of all of you, as well as shred your shields, as well as stop you from autoing if you try and kite. I usually play artillery mages, so all this bouncy/antikite makes it really rude to me personally.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ksardaora,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IEZmk5xy,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2018-10-18T08:04:46.759+0000) > > Imagine if you could tho lol, thatd be funny as fuck seeing Nasus players Qing you with 600 range lol read that too fast. oopsy. i'm less worried about a 600 range nasus than Cait with more than 650 range.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ibbi,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1rUWi0r3,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-10-18T09:54:15.494+0000) > > I love the fact that you went to the match history. Hi moron ,you hope realize what ad hominems are. This is not an ad hominem as it is topical to the discussion. Ad hominem is only applicable if the attack is irrelevant and only used to discredit.
FOR example, calling OP a stumblefuck is ad hominem. Mentioning that OP has had bad games in the past, as have most of us, is a rational argument.
: To be fair, riven's sword is magic. Also looking at samurai swords, people could cut through multiple people in one swing. That would classify as AOE damage in my books.
I mean Aatrox's sword looks pretty dang magical too. its as big as he is.
Kelg (NA)
: What are some of your favorite things about your champion(s)? (Gameplay or Art related)
{{champion:34}} At least the way I play her, anivia's playstyle is very dancy, and I like that.
meowwow7 (NA)
: i'm guessing this was due to you running circles around an {{champion:6}} and he got a ton of shotgun knees on you
: I cant "Reroll for champion permanent"?
it was a viable option to have when shards were difficult to get - from boxes or for 1700 from the shop (my friends and I went months without buying a champion, only 'gambling' at the shards table). However, when you started getting 2-3 shards every time you leveled up, a reroll (which gave *I think* a guaranteed unowned champion) became way too powerful. You would be, in essence, getting a new champion every level or two, including 6300's. I was a bit miffed when it came out but I think its a fair change, since they ramped up the the shard availability.
: being negative can BE the most positive
The feeding player can see their ratio just as much as you. They know they're getting stomped; most likely they know it a lot better than you. Let them live their life - they will either improve or they wont, and you will probably never have to see them again, anyway. So really there isn't a point to you being an ass and bitching at them over a virtual form of entertainment with almost no impact on either of your lives.
: If you ban my hovered it's gonna be ignite/smite kalista
yeah I honestly don't understand what the purpose of banning hovers is. There are 120 other "intersting" champs to pick from. You ban my anivia supp? I guess its time for darius No fizz mid? fine, garen is good. No nunu jng? I heard soraka worked that one time. Shit like that. Whats the point?
: All I ask for is a zoom-out on Vel’Koz ultimate...
: I would believe so
heroikc (NA)
: LOL=Monotonous
then go play blizzards games. also, those cheez-its are having way more fun than you are. and sometimes that shit works
: What row is Ulti Hat going to be in?
i would guess its replacing eyeball collection
: > [{quoted}](name=kickyourteeth,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=IYoYJEFM,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-06T15:51:01.680+0000) > > Now look where this is posted :/ don't be a muppet
I mean if the man tells you to not be a muppet, I don't see how quoting it back at him is going to prove anyone wrong/less muppety.
: When you play with irl friends and this guy ruins the mood by flaming because we're not ganking
Puppet33r (EUNE)
: If only there were some adcs who would turn godmode with 1 essence reaver...oh wait {{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:110}}
I think Ezreal is gonna have some fun times too.
: ***
its not that they think you're a noob. its that noobs shouldn't really jump into ranked right off the bat. This 20 champ pool was designed both to limit noobs getting ranked before they were at least kind of ready, and also to deal with the ban thing. It's not designed to allow smurfs to grind to 30 and start ranked before the MMR figures out that they are actually good at the game. Think of it as a smurf dissuader and not as a limiter.
: Autofill Prevention Idea - Surge Rewards
Seems like a good idea, but difficult to implement. the servers would have to keep a running tally of all the players in que, as well as determine what those players want and how much demand there is on each role. then it would have to literally change the system to allow for a different reward, depending on how many people want what and what is needed.
kargish (EUW)
: I do believe the only person throwing insults here is you milady
I think she's just salty that they were dissing two of her top three mains in ranked.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: {{champion:34}}
hah its just cause we counter zed isn't it
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Redskinsrock2689,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6ObJoXK1,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-04-25T19:05:10.107+0000) > > Okay but anybody in bronze shouldn't be playing, losers. says the boi in promos, whose OP.GG says will get placed in b4. huh. next time make sure your position is safe before trashing others.
: What are {{champion:42}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:268}}
: How much you wanna bet
edirss (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tormentula,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3c1R3sR8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-24T12:12:09.490+0000) > > Same > > Old eve was only good if early game junglers were meta, itemization for AP junglers good, and if cheese strats where available. > > If we had old eve right now she's probably be garb tier in comparison to shaco and kha'zix. > > New eve gets set appart with her high scaling and target access as well as pick with her charm. Sure she can't cheese early but I think that's for the best (not like her winrate is through the roof as-is or anything...) old eve one shot khazix before he find where he is, mejai gunblade echo duskblade lichbane and u remove everyone dont build defensive. she also had a shield on her R. what is the new one ? god tier ? she is in garbage tier , not good early , not mid, not late, even her playstyle is not like assassins, there is no surprise in her kit, she is trash (as well everyone put her in trash tier)
Sir, I'm not sure what you've been playing, but its not evelynn. The purple thot always treats me well and I generally pick up 2-3 kills immediately following lvl 6. You should consider changing your playstyle to fit that of the new eve, rather than continue fighting to stay with the old eve.
: Discuss this ban
crying is never a good thing. it means you are way too invested in a video game. I would suggest going outside.
DeJoker (EUNE)
: Why is my ping spike to 800 all the time?
Well, there could be multiple causes. 1 - if you're on semi-shit internet, someone else getting online and watching youtube or the like could spike it. I know when I'm at home, my ping is 90, but the moment my sister hops on youtube it spikes to 500. 2 - Your computer could be sad. My friend has a shitty computer, which gets 200-300 ping on the same internet that my laptop gets 40 on (we are sitting literally next to eachother).
: 4 man flex
Its easier for your group to find some random at school/work than for Riot to literally change the system for the entirety of its playerbase.
: Looking for a champion to play
: > [{quoted}](name= Król Wilk Sam,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gj9BpLHd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-19T23:42:10.079+0000) > > If people want ADCs to not be the only class in bot lane, then they have to be ok with ADCs playing in other lanes. Because currently, people throw a tantrum the second an ADC becomes mildly viable in another lane, even if they aren't actually doing that well there. > > ######(EDIT: a line from another comment further down) > I'm fine if Riot wants to move other classes into bot lane. Sure, whatever. But what that means is that ADCs have to be able to play other lanes, **AND** people have to not explode with crying for nerfs when they do that. Nobody throws a tantrum over adc's in other lanes. ADC jg mid and top are all common and accepted. But picking anything other than ADC bot lane is asking for an automatic report and a thrown match.
IDK man, me and my friend have been having a riot with swain/galio or swain/ornn bot. we even did an AP blitz/ornn bot and won that game. our winrate with swalio is like 90% too, but that's just in norms
Keti (NA)
: Nice supporting arguments
I know, right? I bet Krol's disappointment is immeasurable and his day is ruined.
: i like how none of them actually 100-0 you in that time frame except for Diana, akali, fizz, veigar, and a few other AP champions. hmmm, maybe shaco but that's if he is fed brand for sure, nidalee hell no, A.sol LOL NO
yeah, about vlad too. if you get 100-0 by a vlad you're doing something really wrong.
: I perma bam Yasuo every game. I always seem to play against the pro yasuos and get the toothless hillbilly yasuos on my team. If you ban yasuo every game, people can’t get upset at you if they declared him. Can’t be angry at a trend.
I mean if you go around and shoot everyone in the foot, no one can get mad at you, right? can't get angry at a trend.
: It's not nice, I dont argue that. It's also not extreme inflammatory & offensive. Why should I be permanently banned from playing this game because I was kind of rude? That's lunacy, can you imagine any other forum being run in that way? "Sir, the officer called you a dumbass for trying to pull a weapon on him? Oh my god i'm so sorry, yeah he's off the force"
This is like going to a restaurant, slapping a fellow patron, and being surprised when they escort you outside. Sure, you didn't punch them, but you were still an asshole. Control yourself, eat your meal, and leave. It ain't that hard.
3Power (NA)
: Maybe it's possible for someone to like the game but hate the overly draconian punishments they dish out?
I don't know what Y'all are doing to get banned, but it has to be really serious - I've never been banned, but I've been a passive-aggressive asshole multiple times. I never start flamewars, though, or use the taboo words. Maybe that's your secret.
: His Q and visual update as well. Pure revert is what I want. To me, they owe it to us. They keep ruining everything we love, so it's about time they fix something to make us happy.
you. make you happy. personally I love the 'new' galio, and felt that the old galio was pretty much a button masher. I know my buddy loves the new galio, and hated the old one. Hell, me and him play galio swain bot lane and have been having the most fun in weeks. But it isn't up to me, and it isn't up to you. Its up to the people in charge of the game, and we just have to deal with it or move on.
: What math (sarcastically) check out? It's a joke indeed, but I hope you are not implying the two numbers he gave should've add up to 100%. EDIT: So as I expected, people expect % of statistics plus % of people is supposed to add up to 100%, they think the two numbers not adding up to 100% is the joke and think that sarcastic "Math checks out" makes sense and I get downvoted for pointing out that the math does unironically check out because it's perceantage of two different things. LUL.
: It's faster indeed
: Nickname for Ziggs Lux main
Ztoka (NA)
: My main account has all but 50 champs.. I'm amazed how often I get a free champ, rr to get one I own and get another free champ.. Or I get a champ I own, person dodges.. Get another champ I own, someone dodges, Rinse repeat long enough for me to finally get a champ I don't own.. Burn a rr, still don't own the champ... My turn to dodge I guess QQ.. lol
> [{quoted}](name=Ztoka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W5HugHXe,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-11T19:19:22.831+0000) > > My main account has all but 50 champs.. I'm amazed how often I get a free champ, rr to get one i own and get another free champ.. Or I get a champ I own, person dodges.. Get another champ I own, someone dodges, Rinse repeat long enough for me to finally get a champ I don't own.. Burn a rr, still don't own the champ... My turn to dodge I guess QQ.. lol you say "all but 50" champs. Like dude, that's over a third of the champ pool. so, statistically you're going to get a champ you don't own 33% of the time. And that's if its a boring algorithm, which it isn't. I think ARAM tries for 50/50 owned/unowned, so you're going to run into your unowned more than owned. But that is just how it is. If you don't like it, go play normals. Its not that hard.
: its not 1020% more honors per game than average player. its 1020% overall more honors of this type. Which means total number or might mean the frequency (how often you get that)
which is basically the same thing
: Conversely: It's not easy to land more than 2-3 on someone, unless she plays well and/or they play stupidly, or they're just hit by a Morgana Q and she just keeps stacking them up. Although, at that point, they were *still* stupid, since Morgana's Q moves slower than some rocks.
^this. the only way you get hit with more than 3 feathers is: A: You did a dumb, and walked between her and a fat load of feathers B: She's hit you a half dozen times without you moving. Which is kinda hard to imagine, unless you belong on one of Kshaway's videos.
: Tfw you wanna upvote, but don’t wanna break perfection
: > [{quoted}](name=Round Ashe,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=FRGnWZTE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-09T19:04:04.900+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I regret nothing.
Neither does she
D4M2X0 (EUW)
: will there ever be a "ADC every role" meta with how stupid this role is with shield supports?
: > [{quoted}](name=monoscape,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I50x5afz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-08T19:48:45.363+0000) > > AP malphite is good though? no, its not, you can build some AP items on malphite, but going a squishy full AP burst build is just cheese.
cheese can be good though, especially in low elo. me and my buddy have been cheesing hard as swain/galio bot and we haven't lost yet.
: I mean, I got a nunu game. We lost horribly. Yet, just somehow... we still enjoyed the game.
Ya just got to meme and not care what color the endgame screen is.
Asterfix (NA)
: Swain is such a machine in low ELO
3 Tears (NA)
: What is Riot supposed to do about it?
fix it. with their magical fixing hammer (I think Wreck It Ralph had one they could borrow)
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