: When someone declines,there is no reason to wait for the stupid animation to end.
You think Riot has the man power to fix that? They're just a billion dollar company bro. Gotta use that to make new cursors
: @Maple Nectar, Thank you for ACTUALLY communicating with us.
Yeah "soon" Wow, that communication. Funny how all their communication is like this. We're looking into it. it's not my department let me get back to you. And that's from the stuff they hand pick reply too, so you know it's all soft ball shit. It's worthless garbage but hey keep letting them get away with it and pretending like they haven't ruined the game in it's entirety and then just disappear for months on end to meme on reddit where the mods there literally work for riot and delete 99% of the everything that isn't just LCS trash (I don't give a fuck about tyler1's bald head, I don't give a fuck about your worthless streamer drama, I don't give a fuck about which shit LCS team that will never win worlds is playing against which other shit LCS team that will never win worlds). Yeah I remember your name now, repetoir. Where the fuck you at. You hiding, kids gone again after another 6 months of ruining league. First every class rework where everything you've done has been reverted except malz, then they let you into the balance team so you can give us the ardent meta. Where you at now buddy, give us a good laugh.
: Mages mid aren't dead. Look at Orianna, Zoe, Leblanc, Vlad, Swain.
People who think just because you can build AP you're a mage don't know what they're talking about. You might as well list tryn, he builds AP now. Durrr
Rioter Comments
: This is why Rioters don't post here anymore
Hey look it's the contrarian. I don't give a fuck if they post or not, when the only thing they're capable of posting is trash. Of course the difference is entirely lost on kids like you.
Ąkąli (NA)
: Youre out of your Gourd if you think im paying that much....
riot needs to milk the whales for as much as they can because they know everyone else left and the whales will leave soon enough
Rioter Comments
Yenn (NA)
: Auto-fill needs to be removed from ranked. You cannot win Diamond+ games with a Silver-level player.
Autofill? What about the losers who just play whatever the fuck, champs they've never once touched in ranked. Every D5 game is literally determined by which trash can is playing their first time champion in your game. My last 3 losses in D5 were a result of first game) Sona ADC 1st time, 2) Nid jungle 2nd time, oh look here third game hecarim jungle 1st time. It's just a waste of time climbing diamond, like you have to deal with a constant stream of shit games and then in 3 months riot idiot and riot loser who are both hard stuck silver and haven't played the game in 6 months are just going to change the entire game while taking 0 feedback and if you're really lucky, just rework your champion so you have nothing to play, your entire time invested in this game wasted And they're wondering why all the kids left for fortnite. Yeah, keep adding damage to the game meddler, I know that's your only play, it's totally going to save league. Just turn league of legends in a fps where you die in one hit bro, that's the ticket.
: You're spot on. This exact task is actually on our board to do at some point in the future. We're a bit preoccupied with other things right now, but shifting some of the base damage on his passive into ap scaling is definitely a thing we're talking about in the interest of helping out his mid without making his support overbearing.
Why are you pretending like you do anything all day? Go take a look at your own patch notes, there are like 5 minor changes. Take 20 damage there +5 ad there. You're not occupied with shit, stop fucking lying.
LeAnime (NA)
: He was already absurd before losing that they should have let him be played out for a few patches before buffing him that hard.
No he fucking wasn't. You want to lie and be an idiot? Go do it on reddit.
: The early game meta is so weird
That's a weird way of saying retarded.
: More armor for mages
Mages should've gotten 9 flat armor and 5 extra MR with the pre season update. Instead we got nothing but some hp/lvl, because that matters when you die instantly to any assassin with electrocute at lvl 3 But hey meddler and ghostcrapper who don't play their own game knows best. Keep buffing jinx meddler, you'll crawl out of gold eventually.
LeAnime (NA)
: I think it is funny in patch 8.1 they just doubled his passive damage for no reason because he was doing a little bit worse with the rune changes and everything, but it was because people who sucked at the champion but played him cause he was super broken before lowered his win rate. Then he gets this huge buff and he just sky rockets up in win rate. Riot confuses me sometimes like oh lets give some one 5 ad maybe that will be too much, but then lets double someones passive damage that is percent health.
Are you high, Brand lost his 20 mpen rune page AND DFT. Hurr durr champion lost all his damage, gets damaged buff, WOW RIOT NO REASON.
Reelix (EUW)
It's funny because he's not even good
: Sion is nearly unplayable...
Yeah but you got a new cursor league is saved - meddler and ghostcrapper
: "Win a PVP game with a player level 15 or lower"...
They want you to recruit players for them. They so worthless and lazy they literally want you to do their jobs for them for 200 fucking IP lmao. Btw remember chat rooms? Yeah they got removed from the client. This social game literally doesn't have a public chat room because riot's this incompetent. Yo but at least we have a stupid as fuck new cursor. Thank god meddler make sure you put that on your resume for the next company you work for in 2 years.
Jaspers (EUW)
: The cursors were probably done by 1 art guy replacing assets. I'm not sure his time is best spent fixing Aurelion Sol bugs. There is a 'Legacy pointer' option in Interface menu.
who are you kidding, this fucking company hasn't been able to accomplish anything at all this year, they probably have their entire company working on this worthless cursor because getting clash to work is beyond them
Rioter Comments
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we please tone down the ap damage to towers
Tryndameres are going AP because AP gives way more CDR than Crit. Tryndameres are going AP because once you hit level 9 you can start doing things, unlike crit tryndamere which doesn't do anything if he isn't fed or has 3 items. Tryndameres are going AP because there's so much fucking mobility creep in the game the only way for him to compete is to get 45% CDR E max and just have a flash on a 3 second cooldown like every other champion in the fucking game. How about Riot actually start doing their jobs and fix the million things in this game that's fucking broken. How about that. How about they fix literally anything at all, instead of buffing Garen to sell skins. But we all know meddler isn't going to do shit but release a season 8 was an astounding success we learned valuable lessons shit post in 3 months and then go on christmas break for another 3 months, so why ask.
Rioter Comments
GigglesO (NA)
: Nerf Damage, or Buff Defense
Go watch a game from last season. Literally all the nuance of trading is fucking gone thanks to meddler and ghostcrapper. Every game mid right now is just slapping your face on your keyboard to proc electrocute and boom, 60% of their hp is gone, just like that. Don't even have to land abilites, just 2 autos, it's retarded, who the fuck has fun playing this way.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Time for more "grounded" debuff Riot.
It's funny because the 2 champions who have grounded are historically 2 of the most cancer champions in the game turns out the only thing grounded punishes is immobile champions even more
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: If you're reverting crit, Revert Yasuo and ADC buffs
Good joke, ghostcrapper and meddler aren't going to revert shit, they never do
Quinzley (EUNE)
: State of the Game
what do you mean don't you enjoy being clicked on by talon and losing 90% of your hp from electrocute alone
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Can CertainlyT rework all the adcs too while he's at it
i dunno what you're talking about kaisa and lucian dash infinitely and they're the only adcs that matter
: Can you revert tryndamere E cd buff?
I dunno do you enjoy playing against fizz leblanc talon zed graves kindred eve zoe yasuo kaisa wukong i can go on the meta is garbage, what difference does it make if there's one more braindead garbage in the game, that's all this game has become
Rioter Comments
WarWork (NA)
: How do you know you're facing a CertainlyT champ?
I've literally never once had fun playing against Zoe, Yasuo or Kalista before she was dumpstered. That's gotta be an achievement, right.
: You mean making it so mages arent the dominate force in the mid lane anymore? When you guys have been dominating for years, mage mains complain the second assassins are strong or even when they are weak. Look at adc's they dont complain when bruisers come to their lane, honestly mages are such sad mains man.
If I wanted your opinion, I'd take a dump and ask you in person.
: Perhaps we should wait a couple weeks before we complain about Akali
Perhaps people are sick of manaless mobility bullshit and stealth bullshit. <Removed by Moderation>
: Unpopular Opinion: CertainlyT has really revolutionized this game with his work
Let me explain it to you once. You can't be innovative if there are no limitations. League has limitations, and for a reason. CertainlyT, being totally unable to stick to those limitations and create within those set of rules, is not him breaking boundaries so revolutionary waw, it's him being an idiot snowflake who doesn't have the talent necessary to make something truly extraordinary, so he does what all mediocre losers do, he breaks the rules and plays pretend he's the only one that can do it when everyone and their mothers could do it but have the decency to actually consider maybe they shouldn't.
: Talon is freelo
yeah but meddler and ghostcrapper and the rest of their balance team don't play the game so what would they know about it
: Honestly, seeing the Akali rework makes playing immobile champs seem unfair.
Mages were suppose to be compensated for this by being better late game with better siege. Meddler: but what if I removed late game and made it so towers fall after 2 autos? The incompetency and total lack of foresight is remarkable.
: Akali gaining tower IMMUNITY on a non-ultimate spell is a whole new level of stupid. Unbelievable.
: So now there's going to be true stealth... Then what the fuck is true sight?
It's a certainlyt champion, his champions don't have to obey the rules of league of legends, the snowflake thinks that if he doesn't have to follow rules his champions are therefore unique, when in reality it just shows how lazy he is as a designer.
: There was nothing wrong with the last Runes + mastery system
There was, it stopped new players from playing the game. Of course the fact that they took 8 years, after everyone who was going to play league already wasted ip on runes, before they changed the system while refusing to compensate us for that ip and then meddler subsequently ruining the game anyways and everyone is quitting is of course, besides the point - ghostcrawler.
Antenora (EUW)
: Seriously giving Akali TRUE stealth?
Counterplay is for non certainlyT champions. Inb4 some sheep goes, but so fun zoe so fun so fun.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Are you guys liking the new aatrox?
Aatrox might be the worst rework they've ever done, and that's saying something considering irelia was literally unbeatable by every meta mid laner for a month. The problem with aatrox right now is he literally only has one counter in lane, yasuo, but he can't scale, so you have a champion who effectively can't lose lane but the instant he steps out of lane does basically nothing. It's so fucking stupid I have nothing to say.
Imgartn (EUW)
: AP Tryndamere is back
Ad tryn is total ass, without essence reaver or IE there's no reason you should ever play AD tryn over AP unless you're vs 5 tanks
: Can someone explain to me, what's wrong with Conqueror?
Rioter Comments
Elohaven (NA)
: Why did we remove so many resistances players once had?
because you don't need to be able to fly airplanes to take a shit, how many times does ghostcrawler have to explain this
: nonbiased counter argument {{champion:7}} - has to click her q button on an enemy champ and then w/e to kill a squishy {{champion:238}} - has to land every single q after ulting to kill you unless you have literally 300 hp and no summoners and are standing still {{champion:45}} has to walk up to you and press r {{champion:58}} - has to flash stun you and then attempt to burn the rest of your hp if you survived with his q or autos. {{champion:142}} has to q you from 2 miles away {{champion:92}} has to flash on you and combo you perfectly or you have a window to escape or cc her {{champion:134}} literally press r {{champion:133}} has to run in with 600 ms and hope you dont have atleast 1 person on your team to cc her and use her e and q while hitting the eagle eye proc to finish you off. {{champion:43}} press empowered q as a full ap champ {{champion:114}} has to ulti you and then proc every vital notice how UNBIASED this was because i didnt pick the most braindead champions that can be built into assassins in my argument for upvotes rather than use factual evidence
: season 9 is gonna be the most critical one for league.
This is like telling a kid who's failed grade 7 3 times that this next time is do or die. At some point you have to understand that even if they wanted to do well, they are literally intellectually incapable of it.
: What's the point of making an "order" side in VS events?
Because riot's writing team can't write a compelling narrative for shit, so everything defaults to edgiest edge lord wins.
: Runes are boring, viable champion pool is small, no counterplay, game sucks @RIOT
Don't you like seeing Zoe and Leblanc every game bro. Yo they play yasuo and vlad bot now, so clearly we in the most diverse meta ever. Not like these champions are played in every other lane as well.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Give every non draven/lucian adc +5~9 starting MR at lvl 1
Riot could've helped balance the game at the start of the season by giving everyone higher base MR and armor. Tanks wouldn't be as strong, supports wouldn't do as much damage, jungles ganks wouldn't be as deadly, assassins wouldn't one shot as easily. But nah, meddler and ghostcrawler had their ego to worry about, they wanted to homogenize everything like they always do and in the end failed miserably, but I'm sure in 3 months they'll come out with a diary post and explain to us how runes reforged was an astounding success, like clash.
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