: Especially annoying when there is a team fight and your tilted team mate dies, so he immediately starts the vote which distracts you from ongoing team fight. Riot Gives toxic players more tools.
Actually got me killed today, popped up right when I was about to click to use a spell. I haven't raged so hard in years.
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: What are you talking about? The new surrender button is so small on my screen I can barely read it. They made it smaller, not bigger.
It's absolutely massive on my screen, and changing hud size doesn't change surrender button size. It just happened this patch. Last patch it was fine. After reinstalling League, I got it to be about half it's size, but it's still huge compared to what I had it before. https://imgur.com/a/CvslJyB
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: Mainly because a lot more Zyra players take her bot than mid and we've typically had a bad time trying to force roles into champs. We're open to balancing her for mid if that's where she ends up.
I have a few very legitimate question regarding the balance of this game.. Why do different lanes require different balance? Anytime a mid-laner starts getting played as support Riot decides to nerf it. Thing is though, I'm not sure why. Any other game would simply do a general balancing of the character so that they can go where they please without having to hit them too hard with nerfs. Why is there such a hard-on to force champs into specific roles over there at Riot? All it does is force boring stale lanes and ruin alternative, fun ways of playing champions. Why can't we just play the game how we want, not how you want us to? What is so wrong with that? If we want to bring Zyra Mid, Bot, Top, even in the Jungle we should be able to. Obviously she's not going to excel in all area's, but at least we should be able to do it without worrying about Riot coming in with the Nerf hammer if she actually ends up being good in another lane/role. One other thing I don't understand.. Why were all the supports changed back in the day to make them scale differently and have weaker scaling? Now that that change was put through on a lot of the supports I no longer enjoy supporting for the most part, and now every time there's a mid-laner that ends up being good bot, you gotta bring them down to that same awful level of other supports.
: The ranked system IS a joke by any standard of Competitiveness, the apparent lack of reaction time to Afk/Troll offenders in ranked, Lack of a true barrier based on knowledge and skill into ranked, the basis of Elo as an individual stat attached to an account as a whole (and not champions/roles), while being subject to a myriad of factors outside a players influence yet still having a noticeable impact on that players overall stats. Ya, there is plenty wrong with ranked, but youre bitch about the game more than ranked and those issues are almost non-issues that have little bearing on anything.
Yeah, I should've made a clearer title. Ranked is atrocious, but there's far more that this game needs if it wants to be taken seriously. To say that they're non-issues though, is just stupidity. Take this games loading times for example. Sure it ultimately isn't going to kill you to wait 3 minutes per game, but imagine if it was 30 seconds, or a minute? What's the difference in loading time for someone who plays 2 games a day in one week? 42 minutes vs 14 minutes, 3 minutes vs 1 minute load time. They sure as hell have the capabilities and funding to update their engine at this point, maybe it wasn't feasible back in 2009 or 2010, but 6 years later and they're one of the biggest game companies in the world.. running on some of the most outdated software that's still in use in the industry. This does directly affect ranked too sadly. Load times are something that's holding it back. Currently you can't pause while waiting for teammates, but in addition to that load times are absurd so reconnecting takes far more time than it should. Imagine if pauses were implemented, in addition to some changes that made loading the game 100%, or 200% times faster? It would probably require a new engine at this point, but it's still something that SHOULD be done. Ranked would immediately become that much more enjoyable. Instead of that DC causing a loss, it could just be a minor annoyance. Simply getting into games faster overall is also a plus.
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