: Shaco is in Dire Need of Bug Fixes and Changes
Huh I know man its extremally sad that shaco is no longer a "demon jester" but rather a clown that is laughed upon by the community for what little dmg he does and how many bugs he has I made a thread of a few ideas as to how riot should rework shaco. Along side with this there was also a reddit post with around 13 k views where a guy sent the bugs to a rioter and even than I checked the PBE to see any changes to shaco coming NOPE. The champ is basically dead and riot has done nothing of the sort to reply or even consider helping shaco its gotten to such a dire situation that I cant help but think that they rather spend more time making prestige skins than actually balancing the game or helping a champ.
Suh Shi (NA)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/0y2U3VAK-shaco-in-desperate-need-of-some-changesbuffsrework I covered this two days ago and somehow got 14k Views. I had a ton of points that go alongside your views, but even with 14,000 views, still no response from a rioter!
Damn well that sucks I feel you man btw I like your cover over shaco it was nice might as well just start drinking like pinkward yikers man looks like the demon jester just got laughed at over riot.
: every shaco i've played with/against either refuses to build their jungle item or simply "doesn't" have to, maybe instead of asking for buffs just build your jungle item and you'll be able to perform better
To be fair buffing jungle items dosent make much sense atm Im full aware that shaco's base kit is item relent but now and days if you buff jungle items you are also buffing assassins as a whole. Thinking from shaco's base kit its kinda sad that their are assassins like rengar with a free qss or the ability to one shot you in 1 frame of kha zix who's q does as much as an ult (depending on how far ahead). As compared to other assassins shaco falls very very short. His base kit needs a tweak of some kind and ninja tabi being a pain he really needs a buff of some sorts. The one I mentioned allows him to still excel skmishes but still doing a decent amount of burst. You might ask (why not buff his base stats or revert him) To be far he would be another rengar or kha that makes balancing him even more difficult the whole rework was to give ad's more time to react to assassins as a whole but it seems shaco got the shorter end of the stick. The mentioned rework brings more burst while also keeping his identity as a whole(jester deception) but also supplying ample counterplay. As lets admit it old shaco was pretty busted with his q crit 1 auto 1 kill.
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