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: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
So what specific chest do I need to get to get a gem to get annie? Can I get them through s rank chest or do I have to buy? Also can you make it easier for supports to get S ranks? As a support main it's really hard to get them. Like Soraka Sona Braum? Unless you have a different algorithm for it. THANK you
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
so this is april fools? Cause no march 32?
: The Featured Game Modes of 2014
: They already said they wouldn't be changing the particle colors, as it's only a 750 skin and particle changes don't come with that package deal. :(
: Carebear Tibbers is so freaking cute in the splash lol
doviende (NA)
: I've been getting something similar since last patch. The first time I log in each day, it will wait for a long time and then tell me the server is not available. I quit, then I load it again and it will log in with no problems. Happens every single day without fail, first time login never works.
Usually takes me 3 times but now its being perpetual or lol won't respond or chat won't go up when i'm on.
: Skins still in vault hours before being stolen
I want URF so bad. On Summoners rift mind you.
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Do you know when she is going to be released? Or approximately?
: I'll answer a few here. Great questions though. > 1. What was the thought behind Kalista's passive? Was it inspired by orbwalking (moving right after each autoattack fires so you can remain on the move while attacking)? I feel like it's a great learning tool for people who want to learn to play more Marksmen. The inspiration was actually just this -- thinking about how many players never progress toward orb walking (moving between attacks). I thought about an input paradigm that would be similar in some important regard, either cadence or button use. In the end, it ended up here, very similar in terms of button presses, but very different in terms of timing. > 2. Also about her passive, why is there the need to specify that her autoattacks will miss if she loses sight of her target? Is she simply not as accurate as other Marksmen who have homing projectiles? I've always felt that projectiles ridiculously bending in mid air is a thematic mismatch. In Kalista's case, we faced an additional problem: the server canceling her basic attacks (due to loss of vision) is jarring, since you end up not moving afterward. > 4. In internal testing, has there been much success in cases where Kalista binds an ally other than her support? Sure. Playtesters have primarily bound with a lane partner, but a few Rioters swear by jungler binding. I would be unhappy if she felt like there was only one player with whom she could bind each game, and that player was distant from her throughout much of the game. > 5. Is there any concern that Kalista's Rend (E) might be a bit strong in helping her jungler secure Dragon/Baron? I understand Kalista's supposed to be a very support-y Marksman, but this might not be part of that intent. We are watching this closely. It's a risky mechanic to say the least. Specifically, we are concerned that it will discourage enemy contestation objectives, rather than changing how enemies contest them. Ideally we observe Kalista's opponents making more of an effort to do Dragon/Baron before her or choosing to team fight rather than go for the steal.
Was she Killed by spears or was that what she preferred to use? In her lore.
: Would make so much sense.
"Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles." Thresh was trolling us all along, he never had her!
: Overly-Attached Marksman.."Soul-bound" ok.
Its like Aphrodite in smite. But she can change the Soul-bound. Well that one passive at least.
: OMG, I knew it! Ashe is a support! She can: 1. poke in safety 2. applies slows 3. gets bonus damage on passive 4. has a ranged ult that engages teamfights 5. has a skill that gives extra vision Just throw a spelltheif's on her and pair her up with any adc. ya'll motherf***rs who didn't believe me, you just got told.
: This confusion can be easily solved. Let's look at the kit: 1. Can **poke in safety** 2. Applies **slows** 3. Gives **bonus damage to ally** basic attacks 4. Can throw a fighter into teamfight to **assist an engage or chase** 5. Has a skill that gives **extra vision** Start with {{item:3303}} and you have a perfect support for {{champion:222}},{{champion:51}},{{champion:22}}, or {{champion:236}} She comes with vision and cc to protect from ganks, slows to catch targets even after they've used flash to get out of range, and a perfect escape for any ADCs that have gotten themselves in trouble. Simply grab them from the enemy teamfight, or even from over a wall, and the ADC can propel him or herself to safety. Yup, seems like a support to me.
She is a very Supporty Adc, and can go either way, lots of artillery.
: oh lord, just soul bind the junlger, all of a sudden junlger from nowhere dashing through kalista XD..
I was thinking that would be a cool and unusual idea. Could work
Meoow (NA)
: She can't be the reincarnation. Senna's soul is still trapped inside Thresh's lantern.
What if she broke out of the Lantern?
: What if she's actually Lucian's wife set free by Thresh to serve the spooky things. Rito pls
: Riot... please make it permanent. Ultra Rapid Fire revived my waning interest in the game, please don't take this experience away from us players :(
Get rid of Dominion and keep this instead. Or something.
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