: She has too damn many, stop complaining
Not saying Ahri needs more skins, (she has plenty of good ones) but how many does Ezreal have now?
: Yeah, that one's basically our participation trophy and most folks will get it. The other four are meant to be hard-mode rewards. We tried to guard against ribbons being shitty the last couple years by including the top 10% of honored players per category.
i just like how many people are bitching about getting free shit for participating in a system that you got a tiny little crest on your loading screen and some numbers on your profile for. RIOT IS GIVING YOU FREE ICONS, WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!
: /ALL Chat | That Was Old Lore?!
i miss when {{champion:44}} was just some weird guy who used magic that everyone thought was shit
: Champion and skin sale: 12.09 - 12.12
we get champ and skin sales but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
053 (NA)
: Sona already has a shit ton of skins, maybe too many. She even has a goddamn ultimate skin, what more do you want?
Ezreal has more skins and an ultimate just as well, and whats the harm in wanting more for a champion you like huh?
: No, but they announced all of the warring kingdoms and snowdown skins that are infinitely better than that would ever be.
other than Braum the snowdown skins are meh, and except for Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and Guan Yu the warring kingdoms line is pretty meh too
: so? thats enough skins... plus she has dj which is the best one
since when does riot care if a champ has "enough" skins?
: 2017 ranked season kicks off
2017 ranked season started but we didnt get Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: A Seriously Not Serious Guide: ASE 1v1 Tournament
we can get a tournament guide but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Elementalist Lux Community Creations
we can get community creations but you guys wont create Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Client Open Beta Update #1
we can get a client open beta update but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
Cantrips (NA)
: DJ Sona is the only Sona. :P
I have DJ, but i still play Arcade and Silent Night just as much EDIT: and MAYBE Guqin here and there
: Forget Academy {{champion:37}}, I want Pool Party {{champion:37}}.
i could get on board with this as well... but i dont need something tacky for Sona like they did with Draven's "water axes"...
: Why another {{champion:37}} skin?? we don't need more {{champion:37}} like annie.
you're telling me you DONT wanna see Sona in a school uniform? skirts are love man! PS: Annie has 10 to Sona's 7, it's not QUITE the same. Also Teemo and Ez both have 9, and theres others with more i'm just too lazy to look
: 2016 League of Legends World Championship By the Numbers
we can get worlds by the numbers but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Is academy {{champion:37}} supposed to come out, but was delayed or something, ive heard a lot about it and don't know if it is real or like Graves cigar
I've just been posting virtually the same comment on most of the news posts lately. In theory, it'll either become as big a meme as graves cigar then slowly fade into obscurity.... OOOOOOOR maybe it'll become desirable enough that Riot will actually make it, if the later, then mission accomplished
: Patch 6.24 notes
we can get 6.24 patch notes but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Kick off the 2017 Ranked Season with the dev team!
we can get rioter placement games but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Academy Adventures
we keep getting these comics but still no Academy {{champion:37}}
: Champ Insights: Camille, the Steel Shadow
we can get insights on Camille but not Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: /ALL Chat | Threshrun.gif
but where is Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Will It Jungle? Ft Braum and Gweedo! /ALL Chat
Braum can jungle, but where is Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Queue health comes to patch notes
but where is Academy {{champion:37}} ?
: Academy Adventures
Will throw money at screen for Academy {{champion:37}}
Gionza (NA)
: but where is Academy{{champion:37}} ?
>>SPOILER<< I'ma keep posting this till it happens
: When do you NOT copy the pros?
but where is Academy{{champion:37}} ?
NJREpoh (NA)
: Terrible skin .... I wouldnt buy the thing because she curses. I wouldnt let my kids play it because she curses. Other than that its just a chroma repaint 10x over for $30. What a ripoff.
You'll see more cursing in chat than you will from any given champ
: We /reply to your /ALL Chat comments
Still waiting for Academy Sona, please make it so Rito gods
: /ALL Chat | Halloween Pets!
WTB academy Sona? anyone?
: Although Vi may have her armor and all, jinx definitely has the advantage over Vi. Jinx can poop on Vi in game, and IRL if it goes to both. Here are the reasons below: REAL LIFE SCENARIO: When you say Jinx's ultimate would kill them both, wouldn't Vi's fist explode if she charged it that much? I mean, it has the force to. If Vi uses HER ultimate, Vi could easily break her legs as well, the smash would be unbearable for any human, being you can break your legs from falling off a one-story roof. Jinx uses guns, as we all know. Jinx can easily hide and shoot with pow-pow AND fishbones, a _rocket launcher_ can easily kill Vi in one shot in real life terms, nobody can survive a rocket launcher dead-on, armor or not. Also, if Jinx hits her head its game over. Not to mention, if Jinx hits one circuit KAPOW! Bye Vi!! Also, in the lore, Jinx was perfectly capable of surviving on her own alone, (IN ZAUN!!) while being wanted by Vi and Caitlyn, the two SHERIFFS of one of the biggest places known to the LoL community. One bullet can smash bones through a bullet proof vest, let alone three bullets per second, and a rocket launcher. A tank with fatal fists, and a sheriff with a long range sniper (and a point and click ultimate) can't take down a crazy little girl like Jinx. Even in the real law, if a police officer kills a person, they will be arrested for man-slaughter so Jinx pretty much as a win-win IRL. IN GAME: This would be easy for Jinx. If she has black cleaver or and sort of lifesteal, its a K.O. for Vi. Jinx's reset passive gives her the mobility to DESTROY ANYONE in game. I know Vi's q is super powerful, but if Jinx manages to stay away as she is in the video with her rockets knocking her back, she would poke Vi long distance no problem. Vi's Q is a short range skill shot, while Jinx's w is a little thinner, it is a SUPER long range. If Jinx has the confidence to taunt Vi she has a good amount of self esteem :p. Take into note once again, the two strongest enforcers of Piltover's police cannot catch this little girl even when shes in their own home-town. Vi uses Q, Jinx can counter it with her E or W for the good CC. If Vi uses her E Jinx can throw her E because Vi stands for a little bit while she uses hers. Jinx with her attack speed can shred through Vi no problem. In game it depends on skill, but by the facts {{champion:222}} 70:30{{champion:254}} (and {{champion:51}} ) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Jinx main bby &lt;333
i didnt read too much into your irl logic cause... rocket hit = dead human, period however, in game, Vi with damage: R > Q > E (and maybe an auto somewhere in between? didnt realize denting blows doesnt proc off R anymore) means dead squishy, if done right your target shouldnt be able to get off an auto. But hey, i dont even play Vi so maybe i'm totally wrong
: Some thoughts on Support
take CS out of the equation for mastery rating for supports, i'll feel more appreciated that way when i can actually get an S for going 1/3/30something :^) while its nice that i can easily get a S+ on someone i use relic on, i dont think i should have to worry about last hitting on Janna when i wanna go for Mastery 7
: {{champion:89}}{{champion:120}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} Dives are going to be more absurd than ever.
no love for the best diver of them all? {{champion:111}}


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