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: I'd recommend installing: Self_Control.dll, it's usually found in, run Maturity.exe and you should be good.
Dude he's trying to better himself. Why put him down over it? Any step towards change is a good one.
: Quitting until lethality is fixed
Watch your fucking mouth. Tetris is awesome.
FreeloV2 (NA)
: Been banned for unfair reasons?
Post your chat logs.
: How many people actually play very very off-builds?
AP Varus top and mid / AD Evelynn jungle. :-) AP Varus is so op, i never want anyone popular to find out and get the public involved with it e.e
: What if you had different MMR for each position?
I can see from an individuals standpoint how it would work as a concept. But imagine getting a gold or platinum midlaner and they understand roaming, they would make the game hell for all the other bronzies and silvers. Nonetheless it's a really cool idea, good job.
: how do you feel about where anivia is right now?
I'm personally fine with her but she's insanely unhealthy/unfun to play against if she's strong or farmed up. One R/E or Q/E does a little too much damage, but I think that's just my opinion.
XinCrin (NA)
: If your losing lane, will a kill really help that much? If a laner needs help, I'll help him by helping the rest of the team, which in turn will help him indirectly by adding pressure to another part of the map.
Showing pressure to other lanes isn't going to help the Vayne that's getting dove constantly by the enemy jungler, getting free kills for their adc and themselves. Show your face to your bot lane and remove wards to apply pressure and they'll be hesitant to go in.
XinCrin (NA)
: If your losing lane, I'm not gonna help you because you clearly show you don't know how to play the game. I would rather help the winning top lane who can carry the team.
That's not the correct way of thinking. I lose lane sometimes and I main ADC. Sometimes you get insanely bad match ups, your support is bad, or their jungler camps you. (not overextending, but constant dives by a Rammus, Pantheon, or Lee jungle.) If your laner needs help then try and help but obviously you can't win lane for them.
: People who hate autofill would stand in line 6 hours for one ride on Space Mountain.
This would be a better analogy if it was relative to the time autofill actually took. I'd gladly wait 10-20 minutes for my best role instead of getting placed into something I'd prefer not to do. Can I do everything? Yeah. But ranked is about skill and climbing and I want to play my best position for it.
: Since Ahri is apparently really strong.
Isn't she pretty much universally known as the kite mage?
: ***
Make it function separately against champions. Leave minions untouched. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Bultz (NA)
: Let's get a few things clear about Yasuo.
I just wanna preface this by saying I have no problem fighting and winning against most Yasuo players just because I really studied him and I know what to do. > > Let us address his q because I still find people complain about this. Listen his basic q does 20 damage, meaning early game he is a sitting duck. Yasuo's damage is near nothing for 30 minutes of the game. He needs to build Shiv or pd first, giving near no damage, Yasuo definitely isn't a 'sitting duck.' He has _respectable_ early game damage if the player knows what they're doing or you don't have higher than average armor in your runes. Phantom dancer and Shiv give him a pretty big power spike. Shiv gives him a very strong first strike and if he's playing safe he can just waveclear, farm up, and come back stronger (which in itself is a power spike.) I personally HATE phantom dancer because of the lack of counterplay the item has, it feels bad to just get tagged and instantly lose 12% of damage. That boosts his own damage with the crit and attack speed while making you weaker, so it is a power spike and it's pretty strong considering it's such a damn cheap item. Just giving my 2 cents because I thought those statements were just wrong in most cases. You had a really well made post and its glad to see some informed discussion going on lol
: Why don't you just take Scaling CDR in runes? * 9 Glyphs and 1 Quints provide 20%, so Morellonomicon is sufficient to cap your CDR. * 6 Glyphs provides 10% CDR, so Morellonomicon and any 10% CDR item are sufficient to cap your CDR. That seems like it would solve your issues nicely.
> And I don't want to use my runes for CDR because I want it for magic pen.
: When is Jayce going to be addressed?
I love how people forget how balanced he was (and yes, I do mean balanced. He had a 50% winrate for the longest time after release) before Riot starting giving him random buffs like the reduced mana cost on his E and the passive hammer form AD ratio. If they revert the buffs people would stop crying and realize he's not that bad how he was. PS. He's definitely not a hypercarry, and he doesn't 100-0 an ADC with just an E-Q. He can destroy squishies with a full combo and yes his poke is very strong but one single E-Q will not do more than 400-550 damage and all you have to do to dodge it is stand behind minions.
Lafouboy (NA)
: What is Armor? What is Magic Resist? Itemizing against an enemy has always been the name of the game (unless you are very confident in your ability to snowball). This item is a dueling item that gives some offense stats and some defense stats (against one target you've hit within the last 10 seconds). Against a gank, it'll only provide defense stats vs one person; along with the fact that the 12% DMG reduction is good, but not better than building purely defensive. Many champs can't afford to pour money into a defensive item, though, so this opens up a pseudo-defense item for the auto-attack based champs who also use attack speed and crit chance well (not many champs that'll be in a 1v1 lane).
My point is that it's not a healthy item in it's current state. You can buy armor and magic resist but phantom dancer (while being a defensive item) still gives decent offensive stats especially for it's main offenders ({{champion:157}} + {{champion:67}}) It's an Unhealthy item because you can buy it and **you will **win every trade in about 90% of matchups. Buying a full item like that and getting a permanent damage reduction against them just for hitting them once is unhealthy.
Lafouboy (NA)
: Increase the gold value by 50 and leave it alone. It's fine as-is for the most part.
Buying an item and almost solely invalidating your enemy laner is fine?
: Where was that Riot context about the random AP scaling in some abilities
It was for Guinsoo's. Find the patch notes and you'll find the context but it was 100% for guinsoos. I remember they did nocturne and shyvana just for that reason but people like ashe just always had it because they were older champs.
: Yasuo's kit is NOT weak.
I personally think his kit is okay unless it's against like 40% of people. If you have a person with delayed moves or skillshots it feels like absolute shit to lane against him. Nothing you do will work because he can either safely farm or just dodge everything with that E. Windwall isn't too bad because I play Karthus a lot but holy shit. I played a game as Karthus mid for the first time (I usually go top) and I'm not doing it again. No help from my jungler, he did phantom dancer first and even though I safely farmed under tower and didn't engage he still outdamaged me like crazy and I couldn't do shit regardless of _**how I played the lane. Sometimes he just invalidates the enemy laner which is the main reason why I think he's a badly designed champion. **_
Rebonack (NA)
: I want a Summoner Spell pass
> Make them all as game-changing as being able to poof away a few Teemo-lengths instantly. I fought a Darius top and the only reason he killed me a few times was because he ran Ignite, Heal, and Grasp of the Undying. The other spells don't need buffs, flash just needs to be toned down. Why would I take ghost on Udyr when I could just leap forward and get an instant stun? (personally I see the usage of other spells but I'm making a point.)
: RIOT the amazing legendary fair company, declaring martial law
You don't get banned for one offense. Post your chat logs if you really feel confident that you did nothing wrong. If you don't feel like saying anything nice, don't say anything at all. It's really not that hard.
: Can we all agree that Zed is ridiculously broken?
It's a total skill matchup whenever you play against him. He can be outplayed and outplay you, IMO he's in a healthy spot.
: [Champion Rework] Aatrox (small but possibly big) passive change.
Aatrox doesn't need quality of life changes or anything, his whole kit needs to be reworked like Kalista, I know people like him but a high DPS drain fighter? That's never fun to deal with and I'm glad I don't see him ever. :/
: No Jayce or Kennen nerfs on PBE yet
>Champion stays at 49-51% winrate basically since release >Champion is played with a heavy early-game damage build by WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYERS and is shown to do well >Nerfs that hit everyone down to bronze >ok
ItsOrval (NA)
: What Build Order Should I Use For JAYCE?
Dude I have Rank 7 on Jayce and about 200k Mastery points across 3 different accounts. The comments I'm seeing you leave, I really can't tell if you're blindly following the pros or just genuinely want to better yourself on Jayce. Youmuu's is good, _**but that's because pro players know how to properly watch and utilize their mana.**_ It isn't like "pros didn't build manamune, so I'm not going to" It's still an insanely amazing item that synergizes perfectly with him and I build it in 99% of all games I play. > These are the items I use, and I wont replace any of them: ....why? Because pros build those items nothing else can be viable? Don't get me wrong, pros are great and all. But other people have good opinions and champ builds too and it doesn't mean that I'm not good at Jayce either, I'm great as him. Try other builds, that's just a normal game mechanic that you need to learn if you want to get better. Your build is okay but it lacks a lot of resistances so if you have a hard time in lane or overall you can die pretty quickly. Merc treads or a Sterak's go a looooong way. > Muramana is useless on him now unless you are new with him. Lords is bad on him due to BC's passive and Jayce Cannon R Auto Attack. Guardian Angel is ok, but Jayce isnt a bruiser, he made to sit back and poke enemies with Q+E, and is meant to destroy structures/wave clear. I'm not going to check your ranking on Jayce but like even if it was pretty high, that statement is just flat out untrue. Muramana is not awful, Lords isn't a bad item on him (although usually I build mortal reminder) and Jayce is a bruiser? He's either all-in or all-poke, and playing him as a glass cannon ranged marksman is nothing compared to how he is meant to be played.
tooomine (NA)
: and then resigns adc's to uselessness in team fights. Eh.... fuck you too, dude. sincerely, every ADC palyer ever.
"Eh.... fuck you too, dude. sincerely, every ADC palyer ever." lol no
: No, because I'm not stupid enough to believe that champions like Yorick, Shen, and Taric were better designed before their reworks.
Shen definitely was. They changed him from a purely supportive tank who could consistently survive in any matchup and thrive in Jungle, Top, and Support. Now? He's an all-in duelist with strong powers but overall picking him against 90% of people is a death sentence until laning phase is over.
Serial (NA)
: Do you NEVER forfeit? Even in normals? Why?
I will openly say I want to forfeit and try to make the vote pass depending on the people I play with. If I play a game and I have a 1/13 Syndra that won't listen to anything we say or do (like falling back when we have vision of a 3 man gank on her) I will surrender because in that scenario it's a 4v5. That person is useless if they can't follow basic knowledge of the game like pings and playing safe under tower. It sounds rude but it's good reasoning to go by in your games. If it's anyone else, literally any sentient person and not someone named "yimasturrr696969" that autolocks a {{champion:11}} top lane against a {{champion:54}} or {{champion:122}} I will ALWAYS try my hardest to win a game because that's what you should be doing.
: i can guess who just got their ass handed to them by an annie then......
Not me. Like I said (if you could read) peel for my friends and Annie destroys them. Shen support vs. annie mid = dead adc duo
Dr Poro (EUW)
: If you could delete one champion from the game
{{champion:1}} I know people say that she's balanced and not broken and I somewhat agree, but she has the most toxic fucking combo ever and I hate whenever I play and try to peel for my friends but an Annie can ult-thunderlords-ignite and get more than one kill for 0 effort. I fucking hate Annie lol
: This thread is for anyone who is Plat or higher to talk about Gameplay and Balance.
That picture of the match history you keep sending around is hilarious because he literally has no bonus armor. Any smart ADC or AD character would shred him. Cho is fine.
: fuck jungle kog maw. nerf this bullshit.
-Squishy -No mobility -Late game scaling champion, basically no presence from levels 1-11 And you're complaining about him? It sounds like you guys just didn't know how to focus. CC him and he's done.
gooz721 (NA)
: Hardest Champ
In terms of playing a normal or ranked with (taking into account all match ups and builds and what not, as well as doing your job as that class) {{champion:38}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:429}}{{champion:238}}
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Why is mixed damage important?
So a Malphite doesn't build {{item:3075}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3047}} against your all AD comp and become literally unstoppable.
adidas (NA)
: I honestly think it's time for ekko and jhin to just be removed.
I love it how people consistently say all these things about Ekko being busted and whatnot, how it's his kit. Anyone notice that he wasn't a problem going tanky when keystones WEREN'T a thing? He had 10 solid patches of no problems (aside from the 'Luden's Ekko' thing) yet once season 6 rolled around it's been nothing but tank Ekko this, tank Ekko that.
: Ryze Q missile speed needs to be faster
Doesn't it do over 1k damage? And almost consistently at that?
: I'm going to share something with you gameplay people.
So basically you act like a child and whine when you don't get a camp? I play jungle and I get mad when people do the same to me, I imagine it's even worse when you're Kindred because I understand how they work. But the way you talk, in this condescending, rude manner would make me troll you all game because "you don't care" right? All that matters is your experience and if someone takes a camp, then you lose all motivation and morale to win that game.
: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
It says right there, 3:12 game duration. Also, you were all level 2-4 at 10 minutes in?
: Sejuani basic attack animation is dreadful..
Rank 7 {{champion:30}}, one thing I have to say, no.
: Why I gave up on support and switched to carry
1. Is the only thing I actually disagree with. You're playing a support, dude. The whole point of it is to _support_ others. You say that you understand "supports are there to support" but you contradict that entirely with every other sentence in that paragraph.
: Why don't we make black clever melee only?
So nerf it for every other champion gets nerfed because a few bad eggs abuse it? Personally, I don't think there is a problem with ADC's buying it.
: So why did Nocturne get an AP scaling on his passive?
It was for when he bought Guinsoo's Rageblade, but most Nocturne builds I've seen usually don't end up with it. (at least in my experience.)
: > [{quoted}](name=x Bush x,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6Kyqyq1B,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-15T12:43:30.065+0000) > > IMO, I play a bit of Noc, thematically and balance wise it would be nice to let him ghost through terrain when using Q. > > Not too OP and pushes him in a more thematic direction. "Not too OP and pushes him in a more thematic direction." That would literally be one of the most broken things in game. This is why you don't take a silver 2's opinion about game balance seriously.
I don't understand why you had to be an asshat about it, it's not even that bad of an idea.
: This is not fair.
Post your chat logs for us to review together. If you think you didn't do anything wrong, it shouldn't be an issue.
: Names For Yasuo Main? Winner will get a skin
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Why they can't balance Karthus
I used to be like you, young and naive. And then, one day, I sat down and said, "You know what? I hate myself. I'm going to get rank 7 on Karthus." Seriously though, he's fair because his ult only does that damage at 40+ minutes consistently assuming people didn't just go full tank or build a maw. There is also a sizable buildup for it so you can prepare to dodge it or shield/heal up. At level 6, his ultimate will do about 180-200 damage on a 3 minute cooldown. It grows to about 320-400 in the mid game and late game it can do 700-1000 depending on how fed you are or what your build consists of. Karthus is pretty balanced AND a pretty decent skill requiring champion, too.
: Wow Riot. Really? Just punishing people for no good reason?
> As the game continued, I am cursed at and called useless more and more as people die. Reactions like this are considered toxic. From the story you told, sure, I definitely agree that you had the _right_ to act the way you did, I get angry at video games more than anyone, but you can't react to it because it is considered toxic. It's not the right thing to do, be the bigger person.
: but ur silver, how can u talk about Garen when u suck lol
I love it how you and the OP didn't even comment on how correct I was, just that I was "low silver"
: Buff Garen already...
>"lets forget the stats though, in general, Garen is legit one of the only champs to be considered trash in high elo..." > "Name 1 time you have seen a Garen been played in high elo, and its not just been to counter an immobile assassin." >"You are actually putting your team at a disadvantage playing Garen the higher elo you are, no matter how good you may be at him.." Why are you treating him like some high-skill cap champion? Garen is a simple champion. Point and click abilities and nothing except walking forward. He doesn't get played in high ELO because kiting (which is a fairly high level skill to learn) counters him as well as knowing how to counterbuild. He does absolutely nothing but physical damage except for that 1% chance he has where he could get up close and ult. He gets countered too easily. Maybe I'm bias because I hate Garen but there are people in every game that are just not viable for pro/competitive play and in your case unfortunately Garen is one of them.
: How many people have gotten legit Penta Kills?
I was playing Jayce on rift and I had like 20 kills and 8 deaths, I was full build with the highest CS in the game. At the time I was playing Jayce mid and I have this crit build I made for him, they literally had no tanks so I shredded 3 squishies and barely took down their Yasuo top. The Leblanc mid I was fighting came in for the cleanup and I managed to Q-E her over a wall when she went back to her distortion pad and I felt amazing. I then said something like "Bow to the king." or something cocky like that and then later got banned on the account lmao
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