: A Macbook Air would run League just fine. Put it at medium settings at around 1440p or lower and you'll have pretty damn good performance. League doesn't require much to run. As someone who's been playing League on a Macbook for 2 years, it has it's fair share of bugs, but otherwise pretty good (outside of the invisible Ornn bug that was going around recently :D). Do note that while an Air will run League, if your looking to run something a bit graphically intensive, you'll be stretching it for sure. But League A-OK. The Mac-hate (or the Windows love?) is definitely strong in the League community. Personally, it's my primary OS because as a designer, as the main design tools don't exist on Windows, since all the designers work and then-on create design tools on Mac OS. I literally can't do work on Windows, so I'm stuck on the platform. I do think Mac OS is miles ahead of Windows as an OS in terms of use. Will you'll be getting more bang for buck spec-wise (mainly in the graphics department)? Yes, by a good amount. But the Air is still a fine laptop. But then again, so are the various Windows laptops (Lenovo X1 Carbon, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Dell XPS 13, Spectre x360, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming, Clevo/Sager). Look at your budget, and then look about 1-2 years down the line. If you think you'll most likely be doing either more gaming (PUBG, Overwatch, Monster Hunter (my personal favorite for the next year :D) or graphics intensive programs (AutoCAD, CAD, Modeling) and you probably won't be able to get a new computer by that time, you should settle for Windows PC (I personally recommend the Inspiron 15 7000, cheap/high-value specs). Otherwise, if you think you'll just be Leaguing and less-intensive programs, a Macbook Air will suit you just fine, it's still a great laptop. I recommend Macs to people who fall under the more casual use (as they usually have great track-records) and Windows PCs to others. EDIT: This isn't relevant to your question, but you might find it interesting. The thread responses so far of the Mac being an 'elite' laptop is interesting so far. In this industry, it's a somewhat fair statement to make as esports/gaming is very much a gaming-focused community. If your laptop can't play games, it sucks. Why get a Mac at the same price if it can't do that? For me who works in the design industry, all the modern design tools and workflows are available solely on the Mac. If you don't have a Mac, your path as a designer is handicapped pretty hard. This may well be the only industry with Macs as the primary computer. For how useless Macs may be at gaming, they are essential for people like me. That's all I have to say about that :)
Wow.. Thank you very very much for one of the most helpful responses so far!
: People laugh at Macs because they overcost what you can get from Microsoft. Like, pretty much, always. Just about any specs from a Mac you can get from Windows but cheaper. Also while League can run on a Mac sure, it's not optimized for it properly and bugs have been known to come out. I'd suggest looking more into Windows on a site like newegg.com, and possibly get advice from friends on how to build your own computer (it's not hard to learn and is way way cheaper, but if you're afraid, prebuilt Windows are still way cheaper typically). In the end your choice is your choice, but tl;dr is yeah it can run but it's not optimal just due to bug stuff that comes up here and there.
Thanks for all the info! I definetly will look into some more Microsoft options, but I just wanna understand how hard it'd be to actually play league on a Mac. Do you know what kind of bugs might come up? Are they easy to fix? Is there ANYTHING I can do to make them appear less?
: Gaming on a mac. Lol
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: This banning system isn't working
Alright thanks for clearing this up people :)
nerak23 (NA)
: You do realize that telling other that you will report them is a 'reportable offence' right? You could help yourself by Not telling others that you are planning on reporting them, this is basically a threat. Please, don't ever say that, but I do in a way understand why someone would say it. It also seems to me that knowing a report has punished someone is counter-productive. I'm not attacking you personally OP but yet, why does anyone Need to know that the report they placed ended in some one ( who they don't know) being punished?
Sometimes the only way I can think of to make them stop insulting me is saying I'll report them. I'll usually just hope they'll stop after, but you're right I should stop telling when I'm going tell.
: If you want to avoid sexist comments, then don't.... wait. Why are you mention your sex anyway? How many reoccurring dialogues happen in your games that make you stat your sex? I do not care that you are a female. Great. Awesome. Why do we need to know this (In game)? Just asking. I have female friends who plays video games. Destiny, COD, LoL. But still, why? Anyway, with the report system, it has it where they could be having a bad day/game so just because of one game does not mean anything. While on that note, something to know is that you are only notified if in that game the player was punished. If one game later or more, you would not know of it.
I actually don't mention my gender at all, ever. It's just because of my user name, I made it a long time ago and I don't want a new account so :/
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Please riot it would be great if you could add this. I just rerolled 3 skin shards and got a skin i dont really want/like, but my friend would really like it since they play that champion alot. It would also be great if you could allow gifting unlocked content as well, the other day i unlocked a master yi skin because i had nothing better to do with all my essence but then my friend said that she's been wanting that skin. I wanted to give it to her, but couldnt, so it would be great if you could add this.


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