: [GAMEPLAY] Thresh hook ignores Windwall
: I do not see this as a problem. Me and my fellow MAGA buddies play in 5 mans all the time, and I get in a random order every single time. I do not see this problem and I think that you might be in the wrong here. Keep safe on the rift fellow summoner.
Yet another friend that loves to see me frustrated about being first pick. It **_is_** replicatable.
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: ***
To everyone who doesn't know, this is one of my "friends" that loves to troll. It is a problem that is replicate-able and should be fixed, as it hurts no one and benefits many.
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: Uh, forget his ult. His E is insanely strong. Max it first and watch him roll the bot lane.
I dont know about that. I feel like if it were as simple as maxing a point and click for a free win in lane more people would be playing him.
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