: well ~~ just math dude, make the AFK to lose more LP and that's it e.g 60 LP and the other team would lose the rest of the LP divided by 4, same for the win.. why does the rest of the team need to pay for unrespectful users' negligence???.. if something like that is implemented then ppl would think twice to go afk (a lot of those afks don't care about reports), same should be for intentional feeding.. yeah i can hear you again "how the algorithm can know if someone intentionally feeding" more than 10 deaths with less than 5 kills should be considered as inting (supports should have a decent amount of assists to not be considered as feeders) i really don't see why a fair system is not implemented..it s at the players lost, therefore, riot's lost too.. so many ppl are so done with this game cause the rank system is just a waste of time with no reward because of these issues..
I don't see how anyone can disagree with your logic lol.
: i once used to believe that mmr could be locked,or that there was always a legit reason other than my own mistakes or lack of skill for the reason i could never climb.i do believe now that you will end up wherever your skill level is and if you are stuck then that means you need to get better.im having a lot more fun now in the game just trying my best to improve and make less and less mistakes.i dont worry about the things that i cant control but make sure if we lose i still played my best and try to learn something from the replays.oh yea thats another thing is watch some of your past games from time to time,helped me a lot to see my mistakes much better.only now am i starting to see real results in my winrates.i had held myself back all this time
I've started to watch some replays and analyzing them with the help of some very generous people. I feel I just need to put the advice into motion now and try to get better with each new game :)
Koiyaki (NA)
: Feel free to add me on league and we can chat in voice, easier for me to help tbh :3
Done! I appreciate the gesture :D
: The best advice i can give you is to play simpler champions and not more than 3 - 5 so u can learn what and when u must do. Also playing support won't get you too far in that elo. If u stick to something like annie csing with q and playing a bit passively early will be of much help to gain some elo. As for playing Vel'Koz in general i suggest u completely scrap the tear build and try either the glacial augument slowing one or going for luden m pen boots then liandry and possibly a rabadon after that. You don't benefit much from rylai since ur ult and q already slow and you're wasting gold into rylai. The goal is to get as much ap as possible to do more true dmg and since u do true dmg u should aim at liandry as an only penetration item.
I'll take that advice to heart. I see it's not always about following the most popular guide on mobafire XD
: i would get a bit of variety into your support champion pool, you appear to be a decent enough vel support player but it wouldnt hurt to get to know a few more champions {{champion:99}} has a fairly similar playstyle, strenghts and weaknesses of vel but has far more utility {{champion:111}} arguably the strongest of the tank support in the lower ranks, good engage and good peel. Not to mention how beefy he can become. Enchanters are a difficult one in solo q at the moment, you cannot guarantee that you will be paired with a decent adc so much of there potential is wasted.
Variety is the spice of life eh? Well then I suppose it's time for me to hit up some norms and do some learning!
: i main velkoz support and mid and just got to gold this season after being silver for so long,didnt actually start to climb rapidly until i started one tricking him.if he was picked or banned id always just dodge.hes not banned or picked that often so you shouldnt have an issue.watch high elo play of whatever champ you want to master,look up build guides and learn what items to build and when to build them.game sense develops over time and you will improve if you keep playing especially if its the same champ.a lot of the climbing success aspect is mental as when tilt sets in its easy to go on a losing streak.thats why for me after 2 losses in a row i normally call it quits for a few hours.sometimes until the next day.this is my advice coming from someone thats been in similar situation
Thanks for the advice. It seems I just need more game experience, and I need to know when to call it quits before I do irreparable damage. It's easy to get sucked in thinking that the next game won't be another L, but once you're on a roll it's best to throw in the towel for a bit.
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