Meddler (NA)
: Better monitoring and tools around champion select trolling's on the team that deals with that's radar, I know that much. Details beyond that are outside of the area I work in though. I'd agree personally it can be a really frustrating experience, especially given you don't have any way of knowing as a player what does or doesn't happen to people trolling like that further down the line.
What if you tracked if a member of your party left, and after so many team members leave in a period of time you get a punishment. You may be able to do correlation with assigned role or champ selected to better narrow down the anomalous trolls.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.6, Galio rework
Is it intended for Galio to keep his 2s DR from just tapping his E? I would think it should scale with the taunt duration
: No, that's the purpose of easy-to-learn champions, an entirely separate kind of categorization from role. And whether easy-to-learn champions should be biased towards tankier champions is separate to whether **all **tanky champions should be low risk/reward.
I apologize, I meant not as 'mechanically inclined', not easier to learn.
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Maokai
> [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=HAQtAoTH,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-22T18:52:45.265+0000) > * **Rewarding Gameplay Mastery** - As one of the lowest Mastery champions as far as win rate improvement over games played, there's very little reward offered to players who take the time to learn Maokai's current kit. [...] Currently we feel most of the tanks in our game have fallen a bit short here. I thought this was the purpose of tanks? They were Low risk - Low reward champions that allowed new people an opportunity to understand with very few games played
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 16
As much as I would love an easier laning phase as a tank, I believe that would just make them more Overpowered in Midgame. If a lane bully like wukong, pantheon, or Quinn go OOM before any meaningful damage can be dealt to a super tanky top then what would you counter it with then? I could see this as another Ekko Debacle... But this would really help tank supports stand up in lane.
Statikk (NA)
: Maokai is someone we think could use some work - he's a champion who has consistently dominated certain positions due to the raw power of his mechanics (particularly the insane tankiness from his R). We feel we can make Maokai a much more interesting, satisfying, and unique champion in the long run. Poppy, on the other hand, we don't feel needs much in terms of over-arching design changes. She has been tough to tune and maybe has a few extraneous mechanics here or there (her W deals magic damage to champions whose dashes she's stopped?!) that we can probably cut, but overall she brings really cool and unique moments to the game when played. As with our over-arching Tank goals, Poppy should probably be less of a damage threat than she has been in recent times.
If I may counter and confirm a few of these: I've always viewed {{champion:57}} as a 'risk-neutral' champion, as most tanks I believe should be. His utility from all 5 (passive) of his abilities has been a great asset to this: 2 slows, a root, heal, and a damage reduction. While his ultimate isn't thematic to who he is as a character it is very unique, and I think he could fit as an 'AOE Mage' counter where as Galio could fit a 'Single-target' mage counter. The Damage from the ultimate may be too much, it allows him a bit of extra damage that isn't very warranted, and waveclear should be reliant on Q and E. On {{champion:78}} : almost half of her damage is based upon the enemy making a mistake, which you see more in lower elos but not as much higher, as you can see with her winrate being sub 49% on lolalytics. I would again agree that her W has enough utility and doesn't need the damage at all on it. She is more of an Aggro-Tank, but when we compare her to champions like Maokai or Nautlius, her CC is less reliable and less useful and therefore should be compensated for. Maybe what's confusing about her right now is QR and W-Active are all 'Warden' type abilities where E, Passive and W-Passive are 'Vanguard' type abilities? One could speculate she is a little bit of a hybrid.
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Are you guys doing any major work to {{champion:57}} or {{champion:78}} ? I ask b/c you've made consistent tweaks to each and am wondering if that is going to continue to be the case or if you are starting over on either of them?
Bobbyg (NA)
: new illaoi skin!
I've always been fond of a 'Final Boss' Illaoi skin where her tentacles are boxes stacked on top of each other
: Are you Fire or Ice?
{{champion:104}} Carrot Cigar, classy
Loryster (NA)
: can we have item sets back? and the draft system stays? thanks
Leave Draft, take away blind pick
chad1003 (NA)
: From what I understand, when you purchase a ticket you can stay the whole day and watch the games that day? Or is there only one game a day.
One Bo5 everyday, so from 3-5 matches
Adonna (NA)
: > Tickets are $54.50 ($43.50 base price + $11.00 service fees) for the Orchestra/Loge and $36.50 ($28.50 base price + $ 8.00 service fees) for the Balcony, plus applicable fees. Where is the main floor considered in this pricing? for seating chart
My guess would be orchestra
: >Tell me riot, is it fair having 5 complete strangers play a game against a 4 man team with verbal communication and who have interpersonal knowledge of one another and each others play-style? Happens in about 5% of the games. On the other hand, LoL is a team game if you didn't realize it so far. That means that team setups are the most appropriate. That means premade players who practice together, develop strategies, synergize picks and team comps, communicate during the game, etc. If you are not willing to put in that much work, you shouldn't complain that some people do.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Dazzle from Bastion target: Are the Dazzles parallel, or intersect at the cursor?
: We’re changing up discounts
: american (USD) prices i presume?
: This is exactly what I mean by us being excited to see what kind of strats come out in the following months :). Well put Maikokk.
The unfortunate thing about this sort of gameplay is that you will hardly see it in solo que, the new ranked/unranked que system is built around the ideal gameplay of your duo going bot
maikokk (NA)
: its not a problem. its a sign that rift herald is too important of an objective for their goals. naturally the duo lane will always be within reach of the most valuable early game objective. i dont think riot would mind if duo mid became meta... in that case it would merely be a sign that the meta cares about both dragon and herald
Duo mid? What is this the Twilight Zone?
N1tro (NA)
: What's the problem with bot lane moving to top?
I think what Asyrite is referring to is they don't want Herald>Dragon. They want to keep them at about the same strategic priority. We very may well see tower pushing ADCs take the buff to try and push to the inner turrets early, since early towers got slightly nerfed.
: Preseason Open Forum [day 1]
I feel like 'Grasp of the Undying' is going to be really powerful for laning phase. when it says attacks, does it mean just basic attacks or spells as well?
Initial guess is Jax b/c of the 8 eyes. Could also see Mastyer Yi since the O was switching between Y (PRYJECT) Other Thoughts?
: Any idea what that static was?
It was a project skin... project Riven maybe?
: 2015 Season: 10 Teams, Expansion Tournament & Circuit Points
Idea: Winning Team: 2 points + Kills (winning team) / Kills (losing team) Losing Team: 0 points + Kills (losing team) / Kills (winning team) Objectives are hard to count as for the duration of the game would possibly mean an exponential amount of points, kills stay relatively even throughout game and even on low kill games would provide a decent metric.
: Arcade Miss Fortune joins the game
So many skins, my wallet can't handle them all
: September 1st when High School kids go back to school.
You kids and your school. College grads never have to observe that dreaded day again! Oh god... am I an adult now?
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Discovering the Link
Could this possibly be the new champion that uses the Tantrum bar?
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Jasiwel (NA)
: Not sure where to put dis, but the "Fighter" in Kha'Zix's section is misspelled as "Figher." You may want to fix. :)
It's a bug, the code to fix these sorts of things is still evolving...
Riot Jag (NA)
: The logic behind the 4.6 stack requirement increase was that the only way this item could retain a large power spike was for it to continue trading away early game jungle pressure. To be clear, we are probably changing our direction of Feral Flare; the proper tradeoff may have been in reducing the stats/effectiveness of the item instead of the point at which it starts interacting with the map.
There needs to be an appropriate balance for risk/reward between farming and ganking, which {{item:3160}} currently has none. So there are 2 problems here: 1. FF's ramp up promotes behavior that is counteractive to jungler role of interacting with lanes. 2. Once FF is created it scales out of control into late game. Balance must come from both places, let's first look at #1 The point of {{item:3160}} is to provide an item for junglers to use who do not currently benefit from the current ones, not to affect the playstyle of the jungler. Therefore, to correct this {{item:3154}} evolution should be affected with Kills and Assists, with proper Risk/Reward, like 3 per kill/assist and 1 per large monster. This presents the jungler with a choice in the laning phase: Do I farm more and guarantee stacks, or do I potential get a kill from a lane, granting more stacks. Now let's look at point #2 {{item:3160}} is supposed to be competitive with {{item:1080}} builds so let's look at the passives: {{item:3160}} UNIQUE Passive - Maim: Basic attacks deal 100 bonus magic damage (33% against champions) and heal 10 Health on hit. This damage and heal increases with kills, assists and large monster kills. UNIQUE Passive: Gain 30% increased Gold from monsters. {{item:1080}} UNIQUE Passive - Butcher: Against monsters, deal 30% bonus damage and restore 6% of damage dealt as Health and 3% Mana. UNIQUE Passive - Conservation: Upon killing a large or epic monster, grants up to 40 bonus Gold, based on the last time Conservation triggered (Max 80 stacks of Conservation). Gold Generation: FF emphasizes farming all the monsters all the time, while SS emphasizes killing a camp every so often. Consistent with the goal of the items. Extra Damage: SS helps you farm and provides a variety of base stats, however only affects monsters. FF helps you farm EVERYTHING. Look at this passive, there is no upper bound to it. It is one of the most snowball items in the game, This is {{item:3141}} or {{item:3041}} ... On Steroids. But not only does it affect damage, it affects regen too, So not only is the jungler killing everything in sight, but any damage done is recouped. There needs to be a limit, or a tweak, or something to put this more in line with SS. Suggest: Heal only affect monsters, upper limit on stacks that can be accumulated or something to keep it contained like Mejai's or Occult. Or buff SS to also apply to Champions? TL;DR 1. Make {{item:3154}} earn stacks from Champion kills/assists 2. Decrease Cost of {{item:3154}} to start earning stacks from Champions sooner 3. Adjust number of stacks requiring {{item:3154}} to transform into {{item:3160}} in order to properly balance timing of acquisition. 4. Cap {{item:3160}} to prevent it from being a snowball Item 5. Tune the heal on {{item:3160}} so that it only affects Monsters, or make {{item:1080}} items affect champions and Tune both
: Double IP Weekend
Please extend to April 30th, I will be out of town this weekend and unable to take advantage of this :<
: So is Poppy
Vote Poppy, she will make things go Pop
Statikk (NA)
: [4.6] Patch Forecast
{{champion:83}} walks up to the {{champion:58}} Bar... There is no counter
: Vladimir is never mentioned :P
Funny, I was going to mention vlad in my post but took it out :D
BlackOrchid (EUNE)
: I still can't believe I haven't seen anyone mention the change to {{item:3082}} build path anywhere. Since {{item:1054}} nerf, {{item:1029}} might've been a viable pick for starting item for some matchups, but now the {{item:1029}} only builds into situational items that are either heavily dependant on champ used ({{item:3025}}) or the opposing team as a whole ({{item:3110}}, {{item:3075}}, {{item:3047}}). At least AP champs can always go {{item:3191}} -> {{item:3157}} (Though even that might not be a good pick for your champ), but AD champs are kinda shafted when cloth armor doesn't eventually build into {{item:3143}}, the one armor item that is almost without exception worth getting later into game. :/
With the base armor increase I wonder if boots+3 or null magic are more valuable early game. remember as you get more armor, its value decreases. I'm looking forward to Rumble making a return to the top lane


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