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: Some Advices to Solo Carry?
You can't really solo carry as support in low elo unless you're a smurf. If you want to 1v9, I suggest playing a scaling mid laner like Kass/Vlad. Other than that, you just have to accept losing some games. I also can't carry some games if my team is utter dog poop and goes 1/5 every lane (literally) but a good way to help them is by roaming. If you play support, you don't have to stay bot lane in the laning phase, you can roam and help mid get a kill or something. Same goes for mid, if you roam to lanes that are losing, you can get them back into the game since low elo players don't know how to play passive when behind.
: From 10 game chat restriction straight to permaban?
I checked your match history and you had played a game almost every day, and then you suddenly stop playing for 15 days starting from 4/11/19? Seems like you were banned at that time... there's literally no point in you lying. Riot keeps logs of everything in their game so sooner or later we'll get the truth. Their system rarely makes mistakes and this is the first time I've seen someone claim they were banned after only a 10-game chat ban.


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