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: It may be possible it's something to do with rek'sai R, since Rek'sai herself can't auto attack for a second if she presses Q mid air. Has it happened with other ults or just when you "smash your keyboard"
I can't remember if other ults caused it, but I do know that it's happened without rek'sai ult being a part of it. I know there was another thread with his own e stopping the heal part.
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Xonra (NA)
: > Hi all, > > Wanted to drop in and say we hear how much you loved URF and want it back! As L4t3ncy mentioned at the end of this blog, he'll be talking soon about how the past year's modes went, some cool data insights, successes and challenges, and what we want to achieve in 2015. In that he's going to go into some detail about URF, some of the challenges we faced and what we learned about it which will give some insight on how we chose to create and bring modes back. > > Also, it was said in several of the comments but URF will be back, so fear not! A lot goes into planning a mode schedule for a year, but also into making sure when we bring a mode back its not just the same mode, but has had additional development time based on what we learned and want to improve on. > > Thanks, > -Chager But, those of us that Want URF back want it to be back exactly the same, that's the thing. As not to speak for anyone else, I feel that most of the game modes were strongest when they were first out and have sort of become less fun or a bit watred down as they have returned. Hexakill was a lot of fun originally but the 6v6 on Twisted Treeline felt kind of...meh in comparison, maybe a 3 v 3 one for all would have worked better there. The one for all originally again was good but not as much on the Howling Abyss map. I've played since 2011 and URF would quite possibly the most fun I have had playing League of Legends, with or without friends joining. I'm of the opinion with some of these games modes "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and while there were a few "OP" so to speak champs in URF, that was okay to me. All the champs were "OP" it was sort of the point of the mode and it was a blast. It would again feel watered down if it came back with tons of changes, some f the features removed, random stuff added to keep champs from being OP etc.
I agree.. I only played the returning game modes a max of 5 times, same with all the friends I play with. When URF was around there was always at least 5 people ready to play URF like 10 times a day, I really hope they keep it very similar to the original.


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