: Play one day of full tilt
20 losses in a row? That's insane feels bad man. Coincidentally I'm running into my own crazy loss streak (though not nearly as bad; I'm at 9 losses in a row at the moment), and I feel like it's the matchmaking system, though, I really hate to say things like that. But really, if you play 20 games, assuming normality you're bound to get carried at least once, right?
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Yara0 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TyrekGoldenspear,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=9QX9vI4V,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-03-26T04:47:06.028+0000) > > {{champion:268}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:63}} > > I'm straight as an arrow though, so my highest female mastery is {{champion:99}} at no 4. followed by {{champion:16}}. I'm okay with this. Just spend more time with {{champion:44}} and he will fix dat. :3
{{champion:44}} Will make your Ashe arrow curve like Diana's Q.
: http://waitwhat.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-shot-2010-04-06-at-4.20.52-PM.png
There's a Pants are Dragon joke in here somewhere...
Zahreik (NA)
: Autofill just makes me not want to play.
Generally auto fill means you're playing support. In a way, this is kind of like season 5, where it helped to be good in every role, especially support. I feel we should all learn support, but there certainly isn't enough give for being stuck with it, especially in ranked. If I get filled, I don't want to lose 20lp because I couldn't sling the team on my back simply because of my role. I think if we lose in ranked after being auto-filled support, we should only lose half the LP, at LEAST get one additional game where we can get primary role guaranteed the next game. But unfortunately, this is only a fantasy.
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Asudurga (NA)
: Let us never forget...
I'd ask riot to bring devourer back, but then they would gut the crap out of it and make us all cry. Rest in peace sated.
: ChoGath Ultimate Bug
: You need to leave frequently to get a 30 minute LPQ.
Twice within 24 hours makes a 30 minute penalty. Not just "often".
: {{champion:67}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3071}}
> [{quoted}](name=JZ Jora,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YH4Foako,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2017-02-26T10:38:15.605+0000) > > {{champion:67}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3071}} Alright. Ya got me.
Joxcab (NA)
: Your name checks out.
I'm so happy someone else noticed that.
: how win in this game
Much skill has you. Your diamond very high is. Much yes.
: {{champion:27}}
A good boxbox would keep up with Q when singed lays their poison to farm, and E out of poision damage. Seen it before but I'm sure a lower elo player would struggle.
: Colossus Gaming looking for community members!
: Riven isn't annoying, easy counter pick.
I challenge you to counter pick a boxbox {{champion:92}}
: What do people find most annoying about Riven
Where's the option for manaless+insane cooldowns?
: I have a friend who's Diamond I and he doesn't even have alot of queue times (5-10 min i think). Maybe it's cause he fills I don't know
Diamond 1 is different. Pros and challengers are queing with a population of around 300 total, as compared to the handful of thousands in diamond.
: Punishing Good Players
I agree. When you dodge in this way, you give away your own time and lp to avoid toxic players, not just for yourself, but for everyone. I understand there has to be a line so that people just don't dodge whenever they're uncomfortable, but a jump from -3LP and 5 minutes to minus -10LP and 30 MINUTES? That's crazy. The penalty should be less severe... maybe 15 minutes instead? 3x3=9, rounded up to 10 to represent half the lp of the average lp gained after a win, 20LP. That's how I see it. So can't we just apply this same idea to the dodge penalty time as well, instead of making the time 6 times the normal penalty? It's overkill and unjust.
: Pros and challenger players smurf because of queue times I'm guessing.
That's true. Those ques can last around 30 minutes at a time to find a match. I don't blame them for it. But, there is a fine line between intentional smurfs, and those just starting over or needing another account to play on. But for some people, duoing straight out of diamond on new accounts is a sadistic pleasure to be savored. Crap talking to new players and bm's just to leave scars. It's disgusting.
chansey2 (NA)
: how does the ranked system work?
~~pfftkcfffpforfuksake~~ But, in all seriousness, bronze 5 is lower than bronze 1. As you rank up, you will reach bronze 4, then 3... all the way to 1. Then you will be promoted to silver, following the same number process. Here are the ranks: http://prntscr.com/edgu3r As you win, you gain something called LP, or League Points. You generally start at 0 and build your LP up with wins until you reach 100 points. Wins give you LP, and losses take LP away. Once you reach 100 LP, you'll enter a promotional series which will require you to win a set of games, 2 out of 3. If you win these matches, you will enter the next rank, in your case, bronze 4. If you fail, you will have to attempt 100lp again and restart at a certain lp based on your performance. However, re-entering a series a second time will grant you one free win toward your rank up during your promos. When you hit bronze 1, or any normal rank with "1" in it, and attain 100lp, your promos will be best 3 out of 5, instead of 2 out of 3. The one free win still applies. The only exception to this is Master and Challenger rank, which aren't composed of 5 divisions, rather are standalone ranks. There are some other left out details, but in a nutshell, that's how it works. Good luck, have fun. And may your dreams not be memes.
garren9 (NA)
: Aatrox documentary
Nyaboron (NA)
: It's silver, play whatever. As long as you do it well you'll be fine
Nyaboron here can easily say something like this as a diamond 5 player, but us silvers are here for a reason. If you were diamond, do whatever you want. But until then, please don't play "whatever." It really does matter what you do, and who you play. Your riven has a massive amount of games and is easily your best and most comfortable champion. Strong mechanics will get you very far through gold and put you in the spotlight. Her outplay potential is insane, and her high skill cap will make you a versatile player. Don't stop practicing. Your Vi is a strong champion as well. Not as versatile, but easier and still very impactful. Get it... Because she punches things. You do jungle sometimes, so maybe try Vi jungle. A lot of my friends on here say she's freelo. She has strong early gank potential and laners will love you for your ult as well. Give it a shot sometime. Fiora has some insane carry potential, and if you like the idea, pro players are currently using her on stage. If you have riven mechanics then I'm postive you can play fiora well in silver elo. And finally, in general, if you're struggling against certain champions, try playing them yourself in a norms. We're still learning about champions in our elo, and better understanding your match-ups will help you plot against those playing at your weak points.
Ñasa (NA)
: I made a discord, Meet people
I'm made. Very good much. Strong as really. Much yes. ~~I hope you don't change your title before other people see also good luck with your group~~
: Is jungle Gragas still a thing?
Gragas jungle IS still a thing. I don't play him personally, but i've heard he has strong ganks and his level 3 dueling is nice. Plus, I don't think any other champion will easily replace his game-changing ult. As for runes and masteries, I would check pro-builds. Or just wait for some gragas main to post here. Though I don't think that's a viable method.
: It's....incredibly painful and frustrating.
A week after it's over you will look back on it and laugh. It will make ranking up that much more of a rich, fulfilling experience. Like delying an orga-.. wait can I say that on the boards?
: Who says Warwick is only to be played as a Jungle champ!?
The short answer is, Meta. I've thought about this same concept in my first days of LoL: Why not play jungle caitlyn or rek'sai support? And the reason is that some champions are IMMENSELY better in certain roles, like jungle warwick. Some roles even weaken certain champions. Lets say for example you took warwick in bottom lane. As a melee champion with a lack of poke, you will EASILY be damaged down by ranged marksman and heavy crowd control supports that occupy this role. You will fall behind very quickly and eventually start dying because you have been starved of gold and experience, leaving you under-leveled and very squishy. With no gold, you won't be able to buy damaging items, so not only are you an easy kill that makes the enemy stronger, but you also have little to no impact on the game at all in return. You've given the enemy team an insane boost and made the match-up unfair, and obligated your team to sit through a 20-45 minute beatdown, in a game that is extremely competitive. You've set off a dire, infamous fuse that is "feeding." Now, in regards to warwick {{champion:19}} specifically, as a jungler, you can make the most of your W. As a jungler, early vision of you is not nearly as common as you in lane, so you can use your W to find free targets to get the element of surprise on, and help other laners stay stronger than the opponent. If you try roaming while playing a lane, even half-good players will have the map awareness to see that you are missing, and will hover around tower until you have been seen again, or ward up. This element of suprise is one of the things that makes warwick so scary to fight. Try to remember your allies' perspective in this team game. If you play poorly or unconventionally, this WILL set people off. The better/conventional player you are, the more people will like you here.
: MMR at fault?
Yeah I've noticed a higher traffic of non-ranked players myself. It could be the new season attracting new players... This would be around the time most players would hit level 30. I don't like it.
: Why do YOU play ranked!
I play ranked for the dream of one day becoming pro. I aim for the moon, but if I miss I will still be among the stars. ~~Suffocating in empty space.~~
MTT Gnar (NA)
: What bothers you the most in League?
God, can you imagine playing your first PvP match against boxbox? {{champion:92}} I would cry. Yeah the community here sucks. League is notorious for it's terrible people that play the game. I pretty much hate everyone here. ..But, every now and then you meet some cool people along the way. You come together and slap a zed in the face, inch an escape and backdoor a nexus, and your first pentakill... there's no other feeling I've felt like slaying, and knowing, I just outsmarted 5 other people, bettered them in that moment and became the spotlight of the peers I played with. People suck here, it's true. But if you have a blazing competitive spirit and people to play this game with, I would tell you that I would do it all again for the thrills I've had.
: Your first video. I had typed that when you had the one video Talon v Ahri both at lv 2. That burst is too strong for any champion at that young a level.
Have you faught renekton before? {{champion:58}}
: Thanks m8 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yee. {{champion:11}}
: Health Potions, yay or nay.
Yes. Using health potions proficiently is one of the many concepts that it takes to be a better player and climbing the ladder. While they don't seem optimal as they stand, they are actually your best friend in maintaining the ability to farm in lane, cement your lead, and have an optimal start to the match. Early game, the amount of health gained from 2 health potions alone is 300, which is around 1/3rd of a champions max health. If you're fighting an opponent in lane who doesn't have the sustain from health pots, you can easily end up out-trading them, as you are allowed to regen and keep coming back at them without having to recall and lose gold and experience. These are ESSENTIAL tools for early game and have many times meant the difference in dueling for that first blood gold. I would always buy health pots if you can to start, and even buy more as the lane phase progresses as to more efficiently outlast your opponent. For the equivalent of 2 warrior minions or so, these items offer a superb boost for setting the early game in your favor. Don't overlook them.
: What is this game?
There was a video on MvM made straight from the source. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpTLGIe8iEY
A Dimwit (NA)
To be fair, Ahri shouldn't have done that, and should have respected the flash range while below half health, and hecarim shouldn't have tried to kill talon solo while a level lower than him. But, yeah talon's damage is pretty stupid right now.
: High elo smurfs
They have no shame. Intentional smurfs are the non-sympathetic rot of the liter who get a sick kick from picking on beginners. It's sad to say they're untouchable unless fighting another smurf. Unfortunately riot has voiced that smurfs are difficult to manage, and won't limit these players. Riot also just doesn't care to try. That's why they allow smurfs to do team recruitment here on the boards without so much as a slap on the wrist.
: Would it be a good idea to have a health+attack speed item for tanks?
Maybe if there's ever a tank rework from this point on, we'll get another item similar to this other than trinity force. It's not the craziest idea for an item ever released. ~~I mean have you SEEN redemption~~
: Let us take control of someone who left or d/c d
I've been juggling this idea around forever myself: Volunteer que to cover those that have dc'd. Riot would have to play with this concept, probably see how it works out in norms/bots before any touch on ranked.
: To be honest I would enjoy old versions of the game more then any kind of Urf.
I've heard rumors of how broken the champions used to be in season 1/early patches. Nocturne ult was a global. Master Yi's Alpha strike was an ult that hit up to 10 targets and could do around 3,000 damage. Twisted fate's destiny ult used to be a normal ability. I'd love to try it for myself.
: If You're Gonna Make URF All Random Lower the FF Time
~~Can we just lower the ff time in general? No ok I understand :x~~
: i dont give a flying fuck about the chat restrict im bad about the fact that i can't earn any fucking loot and again curtsing is not aggressive and it's not negative, it's sounds, that come out of a mouth there is no irony here, just sjws trying to make everything a hugbox
You'll have the right to earn loot again soon. I once got loot restricted while being placed in a lower priority que for afk behavior. If the punishment is anything similar, it should be maybe, 2 days or so.
: how is cursing negative? in what soft world do you live in? it's sounds that come out of the mouth that some religious nut decided was now unacceptable to say for no reason at all this angry post is because i am FUCKING ANGRY i am being fucking robbed of all of my fucking loot why would i not be fucking angry what would you do? are you telling me you'd be happy after an undeserved chat restriction?
You have the right to be angry. It's completely justified. But when you curse in general, it's aggressive, degrading, and just straight bad chat presence. The worst part about your situation is the irony. You got chat blocked... and you're showing us all WHY you should be chat blocked, while trying to get the boards to support you.
: what does cussing and swearing have to do with it? im getting fucking robbed of my ability to earn loot now because of a flawed automatic system that bans the victim of harassment rather than the harassers
Even if you are innocent, this boards post is our first impression of you. This angry post is all we know you to be. Cursing alone embodies the negativity we can easily expect you to be doing in game, which by community standards is unacceptable. You're digging your own grave here. The isles remember {{champion:83}}
: I believe there is a potential for good logic in people, but... You shouldn't curse and swear on the boards if you're trying to convince us you weren't cursing and swearing/anything toxic in game.
Also dislikes don't help your appeal either Ramy c: you gotta at least TRY to make a good case for yourself.
: chat restrict wtf
I believe there is a potential for good logic in people, but... You shouldn't curse and swear on the boards if you're trying to convince us you weren't cursing and swearing/anything toxic in game.
Haxos (NA)
: Longest bot queue ever?
I am genuinely impressed at your dedication.
Deinoss (NA)
: I was permanently banned.
Riot doesn't care about personal affairs. That's why they removed the tribunal, and that's why there's a weak system to deal with toxic players. Even if they did care about personal affairs, they're also the type not to reason with those they've labeled toxic themselves. I hate to tell you something you probably know, but your best bet is to start over with a new account, if you still feel this game is worth it to you.
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Zarvanis (NA)
: When only two teammates are still alive...
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