Valenten (NA)
: Could we do hard boiled eggs instead of tomatoes if we arent fond of tomatoes for the eyes for the noodles :O
Definitely! I've also heard of someone using meatballs or sausage to replace the tomatoes with a more meaty substitute.
N3CR0S3 (NA)
: Everyone loves a good chicken heart, you know just chop off its head let it run around a little and then reach your hand in rip out its heart while drinking the blood from its veins like a gogurt, then eating the still beating heart....... Delicious
: Glyceroll you are seriously awesome you are always on the forums... and i saw that you were majoring in something related to cooking so i assume you helped make these recipes with Mr.Kench?
Haha thanks!! I'm majoring in Food Science right now and working in the NA Editorial/Publishing dept at Riot (makes SO much sense). The recipes were actually entirely the brainchild of Bioluminescence! I ate them though if that counts? {{champion:223}}
: the Kalista Kebabs seem a little funny to me plus we dont get chicken hearts down here {{item:3070}}
Feel free to use anything you have handy instead of chicken hearts! Vegetables (Peppers, onions) and even some Fruit (Grilled pineapple is DELICIOUS) work amazingly well. Also, if you need a meat substitute Chicken Thighs are a good bet.
: The Kalista Kebabs sound delicious, is the recipe for them exactly as written or do you substitute the chicken hearts for breasts or some other part?
Nope! Feel free to substitute chicken thighs (or chicken breasts, but they won't taste as good) for an equally delicious meal.
Ninavi (EUW)
: Making these this weekend probably :)
Be sure to send us pictures!
: Man I want to make these. Sadly I have never tried Chicken Hearts and I don't know if I have the balls to. I think I will make the Krugettes though; if I do I plan on coming back with some pictures. ^^ Speaking of, I think some photos of these meals would have gone great in this thread. That food colouring lol.
Ask and ye shall recieve! (Super super poorly done pictures, pls don't judge too hard!) Here's a picture of Amumoodles: and here's a picture of Krugettes:
Tensor (NA)
: Are these real?... "MOM! MOM WARM UP THE STOVE!"
Yup! All these recipes are tried, tested, and delicious. Pls don't burn down your house.
  Rioter Comments
: Nothing beats Poros. cuteness chart is the following: Poros Gnar Teemo Lulu + Veigar fan art
Cuteness only makes them taste better to a Wharf Rat
: Ok how come almost every msg in this chat is about Graves having a cigar and the first Riot msg I see in the chat is about the chat itself. Why don't you be a lamb and give the people what they want Riot? The crowd demand cigars!
Because I'm an editorial intern? I can't control these things :( Plus, if I had this superpower there'd be a rainbow in every single splash art. Just sayin'
: > [{quoted}](name=Glyceroll,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=WiN8ldrF,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-08-14T19:36:55.752+0000) > > Wharf Rats > Poros...just sayin' -1 [](
Oh my, how have I never seen this before?!
: Poro all the way! Edit: How could these evil creatures be horrible enough to consume poros as snax? What kind of monsters are these things?
The best kind of monsters
: Origins of the Wharf Rat
Wharf Rats > Poros...just sayin'
: Having finished the internship, what advice do you have for prospective future applicants that would increase our chances of making it?
This is kinda late, but here's the #1 Glyceroll-Top-Tip Always be open to feedback. Don't immediately become defensive or shoot it down because you don't agree. Push for understanding.
: Do you you guys and girls play League of legends often?
: Hey guys, I really have only one question that I can think of right now, and that is, say I want an internship with Riot, do I need to be majoring in something thats related to video games specifically, like animation or computer sciences, or can I be majoring in anything. I plan on majoring in Political Science which is as different as you could probably get, but I think being an intern at Riot games would be a good experience. I just want your guys's input on this. Thank you for any answers you may have!
Absolutely not - but you do have to have some experience with the work you're going for. For an example, I'm a Food Science major who works in NA Editorial (part of NA Publishing). Probably the furthest thing from writing possible. BUT I wrote for Lolesports for around 2 years and on Surrender @ 20 for eSports content to hone my writing craft. Still a long way to go, but they landed me the internship.
: Favorite skin of all time? This is for all interns.
El Tigre Braum...dat face doe
Entius (NA)
: Which one do you hate more, Teemo laugh{{champion:17}} or Lux laugh{{champion:99}} ?
woops (NA)
: Glyceroll, how's the inside job going :^)
: If yu had tha chahnce ta cheenge yer faet, woodjer?
: Using Tahm Kench, how many licks does it take to get to the center of the enemy back line?
IamBojan (NA)
: What is your favorite part about working at Riot?
Just being around super passionate people 24/7. It pushes you to work just as hard/harder to get really cool stuff out!
: Did you go into the internship process feeling confident that you would have a good shot at being selected? Because compared to what you guys have accomplished, I feel like I would have no chance at all.......gotta go build up my resume!!
Definitely keep building your resume. For reals, push yourself to do bigger and better things constantly. Riot will see that you're doing that and it'll help a lot! I wasn't confident AT ALL. For reals, apparently my first on site interview back in 2014 was LEGENDARILY BAD. Like, people still refer to that -while im working here- as the worst interview that's ever happened at Riot. But I kept trying and improving and eventually got in!
Cubism (NA)
: Glyce, will you still be helping moo on surrender@20?
Nope :( Would be a conflict of interest. Plus, he's got Woops to help him with the eSports posts now!
: Favorite champ lore-wise? Favorite champ gameplay-wise? Favorite guilty pleasure champ in-game?
Lore wise? Diana and Leona - there's so many ways their story could go!! Gameplay wise? I hop around so much between roles I don't really have a favorite. Right now it's Tahm Kench cause he's the biggest asshole on the rift. Think you're killing the ADC? NOPE, EATEN Guilty pleasure? AP Sona Mid :3
: Why is Glyceroll the best intern and better than Moobeat?
Saying I'm better than Moobeat is setting the bar pretty low #sickburn
n3u (NA)
: Its my dream to become a Riot intern. Any tips on what to say at an interview (should i be extremely serious or a little more laid back)
Both! Honestly, there's no "how to" guide that's going to make the interview process easier. Just know your projects/"selling points" like the back of your hand and be able to discuss and reason out why you did certain things. Also PRACTICE! Have friends, teachers, counselors, etc interview you!
: question for all interns: which champion do you hate the most?
: What is the most interesting thing you guys worked on during your internships?
So... I got to mess around and interview some of the Bilgewater Devs and got a cool little dev blog out of it. Nothing game changing, but the chance to interview developers and document their processes was AWESOME. It should be coming out sometime this week (hopefully!) Here's a tease:
: Like most places, Riot will look at your GPA, but it certainly isn't the only factor in whether or not to interview. Let's just say my GPA is less than stellar ;)
I think I win an award for lowest GPA of the interns...and least applicable major (Food Science -> NA Publishing wtf)
: For the software engineers- do you have PTSD-style episodes from the old spaghetti-code? For the rest, what are your favorite champions?
Can confirm software engineering interns are nerds and have frequently been seen sobbing uncontrollably Also, I'm really digging Tahm Kench and Shyvana :3
: How were you introduced to the program? Through a college program? A scholarship program? :)
Just playin' the game for so long and I saw the "LF Interns" post like 2 years ago :P
J4G (NA)
: As someone who is interested in becoming an intern at Riot, thanks for doing this AMA. What was the application process like? Is there anything I can be doing to prepare myself and better my chances? What were your expectations for the work you'd be doing coming into this internship? Were those expectations met? How much freedom do you in choosing the work that you do? Was any of your work pushed to production?
1.) The application process is pretty daunting. I prepared for the phone interviews by going over Skype and pinging friends to just jump in and have me explain every facet of a project/work I did. Also, for the actual interviews on site - practice with teachers, counselors, etc - NOT your friends. 2.) I didn't even know what exactly I'd be doing this summer until I got here - I dived headfirst into it though and just began working and making myself useful. 3.) Depends on the area. I have a lot of freedom in NA Publishing to pitch what I want, work on what I want, etc as long as I actually finish and do good work. My work has been on the front page of the client multiple times! Boards posts, interviews, roundups, and featurettes coming out at the end of this week (it's badass)
: How likely did you all think it would be to get the position? Did you have a lot of past experience and work to show (relative to the position/department/field) for the position you wanted? I ask because I feel that I would constantly worry about having inferior project experience and time spent programming, which would make me less qualified.....
I didn't think I'd get the position at all. I'd been rejected the previous two summers. I had a ton of out-of-school experience (I'm a Food Science major...) just by working on side projects, hobby projects, and just a whole bunch of random things. I presented it all to Riot as a show of "here's all this cool stuff I did, here's how I'd do it better" If you feel you even remotely come close to meeting the "requirements" on an internship listing - DO IT. Even being rejected I learned a buttload of knowledge about myself and it kinda gave me a direction each time.
itsme180 (NA)
: How many coffee runs though? I mean you're interns right?
I have not had to do a single coffee run :P
: ya where is this going to be? on twitch? where? in a thread?
It'll be on our boards!
Arabed (NA)
: Only 15 interns?
Some of us are insanely busy and couldn't swing by during the AMA :(
: Chat with Riot interns on 8/10!
: what is your favorite?
Protect the Soraka! The game gets insane once everyone gets a couple items Also, Soraka Bot has no chill
  Rioter Comments
: ***
I've done this more times than I'd care to admit...better safe than sorry!
Arie (NA)
: What are your most embarrassing League moments?
One time I was playing as Zilean and I forgot to ult the Vayne. I said it was on cooldown. _It wasn't. _ :3
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
> that would thaw even Lissandra’s frozen heart! pls Lissandra doesn't even build frozen heart n00blord
  Rioter Comments
: Valor gouge their eyes out, no ones can be as beautiful as mine
Can't tell if this is really cute because it's Quinn or just straight up terrifying
: Hey soraka, is that a banana in your pocket or..? Oh i guess it is just a banana, nvm.
No one expects the banana {{champion:16}}
: The Morg Bindings. Sorry Bud, you didn't quite make it out.
Lost a lot of friends to Morgana bindings...feel that pain RIP
Arie (NA)
: Summarize your last game.. with cat gifs!
When your teammate gets chunked from full health by a Nidalee spear
Aznbeat (NA)
: Grats glycey baby :D
Thanks mom! ^^
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