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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
Regarding Twisted Treeline: Rank: I'm bronze 3 in ranked but thats because I dont play ranked, just did placements once. Usually my games seemed to me from the borders of others is high gold-low plat. ______ ______ I near solely play Twisted Treeline with 90% of my games being on TT if not more. From my experience with funneling when it does happen due to my rank, it's usually a stomp early, I have won late game due to the failure of the enemy team to take control of their lead, but again thats just because the rank I am at, but the oppression it puts on the enemy team early is suffocating due to the high wave clear and either forcing the enemy to lose farm or follow and die. Reason for dying is because on of the big problems in TT is just how amazing support champions are. Even funnel vs funnel is just who picked the better support, usually Taric. Along with that when it does happen it feels so passive for both teams until mid-late game and at that point the funneling comp is just so far ahead. One of the biggest things I and most enjoy is the fast paced nature of Twisted Treeline. This strategy just kills the meaning of the game mode. Another issue lies in just some flaws of twisted treeline, support items are just too good for players and just helps push the funneling comp even more with the ability to sustain any poke through a relic shield and push the lane even faster. _____ My ideas for fixing some things. Mainly for the funneling but as well as some quality of life changes. Besides the current changes for SR, I think the removal of support items would be a great start, the items are just too good for players. Ghost poro is just too good of an rune to not take, and should be disabled. It essentially breaks the idea of there being no wards and it being about game knowledge and instead who just takes the rune. It would be good for junglers and help push them back in being it would reduce the safety of lanes because thats suppose to be the whole point. Another point with the same idea is champions with traps just do so good at working around the idea of no vision, champions like Jhin, Shaco, Teemo and others with traps just kind of ruin the idea of no wards and due to the size of jungle lanes you cant really avoid them. An idea for this would perhaps reduce the durration of traps by half, or reduce how many traps these champions can have out at once. The possible addition of a ban system for blind pick instead of just for ranked flex would be rather nice quality of life change, it would allow players more variety of champions because one problem with TT is how good and cheesy some champions are. The addition of gates would be nice like the addition to ARAM, it would help give players a second to get their items rather who can get to a bush first and cheese. _____ THANK YOU Riot, from all of TT base for finally giving a look at Twisted Treeline. We understand the lack of data, but so thankful for still giving us some thought.
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: Funneling wise, that's one's pretty interesting IMO: * It's a new strategy emerging, which, all else being equal, we think is pretty cool. Would like to support different playstyles more than we have in the past. * Having said that, it's not clear yet whether there's sufficient counterplay to it or not. Not seeing people use it optimally or play against it optimally yet (does demand adaptation) * We certainly seeing some player frustration with it. Need to determine that's temporary pain around the state of the meta changing and something new getting found or that it's a strategy that even long term will lead to a less fun, deep game. * Funneling of resources risks creating game states where one or more players gives up a lot of their agency and fun so someone else can be stronger. Some of that can be fine, possible this crosses the line though (not personally sure yet) * It's also putting additional focus on Yi's counterplay and whether, if he gets far enough ahead/has the right allied support, there's potentially just not enough there (repeatability of untargetability plus burst being the things most on my mind at least). Rek'Sai - yeah, seems reasonable at present. As with all champs will see after 8.11 hits. Seeing pro play resume should also be informative there, given she's generally performed stronger in that context than others.
As someone else said the funneling of resources isn't new, it's what the meta has been for higher elo twisted treeline for a long time. Especially because the fact there is still support items in 3s and 3v3 would really be so much better off without them. If you look for most responses of TT most people don't usually enjoy the hypercarry and it really shouldn't come to 5s. It essentially makes junglers useless and is oppressive to the jungling meta.


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