: Imagine if Deathcap, instead of giving +% AP, gave us the burn of DFT. Maybe like: + 100 AP Unique: Spells burn their target for (0.15 AP) every second for 2 seconds. Would need to change the build path a little, but it would solve the lack of burn damage that several champs have been missing since the new Runes, and not EVERY AP champ would want/need to build it.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Everthing about this patch sounds like your screwing Singed over... That juggernaut patch was brutal for singed... Now were talking about buffing fighters dmg... If your going to buff the fighters you better buff Singed...
: >nerfs to some overperformers who surpress fighters (Teemo, Jayce) {{champion:150}} hello? >One of our targets there will be helping out a number of fighters with item changes (Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra, BC, LDR). Not all fighters use these items, in fact {{champion:75}} and {{champion:36}} aren't **EVER** buying any of these .
Ya... Like {{champion:27}} needs some help as well in top lane... I'm tired of being force to proxy because I want to avoide a fight with {{champion:17}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:150}}
Adalvar (EUW)
: No longer increases health per proc, damage is now Adaptive and each proc grants AP/AD that scales with a health % (similar to Atma's Impaler) and stacks while in combat, but drops off while out of combat.
How is the proc set off? You have to be in combat a certain amount of seconds?
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: Are the Grasp changes on PBE something that would ship in 7.24b or 8.1?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Please do not forget Singed in the fighter performance update... He really suffers againts ranged champs like teemo and Jayce.
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: Karthus seems likely. Possibly Rumble and I'd imagine I'm forgetting other possible candidates too.
Please do not forget Singed, he uses DFT as well... He needs the extra damage... I see nothing of the new main runes that I want on him... He needs a buff, the last changes were not enough. He is less tanky now without that HP and you still need RG on him to make him work in the game...
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: The group of champions that Sejuani will synergize with will be broad enough that we won't run into the whole Cassiopeia + Teemo / Singed combinations. We want each Tank to feel like they have their own way off shrugging off incoming damage. Sejuani's Passive will be a defining defensive mechanic on her kit that she will want to optimize and opponents will want to play around.
Will Singed be part of this Mid season tank update?
: Singed needs some love!
So now Ghost is getting nerfed... WTF!
: Singed needs some love!
RG is great on him.. But it really is needed on him since he has no gap closer whats so ever. Only his ult gives him a speed burst. I just feel like everyone has some type of gap closer or heavy CC. Singed really needs items to achieve some of these things that some champs have from the start. I just think he needs to be touched up, not gutted.
: Singed needs some love!
I have and it was explained by Minishcamp https://youtu.be/4wj5OrAlwsg
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: Dear dumdum, singed is countered by 60% of common toplaners, educate yourself, don't hurt my brain with your lack of intelligence.
As a Singed main, he is countered by a lot of top lane champs... Singed needs a minor re-work... These new champs have so much mobility.
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
What class would singed be?{{champion:27}}


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