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1337JMAN (NA)
: I Feel Bad for Malzahar Mains
450,000 mastery with malz here, all i wanted for him this entire time was a new skin, then they went and reworked him and is now perma banned every game, which I knew was gonna happen months ago.
: It's kinda incredible how Riot made a league addict like me just stop wanting playing the game
i stopped queing rank because ques just take too long now, Got to diamond 4, then got my other account to plat 2, and i stopped queing there because it takes too long even at high plat..
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: That Evelynn splash...
thanks Riot, just busted a fat load on my keyyboarddd
: Half this game's 'nerfs' are worthless and result in a placebo effect.
maybe master a character other than soraka you scrub wood 5
: I don't give a shit if the dude is 0 and 5, DON'T RAGE AT HIM
You sound like a feeder, maybe you should stop queing in ranked and go practice in normal games, instead of wasting everyone's time by feeding.
Give us solo que, this dynamic que is unplayable due to premades vs my shit random allies
: they already have final boss veigar, therefore due to the rules they cannot have two final boss mid apc :(
At this point, any new skin would be refreshing and people will instantly buy it. It doesn't have to be final boss.
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: I just CANT wint any games anymore???
same here, i'm like on a 20 game losing streak, im getting low mmr allies, and facing high mmr opponents. It's riot's dogshit match making system trying to demote you.
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: The Story of My 6 Banned Accounts and What I Did on the 7th One.
ß ƒ (NA)
: from diamond 4 to gold 5 0 lp, will i get silver this season???
Sounds like you were boosted and/or never belonged in diamond in the first place, like 50% of the players in diamond. You dropped to gold 5? I can get out of gold 5 and into plat within a couple days.
sreggad (NA)
: you having loss with a champion doesn't prove the champion is or isn't OP. You could take the most OP champion and build him completely wrong and he will suck. Have the perfect build and an OP champion but suck at mechanics your gonna lose. You're whole argument is "you suck you're just a bronzie. He isn't OP" Yet you refuse to enlighten the bronzie of Graves weakness and points you can counter play.
Considering I am a pretty good player, especially with graves, your comment is void and null, move along bronzie. Eventually you will realize it comes down to skill, not mindless banter and bickering on a forum. The kids that talk the most about a tactic or hero are usually the worst players I've seen. I speak from observable experience, not assumptions. I did enlighten you, but what I said goes through one ear and out the other. I told you he's a glass cannon and has short range. He's still an adc, and just building a couple tank items doesn't make him invincible. Get in his face, or kite him, or also build a steracks and you will stance a good chance against him. Fight fire with fire, of course a squishy adc will always lose to a tanky graves, unless your iceborn ez. Then you just kite him and he can't get near you.
: For someone with only 8 graves games in ranked (7 of which were losses by the way) you sure do sound as if you think you are an expert
I'm hardly an expert with the new graves, but I'm getting there, but the fact that I have losses means that he isn't as OP as you bronzies make him out to be, they already nerfed him when he was OP.
: > [{quoted}](name=God Exists,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fa9InfH8,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-09T18:05:52.842+0000) > > Graves needs to get in your face to do damage, and when theres a team fight going on, he will get insta gibbed if you're smart. You sound like a bronzie, just stick to your training wheels champ as I said, assasins and bruiser need to get into melee range (125-175) to kill me. Graves does as much damage as an assasin while being as tanky as a bruiser and having ~300 more range to auto attack me for free. btw instead of telling me how bad I am you could tell me what to do against him. Being dependent on my teammates is a bad solution. Good for you if you have smart teammates but in lower elos teammates aren't as smart as in diamond.
i didn't read your retort because clearly you have no idea how to play.
: Graves is way too tanky... for how much damage he does
Graves needs to get in your face to do damage, and when theres a team fight going on, he will get insta gibbed if you're smart. You sound like a bronzie, just stick to your training wheels champ
: > [{quoted}](name=God Exists,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zvxBYMEy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-09T01:23:02.975+0000) > > because she can burn down baron with the team at 20 minute mark so can xin/yi/udyr/kindred/kog and any champ with % health damage or the ability to tank it
sorry bud, time for you to master a non training wheels champ, you know, maybe learn to play
: Why is Shyvana getting nerf'd?
because she can burn down baron with the team at 20 minute mark
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SnowFall (NA)
: Pls no buffs for 1 button delete champions
i agree, the people in the thread are garbage cans, they need to play handicap champs that instagib other champs.
: If Syndra Had a Slight Mana Buff She Would Be Fine
lmao fuck syndra shes over powered as fuck. Durrr massive range, durrrr auto lock-on target R, durrrr massive stun and knock back
: Dragon Trainer Malzahar FUCKING DRAGONLINGS
Chip N' Dale Malzahar, have him just wear a veil and turban with a towel wrapped around his schlong
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: Fix your damn rank promotion system!!!
alright well, make that 6 times
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: Most Rewarding Game I've Played in Over 1,000 Games
sounds like you guys need to learn how to play
Eldeeo (NA)
: Malz is ever so nearing the same skin state Yorick is in If we dont get a new yorick skin after his rework I may just cry a little
> [{quoted}](name=Eldeeo,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=iPTYVpHR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-26T20:22:43.406+0000) > > Malz is ever so nearing the same skin state Yorick is in > If we dont get a new yorick skin after his rework I may just cry a little You can't malzahars shitty skins to yorick. Yorick has some cool skins, all of malzahars skins are bogus garbage.
: Idk I'd say it's been going on for a week or so. When it first came out I had no issues with it, nice short queue times, sometimes even instant, now I rarely wait less than 8 minutes.
it's because people are finally quitting this shitty game, from overpowered champs to pointless perma bans being the reason
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Druella (NA)
: I'm sick of these 'supports'
This game was never meant to be a static display like you want or expect. For all we care, garen and zigs could go bot lane vs the meta adc/support.
FrankerX (EUW)
: you really are kinda stupid eh? i bet you have fanboy and bronze as makros because this is all you spam
whatever you say bronzie, also, reported.
FrankerX (EUW)
: like you do right now? rofl. everything you just said in your post hits on you. but yea explaining the ppl the system and telling them what might got them banned isnt helping at all thats like totally feeling important... its not like you could just google these things, NO its something only a few ppl know. thats why im so special. sarcasm btw for... yea for you.
calm down fanboy, we know you like to feel important by stagnating on the forums, back to bronze you go
Murkmike (NA)
: ok i think ive been chat restriced before, but it was so long ago i dont even remember. that doesnt reset ever? lol
Don't bother appealing to these fan boys, they're the same ones that reported you. They hover on the forums all day because most of them are stuck in bronze,and try to feel important by spewing their nonsensical opinions around.
Murkmike (NA)
: Perma BANNED
The only way Riot gets the picture is if we quit the game permanently after getting banned. I've never heard of ANY game where players get banned over "toxic" behavior, bunch of whiny babies.
Thr34t (NA)
: 14 day suspensions are a joke
No point trying to obtain sympathy from the forums, most of the people that post here are exactly like the people that reported you, perma bronzies
: Fizz Is Impossible To Punish, Especially With How Weak Turrets Are
I've been saying this since Fizz came out, being able to go invincible every 2 seconds is too strong. Not sure what Riot was thinking.
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Ionian (EUW)
: In a way I have to agree that rank plays an important role in balance discussions, but in another I think this would mostly be used to flame people no matter what they say, even if the comment isn't balance related. People would just look and see [Bronze] and instantly ignore what that person had to say, or make fun of them.
Exactly because those players have no idea what they're talking about when their skill levels are so abysmal. So why should they dictate who and what gets nerfed/buffed?
: Everyone on the forums should have their Rated Ranks listed next to their names
I like how all of you bronzies are trying to defend your selves, the fact is if you suck at this game, then you are most likely unaware of the mechanics of the game, so piss off with your "Logical fallacies". This isn't philosophy, it's a fact, it's like trying to tell a math teacher how to teach math when you yourself are incapable of simple addition.
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: @Riot, I just played Xin Zhao for the first time
I also can solo baron and juggernauts in bronze 5 matches
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Dear Riot: Remember Why you nerfed Zed Last year?
Excellent post, he needs a damage nerf, I've been saying this forever.
: Yasuo character concept and design is complete plagiarism, you guys didn't even try to hide the fact
And guess what, Look at Rengar, who does he remind you of? That's right...
: I just had an Ahri mid get stomped on by an AP Lucian in ranked
I like how a bunch of silvers and golds are constantly having serious discussions on the forums while the real players are busy with diamond+ listen, you're just as bad as your teammate.
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Kakwane (NA)
: Team expected me to roam after a Zed as Ezreal
zed needs to be nerfed. His damage output is too much, especially once he gets armor pen
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