: Honestly don’t understand the Aatrox pick. I feel like if you get a prestige skin you shouldn’t get the victorious skin as well for one year. Also Aatrox is played mid and Orianna got it last year (mid) so you would think support or ADC would get it this year. Sona or Ezreal would have made much more sense. Also the cosmetics are just lacking.
: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
Meddler (NA)
: We've got some caution that his early game may still be too strong, so possible we pull some power from there. Do think the changes putting power in later were good, debated thing is whether we should be compensating by nerfing him early or not.
Ever since the nerf to minions on q damage, his early game has struggiled, he’s not as good as you think, and definately not as good as these silvers think either. I dont even look to win lane anymore after all the nerfs, i look to scale into mid game and cc the backline during teamfights. i no longer care about lane phase because aatrox’s lane phase is actually incredibly weaker now than he was after the rework patch. To say you’ll nerf him even harder just shows that you dont play himand have no idea how the current top lane state is.
: Aatrox: The Darkin Blade | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
cut the courage from them. Rage, against the dying, of the light. even those who have nothing, can give their lives. :^)
: Why does rework Aatrox lack more detail then pre-rework + voice
I also agree that he needs a little more visuals on his chest, the whole mid scar/glowing red, looks a lot better than "rhaast red platebody" thing im looking at, but ability wise he seems pretty much pick and banned, makes my 2mill main ass cry.
: https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/72432704.jpg The power of Aatrox
http://i861.photobucket.com/albums/ab177/Veng_shotz/Screen%20Shot%202016-10-12%20at%2011.45.36%20AM_zpsnfhvaqsb.png {{champion:266}}
Rioter Comments
: Rito: You're really strong! {{champion:266}} "Yessss" You're too strong "Wut" You're getting nerfed "Oh.." The items you used are too strong on other champs. We're nerfing those too "Oh...." Hey you're getting a rework! "Oh?" Next year "{{champion:266}} {{item:3070}} "
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
Taikobou (NA)
: Press twice to self cast a spell
okay. 1) you're supposed to press alt for self casts. 2) you can easily just rebind a key to be able to selfcast w/e spell you want. 3) why press the same button twice? even a second can force you to lose trades.
Sandixcx (NA)
: the tank this game needs
it'd be great if it was like malphite/sion where depending on his/her armor/mr/health scales with abilities, and not AD/AP.
Jalliya (NA)
: Champions to play in top lane ???
dont play aggro and just farm passively, dont bother spending mana early because you can easily lifesteal/regen it during early levels. Just hang back and let the minions push to you.
: Carry picks toplane? Help!
all of these people are wrong. you should pick {{champion:80}}
cool, so when i pick leo or taric i could smash you even faster :^)
: In all seriousness, who actually enjoys playing against full AD comps?
i do because its freelo? all you have to do is build armor and thorn.
: Big surprise, a girl wants a diamond.....
> [{quoted}](name=yerteenagedream,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=7B0UBFK0,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-10-01T19:55:13.530+0000) > > Big surprise, a girl wants a diamond..... why aren't you at the top already? upvotes for you.
: neg win rate.... you just dont know what you are doing xD My games im literally like 8-2 while everyones 1-7 2-9 ect. Its not like im feeding or afk
after looking at your match history ive noticed you win most games as hec. so, stick to your main then?
slarias (NA)
: Saturdays are the reason I can't climb....
this is where you stop playing on Saturday.
: so far after hitting plat 2
dont worry i just pick a hyper tank {{champion:14}} and cc the enemy team.
: Anyone else desperately hoping your underplayed main doesn't get used at Worlds?
: Can we actually nerf Gnar? Worlds top lane feels so boring seeing Gnar blind pick all day long
Rioter Comments
: Helllooo. Need a little advice from the community!
your best option at that point would be to buy a pink and then place it in your jungle, and try to counter jungle. while he's sitting in yours you'll be taking his, more risk involved but its better to get something than nothing.
DeadJokr (NA)
: Worlds Right Now
Ebolol (NA)
: Dragon above Top lane at about 1 minute
i was surprised you even mentioned it because i keep seeing it but i forgot they did the VU changes
: Starguardian skins release date?
im 2k is waiting. i want my jinx damnit.
: Janna is an interesting ban. Do you main some sort of diving fighter?
: Have you ever banned a champion not because they are broken but because you hate fighting them?
my bans are : {{champion:58}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}}
Wuzibo (NA)
: Rito Pls. This isnt toxic.
a toxic player defending himself by being a troll? UNHEARD OF.
: Nerf MF ult
or you could perhaps, build health/armor items? zhonyas would legit cut someof her damage off just from the armor.
Ralanr (NA)
: How I view the memers.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Riot is trying skin themes
http://i.imgur.com/GtpD0xh.gif you said cosmic reaver aatrox. i love you. yes pls.
: Rek'sai and Gragas are no longer Top tier every game junglers? Time to bitch about the replacements
the only "replacements" i see is whatever the jungler feels like picking. ive seen some {{champion:104}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:120}}{{champion:76}} {{champion:121}} lately.
: if you ever think plats are good
{{champion:76}} jungle is trash? she's really only exceptionally good on laners who are basically on the lower spectrum of the IQ board. I have yet to see a nidalee in my game that gets so fed she's considered broken. enemy or allie. If you miss your spear and cant go in, what else can you possibly do on that champion other than spamming heal? (and im talking about teamfights) I dont consider her broken and neither should you mate. as a jungler her only skill set is chuck q, miss-> go into cougar and hope you have enough damage to finish them off hits q -> pounces and does minimal damage without items i dont see how she ever gets ahead unless your teammates legit cant dodge skillshots or ward for their lives. this is strictly my opinion. pls no flame.
Sukishoo (NA)
: But she had one... in 2011... :(
: "if you hit them with cc their screwed"
all those champs scale into late game, so if you dont destroy them early-mid game, you're gunna have a bad time. also {{champion:113}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:111}} are great cc tanks that can blow them up if they try anything.
: Can we get some better game physics on Jannas model?
i want to upvote this more than once because looking at her ingame makes me wanna scream WHERES HER VU
: Fun/Satisfying top laners to main?
{{champion:266}} nobody ever expects the aatrox pick, so when i win the game as him i have every right to say "you just lost to a champ that has less than a 2% pickrate."
Timeless (NA)
: Does this chat log deserve a perma ban?
honestly i dont see any reason to get permabanned off of this, probably a 10 game mute, but definitely not a ban.
: Taric is the god of untilt, because you just have to spam jokes and everyone is instantly happy. (Totally not biased)
i mained taric back in s2, ap taric mid was my fave, now i play him top or support. Gems are love, Gems are life. G-Gems.
: some games you can do good or bad it depends on their comp or if you get fed things like that its pretty much luck
my point is on your OP you say he's weak, when if you dont build him glass cannon he's a niche pick if you need someone to dive their backline.
zeoman88 (NA)
: the no ffers
we were gunna ff a losing match today. we were behind 20 kills, feel free to look at my last game. enemy jungle was 3/0/1 enemy tf was 5/1 and the ezreal at 30 minutes in was 15/1. i asked my team to ff this losing match, twice. Both times it went 2/3. we won that game because we outscaled and we made perfect decisions on their bad decisions. Dont ff untill the nexus dies.
: support to pick for a tilting adc
: This might be a dream, but I want ad supports to gain some ground and become part of the meta
i played a lot of {{champion:59}} support, some {{champion:80}} support, and now all i play is {{champion:44}} support since his rework. I barely got flamed when i picked j4 or panth, because in lane all i did was abuse my q for poke and then when they were at 50% health id all in pinging on them when i did so for my adc to follow up and then melt them. its a niche pick but those 2 are actually really good against the sona and nami's who build legit 0 armor items and rush ap based support items.
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot: If you ever make PROJECT Riven, she needs this as a joke quote
please do it rito i wanna see even more squishy toperlaners for me to dunk on. {{champion:266}} (intensifies)
: you just did good that game
funny enough i was actually pretty underfed most of the game, when i ganked id either get nothing or an assist. i was behind the enemy mid and enemy jungler. i could of done a lot better pre 20 minutes but i made awful decision making up until we started grouping, i just did what i had to do in teamfights.
: Yi is bad right now
i played Yi like 2 days ago. {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:6}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3742}} was my build, safe to say, when i dived the enemy carry, i would nuke him, or force the entire enemy team to waste all their cc on me, letting my team to do w/e while they focused me. Won that game. point being made: he's fine if you know what to build and how to make the correct moves.
: Xin Zhao
did you happen to buy {{item:3110}} ?
: Xin Zhao
: 3k? Please, Come back after you beat 7769.54 health. (Garen lv 18 with 6 warmogs, a full rune page of nothing but scaling health, and an elixir of iron unless I messed up my math.)
without any resistances his 3k health would beat your 8k health.
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