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: Bard Baron Steals and other Tilting Tales
My best steal, I was twitch, my team was edad and I had just came back to life. Other team was low from the teamfight and I had vision. Walked to the other back of the baron pit and used my ult to get a quadra and baron. I've done this with drag a few times.
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
New avatar confirmed. Earthbending is next in the cycle.
Blainezy (NA)
: Finally My new Diana skin!! I LOVE YOU RIOT!
Everyone is complaining about her for some reason...I admit that when you compare it to what we wanted(everybody wants something different), it doesn't compare. I do feel like they were a little lost on direction when trying to map her out, but when you realistically look at Diana's kit it hard to come up with ideas. I've tried. I'm happy with it, the sword seems elegant, I like how thin it is compared to the normal skin. As a Diana main I've been waiting for this for ages. Lunar Goddess was amazing and all, but it got old. I give it an 7/10. I wish the hair looked a bit better. I like it on fire and stuff, but I m just a fan of long locks.
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
Question, have you ever thought about a spell that links two enemies together. Say brands E for example, instead of having it spread the burn to multiple champions, it could link two champions together with a fire chain of some sort leaving them with a dot until they broke the chain with distance. On top of that your ults bounces could just go back and forth between two linked targets. Maybe this isn't the champion to create a link for, but It's something I haven't seen be useful. Think about it, we have Illaoi's soul link, we have a zekes. Why don't we have an ability that forces people who benefit from being close apart? Also another Idea for the ult could be something like a living bomb sort of thing. It burns someone for two seconds resulting in a zigs ult size explosion, any other targets that are ablaze are now infused as a living bomb albeit a smaller version.
: Known issues with new champ select
I was in champ select and when it was my turn to pick, I i clicked on cait. Nothing happened. I was like huh 0_o. Clicked cait again. nothing. CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKFESTCAUSEOFBANNINGMEFROMGAMES. I got banned for 5 minutes for no reason at all. I was connected, because I was tyalking in chat asking people why I couldn't select champ. You really need to address the problem of getting banned unfairly.
: Reminds me of mortal combat too much
I've never played mortal combat...except for like in the sega genesis days.
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: Where do the Project Skins fit into the lore?
I personally believe that the projects skins are dead champions resurrected in the future. In the project animation video Yi keeps having flashbacks of Runterra and what I believe to be his killer. If you know humans, you know that we're always looking for a new way to kill people. Bring back the strongest warriors of the past to completely beffudle the modern enemies. Plus another strong reason I believe this is the future is that A. There is no place we know of like that in LoL lore, Zaun maybe, but right now it doesn't look like that. B. All of their hair is white, hinting at possible old age, or something of the sorts. So far this is only a theory or an opinion, but it seems like it's possible. As for Demacia/Noxus/etc. I don't think they exist in the future.
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
Question Rito...If he eats and enemy while theres a ward sitting in your fountain...and teleports to it....Insta kill?
: Redesign Diana. BUT! With no numbers!
Okay, I've been maining Diana for a long time. I don't like the idea of changing her kit very much, but I do have an idea for a mechanic. The theme is the moon, so why don't we have moon phases that affect each of her skills. Example New Moon: The range of Moonfall is increased by xxx while this moon phase is active, and adds the Moonlight debuff to all enemy champs. First Quarter: Crescent Strike blinds the target for 1.5 seconds. (Why shouldn't taking a ball of light to the face blind you?) Full Moon: Lunar Rush grants 20% damage reduction for 1.5 seconds. This effect can only be applied once every few seconds Third Quarter: Pale Cascade grants an extra orb and an extra xx(scaling with level) amount added to the shield. Each moon phase could last 7 seconds and you can only use the effect of the moon once per phase. I don't play ranked very often and I have no idea how to balance a champ, but this is my take on a change that could be interesting. You gain a bit of utility, but when initiating you only get one of these and if someone attacks you in a moon phase you don't like....adapt.
: Thank you :P, I support creativity in this game. There are a lot of weird things that can work if done right. People are just typically followers and do what's easy.
Plus add a {{item:3124}} to what I already listed and the AS from that...scary
: +10 if I could give it to you man I love going outside the norm every chance I get. My fave so far is full ad/crit Kayle jungle!
Thank you :P, I support creativity in this game. There are a lot of weird things that can work if done right. People are just typically followers and do what's easy.
: Patch 4.10 notes
The Essence Reaver gives me an interesting idea for a new {{champion:131}} Build. Hybrid/AS jungler. The main issue I had with running Diana with a {{item:3160}} /{{item:3115}} /15%AS runes was the mana issues if you somehow didn't have blue.ER could fix that, and make a hybrid build somewhat Viable. She would be considerably less bursty, but her damage would be consistent and every third AA would definitely be felt. Plus ER/{{item:3160}} /and a {{item:3146}} would give you a considerable amount of lifesteal.\, and could be a new breed of Diana players. I'm weighing the overall value in my head. Though I don't think the build is better than your typical AP/Burst build, it could have it's situational use.


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