: > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V0xoXAj9,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-02-01T19:50:34.218+0000) > > It only stuns champions, so it doesn't matter if it's a minion or jungle camp, it won't be stunned. Didn't it specifically say MINIONS? You can't really blame me for misreading that since monsters don't really count as minions.
It was orginally posted wrong, here it is now on s@20 [[Removed] Now only stuns champions.](https://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html)
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
A thought that some people have had that i'd be curious on your opinion would be. What if like hydras range aoe users had 2 separate forms of the hurricane? One like the current crit hurricane, and one like the old onhit hurricane. That way for example something like on hit kog or kai sa or kindred didnt get random crit, but instead something synergizing with onhit. Ill admit im interested because im bias and enjoy onhit kindred a lot and miss the old hurricane
: Honestly I think with the new jungle changes Kindreds marks should appear - 0-1: Gromp, Krugs, Raptors, Wolves (Kindred's Jungle) 2-4: Scuttles, Gromp, Raptors (Enemy jungle) 4-7: Scuttles, Krugs, Wolves (Enemy jungle) 8+: Blue, Red (Enemy jungle) I also think epic monsters should always give a mark.
I agree at this point wouldn't be bad if riots gonna keep these changes intact
: I really enjoy your videos, I've been watching them over a year now. Some of it has helped me preform as well as I am now (80% winrate so far in plat mmr, wish me luck it continues). Fanboying aside. This passive pve mark "assist" mechanic should've been inherent within kindred's design from the start, as you mentioned. I do think that riot needs to step up Kindred QoL buffs, they've been in an awkward spot for a while. Not power-wise, more that they just don't feel *good* in a lot of situations. I've made thread after thread for well over a year now on these boards and have yet to get so much as a passing nod by a riot member to show that they've even seen my posts.
You're not wrong they don't feel mad or clunky but not nearly as smooth as before their change from on hit based to crit based
Spencer (NA)
: Took me forever to get stacks. These changes make getting them from monsters more difficult, and with ganking from the jungle intentionally nerfed, this change makes getting them from kills harder. Took me forever to get to 4 last game. Move the first 4 stacks into our own jungle please.
There's currently a bug from the QoL buff that will make marks not spawn until the previous marked camp respawns which can take 2 minutes
: Like I said . lore does not have to line up 100% to gameplay. It just doesn't have to. But people like you got to nitpick every little thing csnt leave stuff alone when in reality it doesn't need to be messed with
You're both right in a way, it's true they don't match their lore which is a shame because it's a cool concept, but their kit feels great and is an awesome thing for mains, it'd be nice to make them live up to their lore, but also suck to lose the champ we've played and loved for 2 1/2 years now
: Ok first of all, You do realise giving up scuttle is giving up the earlygame right? cause if you choose not to grab scuttle (which btw is tossing your first mark out the window) the enemy jg is just gonna hit lvl 3 and gank a lane while your still lvl 2 and trying to clear another camp to make up for the xp you missed on the scuttle. 2) "Avoid risky scuttle plays"? Kindred is a high risk high reward champ if you chose to avoid making plays for scuttle then am i to assume you also avoid making plays for marks in the enemy jg? Also funny thing about the scuttle cause if you just choose to avoid making plays for it the enemy jg is always going to be levels ahead of you cause your denying yourself xp. 3) You do realise your not playing leauge of legends anymore right as of today its leauge of scuttle crab because everyone and their mother are wanting a piece of that xp so if you just option on not getting it you option to not even play this match.
All hail glorious league of scuttle
: Kindred is such a weak champion and I will never not be bitter about it because I love playing her...Sure "you can play every champ well if youre good at them"! but its SO easy to counter kindred its painful.
They're not horrendously weak, but might need a small nudge. They see play in every elo, and work pretty good if you main them.
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: I actually really like the "make a jungle side" and the "give kindred a small headstart" I dont play her much but when im against one it really does feel a little strong when a mark appears on a scuttle and you can take it before kindred can react or sometimes before she can try and contest Would love to see changes like this hit the pbe for testing
Yeah, i know not all of the ideas are perfect, but those would at least give kindred a chance instead of being completely held down
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Aristeas (OCE)
: Does Kindred's W reveal the area inside thr allocated circle?
wolf is its own vision source kinda like a ward it doesn't revel the whole circle but reveals an area around wolf. There are tricks that you can use to cast wolf over the back of the dragon and baron pit to gain vision with your w.
: When will Kindred be talked about?
Was already addressed a few days ago by meddler http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/VcNZ7TEh?comment=000100020000. apparently kindred balanced from the looks of it they just gave up one any champs that are currently struggling to jungle.
: On the point of if Kindred is in a similar situation, looking at the collective statistic sources of op.gg, champion.gg and lolalytics.com Kindred is actually in a worse situation, not even in a similar one. I put a post that itemized things that even have gone wrong with Kindred from both the day one release design and the results of the repeated machete balancing riot did to the champ. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/AEaAEH27-riot-kindreds-state-is-a-result-of-your-failure-on-the-design-and-balance-of-the-champ Kindred is has been put into a state where saying that the champ is not in a bad state makes the kindred community lose what otherwise almost non-existent faith we have towards riot in being able to make good decisions for Kindred. "changes to get them feeling better about itemization or something like that" is a good thought to have for considering changes to kindred "but I don't think we'd do any major work on their abilities in the near future", is not a good thought. Because of the current design of the passive having the so much of champs power tuned around it (and at a much higher than average stack count), as a player you feel more like a liability that requires more babysitting than a botlane ADC to actually get to your point of power, so any buffs to the rest of the kit can simply get back a return of when kindred was out of hand (or a more recent example of how shyvana was made out of hand from her recent update). Power needs to be put back into the kit outside of the passive, and in parallel of that happening the needs to be tuned down and have it's scaling modified. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EXtiidrG-retuning-kindred-with-better-change No need to respond to them but please read and consider what was put in the post. Lessons can be taken from having an easy itemized showing of where things went wrong. And the changes idea is something that was discussed among the kindred mains through the subreddit and discord server with a strong backing before being posted to the boards here.
except it was a strong backing it was more of a it might work backing, a lot of us kindred mains like the kit as it is now with maybe very slight changes QoL changes to the passive. such as, not taking 8 seconds to change when you mark someone and not having the entire game so easily know whats marked in the jg when. or maybe minor damage increases to q or e.

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