thebs (NA)
: My account is still in NA region after i transferred my account
I was trying to transfer to Japan today, but I didn't find the account transfer item in the account option
hotarse (NA)
: Just another way to turn a blind eye to the problems plaguing League of [Removed by Moderation]. I wonder how many threads will be "moved to the rant board" so that the gameplay board will be void of criticism.
Riot doesn't like criticism, they think they are cool
Kaisha (NA)
: What an utterly stupid idea. Ignore your player base even more, that'll win them over.
Braonain (NA)
: Really Long Ranked Flex Ques
OK, seems like you really don't know the answer. I'll tell you, it's because there aren't enough players playing this game anymore. LOL isn't as popular as you would think RN, all the bad matchmaking system and stuff has ruined the game.
: Urf is a toxic wasteland.
Well, since Riot says the ARURF is the best version of the URF modes. All I can say is if you improve urself you will win xDXDXDXDXD
Talthara (NA)
: Positional Ranking is becoming more and more toxic
positional rank tilts me way more often.
Håppy (NA)
: Alright Riot I get it
Nope. The system will keep giving you teammates like this until you quit the game and go for normals.
EBL003 (NA)
: im winning 7 lp a game with 80% wr, HELP!
Riot will not see, I suggest you give up.
: Roll the dice.. Rank matching has worse odds than Vegas...
You know when people would say it's not that your teammates are bad, it's because you are not good enough, promos' matchmaking is just the same as those normal ranked games. Bullshiit
Yan Qing (NA)
: Matchmaking is the worst its ever been
: 20 games, 17 losses 2 wins
After a 4 games losing streak, my next game was me playing against a 12 wins win streak smurf mid and his buddy jungler. This is true I'm not making this up. Also with a 12 wins streak, the enemy top akali still stomped my top nasus, how bout that :):):):)
: Ranked Flex Matchmaking
That's nothing, last week all of me & friends' accounts are Gold~low plat, and our enemy had two diamonds and one Master Xin Zhao jungle, think about what would happen at early game XD.
: Why URF sucks now rant :^)
0XFallen (EUW)
: How to balance Zed and make him more of a melee assassin instead of spell caster
If zed is changed I'm gonna leave this game. not that anyone cares.
I'm gold 1, just had a game with a Master Xin Zhao on the enemy side, meh~
AZ Frost (NA)
: Can i get my points back from Aatrox to spend elsewhere? Since he's unplayable now and all...
No offense but in this patch anyone who even tries to play Aatrox, should be reported as negative attitude and intentional feeding.
: Can we buff alistar please.
Alistar is on the strong side now, if he gets a buff he'll just eat a permaban so he doesn't need a buff.
: This is the most toxic season and it's barely been a month
: Account Buyers
It takes too much time leveling up a new account.
: this season, climbing is basically impossible
No way! Riot said they have improved rank!!
: Riot, if you´re gonna buff Sylas
DW I'll keep banning him every game.
: SO just wondering about ranked.
The matchmaking system just forced me to play a role I didn't sign up for for three matches in a row. That means I was forced to play three placement which I didn't want to, and my main role stays the same. This is really frustrating, I feel like ranked suddenly costs a lot lot lot lot more time to climb up now.
: Why is it they can build so many defensive items yet still do big damage it makes 0 sense
: Well, I had a team with 4 diamond 4 vs a team full of masters. All 5 of the masters had 70%+ win rate, my whole team had 30% winrate except me with 76%. We lose, hard. Then I went to the next game. it happens.
In my case, it happens every game. So there isn't really a "next game" for me to go to.
densi (EUW)
: this is fine
1: Probably a smurf. 2: Try to learn how Rengar works, he's not that hard to counter. 3: If you are playing champs like Ashe or Jhin, and your support doesn't feel like sticking around to protect you, just rest in peace, you can't blame an obviously very fed Rengar for one shotting you. 4: If it's not you who fed that Rengar, apparently Riot had decided that you will lose this one, because the system gives you feeders(not being salty, this is true and you know it).
: Unpopular opinion: URF is fucking garbage
koshkyra (NA)
: I dont really know how these placements work
: How does everyone feel about the game. Good and bad stuff about it?
Good: It was good back in S4, not so balanced but at least fun. Bad: :)
Saezio (EUNE)
: I would love to engage on a conversation to determine whether Riot matchmaking has more parameters than the 1 we are told. Basically Riot tells us we are matched only using our MMR. I would say there are at least 2 more paramaters but without some solid data such claims will never hold any water (and rightfully so). It would be awesome if we could get some people to map their matchmaking for the whole of season 9 to draw some conclusions from that. In fact it would be feasible to make a whole university-scale study. The one thing riot would have to do is show us that elusive MMR number. And is there a reason we can't see the 1 parameter that determines our matchmaking?
If you are on a losing streak, it is very likely that your next game will be an easy win, like even if you intentionally feed real hard, you'll still win. Likewise, if you are on a winning streak, your next game probably will be extremely hard that it is almost impossible for a player like you to carry it. It's definitely not only based on MMR.
: "hey lets throw 5 guys who are each on a 2-5 game loss streak together.. oh and lets pick all i4-b4 for them vrs 5 guys on a 2-7 game win streak. lets make them all b4-s2" if you email and ask riot, they will tell you this is balanced. (i tried)
last week I had five games in a row which my jungler got reverse-legendary and the enemy jungler was legendary. I mean how lucky am I?
: arurf is the most toxic gamemode
It's the least balanced mode, I really missed the old URF.
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: I'm starting to realize [my] problem with LOL
But. This also reflects how bad Riot treat old champs.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: Shaco skin CONFIRMED! Thank you Riot!
more bans to shaco confirmed XD
Baxi2018 (EUNE)
: Why I quit LOL
Same here, every game the enemy jungler ganks every lane and becomes legendary right before my jungler becomes anti-legendary. If it's just a short losing streak then im fine with it cuz it's not my first time. But even me who has been playing this game for over four years with a big heart which can take any kind of losing streak, this kind is not included tho, I can't happily play(or at least force myself to play) this game when it is clear that the system just doesn't want me to win the game.
Rioter Comments
: I don't understand why the Boards are crying about League being banned in China.
: in the tiniest hope that riot sees this
Not far from now, riot will open URF for all time 14/7 just to bring back players who have abandoned this game.
Dlinki (EUW)
: I can't play League of Legends anymore
Because Riot has been almost only making anti-fun changes these years, and they think it's cool lol
hoganftw (NA)
: Does China know?
As a Chinese, blame the government pls, not us citizens XD. It's really hard out here in the country of censorship

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