: The case for Mercury tier below Bronze
Read the title and went meh, then read the explanation, genius lol
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: Odyssey Intro Bug
acutally cadet just randomly unlocked for me so yes its a stream delay, dont worry about it. Just wait a little while and itll come through
: Odyssey Intro Bug
same thing is happening to me and im on here to try and find out, im thinking bc so many people on the server at once that there is a delay right now
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: What supps should buy athene grail ?
: Summoner Showcase 135
she reminds of of jenna marbles
: This preseason is FUCKING DREADFUL.
1) "anarchy" really?? its not that bad so dont exaggerate somuch, plus thats why its called preseason, with about 140 champs and all these new changes thrown in it takes a little while to balance everything well. 2) Again its preseason and they just released these, the new runes were a much needed change and ahve made the game better overall,, only a few wrinkles to work out. 3) get good? 4) If you dont like teemo ban him? aery makes sense to take on him, not that suprising. 5) too much damage really? Sounds like riot should hire you for there balancing team, you got some revolutionary ideas. 6) So your idea of fun is afk farming until 20 minutes instead of the more action based pvp system we have now? Your inner grandpa is showing.
: i really want to play azir i really do but...
It seems that oyu dont konw the correct way to play azir, you should watch videos and read some mobafire
: whats more unfun to you a counterpick or a one trick or finally a "toxic" champ
I say if you cant beat them join them {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Sinneli (NA)
: Is there a way to change the new healthbar to pre-preSeason version?
theirs a bigger flash from that veigar ult hitting u then the healthbar color
IsoloTrip (EUW)
dec 19
iLyon (NA)
: Final solution for BE and OE
Blue essence is definitely better {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: ahh, i never knew why {{item:3165}} was a good first item, but now i do, thanks lol
: ya but does the q proc lich bane?
indeed it does, however you need the mana early b/c zoe has such low cooldowns, plus the 20%cdr and 100ap is great. If you dont believe me that fine, I got the build from the zoe riot playtester thats been playin her since she was created but who knows if thats the perfect build, tho personally i agree with his build (:
: Zoe's Q
its a good secound item, get morello's first
: Enlighten me what tanks can expect to last more than 3-4 seconds before being melted with by a twitch/tristana/draven pumped with more steroids from their allies than a pro athlete?
{{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:240}} all of these tanks and more when fighting adc's can kil them no problem. What you dont understand is how league works. typically it goes like this: mages/assassins kill adc's --> adc's kill tanks --> Tanks kill mages/assassins. Thats how it goes in teamfights. So yes an adc will destroy a tank if the adc is not being attackd by the mage/assassin or an initaor tank. Thats the whole point of an adc, its the only thing that can melt a tank which is why you cant let them attack freely. As for what i stated above, in a 1 v 1 scenario all those tanks and more will kill an adc in a fight no problem. This is why its a tank meta because tanks shouldnt be able to 1 v 1 am adc and kill them
Clearly people like the new runes, you are just the type of people who reject new things because you hate change and look for a negative to point out its flaws. When in truth the new runes are way better then old runes in everyway. Even your poll is in favor of new runes lol
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: How exactly do we acquire champions now?
You get reqrds and blue essense from leveling up. The amount of blue essense you get is equal to the amount of ip you wouldve gotten, dont listen to some people on here who complain without any real proof of this. Trust me when i say you get as much if not slightly more
: We should've gotten more free rune pages with the update
This is finally a complaint about the new season that i agree with. My only complaint is that they dont give us more pages.
: You got like 500+ for first win of the day and like 250 for each win and 100 for each loss. With the games I've played the last two days, that would be like 1650+ IP, so I'm losing out on half of what I used to get.
thats an absolute lie flat out lie, your lucky if you got half of that
Chermorg (NA)
: Nope. Games had a maximum of 145 IP per game at a 55 minute win.
again speaking the truth {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: If a decent amount of the 5 games were first win of the day you could. Just looking at my match history from before the change, I've got the following set of games: 10/26/2017 - Win - 257 IP 10/28/2017 - Win - 230 IP <-- 16 minute match, less IP 10/30/2017 - Win - 261 IP 10/30/2017 - Win - 128 IP 11/01/2017 - Loss - 85 IP Over the first 5 games on that list I got 961 IP. If that last game had been a win I would have exceeded 1000 IP in 5 games.
thats straight up a lie on the amount of ip you recieved 100% dont fudge numbers and pretend to tellthe truth, post a pic of the real ip earnings you got, oh wait you wont because that would prove you wrong.
Chermorg (NA)
: You never earned 1000 IP in 5 games, why do you expect to earn that much BE in 5 games?
EXACTLY, some people man...they just hate change and reject it for no reason.
: Deleting Mastery Score? ...
Mastery scores are not being deleted and you shouldnt play league for earning chests thats just silly, chests are jsut a little bonus. What you should be doing is playing ranked and try to climb the ladder, or screw around with friends.
: can we have an extra slot for wards only
: Cut down on AD damage please.
LMAO you act like league isnt a tank meta. Tanks are the over powered ones in league dude, you must not play enough league to understand.
: Be is bs
The blue essense you get is just as much as the ip, if not more now. Dont be ridiouclas and hate on change. This is definitly a good change and it is not hindering new players AT ALL. They even made leveling to 30 quicker then it use to be. so just chill and enjoy the game
: Dev Livestream: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight
does this mean they will re-enable zoe then?
Rayven (NA)
: For dramatic effect. Totally tuneable though.
I agree with Ashen that the delay makes it more clear how much damage is delt and feels smoother, im also not a fan of the shake
Rayven (NA)
: Yeah I don't see how red on red is clearer or more satisfying.
Honestly i believe the problem isnt the color change, thats defitnitly an improvment. It is the increase in size of the health bar, i like the color change of the health bar while taking damage as well as the color where the level indicator is however the bigger and bulky size of the health bar does make it fell a bit clunky and cheap, if you keep the format of the old health bar and just add the color changes it will look a lot better. I really hope you guys dont ship out the big and clunky health bars. I also agree the fast rate the health disappears makes it feel funny and more like tekken. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rayven (NA)
: What's mobile-looking about this iteration?
Honestly i believe the problem is the increase in size of the health bar, i like the color change of the healthbar while taking damage as well as the color where the level indicator is however the bigger and bulky size of the helathbar does make it fell a bit clunky and cheap, if you keep the format of the old health bar and just add the color changes it will look alot better. I really hope you guys dont ship out the big and clunky health bars. I also agree with others that the fast rate the health disappears as well as the shake makes it feel funny and more like tekken. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
xGunna1 (EUW)
First off that zed played very poorly and is not near yassuo's skill level, secound her q damage is very strong because most of the damage in her kit is in q and shes boderline useless without her q
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Hanzuma (NA)
: Just Saw Zoe abilities video....
Ah another one of those players who bans only because the champ is new and assumes its broken instead of learning how to play against the champ. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: I hate the new leveling system where there will be bragging rights considering what level you are which is dumb cause I can't play all day every day.
Actually i believe many are misunderstanding why they are adding infinite leveling. I believe they are adding it for the big population of players who dont play ranked and have nothing to really achieve. This change will now show the difference between veterans and rookies. I believe its a great idea personally. Its not showing your skill per-say. But for alot of people who play league a ton but lack the skills to climb to a high rank this is something that those types of players can be proud of. Which in turn will give them extra motivation to keep playing and reach a high level above most people
: Sona's Power Chord doesn't seem to want to attack what I click on.
Im a sona main and i dont have this problem. Just practice more and make sure nothing is standing on top of what your trying to click. Oh and a side note: if ur champion is set to autoattack when its not moving (like mine) then your power cord will automatically be used when u sit still since it counts as an auto attack. You can either change that in settings so your champ only autos when you click on something. Or just be mindful of this and continure moving while you have powercord. Hope this helps!
: Aurelion Sol
I feel like the problem with A-Sol is his kit revolving around these stars that spin in a circle. B/c they make his whole kit revolve around just repositiong 24/7 which is very boring. If they got rid of the star thing in general and gave him a whole new kit he would be much better
Mael bro (EUNE)
: Are there actually cancer champions left in the game?
There are always cancer champs in league. However i will say that the champs that are "cancer" or better called OP are less powerful then they use to be. So i do think the game is healthier b/c it seems things are very slowly evening out
: Challenger rewards update
On a more importnat matter Rito, can we finally add the wood division to league? we need a place for the chimpanzees to live.
Moooose3 (NA)
: Riven in every game?
Its because dawnbringer riven (her new skin) is coming live soon, not gonna lie i too have been playing riven recently just as an excuse to get the skin XD.
: Ethereal linked our application for the Wardens, though if you get that your name color and icon would be this instead; https://i.gyazo.com/682448e3ed63803d16cdd45a9b7232d2.png The Arbiters are specifically in charge of the behavior and moderation boards, and also oversee the [Volunteer Program](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/TP4y93oc-introduction-to-the-riot-games-volunteer-programs) as a whole, so we scout for additions when we need them instead of put out applications. If you were specifically interested in becoming an Arbiter you'll have to be active and super helpful on our boards (there's some really strong competition and we aren't necessarily looking for additions).
I saw the link to the warden application and that is something I am definitely interested in and am currently filling out now! I hope that I am lucky enough to get selected. Thank you for the information
: Does Scissors,Paper,Rock apply to League's roles?
There is a rock, paper, scissors, for some roles and it goes as follows: adc's counter tanks, assassins counter adc's, tanks counter assassins, Mages and bruisers are generally more like jack of all trades.
betsoni (EUNE)
: pls hellp to clear up
1) mark of magic pen is better 100%, thats what the pros take. The reason being you should already have ap runes so more ap would have diminishing value compared to magic pen marks. Altho be careful investing in runes b/c there getting rid of them very soon. 2) Fiora, galio, and darius all counter him currently. tho is he pretty annoying in low elo. hope this helps{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How to win?
If you want to put in the time and effort then go on youtube and watch good players and learn from them and watch tutorial videos. Secondly, play a lot of games. It took me about 2 years to truly understand the game to a deep depth
: Correct. The value shown is Base and AP scaling bonus, with no actual total value shown otherwise. Any modification aside from base and Ap value changes will not change the tooltip (if you add too much info it'll become difficult to read quickly). I'm not saying the option to show the true total isn't useful or anything, that's just how it is atm.
how is your name blue? I wanna have a blue name on the boards XD lol
: When something SERIOUS happens in real life and you're in game...
When things like this happen theres not point in wasting ur breath trying to convince players something serious happened, its in that moment that you say screw the game and just leave Tho i agree with what you said 100% and its so sad how unforgiving and toxic so many players are.
Ramen226 (NA)
: Teemo loses after his first back and if their jungle pressures you once (even if you dont die) then your kill pressure is almost gone. Fiora i forgot but i've never seen the matchup Akali ? I don't understand her dps is lower and her build is more damage oriented compared to his ability to deal dmg while building mr. Darius i said Irelia is also pretty weak pre 6. I guess her sustain? Renekton i forgot admittedly but he's too clunky for me. Illaoi i forgot. But i've never seen that matchup. Pantheon i mentioned. I dunno it just seems like most champions don't have a lot of kill pressure on him even though he's a late game champion. Plus he outranges melee champions because his q and ult give extra range.
every single champ he listed destroys nasus in lane if played right. Also these champs counter him too {{champion:240}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:83}}
: Should I be making my decision based on which champ my adc is playing? {{champion:63}} is definitely fun. {{champion:1}} and {{champion:90}} I am also comfortable with, just haven't brought them to ranked. I suppose I should start doing that.
Well there are certain champs there better with for example playing brand with an ezreal or draven has the most synergy. But you could still play them with other adc's just fine, but the synergy isnt as high.
: Looking for new mains in ranked
You can most definitly climb from the support role. Now heres the thing, you have 2 main options. Either you can play the highest winrate supports which is prob the fastest way to climb unless ur not good with those champs. Which are blitz and sona. Or you can go for carry supports and semi carry ur games. In which case i would say (besides those you already listed) brand would be a solid supp to try.
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