: Looking for more people to play with just to have fun
Well I'm willing to take you up on your offer. My username is: Goldenpoptart1. On the NA server just to clarify. My main is {{champion:141}} .
: Looking for league friends !
Goldenpoptart1 (: {{champion:141}} And incidentally im looking for friends too.
: report on PBE
you don't. Well I mean you can, but it doesn't do anything, no bans or anything. If someone is ban worthy well cant do much in PBE sorry bud
notkai (NA)
: Incidentally, those champs are also my favorites! Kayn has fantastic potential for 'duality' type skins- PROJECT, for example, was suggested by dear mod Academy Kayn, with Rhaast becoming a PROGRAM/virus. Of course, the themes of night and dawn/light and dark work for him as well. So do elemental opposite skins- water and fire, earth and wind. Candy Kayn has been a fan favorite since Kayn's release, but the main concern is that the pun won't translate into non-English languages. But I think we can wear Riot down enough that we'll have it by, like, Snowdown 2022. Jhin has a ton of potential as well, but I think Riot is going to be super careful about their selections for his skins. So far, all of them have been fantastically designed and adhering quite well to Jhin's lore, even with deviations for the High Noon and PROJECT lines. Personally, I like the idea of a Gentleman Jhin (a la Loki in the Avengers, using his intricate staff/cane to whack the shit out of people) in a designer tux with gold accents and a more 'masquerade' style porcelain mask. I've seen various other proposals for a more intensely art-themed Jhin skin, including stuff like Blank Canvas Jhin, Picasso Jhin, Jhantom of the Opera, and so forth. I think there's potential in all of them, but as I said, Riot's likely to be picky about what they do for Jhin- just as the Virtuoso himself would want!
Well it's nice to know that I'm not the only Kayn and Jhin liker :D. Also I'd like to state that those are wonderful ideas, i'd love to see a project Kayn skin one day, as well as a few new Jhin skins ;). kinda hope riot sees this post tbh xD
Kazekiba (NA)
: Actually I was right earlier; He has 5 skins already. Cyborg Cowboy Ahri Slayer Redundant Robot SKT Bang Stole a Legendary skin from Urgot
xD nice one. I didn't even know I miscounted, thanks for pointing that out. Also the one I miscounted was probably SKT T1.
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