: Help improving my gameplay and maybe confidence.
Aurelion Sol is pretty rough to learn in general, as his style of gameplay is vastly different from basically any other champion in the game. You need to practice a LOT with him. I'm talking dozens, maybe even hundreds of games to really learn him in depth.
: Did garen nerfs do anything?
Short answer: No. They just need to remove his E from procking Conqueror. That's pretty much the only change needed.
: Yeah, a tank meta where they still remain fonts of life for a Mage to siphon off of. Tanks will barely get much out of this until % Pen is adjusted to be half base half bonus.
_Galio/Mundo looming intensifies._
: Alright, i've seen some of the preseason stuff. (Regarding Tanks and D Shield)
Tanks, while their stats arent great, are getting a pretty huge indirect buff with Conquerors nerf coming up. Conquerors was really the biggest reason Tanks couldnt be played in toplane because they couldnt get items quick enough to deal with the raw damage it put out. Now tanks will pretty much flourish, as bruisers probably wont be able to deal with tanks as easily as they could before. Sion especially is going to be extremely powerful if these changes go through, as safer lanes for him just mean more HP.
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: Petition to make Galio grow with the more MR he builds
Honestly this is something I've been wanting for a bit. Maybe make it like Cho'Gath's E (it gets wider the bigger Cho gets) where his passive gets slightly bigger the large he gets. Obviously reduce the damage scaling with MR a tiny bit.
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: I always thought that Fiddle's Fear was one of his underlying problems (And I'm a huge fan of Fiddlesticks, M7-193k), but it does make sense in keeping his Fear the way it is. With newer releases having all sorts of mobility in their kits, it would just make Fiddles job harder to gank his targets if they can just hop & dash away from him. Plus as you mentioned, Pantheon also kept his Point & Click stun, so Why not let Fiddle click & spook people?
Yup! I can understand a lot of the frustrations people have with point-and-click CC, but lots of people dont understand **why** exactly they remain. I just thought I'd explain what at least I think is the most reasonable answer.
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: This preseason is only doubling down on all the things that have made the game a snowball fest where jungle difference is still incredibly important, if not more so than even before. More Lethality. More ways to solidify your lead so you can't lose it with the dragon buffs. The only difference is that now bot lane will level slower. Why? So Top and Mid can roam more? I might not even play this coming season. It's going to be an absolute shit show.
Unless you want Dragon and Baron completely removed from the game, Jungle will always be an important role in the game. That's just the fact of the matter, plain and simple. If what we were told is true, the dragon buffs themselves are over all weaker and are instead focused more on changing the map. We cant make any assumptions till we see actual numbers of the buffs dragons provide.
: Moonflair Spellblade
I actually do agree with this, there needs to be more options in terms of items for bruiser-esk AP champions like Ekko, Galio and Sylas. Right now it's all really just focused on full burst AP or full tank with one AP item at best, there isnt much else in terms of build pathing.
: Rengar is now going for ocean drake
Eh. Lots of assassins are going to get a 'buff' from the jungle changes, mostly the new brush. That isnt a bad thing, really, hopefully it will a good insensitive for more assassins rather than a slew of hyper-gankers that we have now like Jarvan. But since I dont play Jungle too incredibly often, I'm not one to judge there really.
Speeedy (NA)
: unless your an ADC player where there is not 1 positive thing to benefit you
ADC's already have a decent spot in the casual meta. They might not in professional play, but in terms of Solo-que, which is the majority of players, ADC's like Ashe and Caitlyn have a prominent position as strong, reliable picks.
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: For one thing, the buff might very well be a lot weaker than Spear of Shojin's for all we know, and for another, *a single team needs to have killed four dragons, AND get the right element* in order to get that buff. You don't want them to get that buff? Contest the dragons. Seriously you'll probably see it once every 30 games, maybe.
> [{quoted}](name=GinoSoldier,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=exRVU5Ro,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2019-10-16T18:44:40.193+0000) > > For one thing, the buff might very well be a lot weaker than Spear of Shojin's for all we know, and for another, *a single team needs to have killed four dragons, AND get the right element* in order to get that buff. You don't want them to get that buff? Contest the dragons. > > Seriously you'll probably see it once every 30 games, maybe. This. The odds of the enemy or even your team getting the buff is so astronomically low that it really just comes down to you being punished for not properly contesting objectives like you should be. At that point, you've put yourself in the position to get stomped.
Håppy (NA)
: Season 10 Preemptive Disaster
For the love of god, Cloud doesnt give everyone Spear of Shojin. It's just ultimate cooldown reduction. It's literally the exact OPPOSITE of Shojin, who only provides cooldown reduction to primary abilities with every auto attack after the ultimate. Not to mention that you have to kill more Cloud drakes than any other drake, and kill 4 drakes to boot, to even get the passive. It'll rarely be seen and over all is a very situational passive to even have in general.
: Jungle exp nerfs are great
I mean, as someone who plays Jungle quite often...this just means that I'm going to be prioritizing top-lane even more since they have a higher chance to carry the game out. So instead of botlane always being a fiesta, it's probably going to be toplane from here on out.
KnifeCat (OCE)
: As exciting as all of the new stuff is
Actually, it kinda has been. Lots of the items and runes that have made characters snowball are either being either changed or removed completely, mostly the dreaded Spear of Shojin finally hitting the road. Conqueror, who has been problematic for ages and has made it almost impossible to tanks to even exist, is finally getting changed to do only adaptive damage rather than true damage. Dont get me wrong, it's not a total fix to the issue, but it's definitely a huge step in the right direction to keep snowball characters like Riven, Fiora, Jax, etc smacked down a notch.
: 10yrs, so RiotGames can make new Games to drain people money
GASP. A **GAME** Company making more games to make...**MONEY!?** How **DAAAARE** they. Grow up, they've been developing these games for years.
: Yay. A happy person on boards. Upvoteeeee!
I agree. I've been playing this game for about 6 years now, honestly I cant say I've been too upset with most (MOST) of the changes. While they definitely do a lot of questionable stuff, over all I've had a pretty positive experience over the years just playing around with friends and enjoying myself. It seems like a lot of complaints stem from veterans that really just want to be pandered to for being veterans, as if they somehow know what will magically make the game better. Dont get me wrong, match-making definitely needs to be fixed and some champions still do need touch-ups, but over all the games far better than what it was back in the day.
: Unpopular opinion but it needs to be heard
Honestly. My biggest issue with this season is just the match-making. If they'd just revert to the previous rank system and improve the over-all match making system, things would improve tenfold since games would less likely have toxic, unskilled idiots in higher elo's where they genuinely dont belong. I shouldnt be playing with people that have the knowledge of a gold player in Diamond and up, but I see it all the time. While I am actually really happy with the pre-season changes that they've shown so far, especially drake changes as it brings a whole new level of play and focus on objectives to the game, there still needs to be a lot of work done. I guess I can say that it's just a right step in the direction, but time can only really tell if Riot can continue to step forward rather than taking countless steps back.
: Holy shit boards actually defending the monstruosity that is garen right now Lol, just Lol. But then again, the same ppl also defended the 56% wr mordekaiser.
They cant ever think they are wrong even despite being shown blatant evidence that they are. Cant be helped. Just keep bringing the issue up, Riot will take notice eventually. They did with Urgot and Morde, they'll do it with Garen if we're loud enough.
Juice (EUNE)
: Garen is underpowered still. If you are losing to Garen you just need to get better at the game, he is easy to kite, extremely squishy and has no CC. All he has is damage. Counterpicks like Darius, Jax, Teemo and Nasus can ruin his day.
So what you're saying is: "I'm going to completely ignore statistical evidence currently displayed to me and assume the person bringing the very prevalent matter to light is just bad." Gotcha. Next.
Juice (EUNE)
: Masters + is extremely low sample size. A couple of good players trying Garen and counterpicking can skew the win rate hard. Garen is fine and with that build he gets 1 shot
Alright, then we can look at the current Platinum+ who has a 53.11% winrate on the first day of patch release, and rapidly rising. Combined, his average winrate is 54.11%, also rapidly rising. Secondly, I'm sorry, no. He doesnt get oneshot. Play the build and you can see how easy it is to survive with his W shield. 30% damage reduction is no joke. Platinum, he is considered S-tier. In Diamond and up, he's considered S+. All that needs to be pushed back is the AS scaling, that's all. Not a big deal.
Salron88 (EUW)
: does riot have people who test new patch changes or they just treat the whole servers as BETA
They have a PBE, but it rarely seems like they ever pay attention to what happens in it. I can testify, I play in the PBE pretty frequently.
: People in platinum
Play a carry. If you have decent macro, you'll get out eventually. I got sucked back in because I started playing tanks when I thought I was high enough in Diamond where people could properly use their leads, but that was a huge mistake. Plummeted back to Plat3. Play carries, if you cant have your team carry you then carry them. Simple as that.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: It was put on hold as the effects artist was busy with other priorities. It will probably be awhile still till they get back to it.
That's a shame. It did really well on the PBE, no one seemed to be really upset with it. Even my Wu Kong main buddies seemed to be really happy with it. Hope it comes to light soon, really deserves it. Wu Kong's been needing the help for quite a while.
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: Just need to raise ap ratio on q and ur golden . Or just get wits end and blade and your also golden
As much as I like to agree, I dont think a characters kit should have to revolve around an item or two. Enhanced? Sure, but if an item is *required* to excel, I dont think it does that great. There's also still the issue of him having far too many counters.
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AhmadS5 (EUNE)
: Blood moon Aatrox
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: I like the second one. But honestly as a full on kindred main ive grown accustomed to lambs respite. I'd be heart broken if it went away.
I can totally understand that. I personally just feel that its a really underwhelming ultimate that doesnt really fit the whole idea of a being based around death. She's suppose to be the bearer of death yet...keeps people alive? Its weird, ya know?
: Zilean Rework idea-- Pure Support
I like all of these ideas except the W. Giving a blind as an AOE in a lane for that period of time is rather intense honestly, theres a good reason why Graves blind AOE is so small and why its slow is so small. Blind AOEs are just generally suuuuper powerful, especially in the right hands. I feel like having something along the lines of Viktors AOE is more appropriate, the longer they stay in the AOE the slower they become. Maybe starting at 30% in the beginning and ramping up to 80-90% by 2 seconds, basically forcing them into a halt for .5 seconds. Would pair amazingly well for teamfights and laning phase alike. Especially for characters like Miss Fortune, Lucian, etc.
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