MrXminor (NA)
: I just think clash was supposed to be a weekend long tournament for players, i don't know why there couldn't be a solution and keep the stakes higher than separating it to farm single day tournaments, instead of winning a big organized thing. It feels small and less rewarding separating it. The value of "tournament" really decreases when your its not going to be a finals between two 6-game win steak teams, now its only 2 and the stakes are just inherently small. Its just gonna feel like flex.
But still way easier to get a team that can play through the schedule. Trying to five 5 folks without weekend plans was a nightmare.
: can bring this stuff back but cant fix constant crashing problems. cool
My game doesn't crash, like....ever. As a previous tech support specialist, oftentimes it's the computer's fault. Try upgrading some shit, make sure drivers are compatible, etc, etc.
: send thigh pics
What a random place for a meeting of the thighs
sparsco (NA)
: [CLIENT] Gifting Notifications Popping Up Every Time I Login
Looking through the forums this has been going on for about 2 years when they switched to the new client. I've been having the same issue for almost a year. Message still pops up, have tried to do a full repair and no effect. Probably not getting top priority since it's such a minor inconvenience, but it would definitely be nice if it got a fix.
: > [{quoted}](name=MankeyMadness,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6e7HX2os,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-03-25T00:48:17.411+0000) > > {{champion:266}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:6}} > > Find one of these that's fun to play against as much as play AS. > Hint: None. I like how you listed every top lane champions.
> [{quoted}](name=taleofsonata,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6e7HX2os,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-03-25T01:25:43.693+0000) > > I like how you listed every top lane champions. {{champion:67}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:78}} ......
: Am I the only one who noticed they spelled "courage" wrong?
Nope. Also "Strenght" at one point
: Riot, I don't think diamond players like your reworks
: The Reason You're Not Able to Dodge Skillshots Could be this Surprizingly Common Problem.
Huh. I came here expecting a troll post and found something educational instead. I wish this happened more often
: Seems i quit at the right time. Just before shit hit the fan.
Well thanks for sticking around the forums to trash on things!
: Tier 1 Gold Tier 2 Platinum Tier 3 Gold ?????????????????
T1 = Gold+, meaning no lowbies are allowed to try out at this level. T2 = Plat and below, meaning Diamond/Challenger accounts can't easily smurf. T3 = Gold and below, more smurfing restrictions T4 = Silver and below, this here's the rec league :D
: Feel Like a League of Legends Pro Player with Super League
Join up! It's fun and totally worth the cost of entry
: 5X5? If that Poppy painting is 5 feet by 5 feet that means Mel is like 6 1/2 feet tall. Amazon goddess, I like it.
You might even say.... that's a big package. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Eyyyyy.
: I like how all of the cosplay is facepaint. #Whereisthewings?
She did say they were makeup tests, not full cosplay. This is just the beginning...
Kosm1K (NA)
: THIS TIME, the rerelease of championship riven is hardly anything. No recolor, and only a loading screen when people complained about it enough. Tbh a crown and a little extra flair during ult is hardly worth the fact that they re released it, most people can't even tell the difference because everyone just alt tabs during loading screen. Now if they'd actually given her a real recall animation to match the rest of the championship skins, I'd be happy, as it stands all she does is raise her sword, while the rest of the championship skins get pedestals, altars, a goddamn throne. Championship Riven owners were severely gimped and its only natural for Cliffspringer to feel upset about it, despite PAX sivir owners getting a MUCH better deal
Right, but since the situation is way better for PAX Sivir, as you described, he shouldn't feel sorry for us. S'all I'm sayin' ;)
: im honor lvl 0 feelsbadman :D
: A loading screen? Not any sort of alternate model or skin effects, on a skin that's debatably rarer than CS Riven? Do... people even LOOK at loading screens anymore? Cmon..
: I feel kinda sorry for anyone who got this skins back in the day, it devalues them hard. Like championship Riven.
Except the original skin is still separate, so we don't lose anything. All we get is an extra border, and a newer, different PAX Sivir.
Crexis (NA)
: Black Alistar as well 👍
AriCei (NA)
: He said better part of a decade, which technically would only need to be 6 years,or a portion of 5 :/
> damn near EIGHT years ago That sounds like more than 6
: They said that in an ideal world it would be removed from all regions. That is not fine.
Zannor (NA)
: I play with a 4 person group most of the time when I play and my wife and her sister only play ADC and support together. We always played blind pick, then team builder when it came out, now back to blind pick. I can't even think of a time when they didn't get to play ADC and Support in blind pick. My brother-in-law and I usually just let the other guy take whatever he wants of the other roles and we're all good. Almost no fights ever. I like blind pick since it works for us.
You have someone choosing Support. That's a big help{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: instalock {{champion:10}} then fill
My friend instalocks {{champion:26}} and can competently take them to any position. It's scary.
Ck house (NA)
: Or you guys could just play ranked if you want that ranked experience. -15 or w.e LP isn't that bad, especially since you'll be practicing for next game. If you're playing draft, you're probably in the mindset that "this game doesn't matter all that much", which wouldn't be an effective way to practice. Ranked, however, would help you play at the best of your abilities. If you lose, so what? Shake it off. One game isn't going to kill your season. Imo, I don't know why Riot tries so hard to change things that don't need to be changed.
I 'practice' in ranked all the time. Once I've played a few games to feel comfortable with a champ (in draft normals so I can actually get my pick), I take them for a spin in Ranked. That competitive field is a much better place to hone your skills because you're playing against people at your level. Normals are just so constantly in flux with their skill level, and if you play against someone terrible you could fall victim to delusions of grandeur ;) The only time I play blind is if I'm in a party of 3 or more so we know we can still kind of pick what we want.
: This is an amazing discovery. Apparently the word Riot gives downvotes yet the word Rito gives upvotes. Now that I've said both, what will happen?
Man I seriously hope people are just watching your post, making sure your votes stay at 0. FOREVER NEUTRAL!
: we shall call it....the Riot diet
I logged out, just so I could log back in and upvote this. And comment. I'll probably log out again now. KKthxbai ;)
Lyte (NA)
: Rather than simply skins or RP, we are curious what kinds of "rewards" would be meaningful to positive players though. Happy to discuss these here!
Honestly I think it would help the honor system if we could just see some sort of tangible reason to honor. Yeah we get a total number on our profile, but it doesn't mean anything. Maybe make a tier system like ranked, but for honor. Get placed into groups, and if you receive more honor than the lower half of the group you gain points, less and you lose. This way we could see some sort of progression with our honor. Also disable honoring for customs, so people can't bump their honor without playing a match with strangers.
: I am very interested in this topic. I'm an older gamer... I'm 33 years young. I have an extensive gaming history and I'd say I've earned my stripes... I've been playing games with other players before the internet was fully structured (remember local Bulletin Board Systems running MajorMUD or LOTRD anyone? ...I ran a Half-Ogre Thief FYI and these games had NO PICTURES.) We read all of the descriptions of what happened and typed our responses to it...but it was the fact that the players could type out messages to *each other* that made me fight and fight for my 2400 baud rate modem to dial into that house and hopefully catch one of their 12 lines available to login and play. As I grew, gaming grew, and changed, and I changed with it. I have a pretty extensive resume in online gaming...both PC and (don't tell anyone) console. I've got to say though, this is the first gaming community where I have felt totally out of place sometimes. The way that "teammates" talk to each other... the defeatist attitudes, the unwillingness to help, the "kill-steal" (how do you steal something that benefits a team? the team owns it, not any one person...), the culture of surrender that seems to plague this League, in my humble opinion, is really scary. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, (and don't get me wrong, I know better than most that this is just a game and I'm not all upset anytime some little kid calls me a name.. thats not what this post is about... lol...) What upsets me is that I am a teacher, and have taught 3-6th grade for the past 7 years... and I see this attitude leaking into real life. Especially the culture of surrender. I hate the games where one little thing swings the tide toward the opponent and instantly, 2 people are pinging /surrender whenever they can and have totally given up. It's as if people are afraid to lose... do they think that everyone wins all the time? I hate to see us getting away from appreciating a loss and learning from it (although it doesn't feel good necessarily... but that's how it is)...and moving toward just trying to insta-forget any bad experience in a game, immediately shift blame to whoever is considered the weakest link, divorce ourselves from any responsibility in the loss, and quit and restart. "Maybe this time I'll pull that dream-team where everyone is perfect and we'll win!" ...I dunno... I just would hate to see this become the norm in society... because I remember when we would fight to the death no matter what because the match wasn't over until the screen said defeat, and I remember when a team knew that it was only as strong as its weakest member, so rather than just say "X fed" (what's with that anyway? Since when is another player's skill being *good* verbalized as the weaker one doing something wrong...they didn't "feed"... it's called getting *beat*'ll happen to you too one day and I'm sure you didnt do it on purpose...), say "Try this strategy, or whatever...) I guess my message here today is simply this: games weren't always like this folks. We're all gamers... we may fight against our own kind..but let's not resort to killing our own...
Thanks for posting this much more eloquently than I could have. That has been the one thing that drives me most crazy about this community. On a whole it seems far too many a player give up so easily. Instead of looking for a contest where they can eventually stand triumphant, they look for a match where they can completely dominate. Something in them seems to say, "You're not a winner unless you're winning by a landslide." I just don't get it. And I would love to see a push for the comebacks. For those 4th quarter drives and those final buzzer threes (holy crap! Sports in a game blog!) where you barely win after being behind the whole match. How you act during adversity says the most about your character. I hope that we, as a community, can make truly positive character a priority.
Dorkdav (NA)
: You've nailed the real problem with the community of LoL. People don't work as a team. And Lyte and his team have done nothing but reinforce that with their system, encouraging you to report players that play badly. Basically it's, "Don't support, report"
You're supposed to report people for being toxic douchebags that cry out "surrender!" when they die once. Who will then spend the rest of the match not trying and bringing the rest of the team down with their negative attitude. You're not supposed to report someone for losing their lane.
: Dino Gnar will eat you up!
Next up, Gnarlathotep? (No purple viruses, swear it's just an image)
: Poppy is really underrated. =)
No don't tell anyone! Poppy is a secret ;)
: The Final Boss approaches
Arcade MF? Yes please.
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
Today is the day I learned I own 2 legacy skins. Thank you random gifting =)
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays Spotlight: Katarina’s 1v5 penta
Ugh. Good job and all, but this. This is why I hate Katarina.{{item:3070}}
Mansana (NA)
: So no numbers? Are we allowed to use variables or is it like describing the kit and what it does sort of like the champion preview?
NO NUMBERS. Variables are technically, well, numbers. So yes, he's looking for advice on thematics. Like I want every ability usage to make the area around her a little brighter as the moonlight focuses on her. Orrrr, maybe her q should be more powerful, but take a little charge time as she tilts her blade at an angle to collect some moonlight before throwing it. Things of that nature. ;) At least that's how I'm reading it.
: Some Tips on How to Get to Gold ELO Season 4 (From bronze or silver)
"Blame yourself." "If it's adc on adc you're out of position, shit at the game, and deserve to lose." "Only do things that helps yourself." Sounds a bit dickish, but definitely good advice for solo queue-ing. ;)
Thogdore (NA)
: Next they will add a new champion called Yorick. They already have his splash art done! {{champion:83}} Really excited for him! Heard he'll be hard to counter.
Didn't he walk into a bar once?

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