14for14 (NA)
: Honestly I think you're decision is stupid af. I've had people in my games do this after arguing with others and it's a bad decision. At the end of the day your lp matters more than anyone you get matched with or against. Cool. Some other toxic person loses lp. Guess what? You'll never meet them again and you've just dug yourself a hole gj..smh
Ok? Whether my decision was a good one or not was not the point of that anecdote, at all...
: > OK. " Hope you're all super duper impatient " < THIS is what you're describing. That is what I read. Here is the quote: > Unfortunately, I and hopefully others do not have that kind of patience. Here is how you can change it: Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of patience. I hope others do not have my impatience.
As previously mentioned, one person who is skeptical about one insignificant statement is not enough to make me change it. If more people reply to this post and feel insulted, pointing out that same thing, I will change it, but as of now, I have insufficient data. At least I'm acknowledging that what I said could be insulting, I respect everyone's opinion, and I am not quick to absolutely doubt their point of view. I could just sit here and tell everyone to suck it up if they feel insulted, but that's very disrespectful, and I'm not that kind of person. :)
: Well that is fine, I make mistakes. What does > I and hopefully others do not have that kind of patience. mean? Honestly, just one word is confusing me. "hopefully" EDIT: Why would you hope others do not have that kind of patience? EDIT 2: Maybe you are saying it so that you are not alone? You don't want to be the only impatient person on the planet?
> I just want to confirm that I'm not the crazy one here! I "hope" that I'm not just some lunatic who's insanely rambling, that the point of this post has some kind of humanity to it. And when I say "that kind of patience," I'm referring mainly to the kind of patience that one experiences during games (since I didn't say "patience" or "patience in general"). In which case, those who are "patient" in-game may be impatient in some other area of life, because different people are impatient for different reasons, and I envy others' patience in-game. In all honesty, I should have specified that, but I find that minor detail to be rather irrelevant compared to the topic at hand. To EDIT: I have said this multiple times. That is not what's happening. I'm not going to go around to everyone saying "hey guys, yeah, that wasn't meant to rude, sorry!" And I've only experienced one person (you) who thought it was condescending, which is not enough to make me edit my post. I completely respect everyone's opinion on whether something is insulting or not, and I apologize sincerely if it is to some. To EDIT 2: If I remember correctly, I mentioned "not being alone" in my first response to you. If not, I know I've mentioned it earlier.
: > So what you're saying is that there's no such thing as a human being who can be a little hot-headed, who can be a little impatient? Wow, not what I am saying at all. I'm saying that all humans are not born impatient and judgmental. Maybe there is a middle ground here? > one can infer that I am referring to myself as impatient, therefore criticizing myself. Yea, I got that part. Why would you hope others are impatient as well? Most people I speak to don't wish others to have the same flaws as them, rather they wish others would have the same merits as them.
> [{quoted}](name=KORGtuners,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vM7xxtAN,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-20T01:37:43.755+0000) > Yea, I got that part. Then why did you say you were "struggling" to find that part?????????????? > Why would you hope others are impatient as well? OK. "Hey, baes! Hope you're all super duper impatient and angry and are unfortunate enough to encounter such awful situations, HAHA! Tootles! :)" < THIS is what you're describing. > Wow, not what I am saying at all No, I don't think you even know what you're saying anymore. This is analogous to a situation in which I'm referring to a female as "she," and then you shout "SEXIST!" Human beings, again, will be impatient and angry many times in their life (even the "patient" ones I so praised). I just want to confirm that I'm not the crazy one here! Reading through the other replies to this post, I have not seen a single one that has had the same interpretation as you, most likely because your interpretation was rather suggestive for the wrong reasons.
Crett (NA)
: If your entire team is being absolutely horrendous to you, I honestly wouldn't put it past someone to get fed up every once in a while; rock on, just don't make a habit of it lmao
Oh, I absolutely have NOT made it a habit, trust me! :) And yes, you should absolutely just move on with life. I just thought that this was an interesting topic of discussion.
: Saying it is human nature, is a bit of a stretch to me. Also, struggling to find where you criticize yourself. > I and hopefully others > I do not regret my decisions. > And I'm trash? Darling, I'm glamorous. (hair flip) :p I mean you praised honorable people. Then you turned around and suggested others should be less honorable. I'm not trying to upset you. Just maybe suggesting you are saying things you don't really mean in the heat of the moment.
So what you're saying is that there's no such thing as a human being who can be a little hot-headed, who can be a little impatient? Are you even human? > [{quoted}](name=GoodHotFreshFly,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vM7xxtAN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-20T00:53:38.072+0000) > > If you continue to cooperate with them, bless your heart, you are such a kind soul, and I love that, and I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, **I and hopefully others do not have that kind of patience**. I just had to get this off my chest... > > I was once in a situation where my entire team had agreed that I should kill myself. So, I muted all of them and proceeded to intentionally feed and make us lose the game. Near the end, I explained everything to the enemy team and they surprisingly took my side. Just a little anecdote... I do not regret my decisions. Though, I don&amp;#039;t encourage you to do what I did whatsoever... > > And I&amp;#039;m trash? Darling, I&amp;#039;m glamorous. (*hair flip*) :p The pronoun "I" is included in the bolded clause. Using basic English semantics, one can conclude that "I" ALSO "do not have that kind of patience," in conjunction with "hopefully others," the conjunction being the word "and." Since I also "do not have that kind of patience," one can infer that I am referring to myself as impatient, therefore criticizing myself. **Then you turned around and suggested others should be less honorable.** That did not happen... Perhaps you're inferring too much.
: > If you continue to cooperate with them, bless your heart, you are such a kind soul, and I love that, and I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, I and **hopefully others** do not have that kind of patience. Really? You wish others were impatient and judgmental? Apparently, you don't love kind souls very much.
Being impatient and judgmental is human nature, though... it's not like I'm trying to be condescending, especially since I know there are people like me (which in case you didn't notice, I also criticized myself for the same thing). If it comes off that way, sorry.
scazzman (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GoodHotFreshFly,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vM7xxtAN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-20T00:58:51.789+0000) > > Everyone on my team in that situation was involved so... > > And that situation took place on a different account that I don&#x27;t even use anymore, so good luck trying to find that. :p riot reads the boards. and will see that you bragged about feeding, and throw a 14 day ban or permaban on you once a rioter sees this
They can't do that on this account since I haven't done it on this account, so there's really no point in doing so. They can only do it to my old account. I didn't "brag," that's quite a stretch. I just gave an anecdote of a situation that provoked the thought of this post's topic. I even encouraged readers not to do it... Even if I am banned, so be it, I still stand behind my reasons.
scazzman (NA)
: however. ignoring them or being passive aggressive to them out of spite you punish the players on your team who arent involved and are just trying to climb > > I was once in a situation where my entire team had agreed that I should kill myself. So, I muted all of them and proceeded to intentionally feed and make us lose the game. Near the end, I explained everything to the enemy team and they surprisingly took my side. Just a little anecdote... I do not regret my decisions. Though, I don&amp;#039;t encourage you to do what I did whatsoever... > > And I&amp;#039;m trash? Darling, I&amp;#039;m glamorous. (*hair flip*) :p thank you for reporting youself
> [{quoted}](name=scazzman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vM7xxtAN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-20T00:56:25.597+0000) > > however. ignoring them or being passive aggressive to them out of spite you punish the players on your team who arent involved and are just trying to climb > > thank you for reporting youself Everyone on my team in that situation was involved so... And that situation took place on a different account that I don't even use anymore, so good luck trying to find that. :p
Rioter Comments
: I Cried While Playing League
I'm sorry you had to go through all of this. I have too, and so have many others. :'( I HATE so much how there are those who say "get thicker skin" or "it's the internet, people are gonna be mean." All you're doing by saying those things is blaming the wrongdoings of those "mean" people on the fact that the internet exists, in which there's very little logic. Sure, people being mean when you go on the internet is a fact, but it's not an excuse. They're still the ones at fault at the end of the day. I am also so aggravated. The report system is shit, and nothing happens to those who deserve punishment. Like you, I have also quit and come back and I am experiencing the same problem. I've tried my hardest to not lash out, and so far I've been successful, but keeping cool when everyone around you is heated up is too hard to accomplish to be worth it. Humans may be the logical creature, but we are also the emotional creature, and I feel like people forget that sometimes, and as much as we want to focus on logic and reason, emotion always has a way of creeping to the surface. I don't really know what I'm saying anymore, I'm just kinda rambling... xD
Eggbread (NA)
: (Champion Concept) Soot, War's Cessation
Wow that is a lot of effort! If you have the time, I'd love for you to check this out. :) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/MEgXTFVW-champion-designers-needed
Rare metal (EUNE)
: Don't really understand how your post is connected.
Ok SO, this is a good concept you made, right? At least, I think so. In my post, I am targeting these kinds of "creative minds" to ask to help out with a project in which we create a new theoretical MOBA game, one that's especially centered around creating characters like this. So, try reading it??? If you're not interested whatsoever, that's fine, but like... know that I acknowledge what you made at least that compelled me to share such a thing :/
: [Champion Concept] Kit the Silent Stroke
I love your concepts, and I've already posted this in your DhaMa thread, but it really would mean the world to me if you could check this out: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ej0IoE9Y-hello-creative-minds
: [Champion Concept] Kit the Silent Stroke
It would mean the world to me if you could check this out: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ej0IoE9Y-hello-creative-minds
: {Champion Concept} Geist, the Phantom Warrior
Oooh, this is cool! You should check this out: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ej0IoE9Y-hello-creative-minds
Rare metal (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] √-1 - The imaginary unit
Oh wow, this is lovely! You should check this out: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ej0IoE9Y-hello-creative-minds
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: Solari "rejected all other forms of light as false"
Thomas Edison does suck. Nikolai Tesla was always the better one.
: A 2009 Player's Plea to Riot Games.
I want to say "I couldn't agree more", but I feel like that's too much of a common statement. I don't know what else I could say, but if I were to say something, it would be something very similar. :) I quit this game a long time ago. It just caused too much anger and frustration for me when I played it, which not only do I blame these reasons for, but I also blame myself for not controlling myself well (sorry, I'm a human being). And, I had enough with this anger and frustration, so I quit. However, I do check up on the game from time to time a lot hoping to see something that will push this game in the opposite direction. RIOT just does NOT listen to the community. It seems (not saying it IS) as if they've become selfish, only wanting to make money instead of pleasing a community. Something interesting I've noticed is that there are only RIOTer comments on posts that condone the game, make jokes out of it, and NEVER on threads like this, even if these threads are at the top of the boards home page. This game is an utter mess, guised under the facade of high-quality aesthetic, a history of "success", and a dominant e-sports scene. Instead of focusing on fixing the elephant, more like a colossal whale now, in the room, they only want to create shiny new content. You'd think this would drive people away, as this elephant has been around for how many years? But we are lured back by the shiny new content, which is completely understandable. But, you know, we'd be fine (well at least, I'd be fine) if you stopped creating new content for a while and focused on fixing things. Sometimes I fantasize about the community boycotting this game, but I think that's a rather dramatic approach, and it's unlikely that would ever happen. I just wish for something, anything, to happen that will get RIOT's attention so that they'll clean up the mess they made. No, I just wish for Riot to clean up this mess, period. Hope is a powerful thing...
: Maybe they should make distinctions based on rank. All **Bronze/Silver/Gold** suggestions thrown out. **Plat ** considered somewhat. **Diamond ** and above considered greatly. A game should never be balanced around people that do not understand the basic game mechanics but rather on those who do.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanity It's strange how you attempt to ignore your own humanity by trying to hide it under what you think is "logic" and "rationality". All of us, and you especially, know that you're not a socially perfect A.I. that can make amazing computations through a flawless algorithm from which you gain your rhetorical strategies, as you so desperately strive to be. You are in fact a human, and ignoring your own humanity in order to convince other humans of your argument was your most prevalent mistake. If you feel as if you're above all other bronze players, above all others socially and rationally, above all others in general, a large assumption based on your atrocious ego, you should look at these few cases of egotism, and at least try to understand why they're so ineffective. Perhaps, you can reach the crossroads where logic and humanity come to in trying to understand these few cases. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egotism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_supremacy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexism Otherwise, your activity on these boards is pointless if this egotism, even if it's most likely fake, is continued.
: >Sorry, any intelligent and rational human being understands that emotions are a part of living as a person, and take feelings in consideration along with logic. High functioning sociopaths are often seen as effective leaders and managers due to their ability to remove emotion from the equation.
He's just trying to act like a socially perfect robot, not a human. And he's failing because he's ignoring his own humanity. Sociopath's aren't effective because they're socially perfect, it's because they lie and make it seem like they have what you want. It's impossible to not feel emotion and completely erase it. You can only be good at hiding it. This guy isn't a sociopath, rather he just foolishly tried to erase his emotions. Through context, you can tell that emotion was leaking throughout his whole "argument".
: >but because I am correct, you are arguing a fallacious position and thus, presented flimsy arguments. That statement is absolutely horrendous in a discussion/debate. *Even in context*. It really does suck the interest out of this, because it suggests you aren't open to other points of view. >Then I would respectfully disagree with your assessment. Function and balance cannot be separated. I'm claiming they are separate to begin with, and come together. If I am guaranteed to do X damage in Y time, then *how* I do it is irrelevant. Function is the how, balance is the whole picture. You can't balance without factoring function, but function does not dictate balance. Balance is made of many components. Unfortunately, a lot of my claim hinges on this. So unless middle ground can be found, continuing this segment is pointless. >"skill floor" is a buzz term that is meaningless once we talk about Diamond or even Platinum. We are not talking about players that comprise Bronze Chaos. >The players I am talking about know how to play the game and thus, your hypothetical scenario is automatically flawed/dismissed. They hypothetical scenario is to present a premise of "fun". Arguably, stomps are not fun. When a champion balanced at high level play can solo win a game (extreme example), it is fun for that 1 player and "unfun" for the other 9 who never get to do anything meaningful. If Riot wants to preserve "fun" as best they can at all levels, then all levels have to be taken into account. High level balance still takes priority (hence Katerina and Akali), but you can't just make life miserable for everyone below diamond+ unless you are only interested in the diamond+ players. >NEVER balance around people that do not know how to play the game. Ok, using that Strygwyr example (never played DotA, sorry if I butcher something); his only variable was that movement? If so, then I agree; balance around the people that know not to move. But Knowledge is not ability. There could be bronze players that know not to move, and are therefor knowledgeable by the example. But let's use a more extreme example. A champion's ult makes enemies that attack minions instantly die; but he is reduced to 1 max HP. Knowledgeable people will know not to attack minions until he dies. Mechanical skill is irrelevant. Now when it comes to discussing balance, both the bronze and the challenger say he is OP because he can activate it while your ADC's bullet is traveling. According to your view, the Bronze should be ignored because he is not as good. But if they both say the same thing, the feedback is simultaneously significant and irrelevant - based sole on elo. That's why I say "knowledge" (knowing the game) and "skill" (mechanical application) are 2 different things. >Actually no, in your scenario my lack of skill is intrinsic whereas your lack of "knowledge" is remedied by even basic levels of research. Knowledge can be improved far easier than skill. As you said, "skill is intrinsic". >It's a tactical game that fits somewhere in the middle, with a low requirement for both... more contingent on decision making and team synchronization. It *does* require both; and that's my point. You can have one, but not the other. High level players have both. A player who can't dodge Ezreal's Q will eventually taper off in elo, even though he knows exactly how it works. If he tapers off at gold, according to you, his input is worthless solely because he responds too slowly. >Should we ask a homeless man how to solve the federal deficit of 2016? surely his opinion should matter as much as the educated man that reads the newspaper every day on his day to work as a stock broker. He can't do much worse than Obama is doing for the US. (>_>) Jokes aside. [Experts](http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2011/04/why-experts-get-it-wrong/73322/) [aren't](http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/why-experts-are-almost-always-wrong-9997024/?no-ist) [infallible](http://nypost.com/2010/06/13/why-experts-are-usually-wrong/). [Ignorance](http://www.cracked.com/article_19248_6-uneducated-amateurs-whose-genius-changed-world.html) [sometimes](http://listverse.com/2013/01/20/10-poorly-educated-but-incredibly-successful-people/) [works](http://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-geniuses-dont-have-jobs/). >Riot has stated in no uncertain terms that the game is balanced around Summoner's Rift. Even excluding Dominion and ARAM. Twisted Treeline has a ranking system. It doesn't play like SR. Are you saying a diamond on TT has equal relevance as a Diamond on SR when judging SR content? >Yet again, what's your point? >Statistical significance is on my side. You are arguing against statistical significance which is automatically wrong. Statistical significance states that diamond players are better at playing the game than bronze players. I'm claiming that balance is a knowledge system. Riot has an internal balance team of challenger players, but not all rioters are challenger level. Your system would mean that the rioters are potentially irrelevant because they're not as good at the game. >Arguing outliers is a good way to reveal you have no argument to present. Maybe 1 person out of 5,000 survives falling off of a cliff, does that mean jumping off of a cliff is not fatal? My argument is that more than 10%(?) of players are capable of giving good and actionable feedback. I can number crunch an optimal build for Nautilus just as well as any challenger. If I happen to find he is capable of out-DPS'ing Draven, is that feedback irrelevant just because I'm not Diamond? Also, technically the landing is fatal. Unless that cliff just happens to be the international space station. (>_>) >There is a high probability that the Diamond player has at least played against Cassiopeia... this in conjunction with his understanding of basic and advanced (But I try to keep advanced tactics out of it) game knowledge puts him far above the Bronze. So if a plat who has never played Ryze says his combos are too flexible and easy to get off, that's more valuable than a bronze who points out 1 missed or changed spell can put his entire kit on CD? (Cass is much more strait-forward.) I would think both perspectives would be valuable from a balance perspective. But according to you, only the Plat matters because he has played *against* Ryze. >That is a rather large leap in logic. I'd go so far as to say it's a non-sequitur. Not in the least. I stand by the claim. If the goal is for everyone to have fun, balance has to be assessed at all levels (including bronze). Having 1 champion that can potentially dictate the outcome of every game below plat just because it's balanced at challenger results in a terrible player experience. If you only care about he top end of the spectrum, then only using feedback from that end would be the logical process. Riot tries to balance for the top end, while still balancing the rest of the scale - and that requires feedback from lower levels. >"Diamond player may not be ranked diamond" Does not compute. Diamond *level* player = someone who plays on a level equivalent to other diamond ranked players. Again, not everybody plays ranked. >You seem like a nice enough guy, but your arguments were pure sophistry from beginning to end. Whether or not you agreed with them, my arguments were presented with the intent of discussion. I'm happy to rephrase anything you don't understand, but your claims of sophistry are not entirely accurate. You claim only the top players should be allowed to provide feedback, I say all feedback should be weighted.
This guy, dom, made one of the most common and foolish mistakes on the internet: trying to make it seem as if all arguments and assumptions made by him are completely logical, rational, and well-thought of. It's as if he's trying to make himself seem like an A.I. robot that makes perfect computations through a flawless algorithm each and every time, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. He obviously is human, and is completely trying to ignore his own humanity ("emotions" and "thoughts"), which led to his defeat. I thought I should say this since we're all on the internet and it seems people don't really understand this: :p You're a human, not a socially perfect robot, Dominick.
: Defending Jhin
I'm not disappointed with jhin I like his character, it's his kit that makes me sad.
: A Critique of Jihn
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Pob4taQ1-im-disappointed-with-jhin :)
: I'd rather be free than in jail.. u foking wot{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I guess I'm a "foking wot" now for explaining a moral saying... whatever that means...
: wait but a frog and a catfish aren't even in the same species......
Species is the most specific classification of organisms, so it's impossible for two things to be one species in the first place, so what you're saying makes no sense.
: tahm is not a frog he is a catfish
: "after all, the truth will set you free" unless you're lying about murder
It's a figurative expression. Sure, it won't legally set you free, but bearing the burden of that kind of lie is pain itself, and being honest and revealing it relieves that burden. That's why "honesty is the best policy" is a saying too.
Owntrolf (NA)
: I ask how to play the game
I wonder how many people are gonna be negative and bash you for this for no reason... Oh, I've already found some!
: up vote if karthus should have a global quote
Seekêr (NA)
: Well, you don't deserve that response. But did you do the battle training? Because it pretty much tells you how to play the game.
That battle training is pure shit... It says nothing about the META, nothing about the complex itemization of League of Legends, nothing about jungle monsters... there's so much it doesn't tell you.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Judging a community based on one person's trolling and getting so butthurt over it that you complain on the forums. 0/10 Also you're on a lvl 30 account...
Well... That was rude :(
Hairzo (EUW)
: This is a great idea, and i really respect it. I would love to be a champion designer for this, but I've got my eyes set on Rito. I'm guessing a lot of other people would certainly be open to the idea, and so am I. Even if I want to become a Rioter, there is no reason why i can't get involved in this. So I would love to help. :) I've got many ideas that I am saving for Riot, but if you give me some concept art, I could put a kit to it. Even if this game never comes to fruition, it is a marvelous idea and I wish to be a part of it
Thank you so much for your support! If things don't work out with Rito, you know where I am. Good luck with your aspirations! :)
: Seems interesting, but I'm curious as to what kinds of limitations there would be on character types. Are the 'destined' restricted to certain roles, or could a character from pretty much any walk of life be a part of this world?
Well what do you mean? There are roles pretty similar to other mobas like this one, and it's pretty sci-fi/fantasy like LoL. So I guess there aren't any limitations in terms of what you're asking.
: im trying to add you now on skype, i will send you "meow :3'"
Well, I haven't received a meow message. :(
Lavaniel (NA)
: Apparently you missed the point altogether. He gets offended, oh well, he has my condolences. If he can't stand offence, don't post on the forums. I've lost family, too, but I'm not on here trying to talk about how retards love to bash dead family members. His worst mistake was feeding a fire for trolls to roast him on. God bless him and what he's going through. I made a joke, it doesn't have to be dark and black all the way through. His name is still inappropriate. jk feels like I'm literally being an ass. "Oh hey its funny that umm you just wrecked your car, jk" No. Hence the "lol" Its late for me, and I have no time to argue about why I chose to make a lighter statement about an incredibly inappropriate name instead of a giant speech about how I am sorry about death. People die every day and I've lost enough too, just as everyone has. Our bodies are finite, and we all must return to dust. Crying about it all the time makes the pain stay. Goodnight to you, person.
The first post was still pretty rude. Of course you can always apologize. I mean if I was somewhere and someone was talking about a family member dying, randomly standing up shouting at them "haha how can anyone take you seriously?" is pretty mean. But I will forgive you, as you've acknowledged it. Good night.
Lavaniel (NA)
: People die everyday. It's sad, but it's life. You think if Donald Trump tried to tell a story about a war veteran wearing a shirt with dicks all over it would be taken seriously? Just leave it alone. Judging by your boards posts, you seem intimate with bashing people into the ground and calling them bigots. Just let it go. Its a forum. People say things. It is the point, after all.
Oh people can say things, but saying the wrong things gets them reported, and even banned.
Lavaniel (NA)
: Damn, it was a joke. Sorry you entitled millennials can't handle a joke. Microaggression and trigger warnings are so common nowadays. You have a problem with a forum post? What is your problem? I don't seem to get what you're trying to prove here by playing the tough guy.
I don't care if that was a joke, that can still offend people unless you acknowledge that it can offend. A simple "jk" will do the trick. There's nothing wrong with having a problem with a forum post, as you seem to also have a problem with what I've written. There's nothing wrong with microagression as you are are also displaying that here and it's just a natural human thing, and it has always been around. We're able to take a joke, there are some jokes that we prefer not to take, like this one, because it was never acknowledged that it was even a joke. OP wrote something serious and depressing for him, and you're just gonna joke around? That's what the other players did that caused him to even write this.
Lavaniel (NA)
: I'm very confused. I'm sorry his grandpa died, but his name is Storm of Boners. Storm of Boners. I can't take him seriously. That name is bannable according to the rules.
Well nobody seems to care at all except for you. I don't care if his real first name is "panties" his grandfather died!
Lavaniel (NA)
: I read his post. Nothing more to say that than. Get over yourself. Freedom of speech.
Actually, you need to get over yourself. Freedom of speech is not an excuse.
Kairya (EUW)
: To be honest you should not have shared the information. There is no need to explain a bad performance no matter the circumstances. Yes without a doubt the reaction of your opponents was not warranted either, but you also have to consider, that the common knee-jerk reaction probably was: This is a lie. And no one appreciates a liar, thus tasteless remarks are made. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am sorry for your loss.
Why shouldn't he have shared this information? He's completely allowed. It is hard to convince people that you're not lying, but it's possible, and their reaction, regardless, is still despicable.
: ***
**I don't think I should click that. It looks shady**
: ok well then don't mention that stuff to them? dont know what you were expecting
You do realize he was doing poorly BECAUSE of this and this was the reason? I'm sure if someone's doing bad, I would want a reason. I don't know what you were expecting, but if you expected that what you just said was correct, then you were so wrong. So rude, foolish, and worthy of a report.
: Took a break from league today and I've been...pretty stress free. Sure I miss my friends but, Im not stressing over someone telling me that Im bad. It's not Riot, It's the community. People...raise your children better and we wouldnt have this issue. As for the OP, you have my condolences. I pray that you and your family can go through life remembering and praising his legacy and I apologize for the...absurd behavior of those individuals and I ASSURE you that what goes around...sure as hell comes back around. As for the community, use this as a wake up call. We all are guilty of breaking the Summoners Code whether we realize it or not and that does not mean we're bad people. Most of us have bad days and lash out, but remember that this is a game. The purpose of this game is to relieve stress, and create joy; not the opposite. **Don't ruin the experiences of others.** I hope those individuals can confess and reform
Me too! I've stopped playing LoL for a while, and I have to say, I have been very stress free since I haven't played LoL.
Lavaniel (NA)
: How do you even post with that name lol?
Because he can, and you're completely oblivious to anything he has to say. Truly foolish.
: I mean, you tell a bunch of anonymous people who are already annoyed at you, sensitive personal information, and then you're surprised that they dig in to you. I know the whole "welcome to the internet, let me be your guide" thing has been a bit overdone but, really?
: So I got permanently banned...
Please just... go eat a cupcake and have a good day. :)
: Any restriction on magic and science or can we create any concept ? If you ever have the time, could you maybe release a list of factions on the website ? Then the destined could be linked better and we wouldn't need to make up big origins stories. So no requirements ? Or would you talk about them when I write u ? Seems a bit strange :D Since Aria is kinda Christian, maybe the Devil did it ? (Is there a Devil or Leader of the Dead ?)
I am not planning on updating that site anytime soon. I'd rather create more things before I do that. Plus, it's just so crappy, I don't know if I even should use it. I will talk about the requirements with you privately. There really isn't a devil, and it's not kinda christian, Aria is just like the christian god.
: Seems similiar to Strife, but that's not really a bad thing. --- Some questions though: How powerfull is ARIA and what are her/its powers ? Are there other deities/factions involved in the conflict ? How common is Magic/Science ? Are there any noteable races/factions/countries ? How do you become/quit being a destined ? Can criminals, villains and anti-heroes become destined too ? Are there any requirements or restrictions a ~~champion~~ destined concept has ? And most importantly: How does a scientist somewhere in the world accidentally open a portal to the world of the dead :P --- I hope I am not annoying, but I think setting some guidelines helps a lot with creating new content.
Aria is synonymous with the Christian god kind of, except we know for sure that she's real. Her only wish is to protect all beings that live in her world. There aren't any other confirmed gods, but there are other gods that people believe in. Magic and science are very common and go hand in hand a lot. There are major factions, but it would be a waste of time to go over them here. You can quit being destined by simply not fighting for her and not doing anything. However, aria's prophets are very very persistent, so good luck with that! Anyone who is bad and good can be a destined. In fact, Arias prophets question it a lot when she chooses someone evil-hearted, but Arias word is absolute, so they have no choice. Requirements and restrictions? Well there is a process I to through when creating a destine, but I won't talk about that. For that last thing, well it's like a mad scientist guy who caused a black hole to appear in his lab. Other than that, video game logic :).
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