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: When weighing what our current rune setups are worth in IP...
I don't think refund is the only option, or even the best one... I just don't want them to overlook that an ENORMOUS portion of the IP I spent on the rune system was NOT actually spent on runes themselves. I want the time and effort it took to build ALL of it appropriately valued.
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: While the champ is cool, I don't think his kit is all that interesting. It seems very safe and by-the-numbers. Only R really shocks me and made me go "Oh wow, that's cool."
Walking through walls on a jungle-oriented kit doesn't seem terribly safe or by the numbers to me. Sounds like it's going to be infuriating to play against.
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: This won't happen because it reads off of your account info so they'd have to make something unnecessary where that time and resources could have been used on something actually important. I mean it's not like there are videos of champion skins or anything on the internet.
You don't need to leave this comment because it's something unnecessary where that time and resources could have been used on something actually important.
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: Practice with purpose
Will freezing your champion level also freeze the levels of the minions?
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: The 12 zodiac signs of League of Legends
: Am I the only one who isn't complaining about Kat's rework?
I fucking love the rework. Used to play a lot of Kat and stopped because it felt like she had no options in lane besides engaging in an uninteresting war of attrition.
: Why did y'all nerf the towers?
They REVERTED the changes to the inhib/nexus towers they made in preseason 6, which were DPS NEUTRAL anyway
: It would be good to include a link to said stream.
I dunno if he did a VOD of it, but it was on Twitch. I can summarize what he was saying: * For almost all champions, one mastery is optimal in every situation, which is contrary to the intended "choices" of the mastery system * Because the new masteries are more impactful and the same for every champion, the new system has eroded balance because every champion's power was affected based on how well they can use their optimal mastery. EDIT: TL;DR I don't know how to or even if I can link you to him saying that on his stream.
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nep2une (NA)
: I mean there's not much you can really do about it, unless you have some sort of CC, in which case, ones that separate players (knockbacks/pulls/etc) would be the best. Or just hard CCs (roots/stuns/snares/binds/etc) so the larger champion can't move around to block so you get free autos at least (if you're ranged, which I'm assuming you are, given this is probably talking about the enemy botlane).
The situation that pushed me over the edge, so to speak, was that I was playing darius and fighting jinx and kench at the same time. Kench, for god knows what reason, had already eaten me, and I pulled both of them into me. I landed a Q on both and literally all I had to do was ult the jinx, but Kench is actually fat enough that I couldn't click on her to do it. I died after ulting him and putting in on cooldown. It felt bad, man.
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: The reason only a small percentage of people use item sets is because they're a bitch to make.
Oh come on they're removing them? I finally got around to making a few and they're just so fucking helpful. Like... why?! It's literally hurting NOTHING. This is completely indefensible.
: A Karthus Main's Thoughs on Edge of Night
make the spell shield block one instance of cc, and not damage.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Rewinding the game to an earlier state would be really nice, both for practicing teamfights in groups and jungle routes. I don't see why the framework isn't partially there based on the way replays are saved.
: It certainly sounds like there are issues along your route to the server, especially if netalyzr is reporting packet loss. These issues often occur along specific *nodes* or "hops" along your path to the server. This can be an issue on either your ISP or the backbone provider they partner with in order to get your connection to our servers. I strongly recommend completing the rest of the connection guide prior to use taking an in-depth look at your route. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Alrighty, I'll do that. Would you recommend completing the connection guide while my internet is performing normally, or waiting to do so until it is problematic again? Or both?
: Packet loss like this is often caused by either incompatible network settings that conflict with League or network routing issues. I strongly recommend working through the steps in our [connection guide]( to ensure your settings locally are good. Let me know if those steps caused any change for you.
Thanks for getting back to me about this. I went through the guide; I'm already using a wired connection to my router. I don't have software firewalls. The netalyzr tool showed pretty extreme packet loss (~10%) for periods during which my connection was behaving poorly. That section of the connection guide seemed to boil down to "sorry your isp sucks" (lol I'm sorry, too). There are some things I didn't investigate, like DNS settings, that (as far as I know) shouldn't cause intermittent problems--it'd be a constant issue or it's always fine. I can look into those too if you like. Since this problem wasn't constant, I don't change my settings, and it goes away without me doing anything (resetting modem, etc.) I assumed it was a problem with my ISP and not in my network. I was mostly curious exactly what the phenomenon is that causes this (apparently it's packet loss). Thanks very much for looking into it anyway!
: you should have an IQ test before someone can paly this game.
I nominate your thread for best title of the month!
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: a class that was left by riot a long time ago a melee carry a melee version of an adc.
: If anything, Riot actually considered [a lot of community input 2 months ago](, and that block of text about Talon's upcoming direction *did* in fact was a compilation of players' ideas. So "pulling something out of their ass" is a pretty vague and very ignorant way to say what they're doing. Come on, that thread is right there on our very forums.
They're doing a better job of interacting with the community on their reworks, or at least being transparent about it. But nothing in that thread makes me think that they aren't just pulling out something wacky because his kit is a pain to balance from a "fun" perspective. The idea of "talon's identity is roaming" is ridiculous. It's another iteration of their heavy-handed and ultimately untenable approach to giving champions extremely discrete identities. In that very thread there is an excellent rebuttal to the idea that talon's identity is roaming. Apparently, it was ignored. I'm not saying what they have in store won't be pretty cool. Maybe it will. It sure sounds neat, and they can barely keep it together with how excited they are, constantly alluding to it and all. But nothing said there makes me think that Riot doesn't (correctly) think Talon's kit is horrendous to try to balance from a fun/interactive gameplay perspective, or that they decided to go someplace weird with his rework because there's no place else to go.
Ralanr (NA)
: "We want Talon to use the terrain to his advantage"
Pulling something like that out of their ass is Riot saying "This guy has unhealthy play patterns and we have no idea what to do to him to fix it, so... let's pick something out of the grab bag of weird ideas, slap it on him, and see what happens." This is just another Mordekaiser situation. There, the idea was "juggernaut melee adc."
: As a statistician, I find crying about unbalanced matches strange
Just from reading this thread, you seem like a reasonably intelligent fellow. Given that, I'm not going to thoroughly check my reasoning on this and just put it out there for your feedback: To ensure a "fair" game, Riot only has to ensure that the change in MMR is proportional to the ratio of the odds of winning or losing. Your point is that, even *if* you honestly believe you're getting shafted by going up against more "skilled" players than you (and this is usually a belief born of ignorance about the interactions between division/tier and mmr, nothing else), the way the Elo system works will balance it out and you won't lose MMR, despite having a <50% winrate. To ensure a "fun" game, Riot tries to keep the odds of winning around 50% for both teams. Even though this doesn't have anything to do with "fairness" as discussed above, it does have to do with "fun," and we could call the difference between odds of winning and losing a measure of "match quality." Could another good argument against "low quality" matches be that lower "match quality" slows the rate at which your estimated MMR converges with your true MMR, or cause a larger variance of your MMR once it has converged? I think a lot of people don't want to play the number of games it might require to eventually see the "fairness" of results. I've actually made some pretty simple Monte Carlo models of a ranked ladder in MATLAB just to play with it and see how well the system works. If you're interested in talking about it more, add me on league! I'd love to talk about it.
: Eh, I have the opposite problem. Because it ultimately only matters how good you are in the long run, I have a propensity to blame everything on myself. It's very emotionally stressful when you believe that you don't belong in gold because you weren't able to carry a feeding top and mid as support Janna.
If everyone at your MMR has roughly the same probability of getting a feeding top and mid, to climb you should only need to carry it more often than everyone else does. I'm guessing the odds of carrying in that situation are pretty close to zero. So don't get down on it! You might actually be doing well enough to climb the whole time and you didn't realize.
: Looks like packet loss to me.
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: I'm actually curious, what don't you like about new champ select?
I get what the other two replies are saying, but I was talking about strictly the interface from a functional design perspective. Here are, in my opinion, the shortcomings: * All the menus you might need to interact with quickly (runes, masteries) are smaller. Additionally, the scroll bars are super tiny and the pixels on them don't quite match the actual clickboxes. Changing rune/mastery setups in a hurry is more difficult. * The window to scroll through champions is smaller * The chat window is no longer central to champ select, despite communication during champ select being vital. In the position it is now in, your first client chat window will cover the lobby chat window. The chat window is now also minuscule compared to the old one. * Bans are not as obvious. Additionally, they no longer show the banned champion's name. This is shitty if you're a new player or can't tell the difference between new trist and poppy splash for a month when they change them lololo. I mean it's like they actually FORGOT they needed someplace to put bans and added it in at the last second. * Picked champion portraits are now a lot smaller. So a lot of these issues have to do with a lack of space. That space had to go somewhere. Here is what it got used for: * A big portrait of whatever champion got clicked on, right in the middle. * A giant map right in the middle, with super nifty animations when it starts! Just in case I forget that top lane is on the top and bottom lane is on the bottom! * An additional smaller map to the lower right just in case I forget what the big map said! This isn't to say it looks awesome. They did a really good job of making it *look* nice. But, from a *functional* design perspective, it was garbage change only for the sake of changing it.
: I made some changes to the Alpha Client pick phase after watching the Worlds's layout!
I like your change. I feel compelled to reiterate my position that New Champ Select is functionally inferior to the old one in every way, but your specific change is really good imo. **EDIT:** I don't think I did a good enough job specifying that what I mean is that the *design* of the *interface* in New Champ Select is fundamentally inferior to the old one in every way. The actual champ picking, I think, does a good job and was an overall good evolution of the system.
: Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon
With this capability it should be trivial to have a *rewind* feature in custom game modes, which would be a good compromise for players or teams who want to practice specific moments in League. When I played soccer, the coach would often stop play in scrimmage and say, "Hey, instead of <what you just did>, try looking around and doing <something better>." Rewind could make that possible. Want to practice flashing a certain wall? Rewind means you don't have to wait 5 minutes. Want to practice ultimates? Wombos? Rewind. Rito pls.
: Actually it's closer to you being in their house and them changing their oven so they can cook
Right, because if we weren't there they'd still have, maintain, and use an oven. Right. If you want to be a stickler, you can go ahead and change "friend" to "manufacturer" in the above example and their behavior sounds just as silly.
: I honestly don't get it.
Why? From the perspective of everyone who didn't like Dynamic Queue, they did something bad. Now they're un-doing it. Imagine if you were cooking dinner, and your friend comes and fucks with your stove. "Hey, don't do that!" You say. "Nah man, you'll like it better this way," he says. "C'mon bro this sucks, put it back!" "No, this is how you really want it, trust me." "I don't like cooking like this." "Yeah you do." "Fuck this maybe I'll go cook at Dave's house." "Nah, you won't." You consider actually going to Dave's, but this is still your favorite kitchen. "Yeah... you're right," you admit. "But seriously, I hate this, put it back." "It wasn't even good the old way," your friend insists. "..." "Ok, ok, fine, I'll put it back. But it's going to be worse." What, you're going to heap thanks on him after that for FINALLY fixing a problem HE CREATED?
YambrinZ (NA)
: So are you suggesting Riot nerf Alistar or flash? Or are you just crying because you thought THIS was the year TSM was gonna show the world how great they are! This entire GAME revolves around the cooldown of flash, so your post is kind of redundant.....
1) As indicated in my original post, I am biased and hopeful that NA will perform well at worlds. 2) I'm not suggesting anything. I'm pointing out that, given the myriad of mechanics and strategies in the game, it's frustrating to see one dominate the others so thoroughly. 3) Yeah I get that Mata is good at the champion and that this game is a small sample size.
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: Do Supports Deserve More Gold And Experience?
The whole reason supports exist is that there are kits that can have a decent impact but don't scale very strongly with itemization. Take thresh, for example. Each of his 4 active abilities is overloaded as all hell, but are all impactful regardless of his itemization. "Well, just because he doesn't *need* experience or gold doesn't mean it's wouldn't make it more fun to *have*, as a support." Yeah, that's true. But, if you enable supports to keep up in gold and level with everyone else, why not play a champion that *does* scale with itemization? Increasing the gold/xp the support role gets will lead to champions who scale better with those things pushing out champions who don't.
: Upcoming Kog'Maw Changes
Good for you guys. +1 for admitting that something didn't go well, and taking the right steps to fix it.
: Mostly this - theres a bunch of champs that step on each other like grag, sej, amumu, malph, zac etc. (this is an oversimplification but) They all have AOE initiation and CC so they can be interchangeable based on who's numbers are better. In general it would be about making them all bring something special to the team game if we wanted to tackle that class.
Aaaaaaaack This reasoning is killing me and it's resulting in some changes that I don't think are good for the game. I think it should be *just fine* for overlap between champions, for example, between artillery mages. What should differentiate them is not that "each one has a unique strategic reason to be picked," but subtle differences between them and the synergy of those differences with the teamcomp. It's ok for Lux, Ziggs, Xerath, and Vel'Koz to overlap. You don't have to do weird Vel'Koz reworks that Riot later admits "didn't quite hit the mark," because they each work better in different compositions. Xerath delivers damage more safely thank Vel'Koz, for example. Lux has better pick potential than the others. Ziggs has global wave control and can stall better than the others, etc. Those aren't giant attractive "OMG HE'S TEH TRUE DMG MAGE FOR WHEN UR DMGS NEED TO BE TRUE-ER" differentiations, but they're still extremely valid.
: Go to 13:35
I hate this guide with a passion. It's clearly biased and the only weaknesses ever described are "Hard CC" and "pick a counter" which is a "weakness" for nearly anyone and "Lul, focus him with everyone all game or he'll faceroll you" which isn't a fucking weakness it's a symptom of being unhealthy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Goosetard,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=TwK92HlJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-09-06T21:06:59.613+0000) > > I know he boycotted Dynamic Queue. Might have something to do with that. I see him stream on twitch all the time though doing ranked
I think that might have been after they made some changes. I don't check in on twitch often, but I don't remember seeing him streaming for a very long time.
: Why is Doublelift only a Master?
I know he boycotted Dynamic Queue. Might have something to do with that.
: Make a "troll" queue
#Just another reason teambuilder was a better queue
: i assume it was originally a bug but then they thought it was "cool" so then they kept it in as an actual feature of the kit. just like Riven's animation canceling for instance (only other instance i can think of this happening off the top of my head)
Ward hopping wasn't really an intended feature for jax, kat, lee, braum.
: 100% of the highest ban rate champions build boots
It says the cass rework "missed the mark"
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