: PSA that Riot supports the Suicide of it's Male Playerbase
: Still no apology issued regarding "Man Babies" and more insults.
Because if you can't handle being called a name then you are, in fact, a manbaby
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: > [{quoted}](name=Riot jinxylord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i1cNNNA3,comment-id=00000000000400000000,timestamp=2018-09-04T08:37:09.837+0000) > > Personal opinion (not on balance team). > > In regards to THE FAST. I agree that he feels "off" right now, a bit too fast. IMO Hail of Blades could use some work, seems like a rune that is warping on Jhin while being pretty hard to take advantage of for the rest of the roster. That's because the design of it is arbitrary for what it does. Autoing 3 times really quickly isn't something most champions want or need to do to kill somebody quickly in today's league of legends. > > That said, stats wise, Jhin doesn't seem OP. His winrate is average, his pick/ban status in pro seems healthy, he's not highly banned in solo queue. > > His pickrate is high however, but we see threads like this pop up all the time on boards whenever a champ is popular. When you see something in a lot of your games you tend to start noticing the things that might feel BS about it. This means nothing when a main point of the balance team's argument has always been "You shouldn't use statistics when determining what is broken and what isn't". The fact that not every Jhin player is good enough to take full advantage of this broken interaction doesn't mean its not a broken interaction. If Jhin had a much lower play rate, he would statistically have a much higher win rate, due to the sheer fact that much, MUCH less people would be losing on him. You want to know how I know this? Because even with a winrate that you would consider normal for a champion, complaints about Jhin are spreading like wildfire. > > Here's something to think about. League balance is like a ladder. There's ALWAYS going to be a popular champion that you see a lot at the top of the ladder. When you nerf bat them off the top, another champion is likely to take their place. If it isn't Jhin it will be MF, or Draven, or Kai'sa, or Jinx, etc. A good question to ask is, "who would you rather see at the top of the ladder? Who makes the game best when you see them in your games?" There's always going to be someone who's played the most. Here's something else to think about. Before, it was very rarely one champion warping the game. But even if it was, you could ban it and the rest of the roster would range from below average to above average. Why? Because the CHAMPION was broken fundamentally. It wasn't a combination of items and runes/masteries, it was the champion itself. Today? You can't find a single damn champion that people call broken that got to that point based on just existing. It's ALWAYS items/runes now. You nerf those broken items but then replace those nerfs with buffs to other items (OR THE SAME DAMN ITEM, DUSKBLADE HELLO?). A good question to ask is, "when did this game start to revolve around the items you build and not the champion you pick?" What items ruin the game the worst when you see them built?" There's always going to be broken items because that's the MO now.
Uhhhhh just a quick list of champs that are broken based on their kits: Zoe, Yasuo, new Akali, Zed. Yes, the main reason Zed is broken is Duskblade and Electrocute. Yasuo is broken because True Damage on IE and Conqueror, but the other ones are just a tiltfest. If I see them on the enemy team I might as well dodge because I know I won't have fun with them in the game. That's more of a fundamental problem with the game than "X champ is strong qq"
: Confessions and a Farewell of a League Vet
That is just plain awful you've gotta deal with a terrible disease like that at (what I assume to be) such a young age. It's unfortunate that a PR stunt to combat the bad publicity Rito received earlier in the year is what makes you quit the game though. I get it, it does feel like the game has been left for dead for casual players while it's completely catered to the pro scene, but using this PAX thing, which in my opinion isn't a big deal at all, as your dog whistle to stop playing... man, idk.
: Yea somthing has it be done like its been about 3 days and people are still talking about it that is really rare in game communities and for riot to have said nothing is really bad on there part.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QhjEhxsR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-04T15:47:29.815+0000) > > Yea somthing has it be done like its been about 3 days and people are still talking about it that is really rare in game communities and for riot to have said nothing is really bad on there part. Why are people still talking about it? Sack up, get over it. It's not like men in the gaming industry are going to go extinct ffs.
Hibeki (NA)
: Flat 20% crit damage nerf on stormrazor and a big damage hit on duskblade reduces buttload of burst
My point still stands. reducing overall burst but allowing it be up more often (Electrocute *nerfs*) isn't what people are asking for. At least with Electrocute on a 50s CD you had almost a full minute to play around it being down. Rengar with max CD (which shouldn't be hard to get) and maxed out Ultimate Hunter would have his ult up every 35s/40s. Great fun!
: Patch 8.17 Notes
How does reducing the cooldown on Rengar's ult help with reducing the buttloads of burst damage in this game? He already builds CDR with his jungle item and rushing Duskblade, giving him more opportunities to stealth one-shot people seems like a backwards way of reducing burst...
: These are the Runes that I believe are in need of replacement... Because Mages aren't the only one's that happen to lack diversity in Rune choice it seems. There are no Runes for DoT Champions (Aery is just terrible), no runes for On-Hit Hybrid champions besides Attack Speed, and etc... A lot of the Runes we have in general don't seem to provide anything interesting, besides stats and bonus damage, no interesting unique effects or anything... ###PRECISION * Presence of Mind * Legend: Tenacity * Legend: Bloodline * Last Stand ###DOMINATION * Taste of Blood * Zombie Ward ###SORCERY * Nullifying Orb * Trancendence * Waterwalking ###RESOLVE * Overgrowth * Unflinching ###INSPIRATION * Glacial Augment * Hextech Flashtraption * Magical Footwear * Minion Dematerializer * Biscuit Delivery The reason as to why I believe these Runes need to be replaced is because... ###UNINTERESTING * Legend: Tenacity (Tenacity that not only doesn't make a diference anymore but it's also something no one ever picks). * Legend: Bloodline (Boring free, weak Lifesteal). * Trancendence (Free Cooldown and bonus damage that scales with your CDR). * Overgrowth (Just a basic minor health increase). * Magical Footwear (Free boots essentially, don't grant any unique bonus apart from +10 bonus movement speed). * Biscuit Delivery (Free Potions). ###WEAK * Nullifying Orb (It scales with max Health but with damage as well, regardless of what this Rune is almost never picked). * Minion Dematerializer (After trying it several times, I barely see the effect it has apart from executing minions that your tower will kill). ###NEVER PICKED * Last Stand (Have to risk being low enough to deal additional damage, seems risky and pointless). * Waterwalking (Basically a Rune focused more around Junglers, granting Movement Speed in the River). * Unflinching (Using a Summoner Spell to gain Slow Resistance, and Tenacity). * Glacial Augment (Never picked, and just a simple free Frozen Malet). * Hextech Flashtraption (Used by Supports to create flashy plays). ###TOO SIMILAR TO OTHER RUNES * Zombie Ward (Not only does it not belong in the Domination tree, it also has the same purpose as Ghost Poro). ###DON'T BELONG IN THAT TREE * Presence of Mind (Mana and minor Cooldown refund on Ultimate ability upon takedowns?). * Taste of Blood (Sustain Rune in a Burst oriented Tree?).
Glacial augment is actually a great keystone depending on matchups. I usually take it if I'm playing a ranged champ against a Singed or other immobile melee champ to help with kiting, and makes their lane phase a living hell. You can also take it on champs like Morgana and build Twin Shadows for extra procs, or Sion can make good use of it with Randuin's and Righteous Glory

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