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: Its like Garen's Q Late game if he Q>E >R = 100% dead with no counter play at all...... Its just stupid
Yea and riot game's big brained balance team are trying to rework him, and at first that rework with his E being on-hit was fucking insane lmao.
Profirix (NA)
: That seems to be the trend these days: tanks can build all the resistances in the world and they still get wiped by burst. It has reached such ridiculous levels now that playing tanks is more or less not a viable option.
Yea, cause riot games doesn't know how to balance their tank items.
: have u ever seen a 6k 200mr cho got **oneshot **by an eve? u havent. otherwise u wont ask such a dumb question.
I have, but what's the difference between a 6k hp full ap cho and a full ap eve? One needs to be focused by the entire enemy team because zhonyas gives a good chunk of armor, and the other can get CC'd and killed in a couple of auto attacks from an adc. But you are right, magic resist items are practically useless with void staff in the game.
Profirix (NA)
: Because he is designed to be a champion that is hard to land the skillshots but follows up into a powerful combo. Most champions today can escape his combo with dashes or blinks.
How can you escape his combo when a dash/blink mid lane if his W is a hitscan skillshot?
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