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: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
I've been a Wukong otp for a while, and I don't like this direction. I want the skill expression and everything else he has, but I don't want him to go in the bruiser direction like this. I'd rather riot embrace his assassin identity.
: 2016 ranked season ends soon
Who is going to pick Victorious Maokai when Meowkai exists?
Same type of situation just happened for me.
: Lag spikes, league crashing???
Having it all the time right now.
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: I'm personally a fan of using my smurf to learn to roles and champs in a competitive ranked environment without hurting my main account. For example if I'm playing just champs I know really well and playing at my highest level I'm about a gold 3-5 player, but if I'm learning a champ or role my skill level is only about silver 1-3. It's not like I'm not trying on my smurf. I just don't have the same skill.
The problem that people have for smurfs (imo) is with people who are smurfing in pre-30 gameplay. It's literally impossible to get your friend to play in fair matches when they are level 6 and 7, and they just get smurfed to death lose their want to play the game.
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: Retiring Dominion
Riot, Why do you never respond to the actual questions being presented in these things...


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