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: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mje7ql7s,comment-id=000c00000000,timestamp=2019-02-26T09:45:04.552+0000) > > {{champion:117}} . Add skillcap. Change her W to interact with her E more. Lower the base numbers + duration of W overall but it gets empowered if cast on a target with her E attached. ah this is quite interesting, many have complained about the low skill cap required to shut opponents down so this is an interesting attemp at fixing that tho both W and E are unit cast, perhaps if E was ground cast, or if Q was used to empower W instead, those changes might increase the skill cap more, but your idea is still a great start.
I like this idea. Make it so shielding an ally is attached to hitting them with Q which means aiming her and pics bolts actually become necessary. Then make E an air of sorts that send pix to a location and reveal the area for a small amount of time and allow abilities to be cast from that spot. And if someone passes through that spot pix attached to them (enemy or ally) if an enemy picks it up pix reveals them and does damge equal to passive-per sec or something. Then make W cast wherever pix is, so you have to choose the placement of pix carefully to maximize damge/cc and healing. It would kinda make her similar to orianna but I think they would still be relatively distinct.
: How Would You Propose to Make Any Percieved Unfair Champion More Fair
As a support main I have a bit to say about shielding. While I do hate assassin's I agree that in the current state of the game shielding can be oppressive. I feel like nerfing some of the shields had good intentions but went in the wrong direction There should be itemization--similar to grievous wounds--that allows for some counterplay to excessive shielding. Whther it creates a bleed effect that rapidly eats away the shield, or causes some additional damage to be dealt through shields or even just causes shielding to be cut in half on a given target I think it would help deal with the issues that poo up in which shielding far surpasses a healthy amount. Along with this change I would say that grievous wounds could use a touch up as well. Maybe making it an enchantment on certain items so it's something that more consciously has to be built into (Morello's flat magic pen is so enticing on it's own that people build in when healing isn't a problem and I hate that) perhaps by making it a choice between healing or shield reduction it would at least make people think more about what their teams needs at the time.
: You should be able to see a minute-by-minute line graph of each players overall gold value and then be able to directly compare it to another players from the game. This would help in knowing what parts of the game you were weak in, or what parts your lane opponent was stronger in, and much more _________________________________________________ [Poll: Do you run Flash on D or F?](
That really drives home the purpose of advanced details, to help give players the knowledge as to how they can improve. Allowing them to tweak both major and minor aspects of play based on certain areas they not only felt weaker in, but could see the comparisons and actual numbers behind it. Especially without having to go into a replay which isn't always as informative when it comes to raw data. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Question about Rakan AA
Items and masteries consider him ranged, allowing him to build runaan's and only get 3 gold from the bandit mastery. With how short his range is I feel like this should not be the case, but who am I to say...
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