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Mogarl (NA)
: A couple champions I'm dissapointed that they got no interactions from Xayah or Rakan
I thought "You've got style... for a human" and "Punk-ass cape" were for Talon :(
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: I like the your draw style, lux face is a bit different tho in her fetures, still nice tho
Thank you very much ;v; I appreciate it!
: The joke about {{champion:81}} + {{champion:44}} is older than the one about Graves Cigar, and it's been disproved even more times, let it go.
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: Looks great! Every time I see posts like this I wish I could draw half as well as you people T-T One criticism, if you don't mind me offering it, is that the character herself doesn't look anything like Ahri. If I had to guess I would say it's an OC wearing her outfit, not the champion herself.
Thank you for the constructive criticism! I really do appreciate it <3
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: Assassin Roster Update -- Talon Direction
Are there any plans for any type of small visual update?
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Kinjishi (NA)
: Except that she is depicted as human here and not an undead spectral/wraith. It shouldn't be intended here, obviously.
If you were to take away the claw hands, it would look less like SKT Kalista and more like a generic hot chick cosplaying SKT Kalista.
: Interesting, a mix of stuff. A decorated soldier, an old "get off my lawn" type, southern separatists, anti-intellectual, drug addict, and delusional. Also, noticed more swears than I've ever heard from a champ. I don't personally mind, just a bit surprising. Also he apparently has a relative yordle, any guess who it might be?
My guess is that it's Teemo. Final Answer.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Kled's VO!
> "Them city folk clothes is gettin ridiculous. _Yeah I'll try it on later..._" DYING to know who that taunt is for
: These skins are non-canon.
Not necessarily. There are some skins that are tied to lore, such as this one.
I Q (NA)
: Lux is too young, it's like giving {{champion:1}} a pool party skin lol But the real question is, can we get a pool party {{champion:103}}
Lux is like in her 20s probably tho
: most excited for Ekko but i honestly do not like the splash art. his head is too big (he looks like he has an adult head on a kid's body) and his hair is way too massive. if it was let down it would be as long as Kat's looks. It really doesn't look like Ekko. I hope they can tweak those things
I actually like the hair, but that does NOT look like Ekko's face at all.
: Pool Party Miss Fortune Splash Art Tweak #2
Lux still looks a bit odd. Other than that it looks great.
Eedat (NA)
: [[POLL]] What is your biggest issue with LoL currently?
: Not to say that you can't criticize, but IMO their splashes are always on point and people always point on the littlest things.... "The shading on MF's bracelets" Are you kidding me? But then again, you're just posting feedback to help them improve their work.
Looking back on it, that does sound very nit-picky.
: Are they all taking selfies or taking pictures of MF taking a selfie?
Oh oops, you're right. Still looks really lazy that they all have phones tho.
Verxint (NA)
: {{champion:64}} is holding the phone upside-down though.
I guess that would make sense considering he's blind and all
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RoodToob (NA)
: But skins are alternate fantasies that are not true (for the most part, there are some that are/were cannon, Like captain MF and GP)
Regardless, it's obviously a ship that Riot approves of.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreatAlina,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=EBFXFxxN,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-07-04T10:58:23.647+0000) > > This is the comment I was waiting for tbh > god bless you fam > > It just feels like everyone started shipping the two because they&#x27;re both blonde and blue-eyed, and then Riot decided to jump on board for some reason &gt;.&gt; They're both very optimistic, they both want to be teachers/knowledge seekers. The only big difference is that Ezreal has no aptitude for magic, and basically lucked out with an artifact (Makes sense, since he is an archeologist.) Also, Lux and Ezreal would get along very well. It's as someone else said, they're basically just gender-bent versions of each other, that's some intense chemistry, even if it doesn't make for a fun relationship.
Whatever you say fam, I just think it's boring af
: {{champion:81}}+{{champion:44}} is freaking garbage. What's the reason? ... ... Oh yeah, **long-ish hair**. Three pieces of evidence that {{champion:81}}+{{champion:99}} is a **canon** 'ship (one of the Riot-approved, unbreakable ones): you can see a picture of Lux on Ezreal's desk. Check Lyte's quotes to Ez. _"Is it true what I've heard about you and Miss Crownguard... hmm?"_ Out of the two Crownguards (a Demacian family) in League, I doubt he's referring to Garen. One more, look at the bottom of the page in the box labelled "Friends". Do you see Taric in there? No? How about Lux? Yes, yes you do. Concerning Taric, before the update, he was a weirdo. Some bizarre creep who blatantly misuses the word "outrageous". After the update, he's straight. Otherwise he wouldn't tell {{champion:131}} that she's beautiful _"Who would have guessed that the aspect of the moon would be so beautiful."_ Really, play Taric and taunt Diana, that's one of the two things he'll say to her. And, to be honest, {{champion:44}} and {{champion:18}} have far greater lane-coordination than {{champion:44}} and {{champion:81}} do since Taric can still apply heals, shields, and even crowd control from a Rocket Jump away.
Okay but have you seen the way Taric looks at Ez in the armour of the fifth age skin tho Also! His dance is based off the song "Vogue". This song then lead a trend in dancing known as "Voguing" which was invented by the LGBT community. Taric's gay, yo.
: i hate {{champion:99}} X {{champion:81}} with a passion they feel so Ughh its gross feels like they just dated clones of themselves gender bent and i also ship {{champion:91}} X {{champion:99}} or {{champion:99}} X {{champion:122}} {{champion:84}} X {{champion:238}} or {{champion:98}} cuz i ship {{champion:238}} X {{champion:98}} no one should get in the way of {{champion:238}} going with his {{champion:98}}-pai {{champion:420}} X {{champion:201}} because i love {{champion:420}} X {{champion:41}} plus i ship {{champion:201}} with other people {{champion:16}} X {{champion:19}} its a meme that should die same with {{champion:44}} X {{champion:81}} {{champion:131}} X {{champion:89}} they are forced into it just because they are the sun and moon aspects {{champion:1}} X anyone no need to explain {{champion:161}} X anyone again same with {{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} X anyone because she really is just over rated stale seen her type all the fuckin time and sick of it
>i hate {{champion:99}}x{{champion:81}} This is the comment I was waiting for tbh god bless you fam It just feels like everyone started shipping the two because they're both blonde and blue-eyed, and then Riot decided to jump on board for some reason >.>
: I don't know what a U-boat is ;~;
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: > [{quoted}](name=GreatAlina,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fE0GcaMq,comment-id=00040000000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-01T11:16:05.307+0000) > > Three, actually! > Pool Party Taric > Armour of the Fifth Age Taric > Pool Party Leona Ezreal isn't in Pool Party Taric's splash. He's on Zac's right.
: Have had literally no connection at all. The fannon has absolutely no basis in anything official Riot has said/put out, and only on the fact that Ez is a pretty boy and Taric is a manly man who is overly FABULOUS. Ez+Lux actually has an official JoJ release that had them together at one point though, although if that became a relationship was never further released as the JoJ died shortly after that sadly.
Three shared splash arts tho ',:^)
PK Flunr (NA)
: Not exactly lore, but they appear together in two splash arts.
Three, actually! Pool Party Taric Armour of the Fifth Age Taric Pool Party Leona
: > [{quoted}](name=GreatAlina,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Edigxtow,comment-id=00010004,timestamp=2016-06-30T10:50:42.982+0000) > > The last one had me triggered tbh oh golly mister/misses i didnt mean to upset you. i hope you accept my most humble apologies.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's all good fam {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: saw the last one lol no.
The last one had me triggered tbh
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: It's from JoJ #6
: Spellthief Lux is actually a reference to her lore - she's a magical prodigy who steals spells; for instance, her light binding was reverse-engineered from Morgana's dark binding after only seeing once.
Could I please have a reliable source for the Morgana thing? Just sounds like some made-up fan speculation.
: > [{quoted}](name=cinomenapplebae,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AMtrf0aB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-28T23:04:36.663+0000) > > the knife looks sorta like kata&#x27;s too it does belong to Katarina
> [{quoted}](name=Moonboy65,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AMtrf0aB,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-28T23:09:22.488+0000) > > it does belong to Katarina Uh, no. Katarina's blades are curved and do not have a holed ornament at the end of their grip.
Griefer (NA)
: Secret Agent Blitzcrank
I don't know if a giant sentient hulk of metal would make for the _best_ secret agent, considering it'd be difficult to sneak around without making any noise. However, this is the same game with an assassin who, despite needing to be stealthy, wears metal boots and a cape of blades which manage to not clink together when he moves. So I guess nothing is implausible at this point.
: Soulstealer Vayne's Splash reminds me of something...
Yeah, the new Nami and Vayne splashes are very disappointing when you consider the standard that Riot has put up in terms of its new splash arts. Nami's face looks very boring imo. The colour palletes for both splashes look very bland as well.
Senate (NA)
R. L. Stine is that you?
: What do you miss most about the old lore and the Institute of War?
I miss the behind-the-scenes view you got of the champions. Stuff like Blitzcrank's compatibility service or the time Twisted Fate got drunk and gassy after Evelynn broke left him. It was stuff like that that made the champions feel like more like real people and less like video-game characters, even though at the end of the day, that's exactly what they are.
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T Zheng (NA)
: What are some of the Skills/Mechanics of a champion that should actually belong to another champion.
Though there's no champion in particular who has the ability I'm talking about, I feel like Lux really should have some sort of invisibility spell. Not only does it fit her thematically, considering she's a light mage and that she could turn herself invisible in her lore, but also because it was originally part of her kit. She even had a line recorded for it ("Covert ops deployed."). I guess it feels unfair considering how many champions have some sort of stealth ability now.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: They didn't forget to edit anything out, because that part of the staff is physically there.
I think you should give the right and left squares in the second image another look.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Literally unplayable. Except that's how her model looks like: Notice ends of her staff having decorations wrapped around them.
This post isn't about the decorations at the end of her staff, but rather the part of the staff behind her hair that Riot forgot to edit out.
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: Lux: Talon: Taliyah:
: Let's play a Game: You name a champion and I'll assign them a Metal Song
TyRamos (NA)
: Whatever yall, I should have figured I'd get downvoted to hell, by all the SJW's. > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=HZyJXum9,comment-id=002a0000,timestamp=2016-05-02T20:21:29.479+0000) > That&#x27;s a statement that only means something to people who share the same views on what &quot;attractive&quot; is to them. Personally I&#x27;d rather we just get a wide variety of cool and interesting characters as opposed to just getting a load of wank material. Why can't a female champion be cool, interesting AND attractive, this is basically saying that for a female to be cool or interesting they have to be unattractive in a universal sense. Also yes attractiveness is subjective but there's still some rules of thumb on attractive vs unattractive, ie MF, Sona, LB, would all be considered attractive by the vast majority of people. So sorry I'm not a feminist and would like a SINGLE attractive female character (that isn't some niche) to be released since its been nearly 3 years.
We already have 35 female characters that are "attractive". I think Riot would like to balance the numbers out a bit. We have plenty of champions that are "cool, interesting AND attractive.". Having a few that don't have have the same "pretty video-game chick" face would be nice imo +she's not even ugly
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