: lol Master tier Draven. Wood 4 everything else.
You wont 1v1 me though, so keep talking shit buddy.
: it also makes you win losable games when someone on the enemy team gets autofilled into a role they're shit at
I dont see why waiting a maximum of 10 fucking minutes to get my role is so much to ask for.
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: People complain about Lulu in an assassin meta
People will always find something to bitch about, no matter what it is. 2 months ago, it was the 1 shot vayne build where she only needed 2 items to fuck your face, and before that it was assassins just 1 shotting anything that comes through their path.
: Please take me out of bronze.
Look pal, bronze is just another word for blind pick. I'll be willing to teach you, but I don't want you to be like "oh, but so and so did this" or "i think this is better".
: Bronze who is dedicated to climb
Are you willing to listen to advice given?
: Here is the question, what can Riot do? From what I can tell, unless they make every server adopt Draft (not all servers do) and limit what champions that are technically support to be in that role (which the community will have a field day with), I don't think it is possible for Riot to do anything. All I can think of is Support Class update where every support is broken in the shields and heals that they provide can out perform a Brands burst at level 4, thus making them more preferred over Brand as they have Vel in mid. That is all I can think of but Riot won't do that. If they do, it will just ruin support as a whole.
: Me as ADC and having a Lux "support": Great, now all I have to do is just sit back, farm and just let Lux get ppl snared then ks with ult and she flames me when she dies because I'm the "shitty" ADC with nothing but assists, that she's the carry now despite her not having any DPS for late game and that she has every right to flame me and I can't fight back because that's the stereotype for bot lane. Rito, fix this shitty meta of "supports".
: "lol I did most damage as support"
Thank you, someone fucking understands.
Nickssaa (NA)
: I mean in Dota support means that you don't need farm to be useful, so that you can spend your gold on warding and buying dust, smokes, potions, etc. Okay, to be fair, the reason why these heroes don't need farm is because their abilities provide things such as healing and cc that allow them to be useful even without gold (AP isn't really a thing in Dota).
The same thing applies with support items. Targons gives you the gold upon a minion you kill, frostqueens gives you gold for attacking an enemy every few seconds, etc. There's also the arguement that support items are cheaper than carry items, due to this.
: Providing Aid is heals and shields. You know, "Hurry, we need an First Aid" I know those are two different things but it is the same difference. Unless you believe that Supports do nothing except saying here, take a free potion or take a shield whilst in battle.
Ok, then you have leona, alistar and braum. They keep you alive by peel and initiate.
: So, implied by your post, that your bot lane is KILLING the enemy bot lane, that's like saying: "I'd rather my support NOT snowball and WIN the game unless I'M the one doing it! I'M the ADC! I'M the SUPERSTAR! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THE GLORY BUT ME!"
No, i'm saying that's not what the word "support" means.
: It's called, "kill-securing" and making your ADC's job of farming much easier. I have to argue though that this kind of logic for bot lane is just plain and stupidly wrong. I'd rather have a Janna or Soraka legitimately support me than have a Zyra, Brand or Lux keep taking kills and CS from me and have the nerve to still call themselves a "support"
I'd rather have kills than cs, that's just me though.
: i am so tired of the same 3 champions bot lane
You could say this about every lane now. Same bans every game, same picks mid/jungle/bot/support. Top is the only role that differentiates between champions.
: The player base has a very narrow-minded view of what *support* means.
: Objectively, there really isn't much "wrong" with being able to play a carry as a support. It almost seems **worse** to force a player to play a low damage champion like a {{champion:40}} or something; Which, in a sense, removes your ability to take the game into your own hands and forces you to rely heavily on how good the random adc that you get paired with is and later in the game, how good the rest of your team is. It's really not that much different than playing a full-tank top lane like {{champion:111}} {{champion:57}} , vs wanting to play something like {{champion:92}} {{champion:133}} or{{champion:114}} For the player base as a whole, it's shown that support is the least popular role;-Being able to play MORE than a "white mage" healer, enchanter, defensive-style support might at least attract more players to play the role --Which league desperately needs. So many players complain about auto fill, que times, dodging, etc.. because either THEY don't want to play support, or that there aren't enough other players who want to play support instead of them.
Janna/soraka/etc, are meant to keep your ADC alive, by using shields, giving utility, or healing. They do not "aid" adc's by instantly killing the other ADC, that's nonsense.
: > [{quoted}](name=DIGSsumday47,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9AA83IjA,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-04T23:39:22.568+0000) > > True fact. My point being that even if auto fill weren't a thing, people are still going to play mage supports like brand, velkoz, veigar, zyra etc.
Remove the word support, you mean "to play mages in the bot lane"
: Support in this context is whoever is there to "aid" the marksmen. Originally yes, those were the champions like Janna or Lulu or Leona. However, either Riot or some country decided that CC is what makes support. Look at Zyra. They label her a secondary Support. Or Syndra... for some reason. Basically, stunning/rooting/slowing is what defined support. So of course the mages that have that took said role. Like I said, I don't know when that transition happened but that is what happened. Utility to CC. If I do not recall, champs like Lux and Morgana have been seen to be support for a long time. It did take a while before other mages followed them.
Ok, take any other video game that has supporting in it. TF2, you got uber healing, not insta killing, i'm sure there's a support role in destiney, etc. You could even argue that Survival Minecraft that's multiplayer has a support, being the one that does all the farming/building/ etc. They don't fucking do damage. In no way is poking me down continously and taking all the kills from your ADC "aiding" in anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jerahmi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9AA83IjA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-04T23:34:07.735+0000) > > You're not wrong about this, I feel like it is just people who get auto-filled and they don't feel like playing legitimate supports, so they just throw what deals damage down there, but 1 support item, then splats the label "support" on it. Until auto-fill gets removed, which I can assure you, it will not, this will continue on. Y'all realize this stuff happened long before auto fill right? Even long before the days of the new champ select where we select primary roles...
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