Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: rammus got bursted down while hes w was active in 3 seconds and died after 3 seconds so its logic to you dying to an assasin in 6 seconds?and being bursted by him? honestly everyother assasin chould not do shit against rammus even in 20 seconds rammus chould survive.
6 seconds at full build is balanced. A fed assasin early game can do it in 3. If it takes you 6 second to burst down a take you shouldn't focus that tank. Tanks are not meant to negate damage or just automatically win fights against anyone. But they are meant to not die as fast as someone who is not a tank. Therefore in team fights 6 seconds is a waste of time for an assasin. Zed is balanced. I'm done here.
: Help! I was trolled by a team of four!
: That can happen with coin flips, too.
Except coin flips don't happen until d1-d2
: shes the best champion to play if you want to chain feed if you play against a competent bot lane you will literally just concede your lane every game
Nope that just tells me you don't know how to play her and don't care to learn her kit.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: So an almost full hp rammus is low health?when zed burst him down while hes w was active . You should be blind if you cant see what hapenend to this video and stop defending zed I main him too but that not means I chould defend him because zed is unfair champion
Yes and rammus kept chasing when he was low health. Zed didn't burst down shit. watch the vid aain. You will see it takes about 5-6 seconds for a zed to burst him down. In a team fight thats a waste of time. Zed is pretty balanced when it comes to assassins. Seriously, he is not unfair. I perfer zed over akali or leblanc anyday. He's easy to out play. And you can cleans his ult so it does no dmg.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: hope it proofs you that zed is unbalanced.
That doesn;t show anything except zed popping a rammus who's health is low and popping squishies at full build. Stop complaining about a champion that is healthy and learn how to play against him.
: Where's the Vladimir nerf?
vlad's power spike doesn't come until mid game... soooo yea.
: Is Zed His Mobility And Damage Too High Compared To Other Assassin's?
Zed is literally fine. And very easy to deal with compared to other assassins. Stop it.
: If I was willing to grind for an entire year and play thousands of games I probably could. I've played 300 games this season on a new account which started in Iron and I'm just burnt out and sick of the coin flips. My mental holds me back from improving because I just hate the matchmaking and the community. Every game you're supposed to look at it from the perspective of what you could have done better right? There's a lot of games where the only thing I could have done better is maybe get 9 CS a minute instead of 8. Woo. I'm learning so much. That doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. I just don't make game losing mistakes. Pretty much ever. There's little things I could always do better, but whether I have 8 cs a minute or 10 cs a minute the bot lane that goes 0/10 is going to lose. I'm sure if I was willing to grind out the games and play the averages while keeping a positive attitude I'd easily be diamond or master. The games are just too miserable. Like actually painful to play. Imagine for a second you went Morgana mid. You out farmed the enemy mid laner, killed them once or twice, and you roamed bot 3-4 times and got a kill every single time. Imagine you've secured dragons and you've warded and counter warded. But your bot lane is sitting there complaining that the game is over because they've been ganked twice by the enemy jungler and then they report you and flame you because you tell them to stop crying and play the game. Imagine that game. You don't have to imagine it. Watch like half of my fucking replays. It's aids.
its not a coinflip until you get to d1-d2. You can try to blame the teams on coinflips all you want. If you can't cimb you are doing something wrong. Talk to a league coach. If you don't enjoy the game then theres no reason for you to keep playing.
: I want to feel challenged again.
skill does matter. try getting into challenger.
: Thanks Riot for banning me for saying FF 15 when i have 2 trolls in my team.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sOQwLMkB,comment-id=0003000000000002000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-26T23:08:52.371+0000) > > ooh such sexy pixels, I'm so sure. They had normal outfits. Don't even try ''BRO''. > > they have leatards thigh high leggings like in every other game again they still show skin bro whats your point in showing me mk2 again also if you thing thigh high boots and swimsuit is normal to where out everyday ok then bro
They were the same outfit a ballerina wears. Leotards are a normal costume. There is no cleavage, no butt showing. that is my point. MK didn't get sexy until 3rd generation.
: u are naive if u really think this reforms the banned players. They will either wait 14 days and continue to troll or just start a new acc-
Actually it does. Tyler 1 is a prime example. Anyone can change, And if they troll after their 14 day ban they will get permabanned. And Trust me lvling another account to 30 is a pain. And trolling low levels when some of them are smurfs is a good way to get banned.
: what if im garbage with said champ and didnt learn anything from it.
you don't have to be good with zed to learn zeds abilities. just play him bots a few times.
: how do you guess his range safely without being at hardcore risk of damage?
play the champion. or go into bots or practice. One key skill is knowing your champions limitations. The only way to learn any champ to play or play against them multiple times/
: Enemies hit by a Zed's Shadow Shadow's Shadow Slash are Slow icon slowed for 1.5 seconds. the slow isnt really helping me. it seems to make Q never miss a thing. it basically punishes you for playing the game.
oh whoops wrong thread was taking about yasuo. his abilities are skill shots. you have to know the range of his shadow. Zed's not hard to lane against.
: Why is this word censored?
Is that a serious question?
: W shadow range enhancer E instant slow plus Q shuriken doesn't really do me any favors in dodging his poke it's almost as if it's absolutely intended to hit no matter what. Plus his unlimited mana (yes I know it's capped) doesn't do me any favors as a mage.
Its not because I have no problem dodging a the tornadoes and positioning my self so he can't get in my face, and again His E only works if he is near minions. It doesn't slow.
: Not really I mean sure armguard takes care of poke but after that you need like a frozen heart or deadman to stop his damage.
It actually does. and it all depends on what lane you are playing. Mid all you need is a zonyas really for team fights. If you position yourself correctly, you can take 0 poke from zed. the only reason a zed would poke you is because he is a better laner.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7YqsqsAr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-27T12:37:34.634+0000) > > Or > Get 1 cloth armor in lane. Yes. Buy the actual worst stat in the game, sacrificing all mid game power just to die anyways because Lul me zed.
Armor is not the worst stat in the game. Hello? I feel like noone watches high elo games.
: lol armor doesnt help at all only zhonyas effect "at will" only real counter. i was talon i tried the "get armor" suggestion it doesnt work. now if you go full on damage at least you can stop him after zhonyas his damage. damage is the REAL armor in this game.
Armor actually helps alot. Ir reduces his dmg by alot. If you don't have armor you are going to pop like a balloon when your zonya's is on CD
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5T8A0YLV,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-05-27T09:42:09.162+0000) > > No because then ranks would mean nothing. **you'd be playing for MMR not ranks**. That's already what you do, LP and divisions/tiers are just obfuscations. That's why dodging is so popular w/ people who are serious about climbing. Sure, you're constantly losing LP, but your MMR is saved. You keep losing -3 LP, -10 LP... Despite that, your LP for wins and losses starts to skew in favour of you climbing, even w/ a 50% WR. Why? Because the system says "Oh hey, 1600 ELO is for rank X, but they're currently 2 divisions below it, let's bump up the LP and rubber band 'em in."
No because you can lose promos and still keep your MMR. Climbing would not be as meaninfull if there was no LP. I like the current system. I do not like having MMR only. Not only that LP makes things alot more simple. And you can be any rank and have low or high mmr. The fact you focus on someone elses rank and believe thats where they belong is incorrect. A bronze should be allowed to play with golds if thats where his or hers skill level is at.
: Long ago I remember Riot saying "Snowballs are for ARAM" I guess they have gone back on that.
> [{quoted}](name=Clockwork Mouse,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=f772wy7G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-27T19:13:39.147+0000) > > Long ago I remember Riot saying "Snowballs are for ARAM" > I guess they have gone back on that. I don't know why they would say that as some champions are dependant on snowballing like renekton
: or flash e
Yes Yasuo could flash tornado, but thats also very circumstansial
: It's impossible to dodge if he e"s to you
his tornados are not impossible to dodge lol. The only way he can hit you with a tornado is if you are near minions and he slides among the minions and tornadoes you point blank.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5T8A0YLV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-27T00:55:09.552+0000) > > No I like LP. With out LP there can be no rank. They've done ranks previously w/o LP. X ELO is the threshold for Tier A and Y ELO was the threshold for Tier B LP and the promotion system are just obfuscations of ELO/MMR. You know when you are going +20LP and -15LP for wins and losses? Vice-versa? That's because of your hidden MMR.
No because then ranks would mean nothing. you'd be playing for MMR not ranks.
: Worst community ever.
Well you are on EUNE I heard its the most toxic server. How ever reporting ppl is how you can help create a better community
: 90% of games
: Its already an adult game, if you play this as a kid it fucks up your mind, and hinders your development of your brain. Its also addicting and mostly unrewarding, creating a very toxic environment for those who loose.
> [{quoted}](name=Whyskered Wyrm,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=THAYYiac,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-27T05:56:02.696+0000) > > Its already an adult game, if you play this as a kid it fucks up your mind, and hinders your development of your brain. > > Its also addicting and mostly unrewarding, creating a very toxic environment for those who loose. thats not true at all pro's generally start at 16-18
: Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act
Or just stop selling them. and still have them
: Promos...
lmao that gif. Also good luck. I hope you get in diamond soon. I'm still working on getting out of silver lol.
Νami (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Glaricion,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=QaKrXh9P,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-26T21:33:15.312+0000) > > {{champion:267}} - Fluffy tail is nice, but what about scaly and slippery? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) {{champion:267}} <3
omg It's nami. Big fan, I'll use you some day when im higher elo XD
: Oh I immediately muted the Jhin, but Aatrox started talking shit at the end of the game. Like he was some hot shit himself, barely managing against Olaf (fuck Olaf and all he stands for by the way), judging me for going 2/8 against a Shaco and telling me to never play Kha'Zix (my main) again. Just.... UGH. I so wish I took psychology or speech classes, just so that I could rip into these people. Expose them for the insecure, childish filth they are and make them realize just how small and pitiful they are. ....Yes I get angry at shit talkers, what's your point?
ripping into them doesn't help anyone.
: yeah but they can create new accounts and ruin the game for new players, which is one of many reasons why this game is degrading and loosing players.
ya but come on, theyd have to lvl up the account again. could see them doing it twice but lving up an account 3 times? nah. Trolls get bored. And I think this game is still getting new players more then it loses players
Just report them. Riot will get to them eventually. And also remember to mute them. This is how we can help our community.
: yes it is she has 30% wr
Doesn't mean shit, shes a good champion. ppl just don't know how to play her and don't want to.
: Playing Yuumi in ranked is not trolling
: Can we just get rid of ranks and lp? MMR is enough
No I like LP. With out LP there can be no rank.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sOQwLMkB,comment-id=00030000000000020000,timestamp=2019-05-25T16:34:30.439+0000) > > The core fanbase didn't play MK for sexy character models. Hello have you played MK on Super Nintendo? I don't even think you know who the core fanbase is and what they actually want. Guess what? its not sexy characters. Also check again MK 11 has sold very well. I'm exiting the conversation. i have had mortal kombat since sega mega drive in 1991 lmao that nintendo was some cheap assed censored nonsense and the women were half dressed in the 1990's version so what now bro anything else
ooh such sexy pixels, I'm so sure. They had normal outfits. Don't even try ''BRO''.
: how do i know if they are? i mean it gives me satisfaction to see someone burn iukwim.
And thats why you will never know. The report system is not intended as a revenge system. It's a reform system.
: Actually her movement speed is above average (340) which is the highest for a mage
really? I'd rather play lulu, or AP blitz or morgana even. Morgana feels faster then she does. Maybe its her kit. She doesn't feel safe compared to morgana.
: but he doesnt. he has a 1 item power spike {{item:3031}}. he is always relivant because of the knock up utility and his windwall.
yes and if he dies alot its going to take him longer to get IE. And the knockup isn't very usefull as its easy to dodge and is more to proc his ultimate. His windwall can be baited and walked right through.
Soulave (NA)
: why do people understimate zyra
her snare is pretty easy to dodge, and her mobility and movement speed is horrible.
: welcome to rank
> [{quoted}](name=QuadraBananas,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9t3oQfdA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-26T21:00:11.388+0000) > > welcome to rank Or you could correctly explain to him how that works. The full bronze team had really high mmr as those gold and silvers do.
: When you wake up and play one game of league before work.
Well you can't remake unless they fail to connect. But sorry you had that experience.
: Korea Riot admit best Vel'Koz join NA serve and meet C9 Sneaky yesterday : )
Welcome to NA. Don't mind the extremely toxic kids here. Just report them.
: What really pisses me off about Yasuo.
Thats alot of champions. Late game is when anything can happen and champions are still relevant. If a yas does bad early then he becomes irrelevant and has to farm.
: Would this be reportable?
No reports do help. And yes that is reportable. Theres this common misconception that reports do nothing. Yet you see ppl who are toxic on the forums every day who got reported and don't understand why they were toxic. It's like wheres the logic?
fenderis (EUW)
: For my 14day suspension. Riot is wrong
Well you did call your team noobs and you were being obnoxious. Just stop typing and focus on the game.
: Riot never will but they need to it is one of the Roots of its core problems
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