: Remember when AP Ezreal's ult did more damage than AD Ez??
Sometimes you see Ezreal casting it, sometimes a ward give you a heads up. Sometimes an ally pings it, sometimes your mobility spell is available and you're able to dodge. But sometimes, despite all the methods I've listed, you just get by it. From the lowest rank to the highest people get hit by his ult even if they're aware it's coming and attempt to dodge it. The conversation isn't about someone's ability to dodge it. I actually agree that it does more damage than necessary for how strong his new kit is, especially considering it's aoe and has no penalties any more. Add back the % damage reduction per unit hit and it would make him feel a lot better to fight against.
: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
You have to walk within the line Riot defines as acceptable, which arbitrarily changes on a case by case basis, or you get punished as though you actually did something worth punishing. Unfortunately for us, the mob follows Riots holy dictates and you won't find many people to commiserate with here. Even when you have situations like this, where the only question left to ask is _what the fuck _
: Let’s look at why tanks are currently not of high value
So tanks are king in ARAM. If you build them properly with tank items, take the appropriate keystone, and most importantly don't become negative because you rolled a "bad" ARAM champ you'll usually do well. Against a balanced enemy team of course, if the enemy is 5 heavy poke champs with massive disengage its likely you and you allies will tilt off the planet. Anyway. Tanks are tanky as hell in ARAM. If facing 2 tanks, or even just 1 real tank and a bruiser you are **required **to build every pen item there is or you won't even scratch them. Tanks like Maokai and Mundo are immortal until grievous wounds and even then they are a challenge to kill. Considering ARAM is the definition of fast paced meta why are they able to thrive in ARAM? Gold flow. Unlike top lane, where they're denied farm and where junglers never deign to visit, tanks in ARAM have increased access to gold. The passive gain and the frequent kills keep their gold relatively even which helps them purchase their very expensive items at a similar pace to carries. On the rift, a tank will complete one item with boots when a carry has one item, boots, and a component so when the enemy dps is spiking, the tank is dipping. Especially the case vs AP and assassins who spec into early pen because it's universally good for them, unlike ADC's who need their crit and attack speed first. So yeah, increase the cost of carry items or decrease the cost of tank items before we go around buffing things. I think that's a step in the right direction.
: Offense>Defense because offense scales multiplicatively
Yeah. Only bruisers/juggernauts can safely fill the role of tank. A real tank will start a fight and be stuck because once they commit its ride or die for them and they get melted without proper ally response. Juggs and bruisers usually have escape mechanics and on top of that, they're usually designed with at least one superpowered defense utility, which is what allows them to build hybrid dps/tank and do both jobs well.
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
Garen's been getting a lot of nice skins lately but he's still never touched. "buffing him would make him a low elo monster" "there's 1.5 high elo garen players, no one is complaining" "ryze needs more reworks first" {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1006}}
: If you get 5 Stack Bleed, you are at fault. When you play everything other than a Tank, there is almost no way Darius will get that 5 Stacks on you, except you don't know how to trade vs him. Also, you know that his Damage doesn't come from his R, but the AD he gets from his passive, which adds up with ALL his Spells.
"No, these ridiculous damage numbers aren't the fault of bad game balance but in fact your fault for playing League of Legends." Yeh sure
Wyrin (NA)
: Queue Dodge Timers
> [{quoted}](name=Hoosier1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-01T12:11:05.429+0000) > > Apparently you don't and that is your opinion. I think the dodge rules should be tougher. You're in luck, Riot tends to cater towards your sort :)
Stone766 (NA)
: Riot, please DON'T remove Qiyana's jungling capabilities
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tx6M4P2P,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T15:35:12.589+0000) > Also, consider her kit in its entirety. She has one ability that helps her roam, plus she has a lot of terrain scaling. I would compare her to Talon in that sense. Would you waste that potential Top? I imagine it's people simply preemptively taking her top because she's performing poorly on release, and needs buffs or tweaks. All wasted potential moves to top eventually, these people just don't want to wait.
Hoosier1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rownan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T00:49:33.830+0000) > > Stop auto filling me to roles I don't want to play. You know the rules. If you don't like the rules then don't play the game. If you play the game under these rules and break them then you deserve what you get.
> [{quoted}](name=Hoosier1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LR92MEA9,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T11:04:30.487+0000) > > You know the rules. If you don't like the rules then don't play the game. If you play the game under these rules and break them then you deserve what you get. We all understand the rules. That doesn't change the fact that they're heavy handed and self-righteous.
: Is hecarim ever going to get counterplay to his E
Damage still goes through. Even when you "outskill" the Hecarim he's still rewarded for pressing E near you. Make it like Jayce Q in hammer form. Jayce gets a powerful reward when he uses it correctly but there's still the option to dodge it.
: Their still nerfing Tahm support LMFAO
All of his stupid fish stacks should fall off immediately after spitting out an enemy if there are no allies nearby TK. He is bananas in top lane. So far I've seen him with Aery, Lethal Tempo, and Hail of Blades and each time my poor top laner got his shit pushed in. The TK with Aery was fighting a Darius and still destroyed him. I really have no idea how they could nerf him for top without hurting his support role either, but at this point I kind of don't care
: Stop "balancing" ARAM
The only time a Nid is OP in ARAM in when someone who knows how to play her is using her. All the others rush a Seraph's, bring clarity, don't ever use cougar and can't lead targets for their Q. But yeah, I haven't noticed a huge dip when I get poke champs. I still enjoy playing Ziggs, Vel, Lux etc etc and it feels _a lot_ better when I get melee champs. Most of my fav champs in the game are melee and it's really nice not having to instantly reroll them because now they have a chance. Though I agree, why exactly was Maokai buffed lol. Super tanks are god tier in ARAM if they're allowed to get their items and idk, it just feels super bad clowning on a team until Maokai or Trundle or Mundo gets 3 items and suddenly they're unkillable.
Jøkèr (NA)
: New Champion Teaser!
Shes an assassin, so Im really hyped to see which moves they stole from Tira and put onto her. +100 to plagiarism if Qiyana switches between stances _Fire, Earth, Water, **JOLLY, GLOOMY**_
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: What i hate about Darius
I'm so _sick_ of fighting Darius, I usually ban Aatrox cuz he's even more nope and it's a blessing when someone else bans him. It's not that I cant do the match up its just that Im so done with it. I'm a Garen main and the times people pick Darius just for the hurr durr Noxus vs Demacia match up is infuriating. It's even worse when they pick Darius and don't have the God-King skin :p But yeah, the match up is entirely dependent on the Darius. A bad one is a free bag of gold and a good one means you get little farm and could be dove 24/7. If the champs you main can use Phase Rush, I recommend it. Rush a Bami's Cinder, do some quick trades, be patient and scale. A lot of the time the safe play frustrates a Darius and he'd make mistakes he otherwise wouldnt.
: Why is there only 1 AD Support Champion?
> [{quoted}](name=Neekophile,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PKvpl4Le,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-06-05T08:01:22.907+0000) > How I tired to make it NOT Appealing to adc > 1. You dash Melee Range if you try to right click target your target is hitting) *nightmares of melee form Tristana* Anyway, I think it could work thematically but it would fall apart in game. There's plenty of inspiration for abilities: P: Allies in a cone behind you take (think MF Q) x% less damage, scaling with ranks in R up to x% Q: Low CD Shield Bash, auto attack reset, each time it's used it applies stacking armour shred up to 15% W: Rally or war cry skill, give your allies move speed/shield/whatever E: Long range dash with a mini-stun at the end (range like Thresh Q lol), if it connects with an enemy grants a shield/damage reduction/move speed/whatever R: Redirect x% damage to allies unto yourself, up to x% additionally gain a shield for each ally nearby, 100 per ally increased by hp/armour/whatever. At the end of the effect, gain move speed based on how much damage you've mitigated 10% per 300 damage mitigated or something. There, we have a crusader or champion or whatever you'd prefer to call it. A kit made in 10 seconds that could, with lots of tweaks, be that of a support champs. Scale all of his damage off AD and scale his utility off a combination of AD and HP _or_ armour. Cool. He would still build full tank, regardless of having AD scalings, maybe a Steraks or Cleaver for the HP shield and additional armour shred. The problem with AD supports is that they can go 2 ways only - the Pyke route of being an assassin, in which case they needed to be heavily gated by CD's or mana costs etc etc or else they become too unbalanced against traditional bot lanes. The other route is Leona/Braum/Taric types who have a great kit of engaging and staying in the fight but don't care about damage, they just want to survive. They all have kits that synergize with their autos and spells that empower said autos but none of them build AD items, except trashcans building IBG and Titanic. Any AD supp would be an assassin or a champ who, while they might scale off AD, don't care because their kit is designed to support others and a Duskblade just doesn't fit that bill.
: Can we allow losing bot to make comebacks already? Every game is a coin flip
> [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVMEaWE0,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2019-06-05T01:44:29.028+0000) > unless you were going for this anyway none of those are a good score anyway except top laner all that shows is you didnt feed but who knows what you gave up to not feed 70% of your farm, Drake, Red buff. With one kill and seven assists a jungler is rich lol. But yeah, it was a joke. A true to life joke but still made in good fun, though I imagine it's hard for AD/supp mains to find it funny since everything in League is super serious. > [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVMEaWE0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-05T01:47:41.653+0000) > > If your bot lane is losing get the the hell out of bot lane and let them bully another lane with their ranged advantage and another champion babysitting them. You may cry that you have to baby sit them but then again you also want to win the game Or more likely surrender because you dont know the win conditions. This basically says "_We made a big mess down here and it's not our fault, someone else has to clean it up and we're just going to leave and if you don't like it, fuck you._"
ApexRiven (EUW)
: I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck
I play top or ARAM, almost exclusively though I don't play ranked. I imagine people are abusing ranged champs far more frequently there than in normal games though I still see my fair share of awful ranged tops like {{champion:85}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:6}} And jungle ganks are a toss up as well. I rarely, if _ever_ am the victim of a lane gank nor does my jungler set them up. If you ward diligently you're quite safe and instead of sitting in vision while you're pushed up, sit in the far bush instead. Jump out to grab the CS and then go back out of vision, if they can't see they can't assume they know where you are - it's better than just sitting under the enemy turret like a duck. Alternately, if you're pushed in ward the flank leading up to your turret and just back the hell away if you see someone coming, like to your t2 turret. The real issue, in my games, is that conq is so wildly OP compared to other keystones and bruiser itemization is just bananas. A 1v1 between two bruisers is almost entirely dictated by who can use conq (or who can proc is faster) and which items they buy.
: Can we allow losing bot to make comebacks already? Every game is a coin flip
_6/2/2 Top Laner_ _1/1/7 Jungler_ _1/1/2 Mid_ "Good game, everyone is doing pretty good. We're probably going to win" [What's going on bot lan--](https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/640993150647131292/B6052F378938896DC7A55B5F239AE5816C7F4EC9/)
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Fix the fucking minion agro please
Speaking of minion aggro grievances.. It would be lovely if my melee minions stopped randomly switch aggro to the caster minions that aren't even hitting them, or just randomly switching aggro entirely for some unknown reason. I can't tell you how many times Ive had to give up minions because the melees decided to switch their aggro, without even trading on an enemy and having them flip onto a champion. Top lane is hard enough without having to deal with RNG minion wars.
Taikobou (NA)
: When is the next temporary mode coming?
RIP Dominion {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Can we just kill AP Shaco already
Kill AP Shaco so people stop keeping him in ARAM. It's almost a guaranteed loss when you have one in your team because 1 out of every 50 actually know what they're doing and 1 out of every 100 can convert their skill into a victory.
: If you're autofilled
Learning a role and being good at it are different. Long time players (and no-lifers) can play every role if need be, they can understand winning and losing match ups, itemization, strategies etc etc It doesn't make it any less of a detriment to their team when they get autofilled even when they know how to play a role.
Angyal (NA)
: A possible way to add depth to Garen without harming his accessibility
This would feel awful to trade with. You'd lose so much damage trying to "mind game" your enemy. As for the Villain mechanic, I like it and think it suits Garen's character quite well. It just needs a facelift and more interaction with his kit in general. Some suggestions: * If Garen executes the Villain, activate his W in full just as it is when a player activates it * If Garen silences the Villain, refresh the movespeed granted by Decisive Strike Just some ideas off the top of my head. I think some number tuning and basic QoL changes would elevate Garen and not turn him into a pub stomper in low skill games. Speed up his Q and R animations, let his E execute low hp minions, and add a second milestone to his passive so that more games aren't just "level 11 or bust"
: What champion mechanics do you find to be annoying to deal with?
CC that takes up half the lane, or more. {{champion:45}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:136}}
Zeyphel (NA)
: You still play jungle? We need more people like you, so that I don't get autofilled jg anymore.
Sorry dude. I'm happy he'll be viable for when _I_ get autofilled. Jungle mains are rare creatures, like Ivern mains. No one knows what's happening until your team is suddenly 10-0 and the enemy jungler has been reduced to tears.
nelogis (EUW)
: You're.... you're giving more damage to Flask and reducing it's lane sustain?
I'd rather the mana sustain take a hit than anything else. It's so discouraging planning your trades well and optimizing your runes for survivability only for none of that to matter because corrupting pot is just so damn good for top lane bullies.
: I miss the days where cooldowns actually existed...
Most people aren't ok with it but there's nothing we can do. Im glad Akali is getting nerfed into the dirt and hope Aatrox follows soon after.
: I'm liking the direction that they're taking with sylas
FINALLY jungle Sylas. I haven't even watched the video but of these changes will make him viable in the jungle, I'm happy.
: Do we really have to wait a whole month atleast for wukong rework to get on Live?
Yeah, I'm really excited for when he finally comes onto live. I love his kit and his play patterns I just hate that he has to be an assassin to succeed.
: Is Nasus in a bad matchup?
Buy a Mortal Reminder if you're playing a Juggernaut, the carry needs it to kill him so it makes sense that you would too. A champ with an execute is also great.
: anti-tank Jgs?
Yi is a tank shredder by nature, no matter the recent changes. The only huge hit he took to his anti-tank qualities were the Rageblade nerfs, his other qualities remained largely intact. However, don't pick him blindly without practising - his windows to gank are hard to see for new Yi players and it's very easy to fall behind if you can't manage your jungle. I'd suggest Olaf and Kayn honestly. I can't comment in detail for Olaf as I don't play him but his kit is very strong in drawn out fight. The same can be said of red Kayn, especially when you take Conqueror.
: Akali is worse than RYZE at this point
Yeah, I'd have to agree that Akali is not a burst mage, though she does _deal multiple smaller bursts of damage._ Lux is a burst mage, she drops all her damage in a single, swift rotation. Akali just doesn't, the same can be said of Ahri in the early portions of the game. Both of them go in strong and then sit on their dashes while waiting for their other spells to be ready.
: Anyone have self made builds? sucky or not, Just interested in seeing what we come up with.
{{champion:86}} {{item:1001}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3193}} Change DMP and Adaptive Helm for Randuins and Visage as needed, choose boots based on needs. Pop Stoneplate at the beginning of a fight, apply your 42% armor shred whilst being immortal and then drop your ult on The Villain, which bypasses Stoneplate damage reduction due to it being true damage. After Stoneplate active ends, pop your W to continue tanking or to exit the fight safely. You can use any combination of tank items, only Warmogs, Stoneplate, and Cleaver matter. My fav tank build when the enemy team has mixed damage and I'm the only frontliner.
: Why does Kat have such low cooldowns?
Katarina is gated by mana, so she runs out of mana fast with low cool downs... wait Katarina is gated by energy, so she has to use her spells properly... wait Katarina has to stack fury/rage to be effective, so she has low cool downs... wait But wait, isn't it Riot's own design philosophy that states champions with no resources are gated by long cool downs? I don't have any particular issues with Kata, just wanted to toss my 2 cents in.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Where is this Akali rage comming from?
Yeah, I'd be glad if Akali was destroyed until she's no longer played. Good riddance.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Cho gath R can now be flashed
It's confusing for the Garen player and for people who play against him as well. I've cast R in enemies only for nothing to happen, as they run but remain in vision. Garen even begins the animation only for the enemy to get slightly out of idk, confirmation range??
Crocele (NA)
: so what are the diana changes supposed to do?
If they make any AP bruiser items in the future, I bet Diana would be happy and see some improvements. Imagine {{item:3143}} with 250HP/40AR/40AP with a similar passive that defends against crits or basic attacks Imagine {{item:3156}} with the exact same stats but AP instead of AD. They'd only need to really address items that give armor and AP together since an AP bruiser has a wealth of items that give HP and can pick up {{item:3102}} {{item:3001}} for magic resist. It wouldn't hurt to have an item with a shield passive like PD, Maw, and Steraks though. Items like these would benefit Diana and so many more champs. Top lane tanks that get cowed in early lane because of damage creep would love these too but... The resulting surge of cancer from the minority of champs who could abuse these items would see them instantly nerfed, and possibly are the sole reason we can't have AP bruiser items in the first place. {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}}
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Cho gath R can now be flashed
You can cancel Garen's ult by moving out of range fast enough, you don't even need to flash or blink or enter the fog of war... Just exit its range before the sword comes down. But yeah, that darn Garen and his zero counter play ult >:|
: Toxicity stopping new players
Sub level 30 players should never be matched with players above level 30, or if thats an issue make it 30-50. I was leveling a second account a few months ago (it was awful) and was amazed at what slipped through match making. Level 200+ players in some cases, players with 500k or more mastery, and the classic - diamond players in sub30 games. Myself and other decent players leveling up accounts could deal with these things on average but new players, low elo players, and players making accounts from bans could not. It was frustrating having to face highly skilled enemies with the additional weight of low skill allies. If I was frustrated I couldn't imagine how awful it felt for the obviously new players.
: while nothing new, the leaverbuster encourages you to stay afk once disconnected
I propose that people who disconnect during the game but outside the remake window and then later return and play the game to completion should see a reduced punishment. I'm not sure how leaverbusters are handed out but its highly possible its a point system informed by player reports. The leaver "points" you earn at the end of a game where you disconnected can be halved, so long as you aren't reported. As for LP, the loss can be halved or perhaps you can earn a portion of it back from game timed played. Earn back x% of LP per minute played after disconnect. Again, this applies so long as you aren't reported. Riot would have to fix its report review bots to suss out people abusing the system, and also to advocate for the player who disconnected. People report purely out of frustration, especially when people go afk for any reason.
Yara0 (NA)
: How do you deal with jgs when your in top? I hate them.
If you have a bad sense for where the enemy jungler is, just watch where yours is going. For the first 5 mins or so they will have a very similar path, if you're blue side and pushed always ward at 3 mins since a jungler with be lvl 3 with red around that time. If your jungler steals all the enemy camps on your side of the map, expect the enemy to gank or invade. He has nothing else to do and will poke his nose into enemy territory to salvage gold. If you get ganked when you're 6 and the enemy jungler isn't, turn on him immediately. A lot of times the jungler will lead the gank, meaning your enemy is out of range and has to walk up to you. Unload as much damage onto the jungler as you can while keeping distance from enemy top. This works for me often enough and deters the jungler from ever coming back. It might be harder with Gnar and Ornn but still a decent tactic. Garen is really fun and decently strong right now. Can survive the horrible monsters of top, and win, if you know how to be patient.
: I love how instead of nerfing Vayne
Kaisa and Vayne both feel incredibly frustrating to play against. I'm a Garen main and outside of him, I prefer melee champs over ranged so it's unfortunate when either make it through bans. That said, I'd rather fight a Vayne. She has to personally stack her W and loses all stacks when hitting another enemy. Condemn is frustrating, as it should be, but has nothing when compared to Kaisai's _two_ safety tools. Condemn also only has 1 consistent function (knock back) that is conditionally powerful (stun) meanwhile Supercharge and Killer Instinct are universally powerful and grant additional bonuses. A Vayne can get blown up in the window of her Tumble and has to rely on her damage and team mates to win the fight. A Kaisai can run in just like Vayne but has to worry less because she has 2 health bars, her reliable damage and powerful self peel are just icing. Honestly I'm surprised Superchrage doesn't cleanse slows when evolved. They should make all x hit %hp skills have a 1 or 2 second internal cool down. You can always proc it the first time you fight, but after the first round your enemy at least has response time.
Rioter Comments
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: I really want Sylas to stay as a jangler
We all await the golden age when his W heals him vs monsters. Send prayers.
: It's all fine and dandy til he's dealing 24% current health physical damage, 12% max health magic damage and 150 (+ 105% bonus AD) true damage every 2 autos (not even including his passive which makes all those numbers even bigger). Also that 10% of all those % health on-hits are being converted to true damage.
So, Im a little confused with your numbers. Im assuming the 24% current health is from bork? It's 8% so with phantom hit it would be 16% and Yi has no max health damage in his kit and no item grants that. Wuju style deals 50 bonus damage plus 35% bonus ad in true damage, Im not gonna do the math on that but where is the 105% bonus ad thing coming from? Im not arguing anything but I dont see where the numbers are coming from. Also, bork is a pretty rare buy, it would make more sense to factor in Wit's End damage instead, since it's so strong on him now. Your numbers are also assuming he has conq and guinsoo's stacked at the start of the fight, and turns on Wuju Style right as conq procs and guinsoo's becomes stacked, which is half the battle as Yi. If you arent fully stacked your damage is literally cut in half, that's a huge window of vulnerability.
: Sheild Bash
Yeah. I always want to take it when Im using a jungler with a shield, facing a stronger enemy jungler. It's such a nice little rune, too bad though :')
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Greenette,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WjWNyIHg,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-04-24T02:11:38.133+0000) > > Its really just conq pushing tanks out of lane, both versions but the current one in particular. At least, in melee vs melee match ups. Everything these skirmishers and duellists lack, conq provides in spades and it even scales up with them. > > A lot of traditional tanks are stuck with Grasp or Aftershock and while Aftershock is at least moderately valuable, Grasp is sometimes useless because it's not safe to proc it and these are the only 2 big tank keystones in the game. I take Phase Rush into Kayle, Hec, etc. just to give myself some insurance but I'm really unsatisfied with it once I've scaled into tankiness. > > It would feel a lot more fair if one part of conq was removed, doesn't matter which. Also, as a side note, someone back in the threads said something along the lines of tanks shouldn't be trying for a 1v1 but I disagree. Tanks have really high base damages on their spells to compensate for their early game before they get items, it's always been like this. Before true damage was rampant tanks actually had a fair shot winning 1v1's if they played to their strengths, outside of fighting counters and certain ranged champs. Or just change it with old fevor of battle.
> [{quoted}](name=ValiantKiller,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WjWNyIHg,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2019-04-24T03:08:00.045+0000) > > Or just change it with old fevor of battle. Riot is too ~~stubborn~~ progressive to bring back an old rune. Conq without the healing is literally Fervour inst it? They obviously understand that skirmishers need some damage padding but they can't admit that Fervour was good so they tacked on additional effects to make it different.
Jamaree (NA)
: The next time you find a champion OP, do yourself a favor and play.
This isn't a cover all rule lol. There's no context at all, if you're {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:133}} then yeah, she's gonna seem op but she's not. She's conditionally overpowered and this is the case for a lot of champs. But there certainly are champs that actually are overpowered from the start of the game, I'm not going to trigger people by listing them but we generally know who they are. I personally think Urgot is overpowered for a top laner but I have zero interest in playing him because I dislike his kit. Instead I'd rather hone my skills on champs I actually do enjoy, so that I can overcome the op match ups comfortably. This advice might work for some but I have a feeling the majority of people won't go out of their way to play a champ just to learn how to beat them, using other champs they like playing. It's like Mark Wahlberg from The Other Guys. He's so masculine and manly that he learned ballet just to make fun of the soft men who did ballet. It's so roundabout.
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