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: Make the Invasion Void Beasts into 750 skins
Im also finding no images or info about these skins. Where was this revealed????
TheMinez (NA)
: Aurelion's favorite flower
When you finally get home from work then someone posts about the "starry sky" petunia and you relive the horror of Home Depot seasonal department
: To those jumping the gnu about Galio's personality
Idk, the old Galio was definitely sad bc he failed to keep his master alive and tired from just being around sooo long, whereas this one has none of that :/ "Stripped of his reason for being, Galio despaired. For years he remained in solitude, standing vigil over the bones of the master he had failed to protect... a literal monument to his own everlasting shame." The new guy reminds me more of my original impression of Zac before they changed his lore too...
: My problem is that the 'terrifying zombie' part of Sion's 'goofy-ass, but still kinda terrifying zombie' is what they kept in Sion's design which was a trimming of anachronistic design choices regarding his character. His kit had a lot of the same elements (exploding shield and a hard, short-range stun) while abandoning the ungodly mess that was AP Sion. I won't comment on the gameplay, but like I said, my problem is that while they kept the core appeal of Sion's design, Galio has gone from a quiet, stoic protector to some "do u evn lift bruh ?" shit overnight, with a physical design that's more akin to goddamn Ultraman or a Power Ranger enemy than a gargoyle (or, for you lore-nuts, a gargoyle-inspired construct). 'The Colossus,' I get it. I truly do. It's just that the whole thing is irritating; the VO, the design, the complete flip in personality, it's just so not Galio. It's not an expansion, or a focusing-in of anything that was Galio before. It's just... like, the kind of thing I'd expect to see in a League knockoff, and that's what they pass off as Galio. It doesn't help that his theme went from mage to punch, which just sort of adds insult to injury-- Sion never really stopped being a line-forcing, axe-wielding juggernaut. Galio will most definitely stop being a mage tank. I'm not sure I've ever seen 'Warden' used to classify a champion before new Galio. Is this a new thing? Yorick, Poppy, Warwick-- you can see the similarities. Even in Taric, it's just like I said before; they're routinely shedding the points of the character that make them anachronistic considering modern design values (IE out of place humour, 'cartoony' elements, parodies [Sion was just Arnie. Don't even]) and the end result is, give or take, the 'edgy, modern' version of the champion before. Of course, shedding conservative design elements doesn't make them bad and my distaste of Poppy's snaggletooth aside, all of the reworks have been fantastic on a visual level. Gameplay wise, they've all felt more conducive to an identity (although I don't feel Taric was lacking in that before his update). Galio is barely discernible as having been even inspired by old Galio. Everything about the design is a total flip over, from the austere, dark, (attempt at) gothic architecture up to some sort of Power Rangers-inspired white mess. They talk about marble but don't use any of the good effects marble could have; instead he's just some chalky mess with gold wings slapped on for good measure. People aren't wrong. This feels like a new champion they're just replacing Galio with. Imagine, just because they both eat things, Tahm Kench having instead been a Cho'gath rework. Galio was more than an AoE taunt. He may not have been good at showing it, but he was. I'm not even a Galio main. I thought he was one of the more interesting tanks, but I wasn't mad crazy over him. It's just that this is such an incredible departure from the tried and true methods of the team, and I feel like nothing anyone liked about Galio-- kit or design-- translated into the new work.
Totally agree. Just hearing his voice I was instantly put off. Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow was sad and tired. He is no longer.
: That is true. But it's also true that he didn't really fit in demacia, land of swole men, not to mention that it's an anti-magic country. Why would a magical golem be allowed there?
Since when is Demacia anti-magic, isnt Lux a magic user??? It says in her lore she went to the College of Magic... which I'm assuming is in Demacia.
Bârd (NA)
: A list of things that tilt your support.
Number 19 tho... No other role gets as many "suggestions" as to which champ you shoud play. I get right salty when the adc says anything about who i shoud pick, bc you know for damn sure if i tried the opposite the adc woud tell me to go fuck myself.
: Just a minor change to Zac's lore, which would make ALL the difference
Yeah not crazy about the change. He went from having a Superman vibe to a Batman one. We dont need more dark heroes.
: I main support, and...
My personal fave is when the rest of the team has taken: no hard CC no AP no tank And they expect you to actually fill all that as the supp.
Raoul (EUW)
: Since Warwick is getting a rework, I though about a new way for his Blood Scent:
I've thought the same. Your idea's a little more fleshed out than mine tho. Woud be a LOT more thematic imo
: I just wish supports could "farm up" when behind like the rest of the team, but sadly it's against the "law", which is stupid because if you have a failure adc why should they get to keep sucking up all those resources if they are just going to waste. not saying it's impossible, but it's drastically more difficult for a support to recover from a bad early game than it is for any other role, yet according to so many nubs they are responsible for every bad play, but chastised for the kb in a good play. I get it's good to funnel gold on to the adc but honestly, what if adc gets gibbed and your force in to 4v5? would be sweet if supp had some kill gold to compensate for the dead adc.#KSshouldnotbeathing this game, wrinkles my brain..
Part of the reason its frowned upon for a supp to take cs is that it shoudn't need it. Sure if you're in lane by yourself take it, but: **The point of the support is to be useful without gold** From that stems all else. - Because they don't have to farm they have the most spare time to ward. - They get more powerful as they level up their abilities, which increases cc durations, buff/shield/heal amounts etc, not by doing insane dps. Caitlyn needs a bunch of gold to buy items so she can deal tons of damage, but Morgana only needs experience to max her binding. - They are less likely to hit 6 items (low gold income again) so 'wasting' a slot on a Sighstone isn't a problem (plus they ward a lot). - In some cases a damage-focused supp works, but once again it needs to do so on a limited income or snowball the lane hard enough it doesn't matter.
G1mm1cK (NA)
: @Riot Don't make Zeke's an AP item
Just seems to lame to completely remove a unique item (that has some niche use) and replace it with another cdr ap item with a unique passive for supports to build. Just leave it in and add another item. Muh diversity tho.
: I can't lie, I hate Thresh
I play Thresh a lot, and I think one thing to consider is whether your team is ahead or not. If we're ahead, that means we have vision control on your side, making those cross wall hooks happen A LOT. Without vision control he has lot harder time making those happen and making a huge impact. He plays super well when ahead, but just decent from behind. Plus certain supports can easily stop him from getting any kills in lane like Morgana or Alistar. Also, the complaint I always see about "free" armor: he doesnt gain armor per level, collecting souls _is_ his armor per level.
: > [{quoted}](name=03MegurineLuka03,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tdIKEWPI,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2015-06-02T14:29:10.886+0000) > > Except he doesn't obtain "natural" armor per level. It also decays in how much armor and ap he gets drastically the more souls he gets. So it's a necessary evil if you will. I don't think thresh is broken because it's very easy to be a "bad" thresh. > > AKA he still requires some skill, yes it's possible to snake through minions but it's usually a very calculated decision and should it miss he has very little pressure for 10ish seconds. They removed the decay of his 'more souls = less armor/ap' like 3-4 patches after his release. It's .75 flat at all times. And yeah, he does require skill no doubt. But that doesn't mean he should have more strengths and very few, if any, weaknesses. The fact you can't break his lantern is dumb as it is.
Id like to say in regards to out of range souls travelling to him anyways: they dont add to his passive. Yes they float over to him but it does nothing. Also, him not facing where he casts q is intentional, the designer did it on purpose. It has a longer cast time (compared to other cc skillshots) in exchange. Silence and hard cc stops people grabbing his lantern, not to mention simply making a clusterfk on it so they cant click it.
: My 6 yr old proved how Riots report system is fundamentally flawed
I always say "**they'll get the loss they deserve**" when someone is like, "report bc he sucks" Hes allowed to suck, nothing in the SumsCode says he cant. Does it suck the rest lost because of something out of their control? yes, but thats the way ranked works bc its a team effort.
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: Should a fully charged Bard's W heal for % max HP?
Yeah Ive played him a bunch, and his shrines are pretty useless late game. Ive noticed before where Ive pretty much forgot to use w except for speed boosts halfway thru the game.
Reikrak (EUW)
: Pro tips with Rito
I hate the "swearing players lose more games" one. Like, I'm pretty sure the correlation between the two is that you are more likely to cuss out another player if you are losing, as opposed to swearing being some indication of a bad player or cause to make someone tilt.
Aazzlano (NA)
: Eve feels really, really bad with the change to her W
Just played her. I was surprised when it read spell-hits, not auto attacks for the CD reduction, but it seemed fine to me. Idk it really helped to chase people down, or to just get the fuck outta there when bard screws up his ult again. I went cinderhulk and it seemed to really help her sustain problems. I think she's a lot better right now. I ain't no season 2 eve main however, so what do i know?
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: Nidalee is banned in over 75% of all ranked games
The thing that annoys me the most is that Nidalee is OP *again*. Like how many times are you going to tweak her, make her OP, then nerf her her, then tweak her again. So much time wasted trying to fix one champ while there's so many that need attention.
: I just played a game as the new Zilean
i think they should change his q to be a doublecast like rumbles e (and fix its priority) and give him a completely new w. he had little counterplay previously but now hes garbage.
: Can we reduce Galio's mana costs?
yeah, ive ended up picking him a couple times lately and his mana problems are severe. they were against vlad and in the other, zed (lane swap OP). it was a joke trying to cs with only aa and poke with spells and still going oom while my opponents didnt even need to aa to farm and still harassed better than i did. he definitely could use some love. side note: i think his biggest hindrance is that his aa are melee.
Konidias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Greenheath,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EhXmrtaE,comment-id=0048,timestamp=2015-01-22T21:42:26.316+0000) > > i just wonder, did anyone end up at the same rank or higher after placements? what if you won all 10 games? where did u end up? I ended S3 in season 4. I got placed S1 in season 5. Won 7 of 10 placement games.
thanks for the info. i find it odd tho, i ended g5 in season 4 and placed s4 in season 5 i won 6 out 10. i guess id like to see the formula used by riot to determine placements.
: "Placements now have less effect on your seeding" ... BULL!!!
thats outrageous. wow. the system seems faulty if to maintain your ranked status u have win the majority of your placements. to climb ranked you need to win more than you lose (obviously) but even at like a 60% winrate u climb, however, in placements, a 60% win rate means demotion. i just wonder, did anyone end up at the same rank or higher after placements? what if you won all 10 games? where did u end up?
St0rmln (NA)
: A look at the support role and why I get depressed.
i think part of the problem is how visible the supports contribution is. with, say, thresh all his abilities are very easy visible. his kit actually moves champs around. but taric? his stuff is much harder to notice. like, who finishes a fight and is like, "damn if it werent for the passive armor buff from taric id be dead" -no one says that bc u dont see the buff. nobody notices when numbers are changed by abilities. like someone said, the suppports recognition seems tied to how visually impressive the plays are, regardless of their actual usefulness or difficulty.
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
LOL I made a joke to my brother that knowing my luck I'd get Big Bad Warwick. Sure enough, there it is. But thanks anyways! Free is free!
: Starting to just ban Zed at masters
TL;DR I think Riot needs to examine energy based champs and their respective methods of restoring energy. They seem to have trouble balancing a lot of champs but it seems the energy ones are particularly difficult. Zed, Akali and Lee Sin can all restore energy easily because multiple abilities/aa can proc it, short CDs, and the abilities they use never cost more than double their ideal energy refund, sometimes are just over the refund amount. Shen and Kennen have have a harder time restoring energy because their abilities cost more (Taunt only works on champs and there's usually only 1 around) and have higher CDs, as well as needing to auto repeatedly to refund (loses lane control because they end up pushing). These are some the most complained about (IMO) champs in the game for being overpowered or unusable. (Pls note: i have never played Kennen before or after the recent buffs, but he seems the most balanced right now, but still not great).
: This is dedicated to all ADC mains
Let's be real, *all* roles are important because if any of them afk, you gonna lose. Its not like "dont worry its just the adc that afked we're good guys" I think the reason for such toxicity in the bot lane is that its the only lane where your fate is even more inextricably linked with other players than usual. Even the greatest adc could be dragged down by an awful support. On the other hand, why supports don't afk more is unknown to me. You'd think they would being under the same conditions as the adc. I think maybe people who play support just tend to be the kind of person that isn't as self centred, because they know they can't do it alone. The proud, 360 no-scopers don't play support. They play carries and are more likely to rage if it looks like they won't/can't carry. The support knows it isn't completely on their individual performance to carry the late game and are more likely not to give up early.
Budupops (NA)
: "Rek' Sai has a non combat ult due to loaded kit"
Idk if the comparison holds up. It is much more difficult to master Lee Sin than Rek'sai. All Rek'Sai does is auto attack. Like, her q is an aa empower and then you auto until she hits 100 fury and then bite someone. That's pretty much it. She's too easy to play, and there's not really much to counterplay. Dodge her q skillshot that deals little dmg and then run from her? Ok. Her mobility just let's an inexperienced jg do well. Normally a jungler has to be aware of the other jgler so they can countergank, but Rek'Sai? she just ults over. Her tunnels just let her clear even faster because she spends less time walking around. She doesn't reward mastery of her kit like Lee SIn does IMO.
: Disconnects/Ping spikes, Read and Sign if you are having these issues.
Yep had this happen the other day, figured it was my internet but today it happened again. I've been trying for the past 15 mins to reconnect, and it crashes everytime in the loading screen.
: this has been going on for about 4 or 5 patches now and it needs to be adressed, the problem seems to mess with the cooldown of his q.. for now the band aid fix is pick fights in the jungle.. if the q doesnt go off go to a jungle camp and use it to reset it to it's normal cd.. thats about all i can tell you until riot fixes this rather annoying bug, lots of slows can still help u stick to your target.. and as it just so happens new sion seems to be a nice stand in for ww atm
I've had the same problems tho it seems to me like it simply doesn't show that the ability is on cooldown. I still could cast it and after recasting it once it CDed, it was fine.
Nebuul (NA)
: Counters to Popular Ban Champions
If you're against {{champion:84}} seriously, buy a pink ward. Everytime I end up against an Akali I just make sure I always have a pink ward. I can't remember the last time an Akali was a problem. Yeah she spikes midgame but then the pinks come out and shes' done. Also the upgraded red trinket works.


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