: Play what you enjoy. You could definitely improve on the jungle if you just put more effort and thought into when you should farm and when you should gank during early and mid game. Timing camps and pathing goes a long way.
I enjoy top alot more i feel like, i just hate getting camped it seems to happen to me alot. also im a huge fan of kayn i dont think hes as good top.
: When you jungle you die too much and farm too little. You average 3-4 CS A minute when you should be aiming for 7-8 CS/min in jungle. Your kill participation is on the low side as well meaning you aren't grouping during team fights or getting destroyed right away.
ah i see. maybe i should try to focus more on another role then? cus as it stands now i dont know if i can improve more than i am in the jg.
: Can I get some help please?
yeah ive already been working on that much
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Sarutobi (NA)
: Because according to the system it probably doesnt believe you are suppose to be in what ever rank you are currently at. So it pushes you to try and win. If you show the system you deserve that Ranking (by winning games) then the 50% win rate can be true, but its only like that if you are suppose to be in that ranking!
that literally makes 0 sense. i climbed to gold from bronze this season. i have a 50% win rate. how am i not supposed to be where i am?
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: I'm just saying I think you're a top laner; your top lane games look decent. If you don't mind watching for ganks then mid would be a good secondary. Ahri would be a pocket pick I'd suggest to have in case you know you're laning vs those specific champions in order to not feed them as easily.
ty for the suggestion i think i will pick those roles ty :)
: As much as I _don't_ want to say this, if those _particular champs_ are your bane I suggest Ahri.
I'm not exactly looking for champ suggestions mostly just a role. I can figure out the champ next.
: There's champs for every playstyle in each role, so what you wrote doesn't really narrow it down. However, from looking at your match history, it would seem that you gravitate towards IDGAF champions like {{champion:23}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:266}} , so I'd safely narrow it down to top lane. If those aren't quite your fit yet, I'd suggest going through the standard top laners and knocking them out 1 by 1 as each goes on free rotation or by doing a little research on them and making a short-list. http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Top
Yea champs like that have been what I've played in the past. I usually do well with fighters and assassins. I'm not a fan of tank champs and casters I can do well with as well. I've been afraid to try mid more than I have cus I have a fear of lux Annie and Leblanc lol but I've been trying mid out more lately. I'm almost positive I don't want to main jungle I never usually care for most of the champs in it. What info would you need more of to help me make a educated guess?
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CmK141 (NA)
: Aatrox Main!
I agree I want old aatrox over this new one. Aatrox is my 2nd most played champ and lvl 7 mastery and I can't touch him now
: One tricks?
Panth and max sound pretty nice. If you guys want check out my op.gg and see if any of my champs there sound good
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: So Which is it, People? Is Armor OP or is Lethality OP?
I feel tanks need their dmg nerfed. I don't think tanks should be able to destroy everything but I also don't think they should be quickly killed either. If a tank gets fed and the team is ahead let him be almost impossible to kill Just like if a carry gets fed they destroy everything.
: Help me please!
Plz someone help!
: Help me please!
: Annie
And a almost on demand stun every few secs with nuts burst....
: Played a few more games of ranked with Aatrox after the hotfix...its really bad.
I fully agree friend. Former aatrox main that finally benched him after this patch. Couldn't take it. He used to die fast enough as it was with his old passive now with the new passive I get tower dove and everything before I can fill up my well...
: Aatrox Hotfixed Buffs
I personally feel it's dumb to undertune a champs base stats for part of their kit anyways. Why grant them free atk spd in their passive if you lower their base spd to compensate it? I'd rather get a stun or something op in this case <.<
: So I've played Teemo for several games, and here is what I think of him
HangH (NA)
: Aatrox rework
I would like the original aatrox back with bandaid buffs til his actual rework comes out myself.
: Can someone help me out on this?
What BBQ mentioned. Get better at your lane and win. If you see another lane struggling help them after you push your lane. It's a team game. Instead of worrying about a bad teammate try to carry. You will gradually get better by doing so
: Helping to climb elo
The key for me to climb from silver to gold this season was forsake my team. Literally what I did every game was go top or jg and pick a split push champ and go ham. I'd tell the team to group as 4 and push something if they complained I muted them. I climbed and got gold first try.
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: Top lane can go fuck itself
I feel the same way sometimes but it's one of those "grass is greener on the other side" situations. If you go jg mid or bot you will still run into games where the other lanes feed. You just have to accept the fact you will have feeders, take tp and try to have as much impact across map as you can.
: He like a lot of other champions is a situational pick. I think one of the main things that sets him back is the strength of tanks and generally AD heavy team comps. Tanks do a really good job at peeling and are generally tanky enough where ignoring the rest of your team for several seconds has no impact on their health bar. ADCs have BT and sometimes GA which do a really good job at keeping them alive, plus you have the 1000 shields that supports can offer today and redemption heals. Then if we consider how much of a range Zed usually has to close he will most likely have to use W which takes away a lot of burst and leaves him vulnerable after getting on his target. If we are talking mages too though, we have Zhonya's which completely fucks Zed. So as long as we have tanks in the meta, strong supports, and AD heavy teams we probably won't see Zed rising in strength or even being strong enough to be consistently picked.
Ah i see. that sucks i really like that champ
: He gets shit on top mainly because he is an assassin and assassins struggle against tankier champions because they don't have the damage for them. Also, if he is against a bruiser they will have a lot of DPS while Zed will not so extended trades are always going to lead to you losing out. As for jungle he has bad clears which is a lot of what makes junglers now a days.
ah so zed is pretty much doomed to be just a tier 2 mid lane and thats it?
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: Good luck jungleing for next patch or so
Why what's wrong with jungle?
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: Help!
Anyone able to help me with this?
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Kilanost (NA)
: Pick the one you have the most fun with.
I like multiple things and I also like winning that's why I'm here for advice lol
: By the looks of it you seem to do best with tank junglers, when playing non-tanks you need to focus on your own gameplay. Limit yourself to a certain amount of deaths and try not to go over that.
Ok so which champs do you think I should focus on?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Greenlee19,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=RnHccT6L,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-08T15:14:21.431+0000) > > yea cus that makes sense. why make me do placements over again if they are going to make me lower reguardless? thats 10 games i could have put toward climbing. also its counter productive as fuck making me have to climb a tier i already have twice The same reason why Nascar makes people do qualifying laps to get placements. Same reason boxers have to reweight every year. You can't just keep starting everyone out at the top otherwise new(er) players will never be able to learn playing with JUST people their level.
none of what you said has any relevance to this. the placement matches on league if they reset our mmr and make us do them should be like if we were on a fresh account, not make us do 10 matches and even if we do well get put lower than what i was last season thats just a joke.
: It's very simple, MMR soft reset, and you are playing against people who are equal or lower mmr then you. It's like Elite Sniper vs Blind Sniper. Who is going to win? Should you be allowed to brag if you beat a blind person?. If you got to silver , you should have no issue climbing out of it.
yea cus that makes sense. why make me do placements over again if they are going to make me lower reguardless? thats 10 games i could have put toward climbing. also its counter productive as fuck making me have to climb a tier i already have twice
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Áery (NA)
: Flex Queue is awful
This system legit is bs. the last 2 days I have been getting put into games where my team has silver or low gold people (myself being silver) and the enemy team having high gold, plat, or even diamond ranked people. seriously wtf? everyone keeps saying "hard reset mmr is equal now" if that were the case whenever we do the 10 placement matches doesnt that decide our mmr? if so why the fuck is this still happening? I just want to play ranked again and try to get gold so i can get the mao skin already :/
B00B00 (EUW)
: it is a new que so everyones MMR is the same.
this suuuuuuuucks. im not fighting anyone my rank.
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: Firstly, you're playing champs that are (except Graves) all fairly easy to circumvent if you get ahead. Zed only kills one-two people at a time, Darius is easily kited, Fizz is very short-ranged, Yi is feast or famine and dies easily with cc+burst. Play something more reliable. I'd suggest a few mages, but Riot kinda ruined most of them right now. But: Top: {{champion:86}} {{champion:48}} are both solid performers Mid: {{champion:99}} as reliable goes, this is about all that's left Jg/ADC: pick something, it's almost all really strong Support: just don't
Oh well darn lol alright I'll take your advice. Sucks that all my fav champs arnt that great :(
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: Help plz
anyone? :(
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: Need some help plz!
Ello (NA)
: ***
Thanks for that info. I'm sure I'm doing a few things wrong but I'm not catching myself do it. Care if I add you and you spectate some of my games?
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