: Then just dont say anything
: you can /mute all but muting people just makes it where you can't see what they say, they can still see anything you say. it's like when you mute your tv, you stop hearing it but you yourself can still make sound.
Implying mute all doesn't include yourself
Rioter Comments
: It's called Zhyonas, and QSS. Zhyonas is literally on all points a counter to zed, there is no useless stat in zhyonas against any ad mids. Also if zed gets behind it isn't as easy as people say to click one button and delete someone especially if the enemy knows what they are doing.
% of players that know what they're doing, please. And ADC buy QSS make them weaker, meanwhile Zed bottom after failure to assassinate. l0l
: Can we get "botting" as a report option in game?
Dude, I was in a game with an Annie that literally (I swear) must have been playing League of Legends, the game that requires the use of both a mouse and a keyboard, with a single hand! In order to autoattack, use a skill, etc., she had to (even being showered with ultimates) stop moving for a good 2-3 seconds before assuming any kind of offense.
: Champs/Skins I was gifted are gone! Where did they go?!
Dear Riot, Give me my pink cupcake with eyeballs back. Sincerely, your player & customer of 4+ years P.S. I don't know if I lost anything else since I usually get whatever skins I want with my own money and on my own account, but the avatar, which I've been using since I got it, was something that you received due to being gifted. P.S.S. Came back from finals week to this...lol. Christmas/New Years spirit MIA???
: Sivir builds
BT Boooots Shyv IE LW Angel
Anoyze (NA)
: Increasing champion ban counts to 8 - thoughts?
: im on an toshiba and i seem to stop moveing but i can still see people dieing and commenting wondering if that a problem with my internet or riots servers
I had this problem about a week ago...said I needed to reconnect yet the game was clearly visibly still going on.
: What do you think about attaching multiple Summoners to a single Account?


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