DunkProphet (EUNE)
I took 1900 damage in 2.25 seconds from a vayne with I.E. Shiv, Ginsuoos, And botrk. NERF THIS SHIT ALREADY JESUS CHRIST!
Rioter Comments
: Advanced Bot Testing
I have faced the same bs for two games now, I am so over this garbage april fools crap
: The PBE SignUp Page
I have been waiting to get access to the pbe for over 2 years now. I have never had a ban and I play all kinds of positions and champs. I think riot got lazy and dosent actually pay attention to this system anymore but maybe thats just my salty opinion.
: LoL Store Not Working
Same problem for me at the moment. been trying for the past 4 hours and it is still down
: Preseason 2015: Increasing Strategic Diversity
The changes to the jungle seem like they are rushed for no reason. as a Jungle main I feel like you are putting junglers at a huge disadvantage by changing everything way to quickly, you need to slowly change things like this, not change the entire jungle all at once, cmon rito, do something right for once

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