: trophy pedestal at top lane. yeah, you know exactly which lane is the meta carry lane ad has been irrelevant for ~8 months (they can still feed though, but cant carry)
You're actually out of your mind if you think bot lane is bad. Bot lane has been in a good spot ever since the item reverts. Not to mention that it's nobody else's fault but yours if you can only play marksman instead of what's meta in the lane.
: What version of Windows were you on before? Have you tried using the 5 minutes to check for updates? Have you tried booting the computer in Safe Mode?
Hey. I just went back to my most recent version of Windows 10 and it worked perfectly. Thanks and sorry I didn't see your comment for so long.
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Shapa10 (NA)
: Myself and one other poster, that I've seen so far, are having the exact same issue......
did you fix it or is your account becoming more and more tainted too?
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: Elderwood Kindred
This is a fantastic skin. Please continue to make more.
: Nexus turrets should be the strongest, not the weakest turrets
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