: Baron Nashor Minecraft Model
Thanks to all of you who took their time and commented, whether for positive or negative reasons. I honestly didn't think this'd get much attention, seeing many old minecraft baron creations. About minecraft, the sad thing is that it's filled with squeaking 10 year old turds talking about (adult things) all the time. About shaders, I don't use them because I like to see my builds how 80% of everyone else sees it (This was in a server.) About building the _entire_ summoner's rift, well, this creation (like I said) was built in a server, and I only have so much land. A little lack of foresight on my part. Additionally, our friend Baron here was not build entirely by hand. I'm too lazy for that. Not to mention that building the entire rift would take a horrendous amount of time, time that I don't have (Or too lazy to spend). Again, thank you all for commenting, upvoting, and doing whatever. Don't expect much more, though. I'm really lazy. > "1v5? You mean Pentakill?"
Wuks (NA)
: HOW COULD ANYONE HATE THIS? Good work, mate!
Thanks a lot :D The thing about minecraft is that it's filled with a bunch of 7 year olds who got into the adult world way too early. But that's not the game we're supposed to be talking about here, right? Thanks for taking your time to compliment, this took a lot of hard work.
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leebeer (NA)
: I use Hextech Sion
I have only seen 1 other Elderwood Bard {{summoner:3}}


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