: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
But what if you hate the new client?
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: Flex queue broken
Got placed gold 1 before the "Fix" played a game with 3 bronze players and a diamond. Lost and got placed into silver 2. They will never fix the system, the only reason they did the "fix" was because high elo players got placed low and cried on reddit about it.
: If that was implemented then no game would ever go very far. People would always /remake if they were behind.
There is a difference between being behind and having someone feed intentionally then quit. Riot just seems to give people that do this slaps on the wrist with a "Longer queue time for 5-10 games" penalty. This is not fair for the rest of us that are actually trying to play the game. Even when people like that are reported by the entire lobby, it doesn't seem to do anything because that person is still there ruining games for some other poor soul.
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: I've done it many times... It's nothing that special
You've never done it, you only have 3 games played in ranked.
: I won 11 in a row the other day. I wasn't support tho. 9 of 11 I was Eve jungle and a few I carried really hard. I don't remember what my longest streak is but I believe it is 13.
Yeah but that is using the same champ each game. This is different champions for each game.
: what do you mean?
10 game win streak using a different champ every game.
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: I agree with this whole heartily that the community in grand scheme of things is Toxic as hell. As an example of the Toxicity: I received a couple false reports that I have been harassing players & yet I haven't said anything of the sort that would lead to that type of report. Another thing that kinda pisses me off is there is no way to effectively countermanding these types of reports. As the example I was in a game and someone was saying stuff about "Nazi" and also swearing up a storm during the opening 2 minutes of the game & after the match I point out the fact that this Summoner should be reported for Hate Speech & Offensive Language then I get the report that I was doing that which of course is a flat out lie. Plus all this toxicity leads me to being tilted when it comes to this game & almost makes me want to flat out quit this freaking game all together. Riot really needs to log both the Pre-Game Lobby and Post-Game Lobby in it's report history when it comes to reports (with the game chat of course), because I tend to see the most toxic parts in the Post-Game Lobby.
I have screenshots of the pre game chat of my team uddering nothing but racial slurs. I have realized that if you just mute those people as soon as the game starts, you tend to have a better time.
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: im telling you that the ability to read and understand texts is taught in school and you should go back there to learn it.
You just made absolutely no sense whatsoever with your comment. Please just stop you are hurting yourself and no one else. I spoke about people not understanding league as a team game and your rant had nothing to do with that at all.
: Nice Plays.say,whts the dubsteb of ur league vid 1?
OMFG - Hello (Will & Tim Remix) is the song at the begin. If that is what you wanted to know.
: the problem with that is that your and your friends as well as almost all of leagues communitys understanding of the game is so bad, they cant even tell who has good or bad understanding. like, all you do is random and when things work, it didnt work because you played so well but just because an enemy just didnt happen to sit behind the guy you tried to fight and gank you. like, its not even about making "mistakes" or anything, its about approaching the game in a completely wrong way and absolutely not how its supposed to be played. like, you might think "i gotta become better and make sick plays happen" or something, but infact if you ever make "plays", its you making the best out of a bad situation you got yourself into. i would just wish that people would stop crying about others not understanding the game and realize that they have to work on their own understanding way way harder. there is a damn good reason you and your friend are low elo.
So you are telling me that platinum is low and what, an adc taking ignite is playing smart and people trying to 1v5 is supposed to be an amazing play? Please unless you have some useful insight do not comment because you are just ignorant to the situation. Edit: Sorry he just finished his promos, now he is diamond 5 same as you.
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GrimmFX (NA)
: Bronze against Gold/Plat
I play teambuilder a lot though
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: 24/7 : 5 Vs. 5 Recruiting for Ranked Team (TRY OUTS STARTING)
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