: Patch 8.14 notes
Maybe buff heal/barrier/exhaust instead of nerfing tp if you want bot lane to use other summoners.
: Riot doesnt believe in pineapple pizzas.{{item:3070}}
Cause pineapple on pizza is disgusting.
: dodge the pizzas!
Dodge... pizza? Does not compute.
: Patch 8.4 notes
Finally some appropriate Ornn nerfs, but, he should get Unstoppable back.
: A new master yi skin! Just what we need! Not like Swain is 5 years over due.
Dragon Trainer Swain plz
: Can i see some ekko buffs so he's played at worlds.... i miss cancertank ekko.
I wanna see a Juggernaut type class rework so we get more Darius pentas.
: Patch 7.12 notes
Doran's Ring nerf calls out Nautilus, rito, you misspelled Galio.
: So wait, what's the deal with Swain? There is dialogue for him but they only refer to him with vastaya blood?{{champion:50}}
I hope he sacrificed a vastaya for his powers. Or trapped one and draws from its power. Something dark.
: Patch 7.8 notes
Are heath relics better than health relics?
Emojay (NA)
: I like how no matter what they do to him, he still seems to be relitively good, or okay.
multiple flashes in your kit will do that for a champ ;)
: Hopefully they don't emphasize crit items on assassins. That'd buff AD Carries + Melee AD carries because we all know that ad carries love to play with the other classes new shiny toys.. just as the mid laners used to play with the shiny spell thief's edge.. and how ezreal plays with anything he can get his hands on. AP mage mid laners won't have a spot anymore if that happens.
They talked about armor pen a bit in the article, that is probably what most ad assassin's items will rely on.
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
Does Ekko have to be an assassin? Maybe you just accept that he works better as a tanky disruptor and tune him for that role. Just my 2 cents.
: 10 Things We Learned on Day 1
If you say the same thing twice you only learned 9 things on day 1. Learn2count.
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
Trust issues happen when you make knee-jerk nerfs to champions, then you realize the true problem, fix that, and leave the previously nerfed champions in a poor state because they were powerful for 2 weeks.
: She's a kid though ;-;
16 is the age of consent in many places, not really a kid.
: there can be multiple airbenders guys. Also {{champion:8}} bloodbender
Kowa1 (NA)
: wanted to make the champ better... but then we look at nidalee, and karma? both reworks, were super fucking nerfs from the old champs. useless.. THEY TOOK AWAY TARICS SHIELD. How can he be the SHIELD OF DALORAN WITHOUT A SHIELD? GG RITO
you realize nidalee is the #1 fastest jungler in the game right now, right? and karma is picked professionally in mid and support, also not useless. ps, taric was imbued with an aspect from mt targon, he is now a magical shield. like, his entire being is a shield.
It's Iron Man, duh. Doesn't anyone notice an arc reactor when they see one?
: YES! I always wanted pollypockets
: I really just wanna call this champ Jim
Earthworm Jhin skin anyone?
: THE Dragonmaster Swain
Make this along with Unprepared Garen.
: Unprepared Garen? Riot Pls! - Ultimate Skin Concept
Make this along with Dragonmaster Swain.
: Champion Q&A: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
Love the tentacle. Give us a Yivo skin. For her and Velkoz.
Thales (NA)
: Being turned into a vessel seems bad, but it's really hard to get a feel for exactly how bad it is, and there's high burden of knowledge about details like how frequently tentacles will attack you, how to de-vesselize yourself, etc. How will you measure whether players on both teams are understanding the rules of Illaoi's Test of Spirit?
My teammates keep killing tentacles when I'm the vessel, any chance you could remove the de-buff after 5 assists or 3 kills? It gets annoying and I don't want to yell at a teammate to stop when they are trying to help and only want to get rid of the tentacle.
Cheesus7 (NA)
: I played a game on blue side as the adc and on my first back I bought a bf sword and a pink ward. When I got back to lane I shoved the wave and walked into the enemy team's blue buff area and put said ward in the bush. I had a support main and they cried from happiness.
I too buy an early pink as adc. Too bad for supports I main top and rarely adc.
: The Wombo Combo Collection
That's why you don't have any friends Amumu, you dream stealer.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dabeastwithin777,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=q8sJLh1M,comment-id=0009000200000000,timestamp=2015-08-12T00:09:24.669+0000) > > Oh my lord...... All my friends and I play at 150 ping and half of my friends are plat,diamond..... Please stop whining and understand that when I'm at 100 ping, I'm SUPER happy cause I can control my champion, while everyone in the West coast is depressed about being bumped up to 50 ping or so.... Stop being so selfish please... Other people like to play too Cali isn't the only state with people who play league in it. You putting up with garbage for years doesn't suddenly make foisting that garbage off on the western states ok.
"Putting up with"... we have no choice.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
: I dont see why you guys cant KEEP the ARAM map... so when you queue for ARAM we can have a chance to play in either howling fjord or bilgewater. Kind of a huge waste of time and money spent on making the map for it to only be here for a little while and be completely gone... just make it available always please.
Right? ARAM is all about the Random so not knowing which map you will play on fits just right.
: Bilgewater: Burning Tides sails over the horizon
I love me some Garen, and Garen loves him some Dead Man's Plate. Now when the Garen changes go live I won't have a reason to play anyone else.
: I logged just to reply to you. As an artist who actually sees character design in games as a part of the actual artistic aspect of the game, I feel taking away the cigar was stupid and insulting to the original ideals set by the creators when he was designed. Do they feel the same way? No clue, but that doesn't change my opinion. Just because some jerks in other countries think that smoking cigars is too much for kids, yet Esquire {{champion:79}} which has smoking in it and the half naked characters or sexualized characters don't have the same effect, is completely stupid.
Please stop mentioning Gragas Esq. He is more likely to lose his than Graves is to get his back.
Rioter Comments
: Competitive Ruling: Counter Logic Gaming
Good show, CLG! I used to care but now I just stop in to see where you'll shoot yourselves next. Foot? Hand? No, this time we'll try the spleen. Let's see if we can do some real damage!
: every new splash look good gj rito
I disagree, Wukong looks butt ugly and I'm very thankful I have skins for him.
: Of all the times in August, you decided to do it on the last week? The same one when school/college starts? Thinking OP
You only had all summer to save money, thinking OP indeed...
: Champion Spotlight: Karthus, the Deathsinger
My favorite part was when the Teemo died.
: Soccer ball Rammus, pls
Since they change the ball each time you could use the new ball's name every time. Brazuca Rammus for this year.
: What's wrong with Yasuo on sale? He's one of the near-1,000 RP champs, so cutting down from 10 bucks to 5 sounds great to me.
I think he is dreading the incoming flux of Yasuo players.
: Without URF im a lost sole i stay awake at night unable to sleep i fear i will soon give up on life all together :'(
Maybe you will luck out and a cobbler finds a good shoe for you to fit in.
: i was about to main {{champion:121}} 2 but i guess u could give him the biggest nerf in LoL history so SCREW YOU RIOT!!!!!
Better nerf Irelia is a phrase that exists for a reason. Your bug has got nothing on her hard knock life.
: And I quote, " BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Flamespitter dealt less damage when on purple team" ..........................................................................................................................
Everyone knows fire doesn't work well with purple. What did they teach you in kindergarten?
: What we need is Poro Queen Annie where she is dressed with a white coat and a poro hat then instead of summoning tibbers she summons a massive poro btw if this is made i can guarantee massive income flowing in from people buying it
I think she should summon Tibbers in a Braum costume. That I would buy and I don't even play Annie.
Fast one (NA)
: I expect insta-death when i ulti other champs. I mean come on, You're obviously stabbed to death
I feel the same way with my {{champion:86}} and {{champion:122}} ults. A giant sword/axe cleaving you in twain, insta death every time right? (sarcasm for those of you w/o the skill to recognize it)
: Oh man, that reminds me of the guy that used to post his erotic fan fiction here. My mind blocked most of it, I just remember it had Kassadin or something. Please don't summon that guy =/
It involved incest with {{champion:86}} and {{champion:99}} if my twisted mind recalls correctly.
MeFab (NA)
: Is yellow star Asian?{{champion:64}}
He looks Asian but I think he is French... so Frasian?
: I'll point out the elephant in the room. {{champion:236}} laned with {{champion:412}} ? k, now everything is possible, he forgave him for taking his wife's soul.
Lucian forgave nothing. Some @sshole summoner forced him into the same lane as his mortal enemy. ;)
: Well clg must have done something bad and that was their{{champion:43}} for it
Monte's spinner said "Bad Karma, win 1 game, give fans false hope, then throw."
: Dang, supp penta Gj xspecial!!! gj gj gj
I feel someone should tell you... Bjergson was mid Karma and Xpecial was supporting on Thresh.
: Im coming Rito{{champion:120}}{{summoner:10}} {{summoner:12}} {{item:3270}}
Phrasing! {{item:3113}} Boom!
: so anyone else besides me see a similarity between Braum and Colonel Armstrong from full metal alchemist or am I the only one who watches anime?
I believe it's Major Armstrong, and you aren't the only one that noticed.
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