: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: I'm always glad to see other Nasus mains here. I'd give him this some of the buffs below that could come along with some nerfs to balance it all. * Passive heals before resists (not every other LS items he could build, only his passive). It could be a flat scaling with level + scaling ratio based on number of stacks or ad or hp. This is to make sure his healing doesn't become nonexistent when fighting huge tanks such as Malphite or Shen, but doesn't make a huge difference when fighting squishies. * R gives him passively 10/20/30% bonus armor pen This could be moved to Q increased by number of stacks, but then he would become too feast or famine so having it scale on R level seems like a better idea. * He gains 40/50/60/70/80 movement speed while in E I'm not sure about this one though. E's mana cost is already really high for what it provides, but you couldn't make use of the ms AND armor pen often.
> [{quoted}](name=le un le seul,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mg2NKEWf,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2017-06-09T01:38:21.816+0000) > > I'm always glad to see other Nasus mains here. > > I'd give him this some of the buffs below that could come along with some nerfs to balance it all. > > * Passive heals before resists (not every other LS items he could build, only his passive). > > It could be a flat scaling with level + scaling ratio based on number of stacks or ad or hp. This is to make sure his healing doesn't become nonexistent when fighting huge tanks such as Malphite or Shen, but doesn't make a huge difference when fighting squishies. > > * R gives him passively 10/20/30% bonus armor pen > > This could be moved to Q increased by number of stacks, but then he would become too feast or famine so having it scale on R level seems like a better idea. > > * He gains 40/50/60/70/80 movement speed while in E > > I'm not sure about this one though. E's mana cost is already really high for what it provides, but you couldn't make use of the ms AND armor pen often. The passive idea stands out as a foundation to work with around his kit - since mobility is definitely not a justifiable attribute that can be tagged onto Nasus, what with the rampant mobility creep League has already been suffering from between seasons, it stands to reason that with the tendency for Nasus to get stack-checked against frontliners in the late game that tying his sustain across his kit could open new build and playstyle options - especially if W or E are reworked in any capacity. For example: Soul Eater - a % of pre-mitigated damage dealt by Nasus' abilities heal him. Grievous Wounds, evading, and damage immunity still stand as options to counter-act him in these cases. And should Q become a skillshot - say not too dissimilar to Yasuo or Rengar's Q in functional design, it would add more counterplay and risk/reward - and maybe put less of a reliance on Trinity Force depending on whether or not it applies on-hit effects or not. E could have a QoL buff, in that passively it grants a % of total armor penetration - Actively applies it to those hit by its AoE and who remain within it as % shred of Bonus Armor, but disables the passive whilst on cooldown. This enables the Nasus player to decidedly use it to support his team, or selfishly keep it tacked on himself depending on the situation to bolster his damage output, placing emphasis on the player to recognize situations where their team's interests supercede their own. However, as brought up already, the upcoming changes to runes, masteries, and likely champion base stats - will possibly paint a new picture where Nasus may need more or less work to done to address his underlying issues and identity within the pool of Champions balance wise.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
Whilst the aforementioned posts have done much to convey the sentiment towards more all-encompassing runes, its important I feel based on my experiences playing from S1 through to the present, that runes, keystones, masteries - the system that allows individual expression within even a singular champion to be retained. Whilst not all playstyles are necessarily flashy, fun, the options provided they are not unhealthy for the game, should be supported and encouraged so there can be a sense of competitive diversity. Windowed spikes of power should offer meaningful risk and rewards compared to passive/ever-present bonuses operating in the background. Unfortunately in the cases of Thunderlord's Decree and even Courage of the Colossus' debut - the statistical advantage damage/damage mitigation has is something I would hope to be curbed/reined in so as to not become the default choice for Assassins/Combo damage dealers and Off-tankish/full tanks respectively. That being said, conditional risks make sense where the payout demands decision making on the player to maximize the boon a keystone/rune interaction would have I feel is a good direction to strive towards. In the case of Stormraider's Surge, it is a windowed opportunity for an expedient chase/disengage depending on the situation - and its ease of access to varies from champion to champion making counter-play possible, be it CCing the Surged champion with hard CC - or being forced to burn a mobility spell to gain distance against the Surger's speed. The concept of Berserk intrigues me, in that it rewards you with a statistical advantage combat wise - it is offset by the risk and commitment to maximizing the value it can provide you, once again demanding decision-making from the initiator; as well as providing counter-play to the defender to react to. With the discussions surrounding {{champion:7}} Leblanc and her lack of commitment with trades, engages, or kill-securing, this feels especially relevant. I for one would much rather see less keystones that inflate/pad reliable damage/healing/shielding options (without some kind of meaningful trade off), in favor of more decision-making and readily counterable options that reinforce meaningful player interactions. As it stands, a lot of assassins/combo mages are hampered in terms of balance by the injection of power afforded by Thunderlord's Decree in tandem with other free damage masteries. Likewise, supports of the shielding/healing variety contend with a very slippery slope of either overwhelming sustain and damage mitigation, or inconsequential presence limited to minor injections of utility (initial rework {{champion:16}} Soraka being a prime example). I would anticipate with the removal of the static stat padding runes in the new system, champion stats and scalings would be fine-tuned to trim excesses of power/compensate for necessary facets of their identity (junglers being a prime category), though as mentioned before - it would be interesting and nice to see potential iterations of jungler oriented runes (such as explorer, or even an iteration of Warlord's Bloodlust that charges faster when attacking monsters/moving through the jungle) see use. Either way, I look forward to the upcoming changes with much enthusiasm.
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Artishy (NA)
: Help me stop tilting.
Focus on the aspects of what you can control. Frustrating as it can be to watch allies make mistakes/poor decisions/outright throw or troll - you are ultimately accountable for your actions, thoughts, and feelings in relating to the world (the external aspect) of reality. Internally, your mind is your own - and to lose your temper, to lose control, is you demonstrating weakness by saying: others wield greater control over you than yourself. That being said, when you find yourself tilting in a ranked session - post game: stop. Don't go into another ranked match until you've calmed down first and foremost. Secondly, examine your own actions, thoughts, patterns of thinking - find out what you could've done better/improved upon. This introspective examination of your abilities/meta-cognition will make you a more conscientious and self-aware player, with a better understanding of not just limiting your mistakes - but capitalizing on the ones that you do make to expand your abilities and help you grow from such experiences. e.g.: mechanical skill refinement (the most basic), strategic pro-activity (taking advantage of an asset YOU control), strategic reactivity (taking advantage of a window of weakness an enemy has presented), foresight (understanding the chain of possible events with each action/inaction and weighing up the benefits and cons of each). Suffice it to say, there well never be a point where can say in full confidence they are 'good enough'. There is always something to improve upon - and that should be the guiding beacon of light that illuminates your path. Not to compare, compete, or look down on those you've surpassed - but to realize your fullest potential, if not push the boundaries of what you thought were your limits.
I may not be female, but I'd be up for team ranked should you need a sub to fill in the roster. I play each and every role, though I prefer in this order (Jungle/Support/Top/Mid/ADC).
: What if evolving Kha'Zix's ultimate turned it into a charge system?
Or perhaps a full rework would be in order to address power in his kit that doesn't make sense? (Note this was written back around August 2014) With Kha’Zix having been significantly adjusted between patches after his release, it would be worth possibly looking into an alternative kit much in the same light Diana is currently being looked at to avoid a situation of extreme feast or famine gameplay that mitigates counter play or satisfactory execution of mechanical skill. (Current) Passive: Unseen Threat - In its current iteration; it provides Kha’Zix a combination of mixed damage output and potentially limitless refreshable source of CC when chasing through the jungle or areas where enemies possess low visibility. (Proposed) Passive: Voidreaver’s Touch - The core premise of Kha’Zix’s kit as far as the keystone to his success was the Isolation mechanic found in (Q) Taste Their Fear. What is proposed is the potential to extend that bonus to apply to the rest of his kit, albeit with a lower amplifier, and conditional range requirements lowering with each level. Kha’Zix deals 20% amplified damage with basic attacks or abilities to champions or units considered Isolated. A unit is considered isolated when there are no allied units, champion, or structures within (510 - (10 x Kha’Zix’s Level)) of it. Isolation ranges from 500 to 330 bringing it back close to is pre patch 4.7 value of (325) when one manages to attain lvl 18. Bearing in mind this affects ALL sources of damage from Kha’Zix instead – and thus the damage amplifier as well as other ability base values and ratios are lowered to avoid abuse. (Current) Q: Taste Their Fear - Single Target Nuke with a 30% damage amplifier with the Isolation mechanic. Applies spell effects. (Current) Evolved Q: Taste Their Fear - Single Target Nuke with altered damage table with the Isolation mechanic based on level. Applies spell effects. The quintessential bread and butter of Kha’Zix’s kit since the halcyon or nightmarish days since patch 3.8 removed (Evolved W) Void Spike’s ability to apply Unseen Threat for massive AoE mixed damage; the sensibilities in it applying spell effects meant with its high base damage during the laning phase – it would discourage opposing melee champions from creep scoring, further exacerbating its nature as a harassment and kill securing tool as isolation would take effect after repeated abuse of the opposing champion. Due to the fact this ability counts as a spell; it would not pull minion aggro and would therefore be a relatively ‘safe’ trading tool in tandem with (W) Void Spike’s point blank heal bonus. (Proposed) Q: Taste Their Fear - Single Target Nuke that applies on-hit effects. Only the Attack Damage portion of the ability may Critically Strike (Proposed) Evolved Q: Taste Their Fear - Single Target Nuke that applies on-hit effects. Passively confers a range extension of 50 units to the ability and basic attacks. May Critically Strike fully. The proposed changes are therefore aimed at re-tuning it to synergize with Kha’Zix’s preferred itemization paths in tandem with opening windows of counter play. Being as it is considered a basic attack; it will pull minion aggro during laning phase’s trades and skirmishes. Additionally; since the (Proposed) W: Void Spikes will be losing its AP ratio based heal – Kha’Zix will not be able to simply out attrition his lane mates as any lifesteal built for sustain purposes can be mitigated in effectiveness by staggering armor. Additionally, Doran’s Shield as well as the Block and Unyielding masteries of the Defense Tree will mitigate its power during early game exchanges. (Current) W: Void Spikes - Linear collision skillshot that applies a slow to targets struck. Heals Kha’Zix if he is caught in the explosion radius. (Current) Evolved W: Void Spikes - Multiple linear collision skillshot that applies a slow to targets struck. Heals Kha’Zix if he is caught in the explosion radius. Following on the discussion point of earlier changes, Kha’Zix’s loss of slows from his passive Unseen Threat in favor of Voidreaver’s Touch has placed a substantial emphasis upon (W) Void Spikes’ ability to bring soft CC to enemies at a distance. That being said; the evolved variant does little to bolster its effectiveness in this regard with its shotgun like haphazard spread and substantial cooldown. (Proposed) W: Void Spikes - Linear collision skillshot that applies slows to targets struck. Functions on an ammo system (3 charges maximum). Recharges at a rate of 16 seconds. Reducible cooldown of 1 second between activations. (Proposed) Evolved W: Void Spikes - Linear collision skillshot that applies slows to targets struck. Confers vision of targets struck. Functions on an ammo system (increased to 4 charges maximum). Recharges at a rate of 16 seconds. Reducible cooldown of 1 second between activations. Slow potency increased to 40%. From a gameplay and aesthetic standpoint – the long periods of time where Kha’Zix cannot cast (W) Void Spikes proves to be frustrating. With the ammo based stock system; Kha’Zix is given the flexibility to peel, sustain a chase, or mildly poke; given that individual casts of Void Spikes will do less damage, being more useful in the utility of being Kha’Zix’s only form of CC. This is further gated by its inherent recharge time and mana constraints. (Current) E: Leap - Dash and Damage to Target AoE Location. (Current) Evolved Q: Leap - Dash and Damage to Target AoE Location. Increased ranged by 300 units. Fully resets on kill or assists. Due to his popularity during the LCS and exemplary performance with AoE clean up damage output, patch 4.3 nerfed the bonus AD ratio from 80% to 20%. This change in of itself was aimed at reducing its potential to be used in a burst and reset damage rotation, however there is lost potential with it retaining what is essentially a very meager if not irrelevant amount of damage. (Proposed) E: Leap - Dash to Target AoE Location and Knockback from Landing Zone. Resets 50% of the current cooldown on kills or assists. (Proposed) Evolved E: Leap - Dash to Target AoE Location and Knockback from Landing Zone. Increased range by 300 units. Resets 75% of the current cooldown on kills or assists. The new iteration is aimed at giving Kha’Zix a measure of utility that synergizes with his own kit (Voidreaver’s Touch) as well as his allies (peeling for the backline of one’s allies, or disrupting the enemy’s backline or frontline respectively) that comes not in the form of raw damage or unparalleled mobility. Whilst the reset mechanic is still present; it has been toned down, taking a page out of Master Yi’s book by influencing the cooldown of resets by a percentage of its current value instead of a full reset. This is also not a must have among evolutions as it retains the core assets in its evolved or unevolved state. (Current) R: Void Assault - Stealths Kha’Zix for 1 second and confers a 40% Movement Speed Buff. Confers Unseen Threat to Kha’Zix regardless of enemy detection. May be recast up to 2 times with 2 second intervals between activations. (Current) Evolved R: Void Assault - Stealths Kha’Zix for 2 seconds and confers a 40% Movement Speed Buff. Confers Unseen Threat to Kha’Zix regardless of enemy detection. May be recast up to 2 times with 2 second intervals between activations. With the old passive of Unseen Threat, Kha’Zix had excellent unavoidable single target lockdown, combined with his movement speed bonus – meant most escape mechanisms would be insufficient to gain meaningful distance against him. In the same patch of 4.3, the duration of Evolved (R) Void Assault was boosted to 2 seconds, creating the mobile burst bruiser that was subsequently nerfed with the loss of this damage reduction in patch 4.9. Prior to that point, patch 4.7 introduced a static cooldown between Void Assault activations, further diminishing Void Assault’s utility for defensive or offensive purposes. (Proposed) R: Void Assault - Stealths Kha’Zix for 1 second and confers a 40% Movement Speed Buff. Guarantees the next basic attack within 2 seconds is a Critical Strike. Functions on an ammo system (2 charges maximum). Recharges at a rate of 50/45/40 seconds. Reducible cooldown of 2 seconds between activations after stealth ends. (Proposed) Evolved R: Void Assault - Stealths Kha’Zix for 2 seconds and confers a 40% Movement Speed Buff. Guarantees the next basic attack within 2 seconds is a Critical Strike. Functions on an ammo system (3 charges maximum). Recharges at a rate of 50/45/40 seconds. Reducible cooldown of 2 seconds between activations after stealth ends. With the loss of Unseen Threat; there remains space for either utility or power in Kha’Zix’s, given that (E) Leap also lost its damage during ability rotations and combos. In the same vein of meaningful counter play and synergies; the guaranteed Critical Strike that Void Assault confers can be consumed by (Q) Taste Their Fear increasing its potential damage as well as applying lifesteal. But since all of Kha’Zix’s damage is now physical, armor will prove effective in mitigating his damage output, as will the Reinforced Armor mastery present in the Defense Tree or Randuin's Omen's new Critical Damage Reduction. Whilst this is by no means a flawless evaluation or re-imagining of our notorious Voidreaver, I implore those of you reading to share your thoughts on the direction Kha’Zix should consider adapting or evolving towards.
Mellori (NA)
: Wow.. I hadn't even noticed this. What about you?
@Blueslifer - you're more of an opportunist with flexible qualities. Especially since Kha'Zix meta wise is pretty feast/famine with a heavy dependency on preying on moments of weakness or letting allies create openings in the enemy backline for you to dive. Long-story short; a cunning and tactical light fighter, using brains over brawn to fight your battles.
Mellori (NA)
: Wow.. I hadn't even noticed this. What about you?
And most contexts of fantasy involve a measure of personal relation to the characters to immerse the player effectively. So its not surprising that the things you gravitate towards reflect well on your perception of either self or desired attributes.
Meªt (NA)
: Draven skins and what they tell about the players
Please do Nasus next xD, I saw both posts and I'm just cracking a smile as wide as Sona's hips.
Khimera (NA)
: @All Reds: This guy's amazing idea to fix the jungle
As a follow up in terms of how to avoid fringe abuse cases between the different intentions for how items are used between classes - the champion tags such as: Primary: Fighter Secondary: Assassin Items would gain statistical gold efficiency or inefficiency in relation to that champion's particular class tag. While I anticipate this suggestion would be met with much resistance if not complete outrage - the intention and ideology would hopefully yield a better control lever for adjusting oppressive overlaps such as Fighters fulfilling a dedicated Tank's role better, or Mages fulfilling a dedicated Support's role and vice versa. That is not to say alternative builds would or should be rendered unviable; but they should not be to the point that X champion becomes objectively superior to Y by a blatant landslide of statistical power that there should not be a reason to pick X and Y equally. They instead should be assessed on the unique strengths and assets that their kits bring to the game as is extremely evident in our next Champion Release - Bard. Whilst a support and a dealer of primarily magic damage - Bard offers a distinct and unique set of assets (and potential liabilities) for his team that creates greater depth of strategy in how to work alongside or against his kit's strengths and weaknesses than (he's got a heal - but does not compete with Sona or Soraka's identities as healing supports, or Thresh as a character capable of conferring mobility to other Champions).
Khimera (NA)
: @All Reds: This guy's amazing idea to fix the jungle
I do believe the lack of itemization tailored towards different styles of play is what is curbing this trend of (Flavor of the Month) picks and bans on a consistent basis. Given the limitations of slot efficiency and itemization, especially when you consider how large of a dichotomy there is between ranged and melee carries (the former can be either Marksmen or Mages, but the later is almost explicitly that of the AD Assassin caste in terms of competitive play), LoL could real do with more item choice between the different styles within given roles. Damage can be dispensed through these patterns: * Burst * Damage Over Time * Sustained Durability can be approached by statistical values of the champion in addition to other specific utilities: * Sustain * Damage Reduction * Damage Negation * Mobility/Evasiveness * Stealth And Champions can potentially gain access to different utilities in the form of: * Buffs * Debuffs * Crowd Control Effects * Terrain Alterations * Projectile Interception * Non-personal Healing * Non-personal Shielding However, there should be a clearer system in place of how certain utilities and their uses are afforded within a Champion's kit. The current meta is dominated by Champion picks with overloaded kits that combine Burst and Sustained Damage with Mobility and Hard Crowd Control (Knock-Ups, Snares, and Stuns). This crowds out the majority of what would be considered harmonious or complete champions in terms of their own unique powers/niches as they may not necessarily have the tools to deal with these Champions. And while it is natural for there to be proper counter-picks and advantages on the basis of kit match ups - the gap is absolutely monstrous ever since the Armor and Magic Penetration changes from S3 came into being. That was the beginning of the fall of dedicated tanks and the rise of fighters once more; who carry tankish qualities in the form of durability - but have higher mobility and damage afforded in their kits and item synergies. Whilst I can agree the removal of Deathfire Grasp was healthy for the game at the time - this is largely as a result of the lack of itemization or defensive utilities in the game to counteract its ability to amplify an existing low-counterplay pattern: Burst. Burst damage in particular has acquired a stranglehold upon the meta since S3, for while sustained damage dealers do overall greater DPS as a result of such changes - burst will be able to take down low to moderately durable champions. Those that exist on the spectrum of excess durability are usually of negligible value as a result of limited mobility to position themselves and apply their typical kit's payload of crowd-control to defend their allies. If effective and balanced itemization and game-play is to be achieved; the trend of burst dominance needs to be pulled back and each of the different strategies afforded to the diverse pool of Champions in League of Legends are driven towards viability in both the casual and competitive levels of play. A potential implication and resultant change if this balance state becomes a reality would be another balancing lever in competitive play's use of bans. Bans as they stand are currently used to remove Champions who wield overloaded kits - however, if every Champion holds viability in both the casual and competitive levels of play; bans could be far more diverse, relative to the pool of champions a player has affinity with.
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: Upcoming PBE application approvals
On a side note - I am an existing member of the PBE and have noticed a critical bug with some of my runes, where they have an x amount above 9 in a set. If its possible, can something be done to correct this and re-fund IP back into the account so I can obtain the runes I intended to test/run on the PBE?
0ny (NA)
: Azir patch 5.3 thoughts
On that topic I have a post that may or may not be relevant to your interests: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/eOl6ooHO-proposed-azir-balance-changes
: Again, a range nerf to Azir's main source of damage isn't suddenly going to turn him into Urgot. In the worst case scenario, Azir could just get a revert to his Sand Soldier range. To be a fully functioning champion, Urgot would need a complete kit overhaul. There is no comparison to be made between the two.
Urgot actually has an interesting niche that is somewhat limited by itemization and lack of necessary statistical power. As a Ranged Tank - Urgot has legitimate points of weakness in that he wants to threaten/zone a backline - but is oftentimes too fragile to succeed in that role. If anything if his ult gave him resistances while off cooldown in a manner similar to Olaf - the effective health of Urgot post 6 would make him more capable of front-line than his current forced decision to re-position himself into the opposing team to gain temporary resists. As for Azir, the reason I even mention a power budget with him with regards to his (W) Arise! is because as you've already point out - his kit is fluid, it is sensibly harmonious with itself by offering interesting decision making patterns (a stark contrast to Urgot's heavy reliance on E to set up Q), but this dependency within Azir is both his making and breaking point in one. Sand Soldiers are his bread and butter - they define his ability to zone, last-hit in lane, and are the core of his damage in skirmishes and team-fights respectively. However, they cannot have any higher base values or AP ratios as then he would once again - be a burst rotation mage, which is generally very unfun to play against (as it limits windows of time to counterplay a burst attempt). And realistically speaking with the range nerf, it only further encourages Azir players to be more burst-oriented to compensate for this diminished window of time to capitalize on Sand Soldier's small attack radius - something that is likely to be unsuccessful given how the majority of League of Legend's champion pool is either packing significant mobility through dash/blink style abilities, or in the S4/S5 patches - every champion's base movement speed was adjusted by a flat 25 points to offset reliance on boots in the early game.
: Again, that doesn't work. Azir relies on his W because he literally cannot use his basic abilities without it. Urgot isn't as dependent on any single ability, but he does rely heavily on his EQQQ combo to do well in the laning phase. Nerfing the range on Azir's Sand Soldiers doesn't prevent the use of his other abilities, even if it does make him weaker overall, so there's no need to shift more power onto his W. You are using neither "epistemology" nor "power budget" correctly in this case.
Reliant as Azir may be on (W) Arise! to use his other abilities, the reason they interact as such is because he would have way too much wanton power in his kit if it wasn't centralized around (W) Arise!. e.g.: Harassing without considering mana gating through a W-Q combo, just making it a Q? Or escaping/initiating without W as a telegraph to enemies where he could potentially go (and thus dodge/intercept pre-emptively). In Urgot's case, his normal basic attack range, base movement speed and innate lack of mobility hinge very heavily on (Q) Acid Hunter to proc a) his passive, b) (W) Terror Capacitor's Slow, and with (E) Noxian Corrosive Charge's auto lock - not be shut out by linear collision skillshot limitations (such as body blockage by minions or opposing champions who are more durable). There is still counterplay as Urgot is so immobile (so running is an option), CCs such as stuns, silences, snares, or displacements can all disrupt Urgot's Q from really being effective even when he meets the requisite condition of landing his E. But with the loss of its range (and its already abyssmal Attack Damage scalings and base values), he really can't kite/chase effectively with 1200 range. It is very likely Azir will face the same exact issues with Sand Soldier's AA range remaining at 325, but only time will tell.
Kilane (NA)
: No he was actually balanced before this stupid patch 5.3. If anything, his W dmg nerf to tower is very appropriate. The range nerf on W radius is so stupid. That doesn't do anything. What they should have done is to scale his W dmg ap ratio from +0.4 to +0.6 as you level W. But rito is an idiot.
The nerf to (W) Arise!'s range is a crippling blow for not just the laning phase but also his mid/late game skirmish and team fight presence. Hopefully it will be a change that is addressed, be it in re-scaling up to its pre-patch 5.3 values as suggested in my post, as there isn't anywhere else logically speaking to put power into Azir's kit realistically speaking. (Q) Conquering Sands is meant to be a re-positioning and soft CC spell to facilitate landing (W) Arise!'s Sand Soldier AA's, (E) Shifting Sands is already a powerful escape and initiation mechanism despite is mediocre AP ratio, base values on both its damage and shield, and lastly - (R) Emperor's Divide is an absolutely uniquely amazing and powerful objective and team-fight ability. None of those other spells can be significantly buffed without legitimately pushing Azir into some abstractly monstrous mage-carry, or just being irrelevant to his key identity, which is still (W) Arise!.
: {{champion:6}}'s problems are completely different. The main reason why he doesn't work is because he's confused by design: half his kit is that of a marksman, and the other half is that of a tank, and so there will never be a way to play him optimally with his current set of abilities. Azir, on the other hand, is well-designed, and has the kit of an autoattacker mage that meshes super-well with itself (in fact, his kit probably has the most self-synergy out of any in the game). He has clear strengths, clear weaknesses, and a niche of his own that plays well in the game. It makes no sense to compare Azir, a popular, healthy and successful champion, to Urgot, who suffers from one of the biggest design and identity problems in the game.
Different problems yes, but a similar theme arises between the pair of them. {{champion:268}} Is defined by (W) Arise! in conjunction with any of his other abilities and thus acts as the underlying epistemology to his kit's power. If it suffers, he suffers. Likewise: {{champion:6}} Is defined by (Q) Acid Hunter in conjunction with his two other basic abilities as well as his passive. And as we have seen quite clearly - with it being nerfed; his overall effectiveness has been crippled. {{champion:268}}'s power budget should be emphasized through his (W) Arise!, as anything and everything else hinges on its (literally in casting Q/E) and serves as the foundation and identity of his kit.
: I'd be very careful about balancing champions specifically so they can fit in a certain meta, since it not only plays into the whole unpopular "Riot is enforcing the meta" trope, but would also likely leave the champion in question in a bad state once the meta changes. Weakness to assassins and enemies who quickly reposition is fine, and I'd rather see Azir remain weak at those and be strong at what he does best (top-tier AoE DPS, fantastic pushing power, massive teamfight presence with his tower and ult). I also don't think the issue of AP assassins bring targets down from 100 to 0 has anything to do with range: maybe assassins kill targets too quickly, but at least they do so at defined ranges. The issue of Azir's soldier ranges is that they define how far you have to stay away to not get hit, and having this zone, which is invisible to enemies, change over time would be terrible for the ability's clarity. It would be better to give Azir's soldiers more on-hit damage than to increase their range, and I don't think either is necessary. I also don't think Shifting Sands is meant to be used offensively unless you're moving into a safe zone. Azir is squishy and vulnerable, so he's not going to be diving teams anytime soon unless he's absolutely sure he can create a safe area around himself (which he can, using his ult). He's more about keeping opponents at bay than he is about putting himself at risk, and so I don't think it's worth encouraging the latter kind of playstyle.
I suppose, but on the opposite spectrum of the list look at something like Urgot - who has yet to really recover since Season 1's nerf on (Q) Acid Hunter's lock-on range from 1500 to 1200. He CAN be a lane bully and still quote unquote 'excel' at his intended role, but with the introduction of more and more champions of varying levels of non-situational mobility, he is left without any real room to compete with regards to his niche or viability. As for Azir, balancing his ranged aggression and ability to capitalize on a moment of weakness to E/R has been centric to his style of play since he has hit the live servers. However, if his W remains as it is - he may very well suffer the same issues that plague Urgot - in that he simply becomes outclassed by other similarly high-ranged damage rotation mages by being too risky for what he has to offer.
: You've put a lot of thought into these changes, but ultimately I don't think either really should apply. Conquering Strike's cooldown effectively defines {{champion:268}} 's vulnerability, along with his Sand Soldier charges: if he uses the ability and you steer clear of his Sand Soldiers, you have between 10 and 3.6 seconds to make him pay before he Qs again and repositions his minions. 3.6 seconds isn't a lot of downtime, even in the late game, and reducing that to 2.4 seconds (4 seconds with 40% CDR, which Azir is practically guaranteed to have) would make it extremely hard to ever take full advantage of Azir's downtimes. Even if he's meant to be a hypercarry, he still needs to have somewhat manageable windows of weakness, which is why I wouldn't go with a reduced cooldown, even if it comes at the price of his damage. Though it would be nice for every champion to have a strong incentive to rank up any ability first, the cooldown nerfs on Azir's Sand Soldier charges would give him an extremely unsteady laning phase. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it would probably not be good for him to have both charges constantly on cooldown just so that he could interact with his lane opponent. I'm not really a big fan of range increases, since they risk being confusing on spells (you don't get a clear range to avoid), and I'd rather his sand soldiers keep the same no-go zone for enemies throughout the whole game.
I understand your concern for clarity of ability ranges - but as it stands, the meta is predominantly centered around mobility and the general blitzkrieg mentality of strike hard and fast. Of the mages that are still in competitive rotation what we see a lot of is still mobility centric (Ahri, Lissandra, Leblanc, Ahri, etc) - which unfortunately when it comes to Azir, something has to give with regards to his Q, or his W if he is to maintain an actual presence vs such champions (not to mention ADCs and the ever-present meta dominated by mobile bursters (Corki, Lucian, Tristana, Ezreal, etc). With the threat of either being hit by excessive frontal burst by dedicated assassins (and R's significant cast time being dodgeable by the majority of assassins as is) - Azir already has technical counters. Among the ADC/marksmen ilk, the threat of critical hits and excess sustain through lifesteal means unless Azir can get a minimum of 2 autos per W/Q activation due to most marksmen player's ability to properly stutter step, 325 on Sand Soldier autos is cripplingly horrendous. So while clarity of enemy ranges might seem to be an issue - assassins have that in tandem with the frontal burst to 100-0 even without the presence of DFG with patch 5.2. With the way Azir is being shaped - there will be little to no change within a single spell rotation given his base values and ratios to 100-0 someone of similar scaling and gold, giving them time to react and of course retaliate, bearing in mind - apart of Azir's burst is tied with putting himself INTO the threat range of his opponents via (E) Shifting Sands and (R) Emperor's Divide respectively.
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: Can we replace Aatrox's Ultimate steroid with an AoE Fear?
I personally am a long-time player of Aatrox shortly after the nerfs in 3.13 that caused the initial hype and feverish usage of AP/AD Aatrox to fall out of favor as a result of his slightly quirky early/mid game focused lane bullying presence. I will say that what appealed most to me is Aatrox's ability (kit wise) to function as an adequate front-liner and pseudo melee carry (which I personally find a severe lack of). However, unlike the other melee carries (Fiora, Master Yi, Tryndamere, and Yasuo) Aatrox cannot and is unlikely to utilize critical strike chance, which solidifies his strength/weakness through the consistency of how his (W) Blood Thirst/Blood Price functions. As mentioned by others in this thread; Aatrox lacks the innate crowd control or AoE presence to be an effective tank. With that in mind; I would like to streamline Aatrox's kit in the direction of Fighter/Melee Carry as his forte ever since his release has always been that of a sustainable duelist. Sustainable duelists will inherently have the requisite steroids/tools to decide the outcome of a 1v1 engagement. However, examining other fighters or melee carries we see some thematic differences of hidden power that Aatrox lacks that I think (R) Massacre could be re-tooled to better fit not just his lore, but expand the mechanical ceiling for his kit as a whole. {{champion:114}} Fiora - (E) Burst of Speed: Receives a COMPLETE refresh on its cooldown on KILLS, and HALF its base refreshed on its cooldown on ASSISTS. {{champion:11}} Master Yi - (R) Highlander: Passively causes the current cooldown of his abilities to be refreshed by 70% of their remaining cooldown on KILLS OR ASSISTS. {{champion:23}} Tryndamere - (E) Spinning Slash: Critical Strikes reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second (doubled against Champions). Aside from Yasuo, these melee carries all have in some manner or form a means of refreshing their primary gap closer's cooldown, enabling them outside of extreme peel from the opposing team; remain in melee range to deal their payloads of damage. Of the these, Fiora and Master Yi have mechanics that enable them to disjoint certain targeted abilities and most AoE/Skillshots; giving them a slight edge by evading CC or damage altogether when applied correctly. Tryndamere has the luxury of becoming unkillable for 5 seconds through (R) Undying Rage; and cannot be prevented from activating this ability through ANY form of crowd control. The anomaly would be Yasuo's (W) Windwall, which serves as a damage or CC negating tool that can extend to his allies and not just himself. Additionally, his low cooldown on (E) Sweeping Blade between activations on separate targets and diminishing on-target cooldown per rank, makes him a significant threat out of all melee carries as allies can provide him an effective gap closer through (R) Last Breath's ability to capitalize on any displacement abilities carried by his team. The differences between Yasuo and the aforementioned melee carries is that he does have meaningful windows of weakness in tandem with utility that can be used to support/bolster his contributions towards team fights. Which in turn contrasts against much of Fiora, Master Yi, and Tryndamere's principles of high statistical power (each having a passive AD bonus be it flat or percentage based). In that vein, I propose that Aatrox's AS steroid from (R) Massacre be shifted into his passive and scale with him throughout the game (keeping his current early game manageable), but also freeing up room to explore what he can bring to the table to be not just your stand-alone duelist; but a synergy oriented champion (which is the design philosophy behind Yasuo). Given that Attack Speed in of itself is a statistic that demands the user be in range to dish out Auto-Attack Damage, it is unlikely Aatrox will see massive abuse of this change. Due to the fact Aatrox’s ultimate will no longer confer bonus Attack Speed to stack upon Blood Well, it would make his early 1-11 scalings manageable without too heavy a risk of snowballing on statistical power alone. The current scaling on live servers grants a Maximum Attack Speed bonus of 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%. **(Proposed)** The suggested scaling for Blood Well’s Maximum Attack Speed scaling is as follows: 30% + 5% per champion level. As for what I wish to see of (R) Massacre; the same issue comes with most high base value abilities is their ability to obliterate squishy targets, whilst being relatively ineffective vs fighters/tanks. To tie in thematically with Aatrox’s lore and role as a fighter/tank initiator – I propose the following be considered as possible alternatives. Aside from its base effect of increasing Aatrox’s basic attack range for the duration; **(Proposed) Massacre V1**: Aatrox draws in the blood of nearby Champions, dealing 10/15/20% of the affected target’s maximum health as Magic Damage. Additionally, if Blood Well is not completely full; Blood Well will be filled based on the rank and number of enemy champions struck by Massacre, up to a maximum of (50%/75%/100%) With the changes to damage scaling on maximum health; Aatrox’s ultimate aside from serving its utility of increasing his own attack range (and mitigating kite) additionally prevents the ability from once again overpowering squishy targets in the early game, whilst retaining usability vs fighters and tanks in the mid/late game stages. The proposed effect is also a quality of life change that ties in with its description, whilst also allowing Aatrox to readily initiate a fight if enemies are positioned in range of Massacre’s radius – enabling him to lead a charge even if he initially started with an empty Blood Well; something I found to be a particularly frustrating issue with Aatrox. Often times you were either forced to sit inside of the Wraith wall, letting a small wraith hit you to keep Blood Well from decaying if mid was under siege, or to throw (E) Blades of Torments out at inopportune moments in order to maintain a stacked Blood Well. In this sense, Blood Well has more tactical approach as an Aatrox player for maintenance for maximized effectiveness, without being completely at the mercy of the opposition when objectives are under pressure. Conversely another suggestion in lieu of a damage dealing Massacre would be a self/team oriented buff based ultimate that enables Aatrox to fortify an allied position (Frontline/Midline/Backline). **(Proposed) Massacre V2**: Aatrox rallies nearby allied Champions, generating an aura centered upon himself of radius X that confers Blood Well’s Passive Attack Speed Bonus as well as a percentage of Aatrox’s Total Armor/MR for its duration. Aatrox personally gains increased Movement Speed of 10%/15%/20% for Massacre’s duration. The ‘supportier’ variant of an Aatrox ultimate, that makes up for his lack of huge AoE CC – instead bolstering his allies fighting effectiveness and durability. This also makes a tankier Armor/MR Aatrox a valuable presence in team fights where other Auto-Attack based carries will benefit the most from the increases to Attack Speed and Resistances – without added raw combat statistics such as AP or AD that AD Casters or Mages might take heavy advantage of. A third and probably weird variant of Aatrox’s ultimate would entail a pseudo sustain effect, once again aiming at utility over raw statistics to levy usage. **(Proposed) Massacre V3**: Aatrox unleashes his essence, creating a palpable atmosphere of dread in his foes and bloodthirst in his allies, generating an aura centered upon himself of radius X that causes enemies within range to suffer Grievous Wounds and non-fatal True Damage equal to 10/15/20% of Blood Well’s current value. Aatrox and nearby allied champions received increased HPR equal to 10/15/20% of Blood Well’s current value and become immune to Grievous Wounds. These are but suggestions and have as many flaws in their concept as there are benefits to exploring them, but I implore the community to consider and share their thoughts with me upon the Darkin Blade.


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