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: Idea to render aram accounts obsolete
I don't think there are truely ARAM only accounts. I see Lux and Garen almost every game myself and its because i almost always get the same 15 champs over and over...It would feel more random if it actually was random...I own all champs to date and I RARELY get champs outside of Lux, Xerath, Swain, Morgana, Kassadin, Malphite, Fiddlesticks, and a (small) few others....It would be A LOT better if the F(*&^ng ARAM balance team did their job....Trundle, Nasus, Sejuani, Soraka....fix those champs first by balancing them and then we can talk about the rest...
Tonikia (NA)
: Game Crashing in Loading Screen
Has anyone gotten an answer on this yet??
Jamaree (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: I wish people were more willing to surrender, not less.
Here is my thing. If a /ff is a VOTE then 3/2 vote yes it should be game over....OR make it UNANIMOUS ONLY 5/0 because clearly the "majority" vote system doesn't make sense...
Valeeva (NA)
: I have a suggestion for this. Today I got Mastery 7 tokens on my Sivir, now before this I opened a champion capsule, wasnt paying attention and disenchanted a sivir shard forgeting I could use it to unlock my mastery. I want to know why the system isnt capped. Why pay 3.9k BE for a mastery on a champion especially when we have the option to use champ shards, which BTWE I got 90 BE from DE'ing Sivir, but I have to pay nearly 4k for the accidentaly of DEing a champion that costs 450BE?!! The system should cost you no more than the base value of the champion itself up to a 4k limit. So as follows. Champion Price ------- Mastery BE Price 450 ---------------------------------------- 450 1350 ------------------------------------- 1350 3150 ------------------------------------- 3150 4600 ------------------------------------ 4000 6800 ------------------------------------ 4000 Either that or allow us to purchase champion specific shards for the same price as the champion costs.
I like the idea! Only thing I worry about tho is mastery for newer champs. Seems like it would cost a lot more to get mastery on them than it would for champs that have been around for a while. There should be a set (MUCH LOWER) BE cost for mastery unlocks especially now that we don't get BE after games like we would with IP.
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: +1 for the completely original kit
> [{quoted}](name=Éve,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=bdeaLGUy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T21:42:06.835+0000) > > +1 for the completely original kit I hope you mean original kit sarcastically and not "original kit" as in eve's original kit cause that is her 3rd kit
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: tl;dr Silver is the default mmr.
Yes and that should be the default mmr AFTER seeding is over......if someone plays 40 games and is in Silver 5 cause they keep getting "new to ranked" ppl its gonna eventually get to them just tilting over and over again.......every time I've gotten to Silver 1 I have had 1 to 3 new to ranked players on my team while the enemy team has a mix of Silver 1 -2 and Gold 5-3 if they are going to have seeding players mixed with non seeding they should really leave them in bronze cause lets face it if they are going to climb they will no matter where they start but they will create the least amount of problems in Bronze.....
Joxcab (NA)
: Except unlike a car, you can't ride it anyways. You only see it on the screen. It doesn't make a difference whether you're the player or not, if you can see literally every aspect of their visual effects in normal gameplay such as during a video of a standard game.
Same thing for a car right? Ive seen plenty of videos with someone driving a car I like but until I drive it myself its not personal enough for me to consider.....same applies here
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Joxcab (NA)
: So then watch PBE gameplay (for upcoming skins)/regular gameplay videos (for already released). There is no need for more refunds.
I commented in another reply with this same point...You wouldn't buy a car without first driving it...that point doesn't really apply here.
: > If you went to a store and had to return something after purchasing how would you feel if they told you that because you returned 3 times prior you NEVER can return something again? Not much logic there for the consumer....I wouldn't shop at that place ever again. Depends, do I get some of their full price merchandise (including their most expensive merchandise and limited edition merchandise) for free without going out of my way? You can't compare this to a physical retailer because no physical retailer has anything like Hextech Crafting. > Because the content is proprietary we are forced into accepting buyers remorse? Did you just buy the skin without seeing it in game, on LoLKing, or in a Youtube video? That sounds like "a fool and his money" situation to me. It's not like you can't see anything about a skin except the splash art until you buy it. > I just am looking for more balance I'd rather have good content that I pay for over free mediocre content that is random(hextech) Hextech content is just as mediocre as the content you're buying. Yes, it's random, but the quality standards are the same. > why not 1 token per year? I haven't had the need to refund anything since Azir's release, coming up on 3 years ago. Why should I lose out on free stuff I want because some other player can't do their research before buying something?
To sum all of your points up....if i had a choice between free items or customer satisfaction I personally would pick customer can't use the idea that they give us free merch because it is totally can't say "go on youtube and look at the item" because that isn't a first hand experience...would you buy a car without driving it??? And to give into the notion that hextech content is just as mediocre as the content you are buying makes it sound like that you too aren't completely satisfied with Riot's quality of merch....All I am saying is they can come up with better ways to not only help the consumer but also ways to promote their own business....because right now it comes down to "Here's your skin give me money and get out" which to me isn't a very strong business model.
Joxcab (NA)
: There's a thing called SkinSpotlights where you can see the in game model. Make better decisions.
While I respect your opinion I have to disagree that skinspotlights is the end all be all answer to this discussion. While skin spotlight does show the animations and effects a skin has it does not show how that will interact in normal gameplay....maybe offering a trial use of the skin? Maybe offer a token that someone could buy for 100RP (975 RP skin) that will allow them to try the skin for 1 or 2 games and if they don't like it they are only out 100 RP And if they do then they are credited 100RP towards the purchase price. There are a ton of different ideas but Riot is content with keeping the risk in the laps of their consumers.
: > We established a limit of three refunds and still believe that is the right number (this gives players leeway to refund purchases but also protects the overall system from abuse). We’ve explored granting more refunds at times, but discovered that the majority of players would prefer free content instead, so each year we have steadily increased the amount of content players receive just for playing the game. Refunds and free content both come at considerable cost to Riot, so we have to carefully focus on which to prioritize to deliver value to players and protect our ability to operate as a business. AKA: Which would you rather have, Hextech Crafting to get free skins or More Refunds?
Honestly I'd prefer a better balance between the best interest for Riot and the consumer. If you went to a store and had to return something after purchasing how would you feel if they told you that because you returned 3 times prior you NEVER can return something again? Not much logic there for the consumer....I wouldn't shop at that place ever again. Because the content is proprietary we are forced into accepting buyers remorse? No I'm not ok with that....I just am looking for more balance I'd rather have good content that I pay for over free mediocre content that is random(hextech) why not 1 token per year? That is way more logical if you ask me....
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: It comes off that Warwick now has bigger ties to Singed than previously. Will there be any changes to his lore in relation to other champions, such as Soraka?
Ehh I kinda feel like his story just makes more sense now...It has always involved it actually makes Singed look more like the mad scientist that he actually is. I don't think his lore needs to be changed much other then him going from a voluntary subject to a kidnapped subject.
: Another Ranked Flex Testimony
won a crap-ton of games in placements and thru the next 15 or so games....was skipping tiers and now I play ONE extra game and i get placed in bronze??? next 3 games 1 person in each game on my team afks?????? F*** this.......
: Something lurks deep in the sea... looks like a chroma pack for the River Spirit Nami skin........and the story-type description needs some work....
: Lp not refunded
Same!!!!! I had 3 people disconnect during a game and after the game ended I couldnt get out of the post game lobby!!!! I then noticed the red box with the ! and it said that Loss Prevented was enabled but I did not get a loss prevented!!!
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
I am an avid Brand player as well, and I can completely see how these points can be made regarding his kit, but I feel as though the majority of the attention should be focused really on his ult. His other 3 spells make sense, and show the "combustion" portion of his kit come to life. I think that his ult should be more in line with his "combo" kit type similar to Yasuo where he cannot Ult someone unless they have his "Blaze" passive on them. Then his ult can become an aoe spell centered around that person he ulted like a "rain of fire" type of ult and give an added bonus to either a slow or more dmg if they are already set a blaze. The ult shouldnt be able to be cancelled by hourglass either just the dmg poriton of it so that way its still viable in teamfights. Just one of my dumb ideas i thought might be a good change to his kit
: Que Bugged
YES tirrrreeeddd of this bug..................You have to go all the way back out and re-select Ranked Draft mode just to get it to "reset" yourself then it isn't as bad of a wait, but sometimes it can take 2 or 3 times to reset it correctly........
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: Thank You Riot for your excellent customer service.
: Patch 6.1 notes
Where does Riot come up with their patch notes ordering system? The Champion changes portion makes no sense....why not just make it alphabetical.....makes it faster to find the champ you wanna look at changes for....
: Ranked restrictions require WINS to clear, in other words they are based 100% on your LUCK with the matchmaking system. What's that, I've got a troll on my team 5 games in a row? Well, it doesn't matter how hard I try, or if I go 20/0/10 in every single one, if it's a 6v4 I'm spending 3 hours playing draft pick (at LEAST 30 min of which is queues being declined and lobbies being dodged), for literally nothing at all. Bad luck = you don't get to play ranked for a VERY long time, and it has NOTHING to do with behaviour.
It is sad to say you are fact Normal Draft mode is called Ranked Banned Island because that is all it is used for....I understand that we need to punish the ill-willed but who died and made Riot the judge,jury, and executioner?
: makes me want to quit this game
I upvoted this for ONE reason and ONE reason only. A unique summoners icon wont stop ppl from acting the way they do in game. BUT I would like to know why you are wanting to quit cause of this change
: [Gameplay] Champion stops moving and does not respond to clicks
PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! I just lost a game because I was having this same issue with Elise and my adc disconnected cause he couldnt move at all. This is the FIRST time I have ever had issues like this and guess what?? ITS PATCH DAYYYYYYY!!! coincidence? I think not.............Riot please fix your servers and add East Coast servers. I was at 84ms ping (that is super low for East Coast) and I would click then my champ would just stand there and not move but would attack if anyone was close. Ping never went up FPS never dropped and then it would respond. Enemy team and my teammates were A-OK while I just stood there getting killed before any of the abilities I was hitting worked. The game prior I was Galio mid. Same issue but much less frequent. Game prior I was Daruis Top and had it happen 3 times during the entire game. It is getting progressively worse please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seviang (NA)
: Upvoted for the Taric idea but also for how awesome Judge Nasus would be.
CAN YOU IMAGINE!?!?!?! carrying around a giant gavel!!! that would be epiccccccc
: Riot if you made a Dragonslayer Ornstein skin I would throw paper money at your company so hard it might break some windows.
Not only are you upvoted sir you are also my new hero.
: Every time we try she just slays herself before we can finish it.
I thought shyv was suppose to be a dragonslayer herself. Reading her lore she befriended demacia to help slay her father or something close to that right?


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