: Yasuo Windwall Utility is too high
You need to remember that yasuo doesn’t really DO anything besides auto. He’s a melee adc essentially. Without the super strong utility he’d be incredibly weak. If they nerf his windwall they’d have to buff him elsewhere. (Since he isn’t op atm) Probsbly adding back the shield gain from E when he was released. Which seems far more frustrating then playing around a 24 second cd, it’s not hard.
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: Bro if you're not using Fill which has specific splash increases just for this scenario and yet you're playing 5 different roles anyway, it's kind of your own fault. I do get that sometimes you might want to play mid only, and then switch to only support, then top, jungle, etc, rather than it being totally random each time, but perhaps consider that accepting that your role will be random and just queueing for Fill, at least until you reach about Gold 2 in each role could help out your grind.
That’s dumb though, I shouldn’t have to cater to the system to grind. As long as I’m winning my games I should climb. I don’t wanna have to bounce around playing roles when I don’t want to play them, because I like to play specific champions not roles. I don’t main mid, or top, jg, adc, support. I just play w/e champion I’m feelin that day and go from there. I have mastery 5 on almsot half the roster, and mastery 6+ on like 30 champions.
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
I’ll be honest playing multiple roles and trying to rank up feels EXTEMELY awful. I’m 8-1 in my last 9 games and despite having 26+ LP gains all I’ve accomplished is promos for Gold IV of which I had 24 LP before that win streak. Where as the old system I’d be gold III with some 50+ LP. It feels extremely grindy because I as a player don’t fill, I just switch roles every other game. Meaning I don’t get the bonus LP from filling making it even MORE grindy. At this point in this season I should already be close to Plat. I’m no where near it and at this rate it’s going to take me over a month or two. Of 10+ games a day. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Especially since splashing barely does anything going a measly 3LP in my highest role. We were told the grind would be a bit more but not by much. This is basically 10x the grind and I have to wait months before you guys fix any of this. If ever. I’m not good at specific roles I’m good at specific champions, and this system as it is now fucks me over completely. Having to rank up 5 times in 5 different roles all to plat. Insane
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: Example 1: https://youtu.be/UeJ1kGuvQOw?t=2m10s _(Playing the vid, will play you from the exact points I selected, so you don't need to watch the full thing)_ Veigar with 70% hp dies to a Zed with no Ignite, who also just has one Long Sword. Before you say that Red Buff killed Veigar, it only did about 30 true dmg overall >*** Example 2: https://youtu.be/R8YYe02y3_Q?t=2m26s _(Playing the vid, will play you from the exact points I selected, so you don't need to watch the full thing)_ Usually I expect that people would say that he's fed in this particular game but that would mean that Zed should be more than 1 - 2 levels ahead (because kills grant a lot of XP). But it's an example nonetheless... (Look at how much XP he gained from killing 3 enemies) >*** I could show more examples if these weren't good enough but here's me hoping these would be enough.
What the first example is a horrible one. Zed hit THREE autos, thats a ton of damage early game, and landed his whole combo, with red buff and electrocute. Nothing about that clip is insane. Second clip is just an Uber fed Zed, who had 4 lvls on the Sona, and all of them just got hit by every ability. Again nothing out of the ordinary given the circumstances.
: I know you aren't meant to live if they land everything but this shouldn't be the case for two reasons: * At early-game they shouldn't be able to deal more than 60% of your health with their whole combo, this should only apply to mid-game. * If you buy a lot of resistances, they should feel meaningful but they don't, and unless you're a tank with more than 150+ armor, I find that buying resistances against assassins essentially useless. Even Imaqtpie and other pro players fight damage with damage instead of buying defensive items, but that's because damage is a more powerful stat than defensive right now. It will be more like that even after the release of Marksman item changes, buffing almost every assassin with the massive buff to Last Whisper/Lord Dominik's Regards.
60% of your health early game on a full combo with autos, is normal. That goes for every assassin, if a talon lands his whole combo on a squishy + electrocute they're dam well probably going to *die*. Thats how it works, assassins always do a ton of damage. This isn't just Zed. Now idk how next patch will be , maybe he'll be broken as shit. But rn he's fine, like every other assassin, they all do a shit ton of damage to squishies.
Schenix (NA)
: Scuttle change means mid priority gets the rotation faster. If Zed gets an advantage, wonder where the priority goes and who gets left feeling even more abused and useless. He might give up the first scuttle, but very quickly you'll have to relinquish the priority if you didn't pick well into him or if you haven't snowballed yourself. Although I don't particularly mind him personally, just wish his lockout was ever so slightly longer.
Lock-out? Like what you mean. He can't do much after he W's, its like a 24 second cd for most of the game.
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: Except Zhonias Active can be baited out like just about anything else in the game. Just use W + E + Q + AA + Electrocute + Ignite = 50% - 70% hp gone They will use Zhonias after this to not die from Ignite or a Flash AA from Zed to finish them off. As soon as Zhonias ends, Zed ults and he finishes his target off.
So a Zed.... landed his whole combo + ignite, and you're expecting to live or something? THe discussion was about him not landing shit but you still dying. Not you getting hit by every ability and being "Oh no! I got chunked for 70% HP" -> Every Assassin in the game. Thats the point to fuck you up with shit tons of damage.
: If LB misses her Q, W, and E, she's not killing anybody. If Ahri misses her Q and E, autos you once, and ignites you, she's not killing anybody. If Fizz misses everything but his R, he's not killing you (probably). If Eve misses her Q, W, and E, she's not killing anybody. Zed is the only one who *can* kill you with just an R, an ignite, an auto, and electrocute.
I mean no, Talon, Rengar, Kha'zix, Kayn (Blue), Shaco Now provided they're all fed , Zed has to be quite fed (very) fed to kill you with just an auto and R proc. (Probably very late game where assassins do much more burst) So not really unheard of or broken, a 400 AD auto + Duskblade proc, + 400 damage ignite, + his R. Yes will kill you So will jus ta rengar Q and that, and a Talon, and a Shaco, etc. etc. Dont know why you think you should live if you're taking that heavy of a burst.
: Love getting "outplayed by a Zed omegalulz"
I mean... You would die to any assassin who did that?
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Sabisco (NA)
: Gold Clash Team LF Jungler / Top Laner
: Pyke's ult is actually the dumbest thing ever
Notice 1: HE's extremely, extremely fed already, and he has half his teams kills at that point?? All of his targets are already low and rather squishy. Nothing about this is out of the ordinary of like a Darius ult or something, because all of his targets were already mostly low from his own teams damage. All this video shows is the BEST case scenario for a fed Pyke.
: "League isn't dying and people telling so are wrong and toxic about the meta"
League might being losing some popularity in the west, but by no means whatsoever is the game "Dying", the vast majority of the player base is in asia, and as long as it stays extremely popular over there and very much relevant, league will never be "Dying".
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gileskd (NA)
: I was under the assumption that your border and/or rank would be reflected by your highest score, please forgive me if I am wrong.
IT would be, but to get to that highest rank it would take much much longer, if you have to do 5 of them instead of one. Why? Because If i switch a role every few games, and to restart and restart and restart, and getting that one rank to the highest takes much, much longer. Instead of them all counting towards the same rank. its essentially 5x the grind.
gileskd (NA)
: so.... the plat player will never be able to go above gold? if so, then that is where he should be place. no problems here
That’s not how it works.. I consider myself plat in basically all roles except support. But since I play so many different roles it makes it increasingly difficult to get to plat, because each time I change roles I have to restart my promos and place myself again. (You don’t start off I’m plat). I’m not going to get there in 10 games , maybe 25-40. Normally at the start. But with the new system I’d have to 4x that small grind. So now have to play 100-160 games to get back to plat.
: plat and diamonds showing up in silver games with their macro&game knowledge would be problematic, but they would climb to the elo they belong for each role eventually.
They wouldn’t climb though, if you only play that role once or twice a week, it would take AGES to climb. Grinding rn is already hard, imagine it x5
gileskd (NA)
: "And what about your macro-game? Correct me if I'm wrong but if you are currently Platinum in today's SoloQ and simultaneously "Silver ADC" your macro-game and whole heap of other stuff are still at the level of Platinum player." ----- I'm gonna go on a wild limb here and say, his adc rank will reach gold or plat then.
no he’s never reach it because every tome he plays a new he has to RESTART the climb. So that’s 5x the climb if you do it for every role..
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: That Riot rather than nerfing the most powerfull and impactfull class prefer to nerft mages who already struggle
But those two don't correlate.... Whether they make changes to mages or not that doesn't have anything to do with Adcs, who could get changes at a later time. Bitching about the changes is one thing but bitching about the changes and tying to adcs is just pulling random shit out of thin air.
: So all mages are getting nerfed hard on the PBE
I'm failing to see the relevance in mentioning that adcs are OP? What does that have to do with mages.
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Willioss (EUW)
: Stop Buffing Zed
Zeds just kinda shit in todays meta, with the amount of shields and heals there are, going through a Barrier, Zhonyas, Adaptive helm, locket, etc. All stacked makes it really hard for him to do much of anything.
: Super minions will push to nexus towers if left alone and can even chunk champions if they're not careful. Nobody would risk dying for just a normal minion. And supers last what, 4 minutes? 8 waves? That they have to send someone to deal with lest they lose their nexus, giving your team a 5v4 advantage for baron/elder or sieging.
This is more so when you're going to lose the game if you fight for it, (1-3 people). Like you just let the inhib die and back to base and defend at nexus towers. Not die to save the Inhibitor.
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GigglesO (NA)
: Can you feel the power Creep?
Neither of these are accurate, just dumb hyperbolic statements? Zed's ult isn't going to be buffed to 60 seconds and fiddles ult isn't getting reduced by a minute either.
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: Is the state of the game really that bad, or boards just overreacting? (genuine question)
Take the boards opinions with a grain of salt. They generally overreact to most if not all changes, far more then something like reddit. Ant a lot of it is just circle jerk. Personally I think the current meta is just not really fun, I prefer something like Jhin, Jinx meta, to Vayne, Varus; Or Maokai, Shen, to a Nasus Ornn. Don't thinkt he games "unbalanced" just a lot of for me super frustrating champions, being so popular (looking at you Zoe)
toravi (NA)
: Soooo why are they bundle exclusive?
The icon and ward would actually be way more since in the bundles the Icons are priced at 450 RP
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: I'm going to call that out for being outright false. Having started in season 7 just before the change, i now have the ability to buy far fewer champs of choice than I did before. BE is so scarce, I end up sitting on the shards until I finally score one I might actually want to play. Picking the champ outright is just out of the question.
Nope, not false at all, look up any of the people who did the math, (Even riot). On average evne if you disenchant every shard you will always get more BE. And I started in season 3, it took me 4 years to get all the champs, its far easier now, and even to get specific champs.
Ąkąli (NA)
: So its been a week of a lot of playing and I still cant buy Tahm kench
It would have taken you an average a month of constant play to get a 6300 champion in the old system. The new one rewards players far, faaaar more. Also the fact that the lvling from 1-30 was halved last year.
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: >I could see you maybe getting a chat restriction for this, if this is worthy of a chat restrict then the permaban is justified since his previous punishment was a two week ban contrary to missinformed popular belief, punishments are related to each other. your current punsihment is based both on wether you've had previous punishments and on toxicity. it's never **just** the toxicity
Don't think you read the rest of what I said man.
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